ACDWL 051: Unexpected Talented Person

ACDWL 050: Changes in Kou's Appearance
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An impossible face came to the barracks of the First and Second Corps.

His Majesty, Chancellor Edetrok, Captain Rodokiaus of the Third Corps, Captain Soderk of the Sixth Corps, and Rodokiaus’ mate, the rumored beautiful…magician?

This person called “Kou” seemed able to heal.

I decided to visit because of its rarity.

There aren’t many healers in the first place since it has enormous magical power consumption with a very low healing rate.

I’ve always seen healers who are so pale that they’re almost about to collapse.

But Kou didn’t look like that.

Is it because he’s a magician?

With the Akinist Rodokiaus, it’s unlikely for the Third Corps to be injured.

“Apparently, he’s the Third Corps Captain’s exclusive magician.”

Next to me, Captain Niadlog Triande (Niadorogu Toriande) called out.

I’m the First Corps Captain, Kegiterea Silvas (kejiterea shiruvuasu).

Of all captains, the one who doesn’t rely on a healer is probably Rodokiaus.

And he has an “exclusive magician”?

Does he need it?



I lost my words at the healing shown.

Instead of healing, he regenerated the lost leg of the injured soldier.

He returned a leg that wasn’t even injured, so much so that he couldn’t believe it was the leg that should have been bitten off.


──No, this is far beyond the power of any healer by any means.

Is it regeneration magic?

If so, he’s a genius.

Every corps will want to get their hands on him.

Even though he’s the Captain’s mate, that’s not a reason for the Third Corps to monopolize him.

…if that mate wasn’t the Akinist Rodokiaus, I would have stolen him.

(No, wouldn’t that be taking away his mate?)

He’s certainly beautiful, but for now, I just want him to stay here as a “healer”.

Akinist Rodokiaus is stronger than anyone, so he shouldn’t have an exclusive magician.

Being an exclusive magician must have been Rodokiaus’ decision.


“Why don’t you work here as a healer?”

When I called out, Rodokiaus glared with murderous eyes.

Although I feel fear, but…

I have to ask Kou to stay.

“No. Kou, Ryodo, magician. Together. Promise. …Ryodo, others, together, no.” (No. I’m Ryodo’s magician. We promised to be together. I don’t want to be with others.)

However, Kou hugged Rodokiaus and shook his head.

I’ve heard that he’s a guardee before and a child. Is that why you don’t want to leave your guardian Rodokiaus?


“Rodokiaus is an Akinist and stronger than anyone else. You don’t have to be his exclusive magician, right?”

With that power, he could save many lives.

He needed to be a healer rather than a magician.

“That power should be used to save people. Those who have the power need to get the job they deserve.”

“? What?”


He seemed unable to understand my words and is tilting his head with a confused expression.

“Ryodo, this happens, what?” (Ryodo, what’s happening?)

“Rodo, magician, stop. Here, healer, work.” (He wants you to stop being my magician and work as a healer here.)

Rodokiaus briefly told what I just said.

…his line of sight was so sharp that he seemed ready to attack at any moment.


“**. ***Ryodo*********. *************.”

Kou spoke in a language I’ve never heard before.

What did he say?

It sounded like Rodokiaus’ nickname, but…

Kou’s atmosphere is getting colder.

He turned those cold eyes to me…is it because of what I said earlier?

“Is it even necessary to protect an Akinist?”

I still solicited and he gave an appalled sigh.


I didn’t say anything wrong.


“Ryodo, home, is, no, go, heal?” (Ryodo, let’s go home, I don’t want to heal anymore.)

The topic changed.

What’s the reason for being Rodokiaus’ exclusive magician?

“…now? Go parents’ house, before, different?” (Now? Do you still want to go to my parents’ house?)

“House, meet, done, go home. Seidask, can’t. Ryodo, no, go home.” (Go there, then let’s go home. I don’t want to stay in Seidask. If Ryodo also doesn’t want to, then let’s go home.)

…apparently, they’re not planning to stay in Seidask anymore.


──Is it my fault?

And His Majesty got anxious at hearing those words.

He said, “Didn’t you tell me that you’re staying for a while?”

“I can’t because Kou is angry.”

Rodokiaus simply disobeyed His Majesty’s orders.

“…do you think it’s okay to disobey His Majesty’s orders? Are you going to make Rodokiaus a rebel because of your actions?”

I don’t understand so I involuntarily called out to Kou.

Although I could feel murderous intent from Rodokiaus again.

“If you don’t want to leave Rodokiaus, then just move to the First Corps.”

Then everything would fit.


“I’m not going to join the First Corps and I’m not going to live apart from Kou.”

However, Rodokiaus refused.

He heard that the missions of the First and Second Corps, where protecting His Majesty is their highest priority, didn’t fit him…

Seems like the Third Corps, which has the most subjugation missions, is more suitable for him.

…but that didn’t mean you have to monopolize Kou.

I don’t know his ability as a magician but he’s a talented healer.

“Kou is my mate. If Kou wants it, it will come true. If Kou wants to leave this country, we will. Aside from me, he’s only close to my parents and Deputy Captain Renneiga. There’s no reason to stay if someone is opposing us, right? Even Rudikda, the Trik’s representative, realized this more than the other magicians.”

I don’t believe Rodokiaus’ words.

Isn’t he someone who showed everyone a smile?

He’s even called Erideya’s return…


“…heal, done? Worn out, can, did, fine, then, right?” (We’re done, right? I’m tired so it’s fine to go home, right?)

His Majesty and Edetrok-sama called out seeing that Kou was ready to go home.

“Can’t you stay in Seidask for a while?”

“Is there any reason you have to go home now?”

Although he looked at the two people who called out, he’s still hugging Rodokiaus.


“…Kou, Ryodo, magician. Heal, can, words, learn, can, ahead. Kou, healer, different. Ryodo, magician, stop, then, Kou, magician, stop. Kou, Ryodo, protect, magician, become, thought. Ryodo, magician, can’t, Kou, magician, can, necessary, no.” (I’m Ryodo’s magician. I can learn words and I can also heal. If I stop being Ryodo’s magician, then I’ll stop being a magician. I only hope to protect Ryodo as his magician. If I can’t be Rodo’s magician, it’s not necessary to become a magician.)




Everyone calmed down.

“If you can’t be Rodokiaus’ magician, then you don’t have to be a magician?”

(What is he saying?)

“Kou, Ryodo, mate. Home, caretaker. Ryodo, go home, magic, also, fine. …children, can, two people, Ryodo, magic, also, fine, right?” (I’m Ryodo’s mate. I can take care of the house. Once Rodo goes home, I can do some magic which is fine. If we have children, then I can teach them some magic, right?)

Kou, who giggled, seemed remarkably beautiful.

So you’re fine waiting at home for Rodokiaus?

I understand that he can live a wealthy life just with Rodokiaus’ salary, but to have a future where such a talented person is kept at home…

“…is that okay?”

Seems like I wasn’t the only one who thought so since Edetrok-sama asked.

“Ryodo, magician, can’t, decided, reason, Ryodo, together, matter. Ryodo, forget, work, then, Kou, nothing, can’t.” (I want to become Ryodo’s magician so I could be with him. If I can’t work with Ryodo, then I don’t have to work.)

But Kou said that he wouldn’t do anything unless he’s with Rodokiaus.

He wanted to become a magician because he wanted to be with Rodokiaus.

Certainly, the Third Corps often have support missions, so unless he became an exclusive magician or a healer, he can’t go with them.


Am I the only one who thinks it’s a waste to bury such a talent just for that reason?

(…can he act alone if he gets used to the environment a bit more?)

He’s still being protected and it’s only been about three months, so he didn’t want to leave his guardian…I want to think so.


─?(First Corps Captain, Kegiterea)side end─

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