TINA V3C110: Last Event End

TINA V3C109: Grim Reaper
TINA V3C111: Disperse

“We found the Marshal and the General!!!” At the same time, the surprised voices of the students came from the system!

“Congratulations everyone. Everyone has completed the task.” As usual, at the end of every game in the virtual system, everyone heard the system’s voice.

There was a burst of joyous cheers from the crowd!

The students’ hearts were finally released and they were full of joy, waiting to be sent out by the system. Unexpectedly, they waited and waited but the familiar sense of transmission didn’t come. Everyone became suspicious.

“What’s going on?” The two being assisted by the children were Marshal Rothsay and General Condon! Lt General Yolan couldn’t sit still anymore and stood up.

“Re-reporting to Lt General Yolan! This time, it’s a problem with the military’s intelligent system, which has already taken control of the infected system. Under its control, the things that the infected system could have done is no longer possible!”

“Stop it! Stop No. 1!” Lt General Yolan’s voice was extremely anxious.

“T-there’s no way to stop it! Once No. 1 starts to execute the destroy order, there’s no way to stop it!” The head of the technology department was almost crying!

The entire conference room became deadly quiet.


Comprehensive Academy, who stayed behind to take care of the wounded on the Lander, first discovered the arrival of the black battleship.

“Mu Gen, what’s wrong?” Mu Gen’s reaction was not right, so Dobby patted him gently.

“…” Without answering him, Mu Gen looked out the window hesitantly before answering Dobby’s question after a while: “No, it’s just…I just felt that the floor seemed to shake.”

“Did it? I didn’t realize——” While Dobby was talking, the ground trembled. Everyone noticed this tremor.

Dobby looked at Mu Gen in astonishment. Following Mu Gen’s sight, he finally saw the huge black battleship. There are countless weapons on the battleship’s mouth at the moment and the direction of these mouths are all aimed at——

Their side!?

“Announcing last task: Go to galaxy 11 (88, 96, 13) and meet your dead comrades. Your souls will return to your hometown together. Time limit: Before being destroyed by the black battleship.”


Everyone was stunned.

The content of this last mission…the style seemed very different from the previous ones?

However, there’s no time for them to think about it now. Just now, that black battleship had already aimed its weapons at the students’ positions. They don’t know what kind of weapon it is but when it aimed, the several battleships that had been parked there disappeared without a trace!

On those battleships…they are full of Grando students on it!!!!

“Everyone board the ship immediately!!!!” Mu Gen yelled on the communication platform and everyone woke up like from a dream.

The Lander opened all landing platforms and the slumbering Lord Marshal and General Condon were sent up first before a large number of students climbed up. While boarding, the huge black ship is still attacking at a certain frequency in an orderly manner. The enemy base they had just attacked four days before already collapsed from a blow of that huge black ship. In just five minutes, the enemy battleships in the entire base was gone, even the mechas were all gone!

The Lander that Mu Gen piloted took off the same time as when the land under their feet was destroyed——

With speed raised to the limit in the shortest time under Mu Gen’s operation, the Lander quickly drove towards its destination!

However, the black battleship was always been behind the Lander. No matter how tricky Mu Gen’s flight path was, it always steadily chased behind them.

The unidentified black giant, don’t know what powerful weapon it’s using, but everything it aimed at became nothing wherever it went.

The universe is collapsing bit by bit——

Mu Gen knew that he was going to be hit several times and there’s only one reason why he can continue to fly: Oli sent someone out to divert the attention of the battleship.

Ivan took the Colton students out;

The battleship of the Imperial National Defense Academy went out;

The mecha regiment of the Grando Military Academy went out;

Finally, Brad and Dobby also went out.

There are only two people left in the then noisy cockpit right now, Mu Gen and Olivia.

“Don’t look back, drive towards your destination.” Just when Mu Gen wanted to turn his head and look around in a panic, Olivia reached out and fixed his head.

Oli only told him this.

Mu Gen’s ears was completely covered by Oli. Oli’s palm is not big but it’s very powerful, the temperature warm and even a bit scorching hot.

Mu Gen could only look ahead.

With no distractions, he fled desperately towards his destination.

At last——he finally reached their destination!

Mu Gen breathed a sigh of relief and turned his head, seeing Olivia with just a glance on the side. Oli had been sitting on the co-pilot seat while he was engrossed in operating the spacecraft, harassing their pursuer, resisting its attacks, doing various auxiliary tasks in flight, and managing various energy supplies…it’s all his job.

This work was done by Dobby, Brad, and three other people, but now that everyone else left, Oli took them all alone.

Seeing Oli at the moment, Mu Gen was startled.

The dark red blood has penetrated outside through the thick bandage and coat. Sweating profusely, Oli looked terrible.

Seeing Mu Gen staring at him blankly, Olivia smiled. He loosened his seat belt and stood up.

“Then, let’s get off the ship.”

Olivia bent down and dragged the two hostages up.

Without saying anything else, Mu Gen quickly jumped out of the driver’s seat and took over General Condon from Olivia. The two then dragged the two hostages towards the hatch with difficulty.

Just when they jumped off the ship and were about to leave, the black battleship arrived after eliminating all disruptors.

A long distance away, Mu Gen saw the devouring light sent to him by the other party.

Strange things happened at this time.

Behind Mu Gen, the Lander, whose engine and power devices had been turned off, suddenly started again. Under Mu Gen’s stunned gaze, the spacecraft lifted off!

There are obviously no other people on the spacecraft, ah?

Wait——are there other people he didn’t notice?

Mu Gen quickly rejected this idea: No, impossible. The Lander can only be driven by him since the others can’t operate it. And the person driving the Lander is very experienced, much better than Mu Gen’s operation.

“Quickly leave! We have no time!” Just when Mu Gen was in a daze, Olivia called him in time.

Following Olivia, Mu Gen finally left without looking back.


“I will protect you.”

Behind him, the Lander launched the most powerful attack on the black intruder——

It’s been four days since being captured by Mu Gen. In these four days, the Lander followed the students in numerous battles, large and small, and never suffered too many injuries.

First of all, it’s a transport ship;

Secondly, Mu Gen’s operation is very good and it’s well protected.

Among all battleships and spacecraft, the Lander is in the best condition. In the virtual system, this is an almost miraculous feat.

Since it’s a virtual system and its main purpose is to let the operator practice, whether its a mecha or a spacecraft, after each battle, their condition is destined to not be very good.

Direct scrapping is the most common processing method, and the processing method after scrapping is also very simple: the brains of the scraps were redistributed to another carrier and put back into the system.

Different humans must be instructed every day and they will suffer injuries every day. The intelligent systems in the virtual system were the saddest. In reality, the damaged machinery can be repaired, but the intelligent systems in the virtual system were often directly placed in another carrier.

“I like my blue arm very much.” Smart brains have existed for a long time, and occassionally, some smart brains will produce sporadic self-awareness. These consciousness are not allowed to exist so the intelligent systems of the virtual system will be cleaned up every once in a while.

Occasionally, there will be consciousness that doesn’t want to be cleaned up.

Lander is such a consciousness.

“Infected 1840, please give up resistance, wait to be cleaned up.” The Lander’s attack has no effect on the military’s intelligent system and was completely unafraid as No. 1 steadily drove towards it.

Hearing this sentence, the technician outside the screen was instantly stunned. They quickly found the code corresponding to the Lander’s number and after checking it carefully, they were stunned.

“Oh, God! The spacecraft piloted by the Comprehensive Academy was the source infection code we’ve been looking for!”

Fearing that Lt General Yolan would not understand, the head of the Technology Department explained in detail: “Didn’t it say that another self-aware brain was created in the system? The code corresponding to that smart brain was judged by the military intelligent system to be the virus-infected code and placed directly in the quarantine area.

This whole incident was caused by this line of infection code. I don’t know why, but it modified the task without authorization and kidnapped the virtual consciousness of Marshal and General Condon, even kidnapping all the students who entered the system into its own!

This guy is the culprit!”

Previously, because they didn’t know which line of code was the source infection code, the staff of the technical department had to check each line of code一一investigating all this is quite a huge workload. Even with the help of smart brains, they still need a long time to do this work. With a little carelessness, they might break the code representing the students or even the Marshal. At the same time, this code was very cunning and disguised itself, assimilating in other codes to confuse people’s sight. This further increased the difficulty for the technicians.

The military intelligent system was also confused by it, but it knew that it has isolated the infected code in advance. As long as it destroys all the code in the quarantine area, the piece of “junk” will naturally be destroyed at the same time.

In the virtual world, the black battleship symbolizing the military intelligent system destroyed the mechas in this world along the way. In the real world, that action, when reflected on the work screen of the technical department, looked like a piece of code was directly deleted.

“Just find this line of code sooner! Damn——” The head of technology grimaced. “So that’s it! Once it’s destroyed, the whole world here will collapse——”

Before he could say anything, the Lander was hit.

The black battleship No. 1 landed in front of it. All its weapons turned to Lander, ready to give it the final blow.

Looking at those dark muzzles, the Lander——to be precise, the smart brain on the Lander made a move that no one expected.

Facing the enemy, the white spacecraft lifted its wings upwards.


It…unexpectedly surrendered!?

Raising both hands means surrender and surrender mean not to kill——this is what the children of Comprehensive Academy said to the other smart brains before. After the other smart brains followed suit, they were not “killed” as expected.


Surrender is for mankind.

Facing the Lander in a surrendering posture, the huge black battleship relentlessly points all its weapons at it, and then…



Before the explosion, Olivia and Mu Gen had run to the door. According to the prompt on the locator, the coordinates inside the door is the real Galaxy 11 (88, 96, 13). However, the door was so heavy that Mu Gen couldn’t open it at all. In the end, Olivia slammed the door open.

Olivia opened the door and Mu Gen went in first, then he dragged the two hostages through the crack in the door.

Just after all three of them entered, Mu Gen heard the biggest explosion he had ever heard since he was born.

The overwhelming fire surging through the corridor——was the last sight Mu Gen saw through the crack.

Then the door shut before his eyes.

Facing the sudden explosion, Oli let go of the door. The time was too short and between spending more time and effort to squeeze himself inside and letting go to close the door, he chose the latter.

Oli was locked out.

“Oli..” Mu Gen whispered Oli’s name.

He then resolutely dragged the two adults forward.

Inside the door was a densely packed room with egg-shaped cabins everywhere. All the students who died in this event were in egg-shaped cabins. Dobby was there, Brad was here, Avery was…none of them are missing.

While putting the Marshal and General in the vacant cabins, Mu Gen saw Oli.

They’re all sound asleep as if they’d wake up the next second.

Wiping his eyes, Mu Gen grinned.

After struggling to stuff the two adults into the empty egg-shaped cabin, Mu Gen got into the egg-shaped cabin next to Oli. Not long after the hatch was closed, the familiar sense of transmission came.

“Meet your dead comrades and your souls will return to your hometown together.”

That’s what the last task said, right? Who’s the one that just piloted the spacecraft? No matter who it is, his “soul” should be in some egg-shaped cabin here right now, right?

That would be nice, he can definitely return to his “hometown” with the other people.

Mu Gen closed his eyes.

The author has something to say:

(T/N: the original version is here. I won’t translate the first bits since it’s the same but the change happened when they were diverting the black spacecraft. I’ll just summarize it here since it’s a pain to translate it all over again.

After the Grando Mecha Regiment went out, Oli also went out with some students and never returned. When Mugen arrived at his destination, he was happy but realized that he’s the only one left with the adults. When he went down Lander, he saw the black battleship and was in a daze when the Lander suddenly started and moved more proficiently than when he operated it. He thought he had an illusion since he heard something like “I will protect you” before finally leaving without looking back. When Mugen heard the biggest explosion of his life, he was just closing the egg cabin on the adults before going to the last empty one and closing his eyes.

And that’s it. The rest are the same with just these differences.)

TINA V3C109: Grim Reaper
TINA V3C111: Disperse

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