ACDWL 055: Silent Preparation

ACDWL 054: Marriage Report
ACDWL 056: Extra ─Kou's Believers─

─Rodo’s side─


The day after we returned home from Seidask, Kou and I went to order our wedding outfits.

With a high-quality cloth that felt good against the skin and without caring about the cost, I want the coat to be decorated.

No matter what outfit he put on, Kou wouldn’t be outshone.

No matter what he wore, it’d look good on him and would sometimes be upstaged.

He tried on the sample of ready-made products but I think it’s not enough.


Kou muttered something.

“Kou? What’s wrong?”


But he just shook his head.

What did you want to say?

I don’t think he’s dissatisfied since he didn’t make a disgusted face.

Kou also looked happy at seeing the decorations.

…but not on his own, but to the ones on mine.

I don’t really care about the decorations.

It’s nice to dress up Kou, but it doesn’t mean anything when I dress up.

But Kou didn’t seem to think that way…

Kou looked at various designs, but apparently didn’t like it, so Kou looked at the cloths and picked up a thin, transparent cloth then did something with it.

The shop owner just looked on with interest without saying anything.

It doesn’t matter since I can buy the cloth that Kou’s holding, but what on earth is he doing?

I can’t see because I’m sitting down and he turned his back to me.


Kou is dexterous and good at drawing.

What surprised me most is that he could cook.

He asked to stop by the market yesterday on our way home from Seidask and forced me to buy a lot.

However, it’s all cooking utensils, ingredients, seasonings, etc.

I was wondering if he wanted to try cooking after seeing it in the cafeteria, but it’s apparently different.

We got home and he started cooking in the kitchen I had never used since living in this house.

When I repeatedly asked “Are you injured?” and “Are you okay?”, I was kicked out of the kitchen with the words, “I’m okay, so don’t come here until the end.”

And when I ate the finished dish…I was surprised.

Even though I’m not very interested in the taste, I still thought it’s delicious.

I thought so not just because it’s a special thing made by Kou.

Kou has only lived for 18 years so how can he do so many things?



Then he showed a flower using the transparent material.

As expected, he’s dexterous.

The shop owner also has a surprised expression.

Most of the decorations here are made of thinly stretched metal or studded with jewelry.

There’s nothing made of cloth like the one Kou made.

There’s no precedent of making delicate things in places where people won’t pay much attention like the decorations.

Except for clothes, it wasn’t applied anywhere else.

I’ve never even heard of customizing decorations.

And although the value of each piece of jewelry is different, the decorations are all similar.


“Ryodo, gentle, presence, put on, want.” (Rodo has a gentle presence so I want you to put it on.)

A gentle presence?

There’s no such thing…

“…Kou, made it?” (You made it?)

“This, no?” (You don’t want to?)

“Okay.” (I want it.)


My decoration is made by Kou…

I feel like I can wear it more than the decorations here.

I also want to make something for Kou, but I won’t be able to show it. (T/N: This is Rodo admitting that he has no handicraft skill.)

I can’t do anything other than being a soldier…

Is Kou fine with me like this?


“If you want to decorate it, can you show it to me?”

The shop owner excitedly talked to Kou.

“Yes. Quick, yarn, want.” (Yes. I want a yarn, quickly.)


Kou is talking more than usual.

Normally, he’d reply when he’s called but wouldn’t say more.

“Thank you.”

When he received the thread from the shop owner, he smiled and said thank you.

Then he easily secured the flower-shaped cloth as if he’s at home.

“Pretty, is there?” (Is there something to make it pretty?)

“…maybe a jewel? I’ll bring something meant for decoration.”

The owner went to the back of the store.

Kou…won’t he choose his own outfit?

I even bought the finest one.

Kou then looked at another transparent material.

It’s a different color than before…


Most wedding clothes are black.

That’s because it’s the color that’s often worn for celebrations.

Most of the priests wore white because they’re not the involved parties.

The color of the cloth I had earlier was black, but some are a little lighter.

There are even several pieces of cloth with slightly different colors.

I’m willing to pay because it’s something that will be made for us…and I’m happy just seeing Kou look happy.

However, he still didn’t even try his own outfit.

He looked at the outfit and the decorations I got and said something, but I didn’t know what he said.

He just nodded to say that he’s okay with it.

Even so──

He had a lot of fun choosing the decorations for my outfit.

…is it the same when I want to dress him up?


“It’ll be something like this.”

I know that jewels can be worn as decorations, but…

Apparently, this one will be attached to the metal designs.

Seems like it’d be attached to the base of the decoration.

“Ryodo, all, fine?”


He seemed to understand that jewels are expensive.

Are there jewels in Niho?

…did someone gift one to Kou?

(If he did, I’d be really jealous…)

No, I’m still jealous.

──because Kou is so attractive.


Kou only picked up small things.

Is it because it’ll be attached to the flower-shaped cloth?

If you attached something too big, it’ll lose its shape due to the weight.

I can understand that much.

“This, put on?”

“Yes. This is the glue.”

“Thank you.”

He chose one with a fairly small base and no decoration at all…

Is that enough?

I decided to embroider Kou’s costume as a whole.

It’d use plenty of jewels and have the finest decorations.

He said, “I can’t wear that heavy thing” so I agreed because it’d only be a burden for Kou.

Still, I want to see him wear some jewelry.


We got out of the clothes shop and from there, we went to the ceremonial hall.

I can’t decide on when it will be right now.

I was planning to have a wedding with Kou alone, but Kou apparently wanted to call my parents.

It’s common to invite parents to a wedding…

And in his world, I heard that weddings of the opposite sex are common, but why did Kou think it’s okay when he’s marrying me?

Will he answer if I ask?


“Ryodo! Beautiful, right?”

Looking back at me, Kou said with a more beautiful smile.

Even such a wedding hall only complements Kou.

I hugged and blocked Kou from the ceremonial hall’s guide, and when I glared at him, he turned a deep blue before turning his gaze away.


When Kou looked up from my arms and our eyes met, he smiled.

I don’t think it’s my fault that Kou often smiles.

I often hugged him so that I can spoil him…

However, he’d still easily turn his back.

Ever since he humanized, there’s less chance of picking him up.

──because Kou doesn’t like being picked up.

So I always held his hand and when we’re not moving, I’d hug him…

Even so, there are many cases where Kou would run alone.

He’s not that fast and for me, it’s just like a child’s…?

──no, does he feel fast because he’s going away from me?

If possible, I want to keep him in my arms.


Kou is by far the thinnest, even in humanized form.

Although so thin that I could span his entire body size, his white and beautiful skin is smooth.

I thought his black hair and eyes are beautiful but I’m also attracted to his fine skin.

I want to touch him.

Especially when he freely sat on my lap in the bath.

But once I touch it, I won’t stop.

──Even if Kou hates it and cries.

That’s why I still can’t do anything.

Kou said he’s scared because he’d never done it.

That meant he didn’t accept anyone else.

I’m happy with that alone, so it’s not too late to wait after Kou is no longer afraid.

──if we get married, it’ll probably be difficult to control myself.

Will Kou still smile after I put my hands on him?


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 054: Marriage Report
ACDWL 056: Extra ─Kou's Believers─

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