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“Today is the day when Lt General Bulfat Lane retired and it’s also the day when he ends his long life journey.

He devoted most of his life to the Empire. In the days to come, his research results continued to serve mankind in our lives.

On his last day in the Empire, he still faithfully fulfilled his obligations as a soldier, bringing the lost traveler back. As a senior, he used his life to protect his descendants.

Not dying of disease nor aging, Lt General Bulfat Lane sacrificed himself for a great cause while in the military.

His life began in the starry sky and ended in the starry sky. His life was very complete.”

Today is the memorial service for Boss Booney. The speaker of the memorial service was General Condon and after him, the Dean of the Research Institute and other researchers who have had more contact with Boss Booney. They came to the stage to talk two or three things about their relationship with Boss Booney.

Mu Gen came to the stage as a neighbor representative of Boss Booney.

“Boss Booney taught me how to drive a hover car and he also taught me how to repair one. He’s the best repairman in our place, besides, he can also bake delicious honey cakes. He could only bake those because Granny Maria likes it, so he wanted to exchange the honey cake with Granny Maria for the ice cream that was forbidden by the doctor;

Boss Booney also repaired the malfunctions of the robots in the neighborhood for free for a long time, but there aren’t many robots willing to come for repair. In the end, everyone who came to have their car repaired was forced to bring a robot to be repaired before they could have a business;

He can’t swim, can’t play ball…he basically can’t do any entertainment sports, but so that Dada could come to play with him, he always studied very hard.

However, he still can’t play with Dada.



Mu Gen chose to recall Boss Booney on Bailu Star.

Boss Booney, who wasn’t the genius pilot nor the genius researcher, was like an old grandfather who watched him grow up.

“Boss Booney will donate half of his monthly fixed operating income to the Veterans Charity Foundation. He…he is a very good person.”

“We miss him very much.”

Mu Gen concluded his speech with these words.

Compared with other people’s eulogies, Mu Gen’s eulogy was very simple. However, it showed a Bulfat Lane in ordinary life that’s unknown to others.

Bulfat Lane at work is a very powerful person. His extraordinary genius made him unable to understand the dullness of mortals. He’s more willing to study alone than collective research. He’s a legend but not close to people at all. Although he’s a researcher, he was also a monk, but he was better than what a researcher from a regular academic class can do. In the original combat unit, due to his rapid promotion, he didn’t stay in every place for long and didn’t seem to have a deep friendship with his colleagues at that time. All in all, Bulfat Lane’s popularity is not good.

He is talented, aloof, and superior, more like a machine than a human, which is probably a common problem with many geniuses. However, between Mu Gen’s few words, people saw the clumsy side of the genius in private:

Like an ordinary neighborhood grandfather, he would teach his neighbor’s children how to drive, would steal snacks that the doctor banned and if the business is not good, he would also forcefully sell. He also has grandchildren that he wanted to play with but after being obsessed with piloting then devoting himself to his field of research, he hadn’t enjoyed other people’s entertainment at all, and could only study it awkwardly…

The cold, high, and mighty Bulfat Lane suddenly became alive, full of flesh and blood.

People are looking for bits and pieces of their interaction with this Lord in their respective memories and after pondering it over, he became more human and profound.

The atmosphere of sorrow at the memorial service suddenly spread.

After the speech, Mu Gen sat back in his original seat. Dada was sitting next to him, along with Dada’s parents, they represented the relatives and friends of the deceased who participated in this memorial service. Apart from that, all the participants were from the Military and the Government.

“Great Grandfather…is he really that great?” After Mu Gen sat down, Dada suddenly asked in a low voice.

“En, he’s amazing.” Mu Gen affirmed. After a long while, he suddenly whispered: “Dada, I’m sorry.”

If it wasn’t because of Oli’s disappearance, if it weren’t for him joining the military, if it wasn’t…

Maybe Boss Booney will not die.

Perhaps Boss Booney would still sit in his shop and fix someone else’s car with a smile.

“No, don’t say sorry.” Dada hurriedly waved his hand: “I think Great Grandfather is very happy.”

Staring at the white flower on his hand, Dada suddenly said:

“Actually, when I was a kid, I heard that when dad was a child, and when Grandpa was a child…Great Grandfather wanted us to learn how to drive.”

Dada told Mu Gen about his childhood.

“However, Grandpa is born with motion sickness, airsickness, seasickness…so he finally became a librarian.”

Mu Gen: …

“Then, when Dad came, Dad didn’t have motion sickness or anything, but Great Grandfather’s disease got passed on to him, so he later opened a car repair shop by himself.”

“Then there’s me.”

Turning his head, Dada showed a slightly awkward smile: “Actually, I’m not interested in maintenance or driving at all, but to comfort Great Grandpa, I applied for this major.

“After knowing about Tortland Haida, I thought about it, maybe my name came from this base? Great Grandfather must have been thinking about this base, thinking about his comrades in the base, and that he always wanted to find them back.”

“After meeting you and Big Brother Oli, Great Grandfather was always very happy. He said that he had never seen anyone with a talent for driving like you.”

“He often talks to us about you during our correspondence! Dad’s pressure became much less since Great Grandfather has been asking to give me a younger brother who can drive a spacecraft.”

“His health is not good, Great Grandfather told us early on. After retiring, he only had a few days to live, that’s why I tried desperately to enter the Imperial Military Academy to make him happy.

I think he must be very happy that you finally became the one who led him to find Tortland Haida.”

“Thank you for making him so happy in the end…”

As Dada spoke, the redhead lowered, trying not to cry.

The posthumous photos selected by the military for Boss Booney were taken when he was young. The red-haired and grey-eyed young senior officer looked cold and serious. When he arrived at the memorial service hosted by the neighbors of Idoli in Bailu Star, the photo of Boss Booney turned into a happy old man in a flowered shirt.

A group of old men and old ladies holding the picture of an old man in a flowery shirt watched the live memorial of their dead compatriot. They ate barbecue and sang songs, then organized a lively farewell ceremony for Boss Booney.

Using a burial mound to hang his name on the planet where the Empire’s Military Cemetery was located, Boss Booney’s ashes were finally scattered among the stars. According to his wishes, he will always live in the starry skies of the Empire.

At the same time, his name became the name of the Star Gate newly discovered in the Empire.

This is also Mu Gen’s will, the first discoverer.

The personnel who returned smoothly this time were all awarded certain military merits by the military, except for the late Boss Booney. The final rewards of other people have not been sent out, but because crossing the Star Gate was very harmful to the individual, everyone has been given a vacation of varying times.

Mu Gen was no exception.

But he didn’t relax during his vacation. He’d been very busy recently: Dealing with Boss Booney’s affairs, writing reports submitted to the military and government at the same time, and taking care of his sick family.

Uncle Alpha and the others, as well as Olivia, are all hospitalized.

Since they used their own body as a filling material when crossing the Star Gate, the bodies of Alpha and the other robots were severely damaged and could no longer be formed. Only Sigma was slightly better.

The structure of the Alphabet Series Robots is too complicated, and the material is also a problem——the metal materials that make up their bodies are basically unavailable on the market.

Aside from that, there’s the issue of their identity.

Feeling anxious, Mu Gen was finally informed that the Empire would bear all the repair costs for him and Boss Booney’s robots to thank them for their contributions to the Empire.

Mu Gen will even be allowed to enter Pendra, the Machine City, for 20 days to deal with robot repairs.

After discussing with the heads of his uncles, they finally accepted the agreement. However, the procedures are still in process and will take some time to start.

Besides, they can’t go now either: Olivia is still hospitalized in the Imperial First Military Hospital!

“Thank you. I will tell Oli after he wakes up that you brought him such beautiful flowers.” After accompanying the two visitors to the door and expressing his sincere gratitude to each other, Mu Gen smiled and bowed slightly.

He’s no longer as confused as before when distinguishing military ranks. The officials visiting Olivia have been an endless stream these days, with at least three stars on their shoulders (←Major General)!

The military’s rank can be seen from their epaulets and as for the government officials, Mu Gen can’t see it from their clothing.

Since Marshal Rothsay and Mr. Sith came to visit Oli with flowers, the visitors from behind followed!

It was only this time that Mu Gen knew that his Department Head was the Marshal’s partner, and——

Mr. Sith is also a government official part of the Council, whose status is comparable to that of the Marshal.

Referred to as the Prime Minister.

囧囧, thanking the two big men, Mu Gen didn’t forget to ask for an autograph from Mr. Sith whose full name was Sithily Rho Nashkiel ← Miss Maria was obsessed with him.

During his visit, Marshal Rothsay brought his wife. Mr. Sith had no partner so he took Prunguli, who both Mu Gen and Oli knew. Probably because these two set a precedent for taking family members to visit the patient, the officers who visited next time then took their partners with them as long as they were not bachelors.

Although Mu Gen knew nothing about politics and military affairs, he’s best at taking notes and he’s particularly good at dealing with older ladies and wives.

For example, do you know one hundred ways to bake cookies? I know!

For example, are you interested in how to use aromatherapy to soothe the officers who train hard every day? I’m also interested and very knowledgeable!

For example, the most suitable planet for family travel, I can show you the photos!




Then, these groups of people who came either with the idea of wooing or with the idea of spying for information didn’t get any news or promises from little Mu Gen but the host and the guest were happy, so everyone is happy!

It’s said that many officers who have been here sighed in private:

This young man Olivia will be great in the future!

Graduating as the Chief of the Imperial Military Academy! Race Kantas! Made a great contribution in his internship! Not to mention being adored by the Parliament and the Military heads, he also knew how to book a good wife in advance!!!

Just look, isn’t that smiling man that welcomes guests his fiancee?

While taking care of his unconscious fiancee, he didn’t hold back his fiancee at all and penetrated deeply into the senior officers’ wives’ group.

Truly awesome!

These private sighs, Mu Gen probably didn’t know.

The thing worrying him the most right now, except for his uncles’ bodies, was the unconscious Olivia.

He wasn’t worried that Olivia wouldn’t wake up. The doctor in the hospital said: Olivia’s body is very strong and his self-repair function is very powerful, coupled with the nursing over the past few days, he won’t have any sequelae after waking up.

Just that…

Olivia is bald.

The beautiful Oli is now bald, so the worry in Mu Gen’s heart: When he wakes up, how should I tell him…

The author has something to say:

Boss Booney is a tyrannosaurus, a very powerful tyrannosaurus, yo!

TINA V5C174: The Starry Sky In Boss Booney's Eyes
TINA V6C176: Diplomacy Without Limits

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