TINA V6C176: Diplomacy Without Limits

TINA V6C175: Mu Gen's Worry
TINA V6C177: Royal Family

The night Olivia was admitted to the Imperial First Military Hospital, a white spacecraft from the Imperial Capital Ifadia quietly landed in a private port on this planet. Under strict escort, the people on the ship moved into the Imperial First Military Hospital.

They are experts from the Imperial Royal Hospital Cantasco and were ordered by Lord Nashkiel to come here and treat the young Kantas.

“The bone density is much higher than the Kantas average of the same age! The ratio of head to body is even in line with the golden ratio in historical data!” On the same day, they got all of Olivia’s medical examination reports and the white-haired old experts’ beard rose in surprise: “Looking at this little wing. This wing is almost as strong as an adult Kantas, and it’s just the right length! Look at that b*tt, how round and full it is! His thighs must be very strong in the future!”

To treat his injuries, Olivia had to use chemical agents during his medical treatment and so, under the potion’s effect, he transformed. This bald Kantas cub surprised the experts. They also applied to the above authorities and watched the scene of Olivia transforming to fight with a cosmic monster. Everyone was shocked when they saw the performance of this little chicken in a vacuum environment!

“It’s said that Kantas is the ultimate in biological strength, which has been so since ancient times. An adult Kantas can even survive for half an hour in a vacuum. Forgive me for not living in that era, but I always thought that was a myth, but when I saw this video, I knew I was wrong…” Looking at the big white chick on the screen, Dr. Gerry exclaimed in admiration.

Olivia fought against the monster in his original form for 18 minutes and 2 seconds.

Just evaluating the combat effectiveness of both parties, the bug is not that strong, but the key difficultly lies in the environment where both parties fought.

That’s in space.

The bug was obviously an unknown creature that has evolved the ability to survive in space, while Olivia fought desperately against his opponent in space without any protection at all.

Cardiopulmonary function, blood vessel elasticity, skin, and circulatory system…this environment is the highest test for a strong body.

The moment when space travel became commonplace, there are still many people who are unable to perform this interesting behavior due to physical problems. The space fighters in the military are already the most adapted to the space environment among human beings, but they still cannot be exposed to space radiation for a long time without protection.

Even then, due to the advancement of human technology and relying too much on the power of the equipment, the strength of the human body has actually been decreasing year by year.

This is a regression of genes.

This is especially true for Kantas, whose birth rate suddenly dropped to the bottom after the galactic explosion. To even birth the little chicks was more difficult. Lord Nashkiel, who cared the most about the growth of the next generation of Kantas, figured out how to use artificial intervention to adjust the Kantas genome. However, things didn’t develop as he imagined.

Olivia’s unusualness gave the Kantas genetic experts a big surprise at this time:

A wild chick, who was abandoned in an orphanage, grew up in hunger, and then entered the rebellious period very early and ran away. Fortunately, he was very smart and lucky to be adopted by the Mu Gen family who went to school in Bailu Star. However, the family who adopted him is just an ordinary family selling steamed buns, and the guardian was even a robot nanny. Although the robot is very good to the human owner, their family’s financial situation simply can’t afford the high-priced nutritional products even though this family loves to buy special ingredients.

A Kantas cub who didn’t have large amounts of nutrients when growing up, Olivia was even raised as an ordinary cub. Right, he also went to the Imperial Military Academy and became a soldier. The meals there are sufficient in nutrition for the other dinosaur cubs but for a Kantas cub, it’s only a drop in the bucket!

Olivia didn’t even get the affection of any adult Kantas when growing up!

However, it’s such a cub that grew up well.

Not only did he grow up, but he’s also very healthy and very strong! His condition is very good, better than any Kantas who grew up under careful care!

Such a tough cub must be cured!

With this idea, the experts worked together, brainstorming and coming up with several sets of treatment plans for Olivia.

In their opinion, no matter how strong this cub is, he cannot resist the damage of long-term exposure to space. What’s more, he spent such a long time being hungry in outer space before and later passed through the Star Gate in a scarred condition!

The experts came up with many possible consequences and according to their experience, no one can come back from this situation completely healthy. It’ll basically leave one or two life-long sequelae. This cub is still developing and it might affect his growth.

In fact, this is the truth.

Olivia was bloody when he was sent over. First, all his hair fell off, and then the skin…the cosmic radiation strongly interfered with his cells, so that even if the experts used the strongest repairing liquid, they could not prevent the ulceration of his skin.

Four days after Olivia was sent to the hospital, he still looked like a mass of rotten flesh.

The experts all sighed that this cub might not be cured.

At this moment, the cub’s fiancee (← the informant introduced him like this) came.

The crying young man with a red nose looked very pitiful. They heard that the cub’s fiancee joined the military to save him and went through the Star Gate with him…it’s a pity that they didn’t come back so easily.

Standing outside the glass door and crying silently for a while, the fiancee left and then returned that night.

Holding a glass of water in his hand, he asked the expert in charge of Olivia to let him drink it.

The expert asked him what kind of medicine it was, and the answer was “Talisman Water”.

Talisman Water: Painting or burning talisman in the water means that drinking it can heal illnesses.

Experts: …

The cup of water was finally poured into the wounded’s belly by the experts.

Then, Olivia’s ulcerations came to an abrupt end.

After soaking in the repair liquid again for a night, Olivia’s skin was as good as before, no! Not just intact, his skin has become smoother, fairer, and more flexible than the original skin.

When the wounded cell viability was tested again, the experts were taken aback: Olivia’s cell viability is not only restored but also more viable than ever! A large number of old cells are metabolized and the new cells are abnormally healthy!

The experts hurriedly asked the fiancee what kind of talisman he burned in the water. Everyone was dumbfounded after asking:

The talisman is just a normal talisman for praying for health, but the water is soaked in the leaves of the Life Tree, while the talisman paper was made from the Life Tree leaves.

The panel of Expert: -_-|||

Only then did they realize that this young man seemed to have received an acceptance letter from Professor Mu Lansha, the Life Tree cultivator.

The Life Tree has a unique effect on the damage caused by cosmic radiation——this was recorded earnestly, and since then, Professor Mu Lansha’s Life Tree became more popular.

Olivia, who recovered from the skin trauma, didn’t wake up immediately, but the experts believed that he was just in a self-repair stage. After telling Mu Gen that he didn’t need to worry, they let him take care of the patient every day.

Marshal Rothsay and Lord Nashkiel also came to visit at this time.

There were too many people visiting the patients so in the end, Lord Nashkiel waved his hand and the hospital strictly limited the number of visitors. In this way, the only person who visited the patient every day was Lord Nashkiel (← A model of privately using public equipment -_-|||).

He heard that Mr. Sith is a prominent figure in the Council, but…he seemed very idle ← after cutting a piece of fruit, Mu Gen handed the fruit to Mr. Sith who was beside him.

Recently, Mr. Sith would come to sit for a while every afternoon, waiting two to three hours. They’d sometimes chat and the topic had nothing to do with the mission but all the trivial things about Oli growing up.

There were a lot of people visiting the patient a while ago, so Mu Gen received a lot of fruits and flowers. He sent some flowers to the Doctor’s offices along with some fruits, but there are still a lot left, so every time Mr. Sith come over, Mu Gen would ask him to eat some fruit.

En, Mr. Sith likes to eat Gaga fruit the most ← Mu Gen quickly realized.

“Oli also likes eating Gaga fruit the most.” Seeing Mr. Sith take the fruit, Mu Gen grinned.

“Oh? I see.” Although Mr. Sith didn’t say anything else, he looked very happy.

“But Gaga fruit is very expensive so we rarely buy it. When Oli wakes up, he should be very happy seeing so many Gaga fruit.” Mu Gen was also very happy.

Gaga fruit…right now, most Kantas cubs think it tastes bad and that it can’t compare to other more expensive fruits, but this cub can’t afford it…

Seeing the young man on the bed who was asleep, Mr. Sith was in a mixed mood.

After meeting this child, even if he knew he was Kantas, he still didn’t do anything for him. This is a cub from someone else’s family, wild and in the military’s territory.

Towards Olivia, Sithily Rho Nashkiel is reserved and fond.

Unlike the cubs he took care of, this is a clever and ambitious cub. At a young age, he formulated a development plan for the next few decades.

The relationship between the two is also a teacher and a friend, keeping their own secrets while communicating.

“Right! In fact, Oli is a bit like Mr. Sith in many places, not just in terms of taste.” Mu Gen tilted his head as if recalling: “The similar taste is probably due to the same race, but you are probably the only Kantas elder who is closest to him. Now that I think about it, Olivia has habits that resemble yours very much!”

“Like being very fussy.” As if not seeing Mr. Sith’s instantly stiff mouth, Mu Gen stretched out his fingers and began to count carefully: “Hair should be always neatly combed, the shirt should always be buttoned to the top, uses shoe cleaning fluid faster than anyone else, even using cologne…”

“I didn’t notice before but since Mr. Sith came frequently, only then did I discover that many of Oli’s habits are the same as Mr. Sith!”

“Maybe Oli secretly imitated Mr. Sith!” Mu Gen smiled.

Truly—— a superb flattery technique ← the Prime Minister who silently acted as a wallflower guarded his heart.

Sure enough, Mr. Sith smiled reservedly and ignored Mu Gen calling him fussy from before. He tidied up his cuffs and said:

“I think even males should pay great attention to appearance. This is basic etiquette…”

Who will imitate someone they dislike? Olivia must have imitated me because he admired me very much!

Before he knew it, Mr. Sith felt close to Olivia again.

Although there’s an age and experience difference with even their living environment completely different, Mu Gen was truly a good conversation partner. He is simple, smart, funny and in good health← he’s also partially exposed to cosmic radiation but he only stayed in the hospital for one day. At first, Sith didn’t approve of Olivia being so close to a weak ape-man and even choosing him as his fiancee but during this period of close contact, Sith gradually agreed with Mu Gen.

“Mr. Sith, this is Oli’s favorite biscuit, please try it.” Mr. Sith would bring some gifts every time he came over, and since he didn’t want to be rude to the other party, Mu Gen would also prepare some return gifts. The gifts of the other party were very precious and Mu Gen can’t prepare anything more expensive so he simply prepared some handmade food.

Lord Prime Minister doesn’t actually have the habit of eating unfamiliar food but after so many days, he didn’t refute this time and reached out to get the small biscuit, then gently put it in his mouth.

“…en, very strong.” Mr. Sith spoke his evaluation pertinently.

The taste is actually good, mainly due to the taste when chewing: The gums seem to be massaged, crisp and numbing, a little painful and a little itchy, but so incomparably refreshing!

If they like this kind of biscuit, the cub should be——

“Is Olivia changing his teeth?” Mr. Sith suddenly said.

“En, I checked and it should be. Before this mission, he had to eat two large packets of ladyfingers every week.”

Wait, changing teeth…hair removal…

Long sleep…

Isn’t this the symptoms of an imminent sub-adult state?!

Mr. Sith’s eyes couldn’t help but widen, this cub…would enter the sub-adult state at such a young age?

Only the strongest cubs with sufficient accumulation in their bodies can be sub-adults in their 20s!

Mr. Sith’s eyes then turned to the face of the quietly sleeping youth on the bed.

There, Mu Gen was quietly smearing an oil called walnut oil on his head. It’s said that this oil can promote hair growth, so taking into account the bald eyelashes and eyebrows, Mu Gen even applied some to his eyes.

He only took care of Oli’s face. Mu Gen was not embarrassed to put some in other parts, but he decided to wait for Oli to wake up and do it himself.

In the quiet afternoon, the hearty dark-haired young man took care of the other young man who slept like an angel on the bed.

Then, the young man who had been asleep suddenly opened his eyes.

Those eyes were like solidified gold, and the afternoon sunlight seemed to be sucked into his eyes instantly, extremely disturbing——

The author has something to say:

When Oli was sleeping, Mu Gen spared no effort to improve his favorability in front of various bosses.

He really worked hard!


TINA V6C175: Mu Gen's Worry
TINA V6C177: Royal Family

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