ACDWL 073: Growing Kou

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─Rodo’s side─


Kou said that “now is his happiest”.

He has more now than when he was in Niho.

How happy I was at those words…

The anxiety of being unable to consult with Kou immediately disappeared.

Kou said he likes my eyes.

But I didn’t care about the color of my eyes.

He said it would change when I embraced Kou and when I’m angry, so it might have changed when my instinct preceded over my rationality.

Is the color the same as when I become a beast?

When being stroked by Kou, was it the same as usual?

…I didn’t even know that.

Only Kou will care about such a trivial matter.

However, I’m glad he saw such a slight change in me.

Kou, who said that he likes both eyes, is adorable.

I’m proud of my mate.

I really didn’t want to give him to anyone because I knew that Kou will fascinate everyone.

If he’s about to be robbed, I’ll kill the opponent before that.

I don’t want to be hated by Kou, but I also don’t want him to be taken away.

Because I can only love Kou.


Kou didn’t blame me for overdoing it.

He’d been in pain all the time and even said it hurts, but he didn’t get angry with me.

“For a while, tower, can’t go. Break, tell, can you?” (I can’t go to the tower for a while. Can you tell them I’m having a break?)

I was asked to send a message to the Tower of Trik.

And when I tried to go to work, he looked lonely…

How many times did I think that I don’t want to go?

Unfortunately, he can’t move so he had to take a rest until he’s back in good health.

Rather, I’m the one about to go crazy.

I want to stay at home and stay with Kou all the time, but I have to work.

Kou didn’t have to work, but I’m not going to force him to live an inconvenient life.

In other words, I have to work for Kou.

I want to give everything that Kou wants.

…when I tried to buy a store before, I was told that he didn’t need it.

Kou didn’t seem to have much desire and wouldn’t say what he wants.

Even if he has what he wanted, he’ll only be a little satisfied.

Moreover, he seems to want to meet people like my parents rather than get things.

Surrounded by Akinists, he said that he wanted to stroke three people at once, including me.

Among Kou’s wishes so far, I haven’t been able to give that permission yet.

Can I not be the only one?



At noon, I went out instead of the cafeteria to go to Kou.

I’m going to buy some food and eat it at home with Kou.


It’s kind of noisy as I got closer outside.

(What’s this? …I hope it doesn’t get in the way.)

I don’t know why these people are gathering, but it’s okay if it didn’t block the road.

…even if it’s blocked, I’ll just kick them off.


However, I fell in love with the person who was gathering the crowd.


It’s my beloved mate that smiled as usual.

…why are you here?

Aren’t you sleeping at home because you can’t get up?

What’s more──what’s with that appearance?

From the crowd, he easily appeared in front of me with movement magic.

“Meal, made. Eat?” (I made lunch. Let’s eat?)

Seems like he took the trouble to cook and bring it…

What I want to ask wasn’t his reason for coming out.

──but the thing behind your back, those white wings.

Unlike the wing-like arms of the birdmen, this one grew on the back.

On Kou’s arm, there’s a container that might contain food.

And because of the flapping wings, Kou is floating.


“What are those wings?”

“Kou, stand, impossible. Walking, more, impossible. Wind, magic, air, walls, make. …but, stand, can’t, and, impossible.” (I can’t stand. Walking is even more impossible. I tried using wind magic to make walls in the air, but, I still can’t stand.)

…certainly, he can’t stand, let alone walk.

Wind magic seemed to require standing, though he could float.

In other words, he couldn’t float and move like he used to, so he grew wings for that…is that what he meant?

Are these wings also magic?


“God’s messenger!”

“I’m sure it’s a harbinger of good things.”

The people who were gathering said such things.

(“God’s messenger”?)

What are these guys talking about?

I’ve heard that there’s a group that worships the idol of God…

Is that them?

“…Rodo, [God], what?”

“Worship, object.”

I didn’t teach Kou the word “God”, so it’s natural he didn’t know about it.

I don’t believe in those, since it doesn’t really do anything.

Some people seem to rely on those things, but I can live without relying on such beings.


He muttered as if convinced. Was there such an existence in Niho?

“Niho, God, was there?” (Was there a God in Niho?)

“Many, yes, know.” (I know of many.)


Is there such a thing?

“Kou, believe?” (Do you believe in them?)

Does Kou also believe in God?


“…no, but, I thought…Rodo, meet, thanks.” (No, but I was just thinking…thanks to them, I was able to meet you.)

Kou said with a smile on his face.

If you say that, I have to thank them too.

It’s a pleasure to also meet Kou.


“Rodo, hug? This, a bit, tiring.” (Rodo, hug me? This is a little tiring.)

When I was being grateful at meeting Kou, I heard such words.

Kou with his eyebrows down is cute, but…I hurriedly picked him up.

Then his wings, which had been flapping all the time, disappeared.

Does this magic consume a lot of magical power, even though he kept saying he’s not tired when he continuously used other magic?

Does that mean he didn’t know what to do because it’s unfamiliar magic?

Seems like there are quite a few magics that can only be used by Kou.

Though he’s already known to be the best magician in Marihect.

…and also the best healer.

Moreover, if he becomes someone who’s worshipped as “God’s messenger” like this, I feel like he’ll go far beyond my reach.

…just how much will you fascinate your surroundings?


Kou, who had his head on my shoulder, looked like he’s sick.

Probably because he’s not in good physical condition.

You didn’t have to force yourself to cook.

──but I’m still very happy.

I didn’t care about the taste, but I started to carefully taste only the dishes made by Kou.

Even if I didn’t do so and don’t remember what I just ate, all the dishes made by Kou are delicious.


When we headed to the cafeteria, everyone looked at us.

…to be exact, at Kou.

Few people approached the Akinist me, but many people came near me to get closer to Kou.

Both soldiers and civilians.

They should be overwhelmed by my Akinist aura, but they still wanted to get closer to Kou.

“Kou, are you feeling sick?”

I can still tolerate Renneiga, who always talks to Kou.

“If you’re feeling sick, would you like to sleep in the healing room?”

“Is it cold?”

Other members are also talking to Kou.

That’s really annoying.

“Kou, Rodo, together, want.” (I want to be with Rodo.)

However, Kou’s words made me less jealous.

After taking a seat, I put Kou on my lap and spread the food Kou cooked on the table.

All the dishes he made every day are delicious.


Kou always says that these dishes are simple and not elaborate.

He says he can’t cook difficult dishes so he’ll study.

…but from my point of view, Kou can do many things.

Kou, who can do other things, is too different from me who can’t do anything.

The food was alternatively carried to Kou, who’s sitting on my lap.

As expected, it’s delicious today as well.

The others kept looking at the food, but I’m not going to give them a bite.


Kou laughed happily when I said what I thought.

Kou would always laugh happily when I say that.

He’s as cute as always.


After clearing all the dishes that Kou brought for me, Kou got the container.

“H-home. Rodo, work, do your best.”

Maybe because he’s holding the containers, he rubbed his head against my shoulder. Kou looks cute like this.

…I wanted to close the eyes of those people around us who are fascinated by Kou. What do they want for them to look at Kou with such perverted eyes?


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 072: Various Things
ACDWL 074: Only To Each Other

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