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The last Akinist in Marihect.

──that alone was a considerable threat.

I heard that his mate appeared…

There are various rumors and I don’t know which one is true.

──it’s said to be the return of the legendary “Erideya”.

──Marihect’s number one magician and number one magic power holder.

──unknown race, but a beauty.

──as ruthless as an Akinist.

──a child who had just humanized.

──can’t understand the language.

…I can’t grasp the actual situation.

It would not have been only our country.


When I was impatient, I received a letter from Marihect.

Everything was about gathering Kings from other nations and setting up a place for diplomatic relations.

It’s usually unthinkable to finish diplomatic relations all at once.

…but looking at the added text──

I changed my mind.


It’s said that the Akinist and his mate were finally persuaded to attend the place.

In other words, not introducing them to us and not showing up seems to be because they hated appearing in public.

Normally, it’s not necessary to introduce an individual to the Kings of other nations.

Even the Akinist has not been officially introduced, but in a country where there’s someone whose power can move the country, information must be made public.

Because the Akinist is a soldier, the other countries still have the opportunity to see him.

Therefore, there’s no need for an introduction, but his mate hasn’t been seen by anyone in other countries.

Was being a child taken into consideration?

Anyway, I want to see them as soon as possible.



People from other countries gathered in Marihect one after another.

Marihect became the venue because it seems that the Akinist’s mate couldn’t get on the Sekisva so it’s impossible to go out.

Is the child new to humanization?

Anyone should be able to get on the Sekisva right away.

The King of Marihect also showed up and took his seat.

However, it seems that the Akinist and his mate haven’t come yet, and like me, many people are looking around.

In no time, the Kings of all nations were gathered.

And yet, they haven’t come.

It’s not yet the promised time, but still…

…will they really come?


However, it seems like they’re difficult to move.

Then I gradually felt the intimidation peculiar to an Akinist.

(He hadn’t entered the room yet…)

I heard that races that are vulnerable to intimidation and children will start crying, which is true.

But this place has the Kings and Chancellors of each country, as well as selected Captains and magicians.

All are strong against intimidation.

So we didn’t start crying, but…we’re still intimidated.


The Akinist who appeared after a while was a young man.

He seemed to be a Captain, but his age…rather, he’s an Akinist so he’s a Captain.

He looks like a normal adult human, but no matter what, I can only see this man as an object of fear.

I was overwhelmed, but suddenly, the person next to him caught my eye.

I heard that he was just humanized, but he still looks young.

He’s smaller and thinner than a woman.

Black hair and eyes and is holding hands with the Akinist.

I heard he’s beautiful, but he has a rather young and cute face.

Is it because this mate didn’t look afraid?


“Captain Rodokiaus, Kou, you’re here.”

The King of Marihect welcomed them.

Why did the King bother to give a word to this person?

“…Rodo, Kou, are we late?”

A child who spoke haltingly and didn’t have respect.

(Why aren’t you scolding them?)

Is he such a strong person?

Or is it related to the rumors that he can’t understand the language?

“No, we just got together early. It’s still before the promised time.”

“I see.”

But they’re having a conversation.

Is it a lie that he can’t understand the language?

…but I’m also worried about his baby way of speaking.

Since you learn words in your beast form, it’s impossible not to speak words after humanizing unless you’re dumb.


“I can kill anyone who tries to do something to Kou, right?”

The heartwarming conversation between the Marihect King and the child disappeared at the words of the Akinist man.

The Akinist used honorifics for the King, but I don’t feel any respect.

But, is this the condition for these two people to come here?

If we do something to the child, we’ll be killed by the Akinist…?

Right, I’m sure I’ll die.

It’s said that no one can live after being attacked by an Akinist.

“Kou is already the world’s treasure, not just Marihect. Permission granted.”

…the fact that the Marihect King gave permission…seems like there’ll be dead people.

I just have to do nothing to that kid, Kou…but I can talk to him, right?

Or will someone speak for him?


“…treasure? Rodo, together? Rodo, also, treasure?” (What treasure? Me and Rodo? So Rodo’s also a treasure?)

Not only the broken language but also a child who sometimes slurred his speech.

Did he just learn the words…or something along those lines?

“Kou, special.”

Unlike before, the Akinist had a smile.

“…together, different? Kou, Rodo, together, okay.” (Is it different? As long as we’re together, it’s okay.)

The adults around became disorganized at the dissatisfied child.

…is that the person whom he attached great importance to?

“Captain Rodokiaus is also a treasure.”

“Kou, together!”

Maybe he didn’t understand the meaning of “treasure”.

But as long as it’s the same as the Akinist named Rodokiaus, he’s satisfied.

He had a lovely smile on his face.


“Kou, let’s sit down.”


The two people walked while holding hands.

And everyone’s eyes are on them.

But the two didn’t even pretend to care about their surroundings.

The Akinist is used to being looked at, but…is it the same for the child?

Even so, he can’t speak well…

Am I the only one who thinks this is inconsistent?

I can tell from the power I feel that he’s the number one magic power holder in Marihect, but…he’s still not put to work?

Or is he already working?

…there are a lot of things I want to ask, but will he answer?


The two sat side by side.

But the child started reading some books.

Maybe he’s not that interested in diplomatic relations, but…isn’t he too free?

…didn’t he know what he’s called for?

They’re sitting near the Marihect King, but…

“You’re quite enthusiastic about studying.”

The man who spoke to such a child was the Chancellor of Marihect.

Are they close?

“…study, enthusiastic…?”

Seems like Kou didn’t understand the word “enthusiastic” since he’s tilting his head.

“Kou, studying, doing your best.”

The Akinist briefly taught the meaning of the word.

With a smile that made me wonder if this was his attitude towards his mate.

“Healer, studying, hard. From the beginning, words, remember, similar. Magian, chant, also, same.” (Studying as a healer is hard. I only remember the words from the beginning. Magic chants are also the same.)

Apparently, he’s studying as a healer, but…does that mean he finished studying as a magician?

Didn’t he just humanize?

…or rather, could you introduce me?

The Kings of other nations are also shifting, probably waiting for it.


A place for diplomatic relations…is just a name.

Diplomatic relations are usually a place for both sides to hold a meeting to make arrangements between nations.

It’s mostly done between two countries and rarely done will all countries involved.

Maybe only when the crown prince succeeded the throne?

Still, it’s more of an announcement than diplomatic relations.

…I thought it’d be the same this time as well.

So why not introduce us already?


“…now then, I made you wait. I would like to introduce these two Marihect’s treasures.”

At last, the Marihect King said something related to an introduction, and it suddenly became quiet.

“Currently the Third Corps Captain, Rodokiaus Serafine, who’s said to be the last Akinist, and Kou, his mate. Kou is currently studying as a healer, but his title is Captain Rodokiaus’ exclusive magician. Although he had just humanized, he’s the most powerful magician in Marihect, and though there are various conditions, he can also perform special healing. …he’s 18 years old now.”

After the Marihect King’s words, it became noisy again.

…that’s unavoidable.

He’s a powerful magician and can heal.

“Kou, 19, already.”

Kou corrected it, but…I still think he’s a freshly humanized child.

Such a child…is an unbelievable talented person…?

I definitely want him in my country.

…if there wasn’t the Akinist next to him, I might have even kidnapped him.


However, he’s the Akinist’s mate.

But even though they’re mates, to marry such a child…

Can’t they wait until he grew up?

…or is it for the safety of the child?

Regarding the mate of the Akinist, I can’t do anything extra.

…more so because they’re mates.

Our introduction to them was fairly straightforward.

Everything seemed to be because Kou is still having difficulty just remembering the words.

Even to the King of Marihect, he just called him “King”.

When asked, he seemed to be smaller in the beginning and in a state where he couldn’t understand the language at all.

That might be why Kou is sloppy or clunky when speaking.

…from such a state to the present situation, it’s been less than a year…

He more than likely has high intelligence.


─?side end─

ACDWL 074: Only To Each Other
ACDWL 076: Those With Special Powers

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