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It rained heavily.

The rain curtain became a piece of gray film, blocking the sight of human beings.

Sigma, holding an umbrella, and the drenched robot faced each other, screen to screen. Just when Sigma thought that the robot was “dead”, the robot suddenly said hello.


“…Hello.” Sigma carefully observed the robot in front of him: This is a white robot. Because it’s been in the garbage dump, he could hardly see the original color anymore. He placed himself beside the trash cans and to save space, he hugged his knees in his hands. The whole body shrunk into a rectangular parallelepiped as small as possible.

Don’t know how long he stayed in the heavy rain since there are rust marks on the outer shell of this robot and some metal had become moldy.

Sigma recognized him. This was the robot sitting in the back seat of their family on the spacecraft with a return card on his chest.

While the two robots were looking at each other, a car drove from the distance. The car stopped properly in front of the garbage dump and two robots with the words “Sanitation” on their bodies got out of the car.

Turning a blind eye to Sigma and the other robot, they started sorting out the garbage on the ground according to a certain rule. As the rubbish gradually reduced, one of the robots finally sorted under Sigma’s feet.

The screen glanced at the two robots and said: “Please note that this is where the residents’ domestic waste is placed. Disposal of metal waste is to the metal waste disposal site 300 meters away.”

It treated Sigma and the white robot as garbage that has been mistakenly cast away.

“…” Without saying a word, Sigma quickly installed two legs. Immediately after putting the umbrella in his hands to the hands of the white robot, he suddenly lifted the other party.

With a clicking sound, he ran away while holding the white robot.

Faced with this sudden move, the white robot could not resist at all: He didn’t have much energy left.

He could only hold the umbrella in his hand and then put the umbrella on Sigma’s head as much as possible. The umbrella was so big that even if it’s mainly placed on Sigma’s head, he didn’t feel the rain anymore.

He thought that Sigma was going to put him in the correct garbage disposal center.

When hiding here these past few days, he had been thrown 4 times but every time, he slipped back by himself.


It’s just delaying time.

He obviously went to the car to go back to the factory, stayed on it for a while, but got off by himself.

He knew what the processing result was waiting for him. Either change the body, change the brain, or do nothing and dismantle the whole machine.

Regardless of the result, he didn’t want to become that way.

So he got out of the car.

As a Mechanical City, Pendra has robots everywhere. These robots have their own owners, have jobs, and have a place to go. Robots without these can only appear in one place, and that’s the garbage dump.

So he hid in the garbage dump.

In fact, it didn’t make much sense. When his energy was exhausted and he’s unable to move, he’ll naturally be sorted into the metal waste processing center. The sorting robot there would pick him out and send him back to where he was supposed to go.

Expect for the more serious physical loss, his fate was no different.

However, he still did it.

The screen of the white robot dimmed. Before it automatically shut down, the world reflected in his screen was not the overwhelming pouring rain, but an umbrella painted with cute patterns.

The umbrella was so big that it covered him warmly.

Before the automatic shutdown, one of his hands tightly fixed the umbrella in his hand and the other hand tightly clenched into a fist.


He thought this was his end, but who knew——

Two hours later, he was artificially turned on.

“Sigma, please explain what’s going on.” Hearing a very severe voice, the owner of this voice should be a robot.

“Sigma picked him up and didn’t destroy public property. There is no destruction of cultural relics, no disrespecting historical figures…” He heard the voice of a robot defending himself.

“So you…picked him up? Did you pick him up at Sumei Machinery?” He heard a human voice this time, and he had an impression of that voice since that person was the first human to respond to his greeting.

“Sigma picked him up at the household garbage dump 300 meters away from Master Kenda!” Sigma said.

“But…” Looking at the return card on the chest of the white robot, Mu Gen recognized the identity of the robot. There are the words Sumei Machinery on that card. After this period in Pendra, he naturally knew that these robots would go to their original factory to wait for processing.

“The robot is not domestic waste and it’s placed in the wrong place.” Beta coldly said.

Mu Gen: …huh? Second Uncle, this shouldn’t be what you care about!

Just when the family was having fun discussing the robot that Sigma picked up, the white robot corrected his time and sat up.

“Hello.” He greeted everyone.

“Please don’t blame robot Sigma, I went to the garbage dump voluntarily.” He first argued for Sigma.

“Ah?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“Mechanical products should not be placed in the place where domestic waste is placed.” Beta is still holding on to this point, orz.

“Yes, I know this, but, if I’m delivered to the right place, I’ll soon be returned to the original factory for disposal.”

The voice of this robot was somewhat different from Alpha and the other robots, with less metallic quality and more gentle. His narration is slow and tidy as if he didn’t mind at all that he is garbage that needs to be properly dumped.

The robots stopped speaking. In the end, Mu Gen spoke first: “Hello, I’m Mu Gen. The robots next to me are my family, from here, this is Uncle Epsilon, Uncle Beta, Uncle Eta, Uncle Pi, Dad A, Mengmeng…and finally, standing in front of you is Sigma and Uncle Alpha. Uncle Alpha is the patriarch of our family and Sigma is my younger brother.”

Mu Gen politely introduced his robot family to him.

The dirty white robot froze.

“Excuse me, are you a robot too?” He asked carefully. His scanning device told him that the person in front of him is undoubtedly human, but at this time, he somewhat doubted whether his scanning device had fallen behind.

Mu Gen was stunned, then smiled heartily: “No, I’m human. What’s your name?”

The white robot froze again, and then introduced his name very carefully: “My name is z20934556643…you can simply call me robot z2093.”

This is his serial number. There are many robots in the same batch so his serial number was quite long. Because his owner bought a lot of robots with his batch at the same time, he didn’t name him either.

“Hello, robot z2093.” Mu Gen smiled and stretched out his hand towards him.

The robot z2093 hurriedly stretched out his robotic arms and noticed that his hands were dirty. He hesitated for a moment but was quickly held and shook hands by the other party.

“Can I ask in more detail? That day, I saw you get in the car…” After hesitating, Mu Gen still uttered his doubts.

“Yes, 3 minutes and 50 seconds after getting in the car, I got out of the car again.” Robot z2093 confessed.

“Why…” Why? Mu Gen wanted to ask at first, but then quickly understood the reason.

The robot z2093 stretched out another arm that had been shaken by Mu Gen then opened it, revealing a colorful stone inside.

“For this.” He spoke slowly.

“This stone, I thought it’s very special. If I go back to Sumei Machinery, when human beings deal with my body, they will definitely throw it away. Even if the humans won’t deal with my body, after changing my system, I won’t remember it anymore.

From start to finish, the robot’s tone was very calm.

After listening to him, Mu Gen was silent.

“Why is this stone special?” Sigma took the initiative to chat with robot z2093, he’s also a stone collector enthusiast!

“This stone has a total of 13 colors, and, there are also 13 holes above it, which is distributed very regularly.” Robot z2093 replied seriously.

“But it doesn’t look pretty at all. I have a beautiful blue stone.” Sigma couldn’t help showing off his collection.

“Very special, but I think this stone is more special. I picked it up on my grocery shopping five years ago and it has been with me for 5 years.” Robot z2093 gently held the stone in his palm.

Up to now, Mu Gen has been very clear about the meaning of “special” in this robot’s mouth.

Unlike Sigma, this robot doesn’t understand beauty and ugliness, so he doesn’t understand what kind of mood he’s in. Whenever he encounters a problem that his brain can’t handle, he will classify it as “special”.

“I think this stone is very special.” = “I think this stone is very beautiful.”

“I think this stone is more special.” = “I like this stone better.”

It’s just a stone picked up on the roadside, but this robot likes it very much that he kept it for five years, and now faced the danger of being returned and destroyed. However, he wasn’t worried about himself, but that he would no longer own this special stone and would even forget it.

Looking at the two robots who were still discussing their own stones, Mu Gen didn’t know what to say, so he could only remain silent.

The author has something to say:

The power went out in the middle of writing. I had a hard time finishing it and then couldn’t log in. When I finally did, it’s already past midnight. I don’t want to be more tired during the day.

TINA V6C186: Sigma Taking Out The Garbage
TINA V6C188: New Member

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