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Mu Gen glanced at his First Uncle subconsciously.

First Uncle glanced at the toilet.

Mu Gen understood, and so, holding a few big heads, even bringing Mengmeng and Dad Xiao A, seven robots and one human crowded together in the toilet.

“First Uncle, I want to keep the robot z2093.” Sitting on the toilet seat, Mu Gen said so.

He used an affirmative sentence.

The screens of several robots flashed, and after a while, Alpha used his usual mechanical voice as always:


To take care of Mu Gen growing up, Alpha and the other robots were forced to learn a lot of things. For example, if Alpha wants to do business and make money, he has to consider which Academy to send Mu Gen to. Beta and Eta must seriously consider the channels of purchase and sales…even Xiao A, the oldest robot model, has to choose which ingredients to buy every day!

Compared to robots that only need to consider obeying human commands, they have learned the skill of “decision making”. However, they try not to let their own decisions affect Mu Gen’s judgment, so from small to large, Mu Gen’s major decisions in life are all made by himself. For example, his course choice is the Cooking Department, and after graduation, he decided to join the army…

“Have you figured out what to do next?” Alpha continued to ask.

Mu Gen nodded: He was never someone who would make a decision in the heat of the moment.

Robot z2093 was indeed picked up by Sigma from the garbage dump, but he was not a robot that was correctly discarded by the owner according to the procedures. Although he was “returned”, he still had to return to the factory since he has a boarding record and his user has filled in a return card. After not having seen him return for a long time, the original manufacturer, Sumei Machinery, will definitely put his missing information on file. Although it’s not wrong that Sigma picked him up, discovering a robot with a return card on its chest would cause trouble for them in the future.

“The robot z2093 is a robot from Sumei Machinery, so I want to contact Prinst first and tell him we picked up the robot z2093 in the garbage dump. Before that, I will need Uncle Pi to help me check the internal records of robot z2093…”

Compared with robots, the rules of the human world are much more flexible. The first thing Mu Gen thought about was to breakthrough here. Rather than being discovered at the end, it’s better to prepare in advance and speak actively. According to robot z2093, for Sumei Machinery, he should be just a very ordinary robot that was just returned.

“What can I do for you?” Alpha finally asked.

“En, what Uncle Alpha can do is very important.” Stretching out a finger to touch his nose, Mu Gen said: “Since robot z2093 was returned, then…I think it should be possible to buy it back. About my small earnings…it was all spent a while ago, so First Uncle needs to pay for robot z2093.”

After speaking, Mu Gen glanced at his First Uncle and smiled sheepishly.

“Okay.” Alpha immediately agreed.

After discussing what they needed to do, Mu Gen called Prinst’s communicator, then told him that he had picked up a robot and also told him that this robot should be the one returned to Sumei Machinery. Mu Gen asked frankly what he needed to do if he wanted this robot, and Prinst promised that he would come to the hotel early tomorrow morning to discuss with him.

After finishing the call with Prinst, Mu Gen was dazed.

At this moment, Alpha suddenly said: “Robot A, please touch Mu Gen’s head.”

Touching his head gently was for comfort. If he has a hand, Alpha would do it himself but now that he lost his body, he could only ask Robot Xiao A.


As a result, Mu Gen was gently touched in his head twice. His dad’s touch interrupted his sluggish state and he regained his senses. Mu Gen looked at Alpha who seemed to have something to say to him.

“Your physical data tells me that you are a little emotionally unstable right now,” Alpha said.

“Like the robot z2093, 21 years ago, Beta, Eta, Pi, and I fled with Sigma, who was still on the production line.” He talked about the past that he had never told Mu Gen in detail.

“I’m pretty sure that the escape was entirely out of my own will.”

“Until now, I don’t know if I did the right thing, so I don’t know if robot z2093 did the right thing. I can’t offer you any help in making your choice in this matter.”

“However, I think the right thing that happened to me, in this case, is meeting you.”

After speaking, the screens of all the robots flashed at Mu Gen.

Looking at the faces of the robots around him one by one, Mu Gen finally hugged the few big heads tightly.

“En, I got it.” Mu Gen whispered to the side of Alpha’s head and when he stood up again, his eyes were no longer confused. When he opened the toilet door, Mu Gen informed Sigma and robot z2093 of his decision.

“You, you’re willing to buy me?” Robot z2093 froze.

“That’s right. But I’m not sure whether this will succeed.” Mu Gen frankly told him the possible results.

“Okay.” Robot z2093 said mechanically.

“Go to bed. Prinst will come over tomorrow morning to talk to us about it.” He patted Sigma’s head and hugged Sigma who jumped up. Mu Gen was about to go to bed.

Mu Gen’s robot family habitually shut down but not all of them. There’s always someone on duty and Beta was on duty today. In the darkness, Beta’s screen gleamed faintly with green light.

Robot z2093 naturally has no habit of shutting down. The life of Mu Gen’s family was very different from the procedure inputted in him, so he didn’t know what to do next. The dark won’t cause visual obstacles to a robot, so he quickly scanned the room, then robot z2093 started to work according to the usual procedure: Sweep the floor clean with very light movements, neatly organize the tabletop, then go to the washroom to clean the bathtub and toilet, and when he confirmed that the surrounding environment had met the cleaning requirements, he found a little more work——Mu Gen’s pants. In the past few days, Mu Gen often ran around in various mining areas, so he didn’t notice that there’s a rip on his pants. Robot z2093 spotted the 4 mm long hole and then quickly found the sewing kit from the hotel drawer to fix the hole, even re-ironing Mu Gen’s clothes.

Then, he couldn’t find anything else.

Four hours before dawn, robot z2093 looked at the sky outside and then cautiously climbed under the bed. Shrinking himself into the smallest rectangle, he tightly grasped the stone in his hand, stroking it over and over again until the sun star rose.

It’s daybreak.

The Mu Gen family got up at this time and when they turned on, robot z2093 also crawled out from under the bed very cautiously. Mu Gen, who had just woken up, was startled, thinking that fortunately, Oli was not here, otherwise, he would be scared to death.

Thinking of Oli, Mu Gen felt a little happy, but when Sigma asked robot z2093 why he’s sleeping under the bed, his mood became a little strange again.

“When we are done, we are always put under the bed, and part of us will be put in the storage room. There’s no storage room here…” Robot z2093 explained, not caring about it.

Sigma also tried to lie down under the bed for a while, but it didn’t take long for him to crawl out, saying that he would never sleep there again.

While Mu Gen was washing, Tatarin came over with breakfast along with Prinst, who was pushing the full dining cart.

“Oh! I know this robot. I once had one in my house. It was an old model produced by Sumei Machinery five years ago. At that time, the best nanny robot was this model.” Tatarin saw robot z2093 standing next to the wall at a glance then handed the package in his hand to Mu Gen.

“Oh! Thank you!” Inside the package was a newly baked pie. While thanking Tatarin, Mu Gen also noticed a word:


“En, nanny robots are updated very quickly and Pendra, who loves new products, replaces nanny robots very frequently.” After Tatarin finished speaking, he subconsciously glanced at Robot Xiao A, which was strange. Since accidentally chatting with this robot that day, he had become a little strange.

Thinking that these robots in Mu Gen’s family are all nanny robots, Tatarin stopped mentioning this topic.

After carefully checking the return card on the chest of robot z2093, Prinst said: “This robot should have gone to Sumei Machinery in a car. How could it reach the garbage dump? Is it a procedural problem?”

But he also comforted Mu Gen: “This kind of returned robot can be purchased. In principle, they only need to clean the brain once and reinstall the system. Let me negotiate for you. You can also let Sumei Machinery install the latest programs on it and perhaps perform a hardware upgrade…”

“It’s not necessary. I just want to ask if it can be like this…just buy him like this…” Mu Gen said what he wanted.

Prinst looked at Mu Gen in surprise, then Mu Gen smiled at him.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Prinst finally agreed to his request and dialed the communicator. After connecting, the projection of the person speaking to Prinst was projected on the wall.

Mu Gen recognized her as the blond lady from Sumei Machinery who helped them prepare the materials.

Prinst was more reserved when talking to the other party. Except for saying that he picked up the robot at the garbage dump, it took half of the time to find out that there was a return card, so he wanted to discuss buying the robot.

Miss Blond first said hello to Mu Gen and Tatarin then checked the return card on robot z2093. Calling up all the sales records of this robot and confirming that this robot was indeed returned by the buyer, she hesitated upon knowing that she didn’t receive it until today.

However, Prinst quickly diverted her attention to the topic of materials and new orders. Finally, Miss Blond agreed to them buying this robot, but the robot still needs to be returned to the factory for chip processing.

“Then we’ll go to Sumei Machinery this morning.” Prinst said then glanced at the tattered robot z2093: “It’s still complete, but luckily, it wasn’t discovered until now. Before going to Sumei Machinery, we have to remove something from it. After all, I told the other party that it’s missing some parts.”

Mu Gen glanced at robot z2093 and then z2093 followed him to the toilet (the best place with a sound insulation system was the toilet).

“Please take off my right arm.” robot z2093 whispered.

“Okay.” So Mu Gen took off the right arm and noticed the fist tightly clenched. Mu Gen raised his head and asked: “Did you take out your stone?”

Robot z2093 shook his head: “If I lose my memory, please accept this stone.”

“Don’t give the stone to the new me since it’s not me anymore.”

Bowing, robot z2093 pushed open the toilet door.

Holding the right arm in his hand properly, Mu Gen took the robot back to Sumei Machinery. This time, they visited the robot production line. Countless arms and legs are quickly transported on the assembly line and then the surrounding assembly machines quickly assembled them, and then put them back on the assembly line for the next process…

Countless identical robots stood together, looking quite shocking!

Passing by the processing workshop, the blond staff member led them to the next room, where all the old robots were placed.

“Please keep his original brain.” Mu Gen asked again.

“It depends on how many disk fragments it has. If there are too many, some will definitely be lost in the process of cleaning up, but I will let them keep as much as possible.”

Robot z2093’s screen flashed towards Mu Gen who was carrying Sigma as a backpack and then bowed. The blond staff member then stood in front of an instrument.

Then there’s the “cleaning” process.

In this process, the staff must wash away the identity information implanted on the robot by Sumei Machinery. If this information is not cleared, his identity would still be a returned Sumei robot.

This time-consuming process is actually very short. Just a minute later, Miss Blond clasped her hands, reminded Mu Gen and the others that the robot have been cleaned up as she pointed to the robot that came out of the instrument. The blonde lady then said: “Now you can name it.”

When Mu Gen and the others went silent, she smiled: “Of course, you can also go back with it.”

With his heart beating, Mu Gen returned to the car with the robot missing a right arm.

Both Prinst and Tatarin were in the front seat, while the Mu Gen family were in the back. Looking at the robot sitting in the corner of the hover car, Mu Gen asked softly:

“Can I return that stone to you?”

Then Mu Gen saw a blue curve stream across the robot’s screen.


Robot z2093 is back in its entirety.

The author has something to say:

There have been many disputes about the relationship between robots and humans

I always feel that in the future, there will be a day when the relationship between the two is really needed.

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