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The round stone was returned to the hands of robot z2093. As a robot without any property, he could only hold the stone in his hand every day as before. After discovering this, Mu Gen bought him the most common long-chain in the nearby jewelry shop. Using the adsorption method, the stone was fixed to the chain without destroying the stone. From then on, robot z2093 can have this stone wherever it went.

Wiping off all the mold and rust on the metal shell, robot z2093 looked the same as the nanny robots in the same batch, but because of the metal chain around his neck, he looked different.

It stands to reason that changing the owner meant the robot requires a new name. However, since robot z2093 had no name at all, Mu Gen asked him to think of a new name for himself. This question baffled the almighty nanny robot. He planned to call himself robot z2093 from the beginning, but Sigma denied the name and borrowed a book of ancient Earth names from Mu Gen (there’s a small part of Sigma’s belly that’s dedicated to keeping Mu Gen’s important items. After Alpha and the others lost their bodies, he once said that he would help them keep their things, but was rejected  ̄▽ ̄). The two robots started to study the names as soon as they returned to the hotel every day, but even after a week, Mu Gen didn’t hear any names, so before they thought of a name, the others still called him robot z2093.

Robot z2093 is a bit stuck: He is accustomed to doing things according to human orders, but it’s difficult to get “instructions” at the new owner’s house.

On his first day of entering the family, Mu Gen went out early in the morning with a person named Doug. Both Tatarin and Prinst knew that Mu Gen had a classmate from Pendra, who also ran back to his hometown especially for Mu Gen. They acquiesced to this “helpful old classmate” taking Mu Gen to various metal ore black markets in Pendra. After all, as a public official, they can’t take Mu Gen to such a place.

Doug knew a lot about the black market, even more than Tatarin and the others. When Prinst was chatting with Mu Gen, he accidentally mentioned that Mu Gen’s old classmate should know a lot: There are rules in each market and many things are always in the hands of a small group of people, some are even older than the establishment of the Empire, and they could only search through one or two markets in the morning. As early as four days ago, Prinst found a market he knew that Mu Gen had been led already by his “old classmate”. In fact, Mu Gen would still follow his classmate to visit the market every day for the past four days. These markets are places that Prinst didn’t know at all, and only certain people knew about them.

Prinst thought that Mu Gen had been looking for materials but didn’t know that’s only half the time. For the other half of the time, he had been looking for a place to melt the Fabia book that Sigma had obtained.

Mr. Sith told him that the matter has been settled so he could use this piece of Fabia. However, given the vigorous spread of the matter before, Sith suggested that he’d better melt the book into an ordinary metal ball before taking it out.

For this matter, he can’t ask Tatarin and the others, nor could he ask Master Kenda. Mu Gen thought that the only person who could help him was Doug, so he asked Doug to help him find a workshop with a melting pot that met Fabia’s melting temperature and that there should be no one around.

At that time, Mu Gen was trying to find a way to explain to Doug where the piece of Fabia came from. Who knew that this brother didn’t ask at all and in the morning of the next day, he really took him to such a workshop.

But Doug also didn’t introduce the workshop owner to Mu Gen.

Immediately after, Doug walked out of the room and locked the door, leaving the private space to Mu Gen.

After three consecutive days of high-temperature dissolution, the book-like Fabia finally turned into a liquid in the furnace. The liquid was poured out carefully and the moment it came out of the oven and contacted the air, all the molten Fabia quickly gathered into a natural spherical shape.

The furnace in this workshop introduced by Doug is very good, so there’s no loss during the dissolution process. The Fabia obtained by Mu Gen was 22kg.

Putting this piece of Fabia in the bag, Mu Gen went out and nodded to Doug, who was in a daze then Doug sealed up the entire workshop again.

“I’m going back tomorrow.” Doug suddenly said while sitting in a public hover car with Mu Gen.


“My vacation is only these few days and I must go back to work tomorrow.” Thinking that Mu Gen hadn’t heard clearly, Doug repeated it.

“Right, it’s indeed tomorrow.” As soon as Doug came back, he told Mu Gen how many days were in his vacation. Mu Gen just didn’t expect time to pass so quickly.

“Thank you, Doug.” Looking sideways at the young man with glasses, Mu Gen thanked him very sincerely.

“I haven’t found all the materials for you yet.” Doug pushed his glasses: “We are going to the last market in a while, and it’s also where the thing you called stone gambling is held.”

There are several types of black markets in Pendra. One is the stone gambling market. This kind of market could only depend on luck; and another is the trade market, where only metals can be exchanged for other metals, and another is the buying and selling market.

Mu Gen had gone through all of Pendra’s markets these days. However, he didn’t believe in luck so he’d never participated in gambling on stones, but Doug still led him around to search for old snakes in the market to search for Fabia and Mika. It’s a pity that these two are very rare metals, and the development rights are basically in the hands of the military. The Fabia and Mika produced from a small number of private mines were basically sold out as soon as they came out.

As before, Doug ran to a small stall with Mu Gen in a familiar way. The stall owner is a very old Trista tribe, wearing local clothes. The goods on the stall are also very ordinary, but for Doug to bring him here, this humble old man must be a local snake in this market.

“It’s now in the second half of the year and Mika’s mining is in the second month of the year. There are very few fish slipping through the net at this time, so not here.” This is very confidential information. After all, there are a few stones on the old man’s stall with the words “excavated in a Mika mine”.

The last hope was dashed.

“If it doesn’t work, just change the material,” Doug said.

“…” Mu Gen sighed.

For so many years, even if the design concept was forward, First Uncle and the others have fallen behind a lot. The once top robots were now inferior to ordinary robots. They actually wanted a new body for a long time, but since he went to school and Oli needs money to join the military, getting First Uncle and the others new bodies have been delayed. This time, it was a blessing in disguise that they could finally change their bodies, so Sigma immediately drew the design drawings. The drawings that Master Kenda finally saw was actually the result of a long period of secret discussion among the robots, and they especially wanted Mika for their heart. They wanted this kind of advanced material for a long time and Uncle Alpha’s drawer even had a poster of a piece of Mika ore torn from a magazine.

So Mu Gen wanted to satisfy their wishes.

“I suppose that’s how it’s going to be.” The other parts are okay but the heart part can’t be disassembled repeatedly. Once assembled this time, uncles and the others would have to wait for the next material change to replace their hearts with Mika.

But still, Mu Gen would not let his depression affect others. He quickly picked up his mood and walked around the stalls with great interest.

Although he went to a lot of gambling markets, he had never bought anything!

“The chance of getting anything is less than 0.01%,” Doug warned him on the sidelines.

“But these stones are very beautiful~” Mu Gen squatted beside one of the stalls. There were no other people at this stall except the owner. The reason was simple, there are very few stones here and they’re very small.

Because of the stone brought by robot z2093, Sigma has been discussing the topic of collecting stones with him in the past few days so Mu Gen, who hadn’t played with rocks for several years, couldn’t help but be interested.

“These stones had nothing at first glance.” Doug also squatted down and loudly said so, making the stall owner, who heard it, become anxious.

“Don’t look down on it, the stones here came from a Mika mine! Maybe there’s Mika in it~ I heard that golden eyes were dug out in that mine, maybe there’s that kind of stone in these rocks!”

“Golden eye” is a popular term for Trenmes, the most expensive gemstone in the Empire today. The top Trenmes are golden yellow, like the eyes of the Kantas royal family, so it used to be called Kantas Rock. At the top of Louis I’s scepter is a 20-carat Trenmes diamond, but after so many years, Kantas with golden eyes were almost extinct so the people forgot the term Kantas Rock, and more people now called it Golden Eyes.

“If there’s such a precious stone, why don’t you cut it yourself?” Doug said coldly, but Mu Gen hurriedly stopped him.

“I just thought it looks familiar. This stone is a bit like the stone my brother likes and that stone is very similar to the one in the hands of our new robot. Didn’t they always play with rocks since a while ago? I just thought it would be nice to buy more for them to play with.”

Mu Gen whispered, watching the stall owner who looked upset. After asking about the price and discovering that it’s not expensive, he simply bought the two broken stones he had just seen.

Since he bought a stone, it must be cut open. This is an unwritten rule in the market. If there’s nothing, then that’s it. If there’s something, it’ll become a signboard on this market!

Behind the long line, Mu Gen held the small handful of rocks in his hand. The stall owner obviously didn’t like the stone he bought so he didn’t follow.

Soon, it was Mu Gen’s turn and when he reached out his hands to expose the two small stones, laughter burst out around him.

However, Mu Gen still paid the fee for cutting the stone according to the number and telling them not to destroy the stone itself. He stood aside enthusiastically, watching how people cut open these stones.

The first stone is the blue stone for Sigma. To keep the stone as much as possible according to customer requirements, the stone cutter just rubbed the outer skin of the stone lightly and confirmed that it was an ordinary stone. The stone cutter then handed the stone to Mu Gen and Mu Gen carefully packed it into the backpack containing the Fabia ball.

The second stone was a bit smaller. Because of the race, the stone cutter’s fingers are so thick he could hardly cut the small stone. Aggrieved, he rubbed the stone twice with a tool and was about to pass the stone to Mu Gen when suddenly, his eyes widened. Half of the stone was placed on the table again and the stone cutter changed into a piece of paper to continue grinding. When the stone was fully exposed, he jumped up and shouted: “Oh my God! This is a Golden Eye!!!!!”

The people who were still laughing at Mu Gen just now all ran back and the platform was instantly surrounded by a crowd. The stone cutter immediately dispatched a top stone expert and under the scorching eyes of everyone, the senior lithologist carefully separated the beautiful yellow diamond from the ugly ore.

“The purity is very high! There are two golden eyes, one large and one small. Congratulations!” Handling this kind of top diamond is worth his life’s luck. He reluctantly rubbed the surface of the diamond with his finger before carefully handing the two diamonds to Mu Gen.

“Ah…thank you.” Taking a closer look at the two stones that seemed to exude the temperature of the sun, Mu Gen also put them in the backpack behind him, along with the blue stone he’s giving to Sigma.

Tugging Doug, Mu Gen wanted to walk away but couldn’t. The small stall where Mu Gen bought the broken stones was quickly surrounded and the stall owner stopped selling it when many people wanted to see the stone. Some also wanted to buy the diamonds from Mu Gen…

In the end, the head of the market sent someone to escort Mu Gen and Doug out.

When Mu Gen returned from Master Kenda’s home, the news that “Golden Eyes” had been cut in a certain market in Pendra had been broadcasted in the news!

Several round heads sat in front of the TV and several robots once again marveled at the values of humanity.

Stones turned out to be so valuable! Sigma then took robot z2093 and carefully pointed out his stone collection.

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