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A/N: The previous ? side is different from this ? side.



The child who became the mate of the Akinist in Marihect.

The child, who seems to be called Kou, is apparently a magician and a healer.

I heard that there are rare people who can do both, but they’re mostly among the small number of healers.

This is because the amount of magical power used for healing makes it impossible to be a magician.

His current title seems to be the Akinist’s exclusive magician…

──what a waste.

It’s such a waste of power.

If you become an exclusive magician for those who don’t need it, you won’t be able to exert your power.

Akinists are said to be the strongest race in the world, not just in Marihect.

Originally, Akinists were all over the place.

But their fertility is extremely low, and now, he and his old parents are the only ones left.

A race with such a strong power could easily control the country if motivated.

However, the Akinists, who are not interested in the position nor others, combined with their low fertility, was reduced in number.

Even if he has a child, it’d no longer be a pure Akinist.

In other words, the Akinist is the same as being destroyed when he dies.

It’s unlikely that this Akinist will die before his old parents.

However, I don’t think there’s a need for an exclusive magician for a race where magic doesn’t even work.

What is Marihect thinking?

…maybe they’re told that he’ll leave the country if they didn’t allow it?

If so, it makes sense to agree to it.

Even in my own country, I have to agree if I’m told that.

The loss is too great, like losing the only Akinist and Kou, who have unique powers, at the same time.


The Marihect King just told him which country we were kings of.

I was told this is because Kou is not good at memorizing names and couldn’t remember all of them at once.

I thought he’s just calling his mate by a nickname but seems like it’s only recently that he could call out “Rodokiaus”.

When I heard he couldn’t speak the language, I wasn’t convinced.

I’ve heard of such rumors, but right now, conversations could only be established through broken words.

Given that, I have no choice but to believe the rumors that he’s intelligent.

He even mastered magical chants and is now learning healing chants.


My line of sight gathered at Kou, who’s silently reading a book.

Whether he’s unaware or is aware but ignoring it, Kou didn’t look up.


He’s murmuring something, but…

Those who are here didn’t know how this is studying as a healer.

I don’t think you can learn it just by reading a book…

This gathering is not for diplomatic relations but for introducing these two people.

However, as soon as the introduction was over, the two didn’t look around at all.

I have never seen their abilities and just heard of them.

I don’t want to see the power of an Akinist since I’ll be dead then, but I want to see Kou’s power.

…is there a chance to see it?

It’s not an atmosphere where I can ask, so what should I do…


Suddenly, Kou raised his head so I glanced at where he’s looking.

The next moment, he got out of his seat──


“Injury, hurt?”

He disappeared and I heard a voice from another place.

He probably used movement magic.

Even though it’s a short distance, to make it look so easy…


The Akinist ran up in a hurry.


The kid didn’t seem to know why he’s impatient.

Does he not have a sense of danger?

Does he not understand what he is?

“Injury, hurt?”

The words were said again to the soldier in front of me.

Does the injury Kou is talking about the old wound on his cheek?


“N-no, this, this is an old wound, there’s no pain…”

As the murderous-looking Akinist approached, he can’t look snobbish on the mate.

──even if the other person is a newly humanized child.

A scar was on his cheek where the skin was stretched.

It didn’t look painful.

When he was injured, it wasn’t so bad, so he just left it like that…or something like that.

If there are serious injuries, minor injuries will be postponed.

Therefore, minor injuries often have to heal naturally.

Everyone knows that he’s the same.

There are far more such people among soldiers than in other jobs.

“Kou, it’s dangerous so don’t leave.”

The uninjured Akinist hurriedly trapped the child in his arms.

Has he become the standard for Kou?

…even I wouldn’t be satisfied if it’s based on the Akinist.


“This person, injured.”

“Doesn’t hurt, he said. Leave it alone, it’s okay.”


The child looked dissatisfied at the Akinist’s response.

It’s a remark that’s expected from an Akinist who’s not interested in others…

“…looks painful. Mouth, open, difficult.”

Did he mean to say that it’s painful to watch so he wants to heal it?

The reason why there are rumors of Erideya’s return was probably because of this mercy.


“…heal, only.”


Finally, the Akinist gave permission, and the child smiled happily.

You can clearly see the relationship between the two.

The race at the top might not be the Akinist, but Kou from an unknown race.




The soldier knelt as told.

…he’s the captain of the army that represents my country.

Kou, holding his hand on the man’s cheek, muttered something.

It seemed to be a healing chant…

The affected area glowed faintly.

Kou’s face illuminated by the light is so beautiful…I’m fascinated by it.

I don’t know if it’s a long or short time, but I was surprised when the light went out.

I’ve been so fascinated that I didn’t even have a sense of time…

The old wounds on the soldier’s face were gone, leaving only a small amount of scarring on his cheek.

“To even heal old wounds…!”

I instinctively raised my voice.

The soldier is also stroking his wounded cheek, stunned.



The child is dissatisfied for some reason.

“This, leftover. ….small.” (There’s still a bit left.)

(Are you dissatisfied even in this state?)

Did you want to get rid of even the slightest scar?

“…no, thank you for healing it so far. Thank you very much.”

The soldier spoke with honorifics, which is different from the previous tone.

Few healers can heal old wounds.

Even if they could, they would never heal it because they’d see the newly injured person first.

Since there’s the implicit rule that “the only injuries that a healer can heal are the seriously injured”, the minorly injured don’t want to be healed apart from serious injuries.

Therefore, this situation was not possible either.

He thanked him probably because of Kou’s kindness when he took the trouble to heal what was only a minor injury in the past.



However, Kou held out his hand again.

He should have wanted to say “vanish”…

The scar then disappeared in an instant.

I won’t even think he’s injured.

(What was that just now?)

Healing…or a different power?

Is it the special healing power that the Marihect King talked about?


“Go back.”

As if not seeing us being astonished, Kou held hands with the Akinist and headed for his seat.

(So there was such a talent…!)

There seem to be some conditions, but just with that special healing power, the death toll from battles will be greatly reduced.

Marihect already has an Akinist, do they still need someone with more special powers?

“W-wait! Are you willing to come to our country? We’ll pay you more than Marihect. I will even prepare a house-“

The moment I thought so, I called out unintentionally.

“No! What about my country!!”

“In my country, there’s a shortage of magicians and healers. Please move to my country by all means!”

Perhaps inspired, the other kings also called out.

However, it’s the talent that I definitely want.

If I can secure it, I can spend as much money as I like.


“Rodo, together, if not, I won’t go.”

The Marihect King paled at those words.

After losing the Akinist and Kou, there’d be nothing else to lose.

In other words, it’s the same as saying that two people can move.

“Kou! Please think again!”

I solicited in a hurry.

“Kou, Rodo, together, then, anywhere, fine. Rodo, leave, hate. Stay away, if, magician, healer, don’t. Money, earn, wanted, but, now, Rodo, married. Kou, just housework, fine, go away.” (As long as I and Rodo are together, then anywhere is fine. I hate leaving Rodo. If I have to leave him, then I don’t want to become a magician or a healer. I wanted to earn money before but now, I’m married to Rodo. I can just do housework instead.)

“Only housework!?”

“That…! Such a waste of power!!”

Voices came from everywhere at Kou’s words.

“Married, money, earn, necessary, lost. Beginning, go out, was thinking, money, want, I thought, only. …but, now, special, necessary, no. Rodo, salary, just, live, can.” (Once we married, the necessity of earning money is lost. At first, I thought of going out to earn money. …but now, I don’t need it specially. With Rodo’s salary, it’s fine to live with it.)

Certainly, the Akinist’s salary will be high, but…

Still, it’s too wasteful to just stay at home.

Don’t you understand how special you are?


“Do you think that kind of thing will be allowed!?”

The King of Aricalen made that loud voice.

Aricalen is a country surrounded by mountain ranges, and it’s said there are many rough people.

“…allow? That, no need. Decide, Rodo, and, Kou. Doesn’t matter, people, permission, necessary, not.” (Permission? I don’t need it. I and Rodo will decide. Other people don’t matter and their permission is not needed.)

Suu…Kou lost his expression.

Somehow, my spine chilled…am I the only one?

“Magician, healer, study, Kou, choice. Save, people, save, choice. Country, choice, no. Gains, choice, no. …Kou, tool, no.” (Studying being a magician and a healer is my choice. Saving people is my choice. I didn’t choose my country. I also didn’t choose to gain benefits. But I am not a tool.)

I’m afraid of Kou, who is thinner and smaller than anyone else.

Looking around, many also have cramped faces.

Even though there are only Kings and Captains and many powerful people are in this place.

I can feel a different kind of intimidation from Kou compared to the Akinist’s aura.

…is this, awe?


“A strong person is obliged to get a job they deserve! Is it okay to have more dead because you don’t intervene!?”

Yet, the King of Aricalen still solicited.

Moreover, the argument is quite forced.

He already said he wasn’t a tool, but the King is still forcing him.

…are you unaware of the murderous intent that erupted from the Akinist next to Kou?

“Are you saying it’s Kou’s fault!? I’ll get rid of that neck right now!”

Seeing the Akinist trying to pull out his sword, it’s too late to pull out now.

We also heard the Marihect King give his permission.

In other words, even if the Akinist killed the king here, it was done with the consent of every country.

“Rodo, kill, no need.”

However, it was Kou who stopped him.

“But, this guy insulted Kou!”

“Never mind. …not interested. Kou, Rodo, together, then, fine. Besides, Kou, Rodo, magician. Nothing more. Good grief, even if told, don’t want.” (Never mind. I’m not interested. As long as I and Rodo are together, it’s fine. I’ll always be Rodo’s magician. Even if I’m told to do something, I won’t.)

It seems that he has completely lost his will to use his power in his own country, let alone in other countries.

I think this is a considerable loss.


“Is that okay!? It’s such a waste to not use it while having such power! If you don’t use it, it’s not worth living!”

…does the King of Aricalen want to die?

“Rodo, go home?”

Kou didn’t seem to care.

Does he not care what the person he’s no longer interested in says?

“After killing this guy.”

The Akinist didn’t seem to care.

He’s already ready for battle.



Meanwhile, Kou only said one word.

Immediately after that──

A vine of restraint magic wrapped around the King of Aricalen.

He hurriedly tried to escape, but it looks like he can’t do anything at the speed at which the vines wrapped around him.

In no time, he was wrapped with vines.

(Is this the power of Kou as a “magician”?)

His power as a healer was above standard, and so is him being a magician.

Seems like he doesn’t just have a lot of magical power.

“Five days, restraint.”

“Do you want me to stay like this for five days!? You’re not the only magician!”

Although the King of Aricalen yelled, Kou held hands with the Akinist and left the room.

Without speaking to anyone──


“Solve this quickly!”

King Aricalen is trying to solve Kou’s magic by calling out to a man who seems to be the magician he brought.

…but, at the Marihect King’s next words, they paled in an instant.

“Kou’s magic couldn’t be unlocked even by Marihect’s magicians, you know? Because of that, there’s a man crucified to the wall of the barracks for three days, as Kou said.”

The ability of the magician representing Marihect must have been high.

But even that person can’t solve the magic made by Kou…

Aricalen has a high level of strength but I heard their magician’s ability is not that high.

In other words, it’s impossible to release the restraint.

So the King might remain in custody for five days…

There’ll be various inconveniences.

“If there’s a magician who has a higher ability than Kou, it’ll be possible to solve it, but I don’t think there’s a person who has a higher ability to use magic even against an Akinist other than Kou.”

I thought he has a high level of ability, but not that high…

King Aricalen is already pale.

“…call him back right now!”

The soldiers left the room in a hurry with those words.

…but, will he accept the summon?

Even if Kou wanted to return, the Akinist will not forgive the King of Aricalen.

He’s even full of intentions to kill him earlier.


After a while, the soldier who came back told them that they’re no longer in the castle and they didn’t know where they were headed, so the color of despair deepened.

The soldiers of Aricalen rushed to the Marihect King, probably asking for the location of their house.

…I don’t think the Marihect King will tell you where they are…

(The person who shouldn’t be offended the most in the world is Kou.)

I want that special power, but if I can’t use it, there’s no point in calling it to my country.

Kou even said he wasn’t a tool, but everyone inevitably wants that mighty power.

Seems like I have to wait and see until he grows up enough to be convinced of the working conditions.


─?side end─

A/N: The King of Aricalen will remain in custody for five days.

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