ACDWL 078: Mate That Resolves Everything Alone

ACDWL 077: My Power
ACDWL 079: The Future

─Rodo’s side─


Kou was crying weakly until a while ago.

But the next moment, he’s thinking about something.

Whenever Kou was worried, as long as I listen and deny it, his anxiety seemed to diminish and he’d be looking forward right away.

Kou, who looks a little cold when he’s thinking about something, is still hugging me, but he didn’t act spoiled anymore.

Is he so deep in thought that he forgot he’s even hugging me?

I can’t even stroke his head because I don’t want to disturb his thoughts.

So I can only watch over him.

──that’s all I can do.


“Rodo, barracks, go?”


“Noma, borrowed, book, return.”

I knew that he borrowed a healing book from the Third Corps exclusive healer.

Specialized books are expensive and normally not rented out, but it seems that permission was given because it’s Kou.

Any injury can be healed if Kou has the power of an ordinary healer.

As a country, this is desired.

“The strongest magician and the best healer in the world’ that is.

He had become a human resource that every country wants more than me, an Akinist.

In particular, few healers have mighty powers.

I’ve heard that there were only a few people in history who could use regeneration magic.

So I know every country wants Kou.

But what Kou wanted is different from what the country wanted.

And there could even be a fight to compete for Kou.

…it doesn’t make sense if a dispute arises without asking Kou’s will.

It’s Kou himself who decides on his future, not the Kings.

No one else.

──including me.

Though there are a lot of things I would like to suggest.


After putting Sig in the barn, I headed to the barracks with Kou.

‘It’s Kou-sama!”

“Ah! Kou-sama!?”

People’s voices could be heard from all around us.

Since Kou often strokes the children of the civilians, many children are fond of Kou.

They didn’t have much difference in age so it’s not strange if they get close…but as expected, I’m still not in a good mood.

“…not ‘Kou-sama’. Kou, it’s Kou.”

However, Kou didn’t like to be feared so he’d frown whenever he’s called with honorifics.

Since Kou didn’t have a proper job yet, he says he’s not that great to be called with honorifics.

But when they say, “because you’re his mate”, he’d say it can’t be helped…

What’s the difference for Kou?

Certainly, I’m often called with honorifics since a long time ago.

Now that I have the title of “Captain”, I’d sometimes be called that.

Even His Majesty used honorifics for my parents.

No one would provoke a fight with two Akinists, although weakened.

My parents just stayed in the country because of their stance of “being in Marihect”.

…well, if Kou wants to go to another country, my parents will surely follow.

They’ve already fallen with the “sweet child” Kou.

Kou also doesn’t want to be separated from them.

In other words, the three Akinists will change their place of residence at Kou’s will.

His Majesty is planning to stop it while the other countries are begging for it.

…but no country has anything to hold Kou.

Kou has no desire and is not interested in any position.

The same can be said for me.


While I held the book, he waved to the people with a smile, and the other hand was connected with mine while walking.

I only saw frightened faces before when looking at the people, but now I’d see so many smiles…

…because Kou is next to me.

Before this, he was crying, but now, Kou is waving with a smile, just what is he thinking?


When we arrived at the barracks, they were surprised that we returned early.

Since we returned with movement magic, it was much earlier than I had planned.

We went on Sig and headed there slowly, but the stay time was short so overall, the round trip was quite short.

It’s natural to be surprised since they knew what kind of place we were called for.

“Captain, Kou, you’re back so soon.”

“Kou, did they say anything unpleasant?”

The members of the Third Corps gathered together.

“Go back to work.”

My words instantly made their face stiffen, and they ran away in a hurry.

Is my Akinist aura neutralized by Kou’s existence?

Even Renneiga never approached so close before.

It’s becoming a daily routine for the members to flock around Kou and for me to kick them off.

Kou seems to have become accustomed to this situation, which is repeated every day, and he no longer looked confused.

He headed to the healing room as if nothing happened.


“Noma, book, lending, thank you.”

Kou, who found the healer, happily called out.

“Are you sure?” (T/N: Like, are you sure you’re giving it back so soon?)

He’s always an expressionless healer, but Kou isn’t scared like with His Majesty, at least, he liked him more.

He’s even about to stroke that thick tail.

He seems to have a lot of likes and dislikes depending on the race, but I don’t know the criteria.

“Yes, read.”

“…did you remember everything?”

“Yes. But, healing, difficult, right? Traces, remains, many.”

“…healing uses a lot of magical power. You won’t do it until Kou collapses, right?”


Listening to their conversation, Kou didn’t seem to be building a wall for him.

If Kou gets mad, you’d feel a wall against the other party, though you wouldn’t notice from his usual appearance.



After a while, I heard something noisy.

“Get Kou out!”

“What does another country want with Kou!?”

Judging from the angry voices I hear, it seems to be someone from another country.

(Did they come to steal Kou?)

Then, as long as I kill them, they’d give up.

Kou seems to have heard the noise too and is staring at where it came from.


While hearing that unstoppable voice, Renneiga entered the healing room.

“Captain! Is it true that Kou used restraint magic on the King of Aricalen? He’s saying it’s a problem to stay restrained for five days.”

“That’s a natural consequence.”

That guy made Kou cry.

At least he’s warm for five days. (T/N: As in, he’ll be a cold body after that five days.)

“…why, come? Castle, magician, right? Restraint magic, not strong. Anyone, solve, right?” (Why did they come? There’s a magician in the castle. That restraint magic isn’t strong. Anyone can solve it, right?)

However, we were surprised at Kou’s words.

…did he think it’d be easy to solve?

…maybe he didn’t even know that the First Corps Captain has been crucified for three days before?


“…Kou’s magic is strong. No one can solve it.”


When I told the truth, he was so surprised he can’t even speak.

He didn’t know.

“…Castle, go.”

“I will also go.”

When I grabbed Kou’s arm as he tried to jump out of the healing room, he was dazed for a moment but nodded immediately.

At the entrance were the soldiers of Aricalen.

Probably three people in the Captain class.

“Aricalen, King, castle?” (Your King is at the castle, right?)

Before the three could say anything, Kou asked.


“Castle, go.”

After saying that, the scenery was distorted and the next moment, I was back in the Castle.

Seems like no King has returned yet.

Astonished expressions lined up as we appeared through movement magic.

This is probably because we made it known that it’s easy to invade the Castle.

Using movement magic from inside the castle shouldn’t be the first time, though?

Aside from moving places, Kou even used movement magic with me.

And now he appeared with me in the Castle.

There’s supposed to be interference magic but it didn’t work on Kou.

From the surprised expressions of the Kings from all over the world, it seems like all Castles have the same mechanism.


“Restraint, unravel, came.” (I came to undo the restraint.)

The restraint was lifted simply by looking at the King of Aricalen.

“Easy, unravel, I thought. Sorry.” (I thought it was easy to unravel. Sorry.)


The King of Aricalen flinched at the obediently apologizing Kou.

But when I saw him, I got angry again.

This guy should be the one to apologize, not Kou.


However, Kou seemed to have already decided that it’s useless for the King of Aricalen, so he walked towards His Majesty of Marihect.

He shed tears because of that guy, but he’s saying he didn’t care anymore.

…that guy denied Kou’s words, but for Kou, it seems all right?

“King, Kou, talk. Now, fine?” (King, I want to talk to you. Is now fine?)

“A-ah. I’m also hoping we have a good talk.”

In response to the sudden talk, His Majesty…didn’t change expression much, but the Chancellor next to him stiffened.

“Kou, future, heal, place, make, healing, zone. Rodo, support mission, go, time, follow. Rodo, job, by the way, Kou, healing.” (In the future, I want to make a place for healing. When Rodo goes on a support mission, I’ll follow. While Rodo is doing his job, I’ll be healing.)




Not only His Majesty, but I also lost my words.

Did you decide on the future at that time?

Certainly, this is a plan that only Kou can think of, but…why did you decide everything by yourself?

Am I not qualified for you to confide in?


“…you will build a healing ground? So when Captain Rodokiaus has a support mission, he can go there on his break?”

After a while, His Majesty finally spoke.

“Move, can, …tent, like, thing. Rodo, go, town, make, fine?” (As long as it can move…something like a tent. It can be moved to whichever town Rodo goes to, is that fine?)

Apparently, he wanted to create a place with a simple roof and heal there.

Then he can do it anywhere.

Kou’s power didn’t seem to require a room for bedding, so that’s probably enough.

“Other, healer, there. That’s why, Kou, person to see, limit, put on, fine. Money, get, heal. …Kou, place, came, person, Kou, want to heal, bring anyone, heal.” (There are other healers. So it’s fine to put restrictions on the people I see. I’ll also accept money for healing. …for my place, you can bring anyone you want to be healed.)

Does that mean…even people from other countries can be healed?

“…if so, why not leave Marihect?”

However, from His Majesty’s point of view, that seems to be more important.

“Rodo, here, place, but, Kou, any, place.” (This is Rodo’s place, but I don’t have any.)


I was so impressed that I hugged Kou.

I already think it’s okay to move wherever Kou wanted.

…but is it the same for Kou?

──I’m so happy.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 077: My Power
ACDWL 079: The Future

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