TINA V6C191: Stone

TINA V6C190: Happy New Life
TINA V7C192: One Day of Robot Stone

It’s a pity that when Master Kenda checked, he didn’t find any problems.

“But…this robot is really old. It changed its shell many times in the past, right? But the core has never been changed…” After carefully checking Mengmeng’s hard disk storage, Master Kenda was also stunned.

“It stands to reason that the memory of robots will never be wrong and since it says you named the child Olivia, then…” Master Kenda touched the beard on his chin.

“Then——” Mu Gen held his breath and looked nervously at Master Kenda, who had an inscrutable expression on his face.

“Then let’s hurry up and buy Happy Big Colored Balls!” After that, Master Kenda made a move that Mu Gen had never seen before: This old man is running away with his wallet!?

Mu Gen was stunned at the figure of the old man leaving happily. He had never seen such a lively performance from Master Kenda! In Mu Gen’s mind, Master Kenda is a very serious old man.

Master Kenda ran out very energetically but when he came back, he looked like a serious master again. Taking out the lottery ticket from his pocket, Master Kenda said:


Hearing this news, Mu Gen was relieved instead.

“But this number did draw the first prize ten years ago.” Master Kenda took out a newspaper: “It was opened on a very remote planet and the winner was a child.”

Mu Gen’s heart thumped as his gaze fell on Mengmeng.

“It’s Olivia. Olivia won the first prize and bought materials for Mengmeng’s new body. There are so many lollipops!” Mengmeng poked his head from under Mu Gen’s arm with a look of “I remember”. After that, he even remembered to “chirp” at the end.

Master Kenda suddenly realized: “I think this guy most likely hasn’t adjusted his time, so we have to recorrect his time.”

And so, Mu Gen took Mengmeng to the workbench again to correct the time.

Mengmeng, who recalibrated his time, really got better. He corrected his previous error: “The first prize number of the 523rd issue of Happy Big Lottery Ball is 400056999888, and part of the number that will be drawn by the Happy Big Wheel in the draw later is 050622.”

It’s a pity that Master Kenda didn’t go out again this time, but this old man was obviously a hidden lottery lover. When the Happy Big Wheel was drawing the prize, he still turned on the TV and when he saw that “050622” was the third prize, Master Kenda spouted his tea.

“This, this is really a prophecy!”

But it’s not.

“Mengmeng has 13 years of experience accompanying Olivia in buying lottery tickets. There’s also a number guessing program designed by Olivia with a 70% hit rate.” Raising his little yellow wings, Mengmeng said calmly.

There were a lot of questions to ask Mengmeng but the lottery number was crossed. Although Mu Gen still had doubts, he didn’t continue to ask, and just as they bid farewell to Master Kenda and drove to the hotel, Mengmeng suddenly said to Mu Gen:

“Mu Gen, don’t choose the yellow road.”

A very inexplicable sentence but Mengmeng didn’t seem to understand what’s going on. He only remembered some fragments so he can’t say something more specific. Mengmeng’s core has been used for too long. Even if his memory is 100% reproduced, and the re-engraved part readable, the severely worn-out part cannot be copied.

Full of doubts, Mu Gen returned to the hotel. After packing their luggage, they rushed to the port under Tatarin and Prinst’s guidance. Mu Gen’s residence permit in Pendra will expire in a few hours and they must leave before that.

“I will leave Pendra in a year so I’ll find you when I have the chance.” Prinst is a member of the military so his time in Pendra is strictly limited.

“Please come by all means.” Mu Gen said with a smile.

Tatarin didn’t speak. As a Trista, due to physical limitations, he’s destined not to leave this galaxy and the chances of Mu Gen coming to Pendra again are unlikely, so this will likely be the last time they met.

While hugging Tatarin, Alpha took a group photo of them.


Under Tatarin and Prinst’s watch, the white spacecraft left the port like lightning. Mu Gen’s contact information and the photo were sent to their smart brains. Prinst naturally collected the photo but he knew a lot of people and has received a lot of the same things. Mu Gen’s contact information was simply placed in his address book. If he happens to pass this address in the future, he might visit it; But Tatarin didn’t think he would use this contact method at all, so he just posted the photo.

At this time, the two young people didn’t know that in the future, the contact information that Mu Gen left today will become their life-saving straw!

Mu Gen also naturally didn’t know.

“I plan to go back to take the civil service examination and stay in Bailu Star to work!” Mu Gen finally announced the result of his deliberation.

“Civil servants are good, stable job and good pay.” Second Uncle Beta immediately said.

Had to say, Mu Gen’s choice made the robots breathe a sigh of relief: Humans can go to work wherever they wanted, but robots can’t, especially in the military. Even after knowing that Mu Gen is in such a dangerous place, they couldn’t follow, so in the end, Boss Booney had to lead them in.

The robots expressed their affirmation to Mu Gen’s wishes, and Sigma wasn’t willing to be lonely any more——

“Sigma will go back to open a bun shop.” Sigma raised a finger. It was a blue finger, the beautiful color the same color as his precious stone. At his request, his newly acquired right arm is now his favorite blue.

“Rejected.” Alpha’s screen flashed red at him: “If your and Alpha’s Bun shop form a competitor relationship, I will go all out to crack down on your business.”

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

Sigma was stunned.

“Uh…Sigma should think about it more.” He persuaded.

Robot z2093 sat next to Sigma, quietly listening to them argue. He had never heard this kind of dialogue between robots, nor had he ever seen humans discuss with robots.

He sat there and although he didn’t say a word, he remembered every word they said.

After a long flight, Mu Gen and his party finally stood on Bailu Star’s land again.

Miss Maria drove a hover car to the port to pick them up with her Grandmother sitting next to her. The moment she saw Mu Gen and them, Granny Maria got out of the car. There are a total of ten seats inside and the Mu Gen family with Granny Maria just filled it up. Miss Maria counted well, but Mu Gen’s family has an extra robot.

Robot z2093 subconsciously wanted to go to the reserve compartment, but Granny Maria immediately stopped him. Even if it’s just a nanny robot, robot z2093 is very heavy. However, Granny Maria still carried him to the passenger seat and sat on his lap.

“This is good. Just sit still, I can’t withstand bumps when I’m older.” The old woman patted his thigh.

Robot z2093 immediately stretched out his robotic arm and fixed Granny Maria firmly.

“Where did you come from? Pendra?” As soon as she got on, Granny Maria immediately started chatting with robot z2093.

“My place of origin is Pendra, but most of my activities in the previous five years have been in Blue Star.” Robot z2093 answered cautiously. Without much experience in chatting with humans, he feared offending the human in his arms.

“Oh? Isn’t that the planet where the rich landlords live? I heard that everything over there uses high technology and is the most loyal user of Pendra products but it’s not necessarily good to be rich. Our Bailu Star is a good place, much better than Blue Star…” Granny Maria was quite satisfied with the retirement place she chose.

In her endless talk, the hover car had already driven to Idoli Commercial Street so Granny Maria asked Miss Maria to slow down and open the car window. She then began to introduce the shops encountered along the way one by one.

“This is Mr. Tony’s pastry shop. They sell the best snacks in the Empire…”

“This shop is Mrs. Bayati’s shoe store, and her shoes are the best shoes in the Empire!”



Robot z2093 listened to her very seriously. As a nanny robot, knowing where to buy daily necessities is the most basic job, but no one at Blue Star will introduce it to him. He had lived in Blue Star for five years but he didn’t know any owner that frequents the store. He had only ever been in contact with robots and in five years, at least one robot has been changed in every store…

Robot z2093 will always remember: He had said hello many times following the rules of robot etiquette but there is only one human who responded to him, someone he met on the way to Pendra to be returned, that dark-haired young man.

“This is your home. By the way, your home is mainly selling steamed buns.” The car stopped in front of Mu Gen’s house and Granny Maria’s introduction finally came to an end.

“Your family’s bun’s…shell…is the hardest in the entire empire.”

Shouldn’t it be the most delicious, why the hardest?

Robot z2093 tilted his head and looked at Granny Maria, so Granny Maria looked at the sky: “It’s getting late, I’m leaving.”

Granny Maria left very smartly.

“Finally arrived at home!” Accompanied by Mu Gen’s yell, robot z2093 heard roars from the backyard. A large group of strange-looking beasts ran out, mixed with a chicken, and the yard was very lively for a while.

Each animal has its own name and robot z2093 memorized them very seriously. Mu Gen also let the animals smell his body to identify him. He had officially become a member of their family so he wouldn’t be attacked by these animals when he enters the door.


Robot z2093 tilted his head.

That night, Sigma took the remains of Kappa out of his stomach. Accompanied by everyone, Kappa was buried in the yard.

Although Kappa’s brain was destroyed, his body didn’t become a part of the other robots in the end, nor was it thrown into the garbage disposal center, but buried under the soil like a human. In the future, he might become part of this planet for a long, long time.

Robot z2093 quietly watched the entire process of Kappa’s burial.

If he had stayed in that car, he might have been like Kappa, no, he wouldn’t have it as good as Kappa.

He just wanted to delay the time and wait until his energy was depleted, wait until he loses consciousness, and then be pulled back…

However, during this time, he met Sigma, met Mu Gen, and was then kept intact.

And his original intention in doing this was just to keep his stone for one more second.

Just because of the most beautiful stone in his eyes.

“I’m done.” Robot z2093 suddenly spoke up.

“About my name.”

“I want to be called Stone, can I?”

Robot z2093’s screen flickered at Mu Gen.

Then he saw Mu Gen smile.

“You can.”

The author has something to say:

This is the end of this volume.

TINA V6C190: Happy New Life
TINA V7C192: One Day of Robot Stone

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  1. I have a theory!!! What if! What if! In their last life, Olivia and Mu Gen also met, but in another way, many years later. They naturally fell in love or were mere acquaintances, it doesn’t matter.
    Mu Gen saw how Olivia darkened and the empire was corroded slowly by his darkness.
    In the end, everything was so wreaked and damaged, the empire was in chaos. From the inside there were political struggles, Olivia was ruthless and tyrannical. On the outside, they were besieged by those bugs, the military was divided, they had to fight that plague, but the power wasn’t united. Olivia held some, but other was distributed, so the defence collapsed.
    The world was thrown into chaos, the ending was inevitable.
    Mu Gen, who also held an important position, either in politics or in the military, watched all these helpless, and not resigning to his fate, found a way to go back in time (maybe a wormhole idk) before it all started so Olivia’s fate wouldn’t be so bad.
    He brought Olivia, as an egg (i suppose) back! Maybe he rescued him from the Uncle Boony’s base (maybe he was the egg they were transporting!!) And built Meng Meng according to the TV show so Olivia would feel identified with it and not feel so lonely.
    Since he couldn’t keep Olivia (may e he had to go back or was going to die or something) he left Olivia in an orphanage, and only told Meng Meng Olivia’s name, and left a warning for himself, since he knew the “future” and what it may led to! Then he entrusted Meng Meng take good care of Oli.
    Then, he took care of himself, he put himself into that barren planet (? (I may be thinking too much) since Sigma is famous in the future, that means Mu Gen knew from his existence, and by digging a little into his past he could have known about the other robots from the Alphabet series and how they were destroyed!!
    So knowing all these he left his baby self(? I. Care of Robot A and the others waiting for the Alphabet Series arrival, so they could take him as their master and rely on each other to survive.
    This way, fate changed and it all naturally led to the positive path we have now! Without Oli being led astray, the Alphabet series getting destroyed and them both being together!

    1. Also that’s why Sumei Ge has his memory from the last life! Because everything that is happening was not supposed to happen! So he’s like a bug (?

      1. That’s why even though Mu Gen obviously loves cooking he is always pulled towards the army and the military academies as if it were all fate!!
        Sorry for my long comment, I’m excited 😭

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