ACDWL 080: As An Official “Magician and Healer”

ACDWL 079: The Future
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─Rodo’s side─


About a month has passed since I introduced Kou to the Kings of each country.

Our Third Corps received a support mission.

Of course, I’ll take Kou with me.

His Majesty already said that Kou can create a healing ground anywhere and there won’t be any disputes.

…if there is, I’ll just eliminate it.

The cause, that is.

“Omileo, after a long time, right?”


Kou still speaks brokenly, but his pronunciation has improved, and he didn’t have to listen again to understand.

Perhaps he was studying the language while studying as a healer.

Truly a hardworking person.

No one can learn this much in such a short period.

On the contrary, Kou still can’t ride the Sekisva.

Is it because he has great magical power but not much physical strength?

A thin body that’s different from us.

He occassionally runs at the training center but the speed is not fast.

Feet that didn’t become thick though it did become somewhat hard.

And most of all, when we have sexual intercourse, he didn’t have enough physical strength and would either fall asleep or faint.

He had gotten used to being embraced by me since the beginning, but I still can’t do it many times in one night.

Sexual intercourse for making children is still impossible.

…I don’t want to overdo it when Kou is scared.


“Omileo, Fifth Corps.”

“Yes. Fifth Corps Captain is Rikadem Secreba.”


“As expected, is the name difficult?”

Although he could speak better, it seems like a person’s name is still difficult and he can’t say it right away.

After all, the pronunciation is different from Niho’s language.

…even I haven’t completely understood Kou’s name yet.

“Aoma, Kou” is what I heard, but that didn’t seem accurate.

But he said he didn’t need his old name since he’s already “Kou Serafine”.


“Once we get there, they’ll introduce themselves. In the first place, Kou doesn’t have to remember.”

Kou can now speak a lot compared to earlier when I have to speak slowly for Kou to understand, but recently, he’d been trying to speak normally.

He said that if I spoke slowly, he’ll become spoiled and get used to that…I have to take off my hat for that lack of compromise.

That’s why it’s amazing how he learned all this in a short period.

“Name, to Kou, difficult.”

The dissatisfied Kou is cute, but he really didn’t have to remember them.

…before, Kou, who was trying to say my name correctly and said it many times, was cute.

“Serafine” seems difficult and his frustrated face when he can’t say it well always made me smile.

Now that he can speak properly to some extent, he wants to learn the polite form of speaking.

For the time being, he decided to stay in Marihect but if Kou wants to move, I’ll definitely follow.

My parents wouldn’t want to leave Kou, who became their child-in-law.

In other words, it’s up to Kou to decide whether or not to go abroad.

Every country wants Kou.

And no one wanted to make Kou mad.

Even the kings are desperate to keep Kou in a good mood.


“Kou, where are you going?”

Nevertheless, the children of the civilians casually call out to Kou.

“Omileo, go. After a while, go home, okay?” (I’m going to Omileo. I’ll be back after a while, okay?)

“Please come back soon.”

“I’m waiting!”


Kou also answers the children without an irritated face.

…I should ignore it.

After all, Kou seems to like the Torujiu.

What is that “Nako” that he often says?

I have a lot to say though.

There’s a considerable race difference between an Akinist and a Torujiu.



When we arrived at Omileo, the people there waved to Kou.

They probably remembered Kou amiably waving at them when we visited earlier to announce our marriage.

…they would have thought Kou was a magician.

This time, Kou will accompany me on my mission as my exclusive magician. In the second half of the mission, he’ll create a healing ground and heal while getting money.

This is the first time he officially worked as a “magician and healer”.

Healing seems to be done regardless of soldiers and civilians.

Those who are suffering from old wounds can also come.


I understand that Kou’s power as a healer is unique.

And I have never seen a person who was able to heal like Kou.

Seems like there are people in the past who could use regeneration magic to restore separated arms and legs, but I have never heard of such an existence in the present.

What’s more, Kou is not doing regeneration magic. Kou said he’s just materializing what he imagined.

In other words, it’s creation magic.

An imaginary magic that no one can use.

Since Kou was able to make ice that no one could make, they said that Kou might be releasing creation magic.

He’s unusual as a magician and also as a healer.

Even I understood that what’s wanted everywhere is such a Kou, not me.

If Kou is an ambitious person who wants a position, he has the power to easily reach the top of the world.


However, Kou showed no sign of wanting such a position.

He chose to be with me rather than in a position.

Only our family knows that Kou came from another world and that it’s unknown when he’ll disappear, and that he might have a lifespan of 100 years.

I told His Majesty that he wasn’t born in the Six Kingdoms but didn’t tell him more. “Since he only has a short period”, I wanted to prevent him from making unreasonable demands.

If you have the power, take a suitable job…many people thought that way.

However, Kou didn’t think that way.

So I have to protect Kou from those people who say such things.

If they try to forcibly raise this matter, just eliminate it.


“Captain Rodokiaus and members of the Third Corps, you all look fine. It’s been a long time, Kou.”

Captain Rikadem called out, but he also casually called out to Kou.

Probably because he’s the oldest of the Captains, Kou still had difficulty understanding such a characteristic way of speaking.

“Kou, came. …I have come. Magician, do. Healer, also, do.” (I’m here as a magician and also as a healer.)

He’s trying to speak politely, but he hasn’t completely mastered it yet.

The honorifics disappeared midway and became casual.

…at that moment, he had an irritated look.

Is he aiming for perfection?

I think there’s still a long way to go.


“I see. So Kou will act as a magician and a healer! That’s amazing.”

Captain Rikadem exaggeratedly praised.

Maybe because he still thinks Kou is a kid.

…speaking of which, was it only the Third Corps that knew Kou is an adult at 20 years old?

…well, whatever.

“We already know you two from the Third Corps, so let us introduce ourselves to Kou. I’m Rikadem Secreba, the Captain of the Fifth Corps. Kou can call me “Rika”. Next to me is Deputy Captain Toyants Sylvillea (toyantsu shiruuirea).”

“If it’s hard to say, ‘Toa’ is fine.”

I’ve been to Omileo several times for support missions, and if the Captain and Deputy Captain didn’t change, we often don’t share our names.

Like I said before, they’re introducing themselves to Kou.

“Rika, and, Toa? Pleased to meet you.”

Kou politely bowed his head.

We’re the ones who came for the support mission, so it’s Captain Rikadem who should say “please”.

This kind of etiquette, I think it was taught in Niho…

Was he raised very strictly?

…considering that it’s before he became an adult, it wouldn’t be strange if it is, but as expected, he’s still thinking with his common sense.

Usually, we don’t ask for much from a newly humanized child.

…no one can do it even when asked.

When I just humanized…I think I was quite bad.

Maybe because I’ve only seen those who were scared of me or those who bowed to my parents…

I could only speak in honorifics because I heard them speak that way to my parents, but I never truly respected anyone.


“Likewise, nice to meet you.”


I want to hide Kou who just sprinkles goodwill.

You don’t have to smile at those guys.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 079: The Future
ACDWL 081: Character Introduction (Name and Job Title Only)

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