TINA V7C200: Comfort From Robot Parents

TINA V7C199: Youth Mu Gen In Action
TINA V7C201: Refugees of Pendra on the Run

Bailu Star’s people were anxiously waiting. However, after waiting for a month and still unable to see any rescue from outside, they…decided to order eggs ⊙﹏⊙. If according to normal conditions, when the system they’ve used from birth broke, the result should be a tragic accident with no rescue and no food…in this catastrophic situation, the people are very likely to riot, especially now in the interstellar era where the diversity of races added a bit of unpredictability to this riot. However, on Bailu Star, someone rescued it the moment it lost contact with the system. This person is not someone else but Mu Gen, the idol of Bailu Star. As everyone knew, he’s the Chief Executive Officer of Bailu Star…’s secretary. He’s also part of the supervision group of the traffic controller department and a Second Lt; He immediately sent someone to arrange work for the people who were at a loss and everyone had a common goal before they had time to think. Uh, this person who worked everyone is Bailu Star’s Mu Gen; There was food, clothing, and work, and later, there was even an antique communication method called the telephone, so people’s news is not blocked…at the same time, he has the dual identity of being from the military and the government and because of the Hydrangea Spaceport incident, almost everyone knew the image of this civil servant who performed his duties diligently. Other than that, he’s also an excellent graduate of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, which is the most famous Academy in number and popularity in Bailu Star. Not only is he loved by the professors, but he’s also an idol-level senior in the hearts of the students. Mu Gen is like a thread that strung all the people on Bailu Star together.

(Parent Representative Uncle Alpha’s screen flashed: This is why I choose to let my child go to school and work nearby.

Everyone: Clap clap clap!)

To let him remember his ancestors, Alpha and the other robots paid special attention to his history education. Especially Robot Pi, who is Mu Gen’s history instructor, even invading the Imperial History Museum. However, according to the results of his analysis, the most complicated one is actually Earth who didn’t have a high-level civilization. The tiny planet was divided into thousands of regimes and experienced all kinds of unimaginable disasters and these all became Mu Gen’s references when dealing with Bailu Star’s problem. As the last person with the blood from this planet, perhaps later generations would comment this: Politics is Mu Gen’s racial instinct; (T/N: Heck no, this ancient earthling beg to differ!)

In addition, he was taught in the Empire’s leading Academy. As the student with the most elective subjects and the highest elective score in the history of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Mu Gen is proficient in all kinds of combat machinery. With his outstanding mecha talent, he once received the rank of Captain in the army. For his career choice after leaving the army, his mecha talent helped him become an excellent traffic controller where he learned how to deal with large-scale traffic accidents. This helped Mu Gen immediately stabilize the situation where the disaster occurred. Those who have witnessed his command process trust him more and because of the good impression produced by the publicity of the State Council, the trust produced by witnessing his ability, and the dependence produced from personal experience…Mu Gen’s various proposals proceeded smoothly;

Also, to make up for his shortcomings in the Cooking Department, Mu Gen was forced to take a large number of unrelated courses. Almost all the courses other than his major were the best so every professor in the Academy had a great impression of him. Even in the Cooking Department where he got poor grades, Mu Gen had been the Chairman for seven years. Worked hard, united his classmates, respected the professors, and although his grades aren’t good, this is a matter of talent. Everyone could see his efforts. This strong degree of goodwill within the Academy made his plan extremely efficient with almost no hindrance. There are even professors who took the initiative to ask if they could help, which is hard to imagine under normal circumstances. On other planets, top Academies have an aloof status, so the deans and professors, regardless if they’re from the State Council or the Military, their degree of cooperation is not high. This is the reservedness of scholars, but here, as we all know, professors prefer top students, and scholars love learners;

Finally, as a member of the Idoli Commercial Street, with the help of many neighbors, especially the help of Boss Tony (Boss Tony is the president of Bailu Star’s Commercial Street Association), whether it’s Mu Gen’s price balance plan or the follow-up plan to promote the Academy’s grain production, all have been executed accurately. Mu Gen even installed a telephone in every commercial street so people who come to buy food and daily necessities can learn about daily news on Bailu Star.

“Sir Mu Gen, the telephone line in Huaye District is also up. They said that there was chaos in the neighboring Linliang District and there are also robot riots.” The person who came in was a Golden Retriever. He’s the little policeman in the area where Mu Gen lives. Not long after taking office, he encountered this kind of thing and since Mu Gen helped him stabilize the situation, he completely became Mu Gen’s follower. “The Chief of the police station in that area wants to talk to you.”

“Uh…don’t use honorific titles.” Mu Gen waved his hand, then said, “I will contact him later, thanks for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard thanks to you managing this area so well. You don’t know but others are envious of our district!”

Bowing, the blond little policeman happily left.

Watching his back disappear behind the curtain, Mu Gen stopped working. He looked behind him, where Alpha was working, and noting Mu Gen’s gaze, he raised his head.

“You are wondering.” Alpha’s screen showed friendly blue light waves.

Mu Gen lowered his head and when he raised his head again after a while, his black eyes hesitated.

“First Uncle, am I very headstrong?”

“I have been thinking about this question for a few days in the interrogation room. I’m obviously not good at cooking but I still chose it. I finally graduated and got the opportunity but then I joined the army and then took the civil service exam. Am I always like this…” Mu Gen had confusion in his eyes.

“This shows that Mu Gen is very smart.” Pi inserted a sentence from beside them.

“However, there’s a saying on Earth about being too smart for your own good.” Mu Gen gave an example, “If I were to become a traffic controller, wouldn’t it be better for me to go to the Mecha Department?”

“No, your mecha operation is better than the students in the Mecha Department.” Uncle Beta’s voice was as cold as ever.

“Did I…learn too much? It might be a waste of time…” Mu Gen finally said what he had been faintly worried about. For several years at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, professors from other departments tried to persuade him to go to a profession more suitable for him countless times. Mu Gen refused every time, but these persuasions left a shadow in his heart. It was first shallow but then became deeper and deeper. In the end, when he was wronged and imprisoned, Old Johnson suffered injustice after his death but he was unable to help. This finally became a wound. However, Oli, who’s in sharp contrast to him, had a clear goal from the beginning to end, striving towards it step by step. Oli is one year younger than him but can he help him with his current strength?

“Furthermore, Oli has published his collection of poems, realizing his dream in disguise.” Mu Gen added that he knew Oli had been secretly submitting articles to literary magazines.

“However, you’re now in a position that suits you well.” Alpha said: “He said that you did a good job.”

Alpha cited the compliment of the blond police officer to Mu Gen.


“Really.” Alpha nodded and then pointed his screen at Mu Gen and seriously said: “I think there’s no wasted time and no wasted talent. Just like us robots, humans input various programs into our chips long before we are turned on. Many times, these programs look useless.”

“For example, I was completely unable to understand, as a military robot, why is there a fairy tale reading system in my chip? This is an illogical waste of space.”

“Until I met you.”

“That day, you told me that you wanted to hear me narrate a fairy tale for you.”

Then, the road to nurturing human cubs that Alpha stumbled upon began like this. The rubbish in his body happened to be what the young Mu Gen needed the most.

“I think there’s no time wasted by you in the eyes of other humans, otherwise, there would be no you right now.” Alpha expressed his opinion.

After seeing more and more humans, he was very happy to find that the human he raised was truly excellent. Far more intelligent than other humans, just like how more excellent robots have more installed programs, he believed that Mu Gen’s hardware is sufficient to support him in accepting more skills and knowledge than other humans.

If he didn’t go to the Cooking Department, he didn’t need to take other courses to collect credits. If he didn’t take other courses to collect credits, he won’t find that he’s talented in other subjects. Without this talent in other subjects, he wouldn’t know so many professors and wouldn’t join the army. If he didn’t join the army, he couldn’t save Oli. If he didn’t become a civil servant, he won’t be praised by the blonde policeman…

Mu Gen thought quickly in his mind and found: What First Uncle said makes sense.

“First Uncle, you’re right!” Mu Gen was happy.

Alpha nodded, accepting Mu Gen’s praise very reservedly.

“Not to mention, for the same tuition, you learned five times the normal student’s course. This alone is very economical.” Dad Xiao A is not very intelligent but this fact is also easy to see!

“Sigma went to observe in class and got three legs for free from the practical classes.” Epsilon also gave an example.

“Half-price tickets for going out with a military card.” Eta continued.

The robots lined up to give evidence and finally concluded that “more than no waste, they made a lot of money”.

Having been with robots for a long time, Mu Gen’s logic and reasoning were actually very robot-like, so Mu Gen quickly cheered up. At the age of 31, he finally found what he was suitable for. The young Mu Gen was finally full of energy especially when Pi reminded him:

“Like Olivia, when you become a senior official of the human Council, you can open a restaurant at that time, and even if the food is unpalatable, some people will still come.”

Mu Gen thought about the scene of Mr. Sith coming to his bun shop and laughed, “My real dream is to make an energy drink that tastes like human food for dad and uncles!”

Imagining the energy agent with Mu Gen’s cooking level, the robots went silent.

After a while, Alpha broke the silence: “If this is your dream, why apply to the Cooking Department? Isn’t the Mechanical Energy Research Department a more accurate choice?”

Mu Gen: 囧!

The robots instantly understood: Sure enough, like the civil service exam job selection, was this also a mistake?

Touching Mu Gen’s head, Alpha said: “Stop thinking about the steamed buns and use your specialties. Let’s call the Chief of police in Linliang District.”

After speaking, the robots continued to work.

Okay, while this conversation was happening, this family has been kneading steamed buns. It’s not easy to get food right now so Mu Gen’s steamed buns will temporarily not be for sale so they just changed to selling bread →_→←_←.

Clapping the flour on his hands, Mu Gen ran out briskly. Stone was most likely in Linliang!

Seeing that Mu Gen’s mental quality has returned to excellent, the robots were relieved to do their things.

This is the parent and child time of the Mu Gen family.


The author has something to say:

Regardless of the outside world, the Mu Gen family is always in a good relationship

by 火车上的作者, huǒchē shàng de zuòzhě, author bacteria on the train

I can’t move with my fever, tearing up


T/N: It feels so weird. Time flies so fast that, Mu Gen is already 31! Sorry if the first few paragraphs are very long. That’s how it is in the raws. Just bear with it.

TINA V7C199: Youth Mu Gen In Action
TINA V7C201: Refugees of Pendra on the Run

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