TINA V7C201: Refugees of Pendra on the Run

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“We are the Uabisi, a seventh-level civilization. Today, you should be honored to meet us because we bring you the hope of evolution.” When hundreds of unseen warships surrounded the Imperial Capital Ifadia, the face of a stranger suddenly appeared in the center of the screen instead of the virtual face of the State Council’s central intelligence brain, “Warsaw”, even using the Warsaw’s to say the above paragraph to all the people connected to Warsaw on the planet.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Nashkiel.” Immediately afterward, he turned into a three-dimensional image and walked out of the screen. With a light leap, he stood in front of Nashkiel who was presiding over the State Council meeting.

“Please step back.” The leader of the guards immediately jumped out from the dark.

The intruder just smiled and then moved on.

12 guards stopped at the same time. They couldn’t even touch a corner of the other party’s clothes since the other party was just a virtual image.

“Warsaw” lightly jumped onto the conference table and then walked towards Nashkiel at the end of the long conference table step by step.

“Please arrange the power transfer ceremony as soon as possible.” His voice suddenly changed to that of another person, cold and deep: “From you.”

He stretched out his finger and lightly tapped Nashkiel then pointed his finger inward to his chest: “To us.”

Nashkiel just looked at him blankly and then said in a colder voice: “Dream on.”

Condescendingly looking down at the blond man, the intruder smiled contemptuously then leaned back. His virtual three-dimensional body disappeared into the air layer by layer from the bottom to the top.

When “Warsaw” disappeared to a position above the chest, everyone in the office heard the mechanical sound belonging to the central brain Warsaw again:

“Serious warning! Unknown foreign enemy invasion! The other party arbitrarily modified Article 1831 important procedures and tried to steal the information in the system. The system Warsaw is about to open the self-destruct program.”

Warsaw said blankly while at the same time, his image disappeared and only the part above the neck is left.

“Countdown 5…4…3…2…” Too late to say the last number, Warsaw completely disappeared.

“Not good!” Suddenly realizing something, many officials at the scene immediately tried to use their brains to connect to Warsaw, but sure enough——

“Warsaw is gone!” Someone immediately yelled!

“No! My smart brain also disappeared! It disappeared the moment Warsaw did! Oh my God! All my information is gone——”

The meeting room became noisy at once until the adjutant next to Nashkiel slapped the table hard.


The meeting room immediately went quiet to the point that you could hear a pin drop.

Of course, the officials are not afraid of the adjutant who patted the table, but Nashkiel who had been silent beside him.

“Immediately notify all departments that all system brains will be deactivated.”

“W-why do this?” The Finance Minister jumped up immediately.

“Why ask, just do it.” There was no wave in his eyes, not even looking up at him. “The Empire pays you, not the intelligent brains.”

Glancing at everyone in the conference room, he took the lead to retreat.

Within the next three minutes, all relevant personnel received relevant notifications. The Military also received a notice, which was given by Nashkiel’s secretary. In this era where the relationship between intelligent brains and human beings are inseparable, this news undoubtedly sounded crazy. But unexpectedly, Marshal Rothsay immediately approved the notice.

The execution efficiency of the military headquarters is very fast, even the expeditionary force far away in Tortland Haida received this instruction, and Olivia was no exception. Upon receiving the notice, he happened to have just left Tortland Haida to report to the military headquarters. After receiving the notification, the first thing he did was to notify Mu Gen but communication was interrupted after only one sentence. Seeing the no signal bar on his communicator, only then did Olivia realize what that command meant!

They lost contact with the Empire again.

“Tsk! It’s not the first time anyway.” Throwing away the communicator in his hand, Olivia curled his lips.

The soldiers who came back with him from Tortland Haida are now in his fleet except for the youngest ones. These guys are even more unconcerned (Actually, these guys are still not used to using the smart brains 囧nz). These guys orderly tapped the inventory and thought this situation was still pretty good. They then assigned tasks down the chain of command, and then…just moved on.

At the same time, Pendra, with the highest degree of mechanization, was completely panicking.

The first robot to kill humans just appeared and soon self-destructed due to regulations. But after that, when the factory decided to destroy the remaining “dangerous goods” immediately after, those robots launched a more violent attack on humans! Don’t know why but this time, the “regulations” actually lost their effect. After the robots successfully killed all the humans in the factory who were destroying them, they activated all the tens of thousands of new robots on the assembly line——

Then, Pendra completely changed from heaven to hell.

There aren’t many Empire troops stationed in Pendra. The most advanced weapons in the entire Empire are here, so Pendra is fine——this is what Pendra’s people used to think, but after the robot rioted, after they discovered to their horror that they had lost control of their weapons and their protectors immediately turned into destroyers, how safe they once felt was how terrible they felt now!

“Is Ifadia still unreachable?” Tatarin looked at Prinst while holding the communicator in a panic. He had asked the same question several times.

“Have you really changed the settings? How do I feel like it’s the same as before!” Prinst was also very anxious that he’s about to get angry.

“I’m sure I changed it. I’ve been using this method to successfully chase dramas on Empire State TV!”

“Damn! Why didn’t you share such good things!” Prinst cursed.

The two looked at each other.

Remember these two people? Tatarin from the State Council and Prinst from the Military.

Tatarin is a native and has never left Pendra, while Prinst is an officer sent by the military to station here, and both of them are basic-level public officials. They’re very small and not very powerful with their work mostly dealing with the local mechanical manufacturing industry. They’re more familiar with each other than ordinary people, and Prinst originally left after Mu Gen left. Recently, however, he was given the chance to return to Pendra because of a repair mission.

Then, he ran into a robot riot.

During the riot, he met Tatarin who was running for his life, so he picked him up. Along with the large number of Pendra people who fled to the spacecraft, they rushed out of Pendra!

They wanted to ask the Imperial Capital for help but they immediately encountered a big problem.

When mentioning Pendra’s closeted nature, outsiders only know that going to Pendra is particularly difficult. And as everyone knew, leaving Pendra is also very difficult. Pendra’s communication authority is strictly limited and ordinary people simply cannot accept signals outside of Pendra’s galaxy, nor can they receive most of the TV stations in the Empire. Watching various cutting-edge research results on TV every day, many young people like Tatarin have tried “going over the wall”. Tatarin is one of those who used the platform of the neighboring galaxy to watch the diversified shows of the Empire. Moreover, he’s one of the very few who succeeded.

The robots didn’t chase them, but let them go. However, Tatarin soon discovered that there were more serious problems waiting for them!

They have lost contact with the Intelligent Brain of the Spaceport Route Authority!

This is a very scary thing: As we all know, interstellar navigation varies. All spacecraft needs to connect with the intelligent brain of the Spaceport Route Authority to confirm the available routes when they depart and then get their route map and departure time so that they don’t collide with people traveling on the same route or hit an asteroid that’s out of orbit. The universe is too big and navigation is more complicated, so the Military has the important task to clean up space routes regularly.

Having said that, everyone should now understand the panic of the Imperial people after losing their intelligent brains.

Fortunately, this group of refugees are not ordinary refugees, they’re refugees with high IQ and high technology. Just pull a random adult in Pendra and they’d say they graduated with a doctoral degree. The refugees of Pendra rushed out of their hometowns, and then….was shocked.

“Do you people outside don’t understand traffic rules!”

As soon as they came out, they witnessed several spacecraft accidents, so Tatarin was stunned. He felt that the outside world was terrible.

“It’s no wonder that in TV series, there’s a part about lovers separating because of a spacecraft accident. It turns out that…that’s how people live outside!” Tatarin muttered to himself.

“How can that be? There must be something wrong!” Prinst face was even worse. He picked up the communicator and motioned Tatarin to look at the empty signal bar above.

Tatarin was startled, and then his complexion became very bad.

In Pendra’s case, they still have enough experience to guess the route, but in other galaxies, these high IQ refugees could play a much smaller role. Their speculations have become even more inaccurate.

No one could be contacted and there’s no route map, their supply is also a problem…the refugees in Pendra became desperate.

It was at this time that Tatarin found the contact information that Mu Gen left him.

It’s not only a communication code but also a coordinate form of contact information. The message left by Mu Gen is very sincere, he even marked the names of the planets and orbits along the way!

This is simply a simple route map!

Seeing this, their eyes lit up. Tatarin and Prinst looked at each other and finally decided: They are going to Mu Gen’s hometown to visit old friends!

The author has something to say:

I’m now facing a paddy field in a place where the signal is particularly bad…

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