TINA V7C202: John

TINA V7C201: Refugees of Pendra on the Run
TINA V7C203: Arrival

There are more than 1600 Pendra spacecrafts that escaped with Tatarin. Although most of them are domestic spacecrafts, the performance of each one was comparable to high-end military models.

A vast number of spacecrafts appeared in the starry sky outside Pendra’s mother galaxy for the first time. These spacecrafts were built entirely with the preferences of the Pendra people: Using the best materials and eccentric, trying to make their spacecraft look more powerful than the others.

Cough——this could be regarded as a technician’s quirk.

However, it could be seen that in the eyes of the Pendra people, who are very proud and lead the trend in machinery, how could they drive their spacecraft (each Pendra people has more than one spacecraft, and the one they brought with them when they escaped for their lives must be their most precious and proudest work) to escape? You could imagine what happened to them on the road: They’re only one-fifth of the journey and they encountered 23 robberies.


All of them used top materials. Even if the other party didn’t know the goods or materials, the shapes of these spacecrafts look so cool and domineering!

Now that the whole Empire’s system is down, many planets are in chaos and under this situation, many refugees have been produced. Many people would flee with all their property and there are also empty-handed people. As time went by, people’s lives became increasingly difficult and many people took the risk and embarked on the road of being robbers.

Aside from these amateurs who left the constraints of the system, many senior wanted criminals, who had been hiding for many years, have also appeared. The appearance of these guys had made the otherwise insecure galaxy even muddier. Some people even exercised the right to collect tolls on behalf of the spaceport.

In the beginning, when Pendra’s refugees’ army encountered amateur robbers, their ships were of good quality and every family also developed weapons in violation of the regulations so the amateur robbers were beaten down by them. Probably because their performance was too strong, some refugees stuck behind Pendra’s fleet one after another. The Pendras didn’t care too much: It’s not easy for everyone so let them follow!

But at last, their luck came to an end. In the 23rd time, they encountered professional robbers.

Pendra’s original fleet of more than 1600 units, plus more than 400 unnamed refugees that followed them one after another, totaled to more than 2100 ships and Pendra has pushed back many robbers before. Unfortunately, the robbers who dared to attack this huge and sharp fleet at this moment were obviously not ordinary robbers.

On the 36th day on their way to escape, the mighty Pendra refugees encountered the Wild Wolves.

When Mr. Perfect ran into a country bumpkin, the country bumpkin won!

The other party deserved to be called professionals. Even when their performance and number of spacecrafts were obviously not as good as Pendra, the Wild Wolves defeated more with less and beat Pendra’s technical house to the ground. But the other party didn’t rush to kill them all, only asking Pendra to provide them with 50 spacecrafts and then let them go.

For the Pendras who are ready to be captured, this result overjoyed them! What’s more, the Wild Wolves selected the ugliest and cheapest 50 ships. This…they’re really ignorant!

“This…the robbers outside still have morals!” Living in Pendra for a long time, Tatarin found it very novel.

Prinst curled his lips. He wanted to say that the other party wants the ship but not the people because they didn’t want to raise so many mouths for nothing; the ships they chose are simple in appearance because it’s inconspicuous and not easy to be targeted; as for the “cheapest” in Tatarin’s eyes that was chosen by the Wild Wolves…at this point, Prinst immediately understood the other party’s true selection criteria: The cheapest ships happened to be the easiest to operate. Although Pendra’s machinery is high-end, this high-end equates to complexity. Instead of choosing the top but unusable spacecrafts, it’s better to take the lower ones that suit them more.

There are sensible people among the Wild Wolves.

Those robbed are things that can be lost, which made the Pendras very grateful, and there’s also a surprise: The Wild Wolves gave them an extra spacecraft which the Pendras naturally look down on. However, there’s a cabin full of green vegetables in the spacecraft which is a surprise! God knows most of them have run out of food for at least 50 days!

So, although robbed, both parties are very happy which was a rare situation.

On the way, the Pendras, who were accidentally supplied with vegetables, continued to march towards Bailu Star. On the way, they encountered several frightening scenes:

They passed a space full of metal fragments and there are still many robot wreckages inside. Only then did they know that the Empire was invaded by a higher civilization and the Imperial Capital Ifadia had completely fallen! It’s said that the invaders from the higher civilization exist in a spiritual body so they can exist through various mechanical carriers, even invading the highest intelligent brain of the Empire. In a panic, many planets launched an anti-mechanical movement and a large number of mechanical products that humans once relied on were gathered and destroyed in batches.

“This assistant robot was designed by me…” Master Kenda murmured.

“John…” He thought of his assistant robot again.

This batch of destroyed assistant robots is his 6th generation product after continuous improvements of John’s batch.

When he was taken by his disciples to escape from the studio, John was left behind. After the robot murder incident, Pendra’s life partner——the robots, are no longer safe and harmless. The brain system on the spacecraft was completely dismantled and all the people who left didn’t bring any robots. They escaped not only from the rioting robots but also from their own robots; the more proud they were of their highly mechanized and convenient life before, the more they panicked now.

“John…should be all right?” Master Kenda frowned in worry.

When he left, he left the best robot energy agent and most of his collection.

Although his disciples didn’t say it clearly, they still couldn’t understand it.

In fact, even Kenda himself found it incredible.

John had followed him for so many years and has never used a particularly good energy agent. They are accustomed to giving the same level of treatment according to their level of machinery.

However, after meeting the young man named Mu Gen a few years ago, his inherent ideas trembled.

That young man has the most advanced Alphabet Series military robots——he recognized it as soon as he looked at the drawings, but he avoided mentioning it.

Aside from the most advanced military robots, the young man also has the oldest model of engineering robots. Also, even if the body was rebuilt with new materials, he still recognized the one called “Mengmeng”.

That robot is an old model of an egg incubating robot.

The level, function, cost…all these robots with different values got the same treatment from Mu Gen.

It was also from him that Kenda discovered for the first time that robots also had a preference.

Even if he left the energy agent, the real reason for leaving his collection was incredible, even to himself:

If he disappears with the collection, John will be the only one abandoned.

That scene was too pitiful.


Haha——Abandonment is abandonment, and no amount of things left can change this fact.

Master Kenda lowered his head and saw the red polka dot socks on his feet. He thought of the robot John who was thrown in the studio again.

He’s old and began to feel sentimental. Even after studying the thousands of robots he demolished, he was never sad.

The accident happened at this time, just when Master Kenda began to reminisce. Suddenly, the spacecraft shook violently and then turned over!

Normally, this is okay, but at this time, Master Kenda is not wearing a protective belt!

He fell fiercely from midair and bumped into things several times, then fell heavily on the ceiling of the spacecraft.

However, Master Kenda’s spacecraft has an automatic calibration function. After a while, the spacecraft corrected itself and Master Kenda suffered another series of bumps. The old man was dying by the time he landed on the spacecraft’s floor again.

“Cough——” He spat out two old teeth along with a mouthful of blood.

“John——” he instinctively yelled but immediately realized that John was no longer there.

It’s too painful!

Half-awake, Master Kenda felt as if he had hallucinations. He felt like he saw John again!

Carrying a small red polka dot baggage, John appeared in front of him timidly!

“Am I…dreaming?” Unable to believe, Master Kenda said: “John, h-hurry and help me up, it hurts to death.”

Then, John really helped him up.

Gently lifting him and putting him on the passenger seat to sit down, John then took out a blue polka-dotted handkerchief and wiped his mouth carefully, then took out a bottle of medicine and stuffed a pill inside his mouth.

Chewing with a mouth that’s missing two teeth: Wu, it’s that smell, the heart health medicine I often take! This medicine is usually kept by John but Master Kenda forgot to bring it this time. His disciples didn’t know about this so his heart has been aching in the past few days.

After carefully serving his master, John went to drive the spacecraft and while driving, he paid close attention to Master Kenda’s physical indicators.

“John, is that you? Are you really here?” It’s said in an affirmative sentence. Master Kenda is extremely sure that the robot in front of him is real, the pain in his body is real and his heart no longer hurting is also real.

Then, Master Kenda actually saw “panic” in this robot who had always been calm.

“I…I…I’m sorry, Master, you forgot to bring your heart health medicine.” Raising the small medicine bottle in his hand, the robot John said while averting his head.

Then, as if feeling that this alone was not convincing enough, John began to dig things out of his storage space: “Master, you also forgot to bring your precious collection. This is cobalt blue ore, this is…”

Then he opened the red polka-dotted baggage that was tightly tied around his neck and several long strips of ore were exposed, “John doesn’t have enough space, so I put the rest here.”

“…” Not forgot to bring him, but forgot to bring the medicine and collection?

Master Kenda quietly looked at the serious robot in front of him. For some reason, he felt that John was nervous.

“Where were you hiding?” He calmly asked.

“…John is hiding in the toolbar under the floor.” With nowhere to escape, John confessed.

Master Kenda knew there’s a very small storage compartment over there. In the past few days, John has been curled up and hiding there?

He should know that he was abandoned, but even so, he followed, not daring to appear openly so he put himself with the tools.

Master Kenda’s eyes were a little moist.

He closed his eyes then looked at the uneasy robot waiting to be destroyed.

“Drive the spacecraft well, I want to sleep for a while.” At this moment, he didn’t want to think about the robots hurting people, or about how robots are not allowed to drive spacecrafts, he just wanted to have a rare good night’s sleep with John’s company.

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Finally, there’s a signal, but it’s too late

TINA V7C201: Refugees of Pendra on the Run
TINA V7C203: Arrival

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