ACDWL 090: Quiet Days

ACDWL 089: Ko's State
ACDWL 091: Unexpected Visitors

Since my parents-in-law came, people have stopped gathering around me.

Every day, I’m either with Rodo or my parents-in-law.

I don’t even have a chance to talk to Ren.

He’d usually call out every time we meet, but probably because there’s Rodo and his parents in the cafeteria, no one came.

The healing area is the same.

So lately, I’ve only talked to Rodo and his parents.

……I’m not particularly lonely though.

I like playing with Ren, but that doesn’t mean I have to call him out.

Besides, Rodo don’t like it because he said “it smells like my mate”.

I have no intention of playing with Ren if he makes Rodo moody.


……but I somehow came to understand why my parents-in-law were called.

Rodo is a soldier and I’m now an on-call healer.

We’re not together at work.

If Rodo is not by my side, people will gather at the healing ground.

…in other words, my parents-in-law were on my side when Rodo wasn’t.

Otherwise, even though they’re humanized, there is no reason for all three Akinists to stay together.

For a day or two, I thought they came to see me as they said.

But even after three or four days, they didn’t even try to go home.

When I’m in the healing area and even when I just go to the barracks next door to use the toilet, my parents-in-law will follow me.

But my parents-in-law would also rarely come to me when I’m with Rod.

Even if I exclude the time we ate together, they will also not come at night.

They don’t even come to visit in the morning.

Bath time is the same with only Rodo.

He said they’re retired, but even if their strength as an Akinist was reduced, it’s still hard for them to lose.

I think they didn’t leave me because Rodo told them to protect me.

I also know that they are sweet to me like Rodo.

I’m always told I can say anything, and I know they’re being overprotective.

I have been made a “person to protect” by the three of them.

Even though I’m 19 years old and they know that I’m close to an adult, they still spoil me.

I will be spoiled like a child this way.

……I’m not saying that I want my parents-in-law to pick me up like Rodo.

Because they are nearing the end of their lives.

We had time to be together and talked a lot.

I also asked their age.

My father-in-law is 687 years old and my mother-in-law is 748 years old.

Akinists are said to have a lifespan of 700-800 years, so it doesn’t matter what happens at this time.

…well, that’s why they aren’t currently working.

Seems like they quit their job because they felt that their “power had weakened”.

At that time, they suddenly heard that they could come to visit me.

It seems that they can’t play the role of Akinist when their power weakens.

There might be a lot of pressure being in a position of restraining the other countries.

It seems that also includes me now, but so far, I don’t feel that kind of pressure.

I met the other kings when I couldn’t understand them well, but I only heard the names of the countries they governed. I didn’t even hear their names, and I also returned immediately.

……I can’t even speak well to them.

If I’m taken to such a place frequently, I’d feel pressured.

But now, I’m just relaxing with Rodo, so it’s calm every day.

I’m not surrounded right now, so it’s quite comfortable for me.


I don’t hate those people, even when I was in Japan.

When I was in Japan, I’d just keep a distance so that my sexuality wouldn’t come out.

But homosexuals are not uncommon in this world.

I’m also married now.

But what I hate in this world is being afraid.

And to be treated like a religious cult leader.

So it’s fine not having such people on my side.

I’m happy just being with the three who spoil me.



Such days continued, but Rodo’s support mission was soon over.

He said we would go to Seidask immediately and report to the king.

Going to Seidask meant that I can stay with my parents-in-law who live in the town.

We can stay together on the way to Seidask.

…though I’ll probably be in Rodo’s arms the whole time.

Because I still can’t get on a Sekisva.

It looks like a donkey and not as big as Sig, but it’s still pretty big.

So I can’t ride it by myself.

The place to put your feet on is quite high, and I can’t reach it unless I float with magic or use movement magic.

I don’t understand the purpose of riding when I have to use magic just to ride, but even if I can sit and make it walk, I can’t give it instructions.

It is not much different from horse riding, so I tried giving it instructions using the reins and the stirrups…

But when I straddled it, my feet won’t reach the stirrups.

In other words, I can’t give instructions with the stirrups.

So I gave up riding.

I decided to ride with Rodo for the rest of my life.

Even if everyone says I can ride it right away, I can’t.

Rodo agreed and said it’s okay.


On Sig that didn’t shake very much and in Rodo’s arms, I became drowsy because I had nothing to do.

The regular shaking and the familiar body temperature transmitted from where we’re closely connected caused drowsiness.

I should have slept well last night, but I still feel sleepy while on the move like a child.

I never even slept in a vehicle except when I was very tired.

……is it because of Rodo’s body temperature?

“Ko. If you’re sleepy, you can sleep.”

When I was slumping and with his arms firmly supporting my body, such words came down.

“…Rodo, sorry. ……sleepy.”

“Just sleep slowly.”

*Slips*…I feel like my head rubbed against his cheeks.

I left for the dream world like that.


I have never had good dreams.

The dreams I had when I was in Japan were all dreams about my sexuality being exposed and being isolated.

If I don’t see it, then I won’t dream anything.

Or I might have seen it, but I won’t remember when I woke up.

In other words, it was a dream of that degree.

Even after coming to this world, I only had bad dreams.

A dream that I suddenly left Rodo.

Even when I reached out, I can’t reach him and he can’t hear my voice even when I called Rodo while crying. Still, Rod didn’t notice me.

But when I woke up, I was always with Rodo.

Of course, it’s only natural because I never sleep alone.

Now I’m sleeping while being hugged.

So even if I want to cry, I can immediately stick to Rodo.

Rodo would give me a tender look as soon as I wake up, so even if I don’t have a scary dream, I’m getting more and more spoiled.

……what’s increasing is the fact that I want to be spoiled.


I’ve become a very spoiled child that even I think it’s dangerous.

I’m pampered even more than when I was a kid.

It would be disgusting if I was spoiled like this in Japan.

I’m sure it’s not good.

And even though I’m not over 100 years old, I’m not a kid.

But these spoiling arms are comfortable.




When I woke up, it wasn’t on Sig.

Seems like we’re in the castle right now.

──while still being held by Rodo.

“Ko, awake?”

Rodo peered into my face.

I stretched my arms and clung to his neck.

“…not awake.”

It’s a complete lie, but I don’t want to leave yet.


“I think Rodokiaus is the only one who can get such a cute partner.”

When I heard such words, I raised my head.

……why are my parents-in-law here?

Wasn’t reporting the Captain’s job?

Just behind Rodo, there are two people.

And far behind them was Rika, the Captain of the Fifth Corps.

Why are you so far away?

……because of the pressure from an Akinist’s aura?


“Father-in-law, mother-in-law, also report?”

But they shouldn’t be working.

They might have come to play in the castle…though I don’t think so.

Is it okay to come in so easily?

They’re Akinists, so I wonder if it’s fine.

“That’s right. I sometimes talk to His Majesty.”


Are you close to the king?

I wonder if they can pass because they’re Akinists?

I’m not sure though.

As for the age…is the king younger?

The king is over 600 years old, but he seems to be from a long-lived race so he might have a long life ahead.

I wasn’t interested, so I didn’t listen anymore.


While waiting to be called, I was held up by Rod.

I’ve never been in this waiting room for a long time.

So we were called soon enough.

After Rodo walked out, my parents-in-law also followed.

Are we reporting together?

……the person who came to call Rodo looked quite scared.

ACDWL 089: Ko's State
ACDWL 091: Unexpected Visitors

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