ACDWL 091: Unexpected Visitors

ACDWL 090: Quiet Days
ACDWL 092: Extra─Sharp Ears and Poor Sense of Direction─

─King’s side─


I was informed that the support mission at Omileo was over, so I was waiting for Captain Rodokiaus to come and report with Ko.

From Omileo’s barracks, it’s faster to come to Seidask than to return to Kalzen.

Therefore, I thought they would come with Captain Rikadem.

But ──

A message from the gatekeeper told me that unexpected visitors had arrived, so the inside of the castle became noisy.

They said that Captain Rodokiaus’ parents came with him.

If the last three Akinists in this world came to the castle, it would be unavoidable that the inside of the castle became busy.

(What do they want?)

Akinists have no interest in politics.

They’re not interested in others, so they don’t care what other people are doing or how they are treated.

That’s why, when they show up even though I haven’t called for them, I’m dreading what they’ll say.

Because they must have something important to say for them to go to a place they weren’t interested in.


When there are three Akinists in the waiting room, even I can feel their Akinist aura from so far away.

And when I called for them, it gradually got stronger.

In the first place, I was thinking of receiving a report of the support mission, but it seems that they are coming together.

No one can stop the actions of these Akinists.

It is impossible even for me who is in the position of a king.

Having an Akinist has great benefits to Marihect.

There are many cases where war would have happened without them.

Without an Akinist, our national power is not much different from other countries.

That’s why we didn’t want the Akinists to get upset.

Especially today.

……currently, Ko is one of them.


Captain Rodokiaus, who was holding Ko, appeared from behind the messenger.

Behind them were two Akinists – Sullivantos and Artemia.

Captain Rikadem, who seems to have come with them, looked pale.

If I were with those three people, even I would have such a complexion.

“Rodo, down.”

Even so, Ko looked unaffected.

I’ve heard that he isn’t overwhelmed by an Akinist’s aura, but it seems like he’s okay even with Akinists other than Captain Rodokiaus.


Ko, who was lowered to the floor, stayed beside Captain Rodokiaus.


He approached with Captain Rodokiaus, maybe walking a little behind, and after Captain Rodokiaus kneels, Ko also kneels.

He appears to be acting “as Captain Rodokiaus’s partner” rather than “the best magician in Marihect” or “a merciful healer”.

Him acting as a partner wasn’t that strange…

But who taught him how to do this when he’s only 19 years old?

It’s been less than a year since Ko came here.

During that time, he learned the language, started using magic, and learned how to heal.

There’s been no precedent before Ko.

I saw and heard many things about him, all of which are new.


“Ko Serafine. Third Corps Captain, Rodokiaus Serafine’s, partner, exclusive magician, and healer. ……Rodokiaus, together, report, came.”

After Captain Rodokiaus, Ko talked about his position, though brokenly.

Perhaps he practiced many times since he spoke fluently in the first half.

Especially Captain Rodokiaus’ name.

Sullivantos and Artemia, who has no job title, just stood behind Ko.

They’re no longer soldiers so they’re not obliged to obey me.

That’s why they did not give a ceremonial greeting.

They also didn’t need to call me by my title nor do they need to use honorifics like Captain Rodokiaus.

……I envy Ko, who is not overwhelmed by the Akinist aura.


“It seems that you started working as a healer…how is it?”

“Yes. Place, permission, thank you.”

It feels awkward since Ko started using honorifics.

In general, it’s natural to use honorifics for me, but … I want him to stay as before when he couldn’t speak honorifics yet.

It was refreshing for me to be called “Kwing” and to receive a smile.

But now, Ko would kneel, bow and use honorifics for me.

I want to say, “You don’t need to,” even though Ko isn’t doing the wrong thing.

I feel lonely that he stopped chatting with me.


“Is it okay to talk now? I’d like Rodokiaus and Ko to also listen, so give me some time.”

Two people looked back at Sullivantos’ words.


It seems Kou is surprised that Sullivantos did not use honorifics.

He looked young at this moment.

“Neither I nor Artemia has become so weak that we don’t know how long we’ll live. It won’t be long now. That’s why we decided to be with our sons. We came to report that today.”

It seems that they’d already decided.

Certainly, the power of the two is weaker than that of Captain Rodokiaus.

However, I still feel like they’re pretty strong…

But from their point of view, they have “weakened”.

The Akinist would decide such things by his / her declaration.

The same was true when they retired from being soldiers.

Even though I am a king, I have no choice but to obey it.

Because they don’t listen to anyone’s words.


“It’s not strange if death comes whenever. We lived as we liked until the end. …So we decided to hand over our assets to Rodokiaus and Ko. It may be unnecessary for them, but it shouldn’t be a problem to have. We will transfer all of our rights, powers, and responsibilities, everything we have to these two.”

The rights, powers, assets, and responsibilities of an Akinist are considerable.

Currently, Captain Rodokiaus has some responsibility as an Akinist…

Having transferred everything like this means that it will be Captain Rodokiaus who will enter the diplomatic relations from now on.

I was wondering if that would happen in the future, but… I didn’t think it’d be today.


Captain Rodokiaus is less interested in others than Sullivantos.

It would be possible to attend a diplomatic meeting, but it wouldn’t go as expected.


“Ko!? What’s wrong?”

I heard the impatient voice of Captain Rodokiaus which was unusual.

Sullivantos and Artemia, who turned their eyes to Ko, also began to flutter.

Ko… I can’t see his face but he’s looking at Sullivantos.

However, to make three Akinists panic to this extent…


Ko, who covered his face with his hands, was looking down.

(Is he…crying?)

At which point did he cry…

Why are you crying?


“Ko, what’s wrong? Does it hurt somewhere?”

Captain Rodokiaus is holding Ko and looking anxiously.

Ko would be the only person he’s worried about.


“Uh…sad. Still…still, together, want. But…lifespan, heal, can’t… ” (I’m sad. I still want us to be together. But I can’t heal lifespan.)

In those words mixed with sobbing, it turned out that Ko was sad that Sullivantos’ and Artemia’s lifespan was ending soon.

No one can touch a person’s lifespan.

And it cannot be changed.

Few people can live to the end of their lifespan because they might die on the battlefield.

Those who can do that are happy people.

It’s a good thing.

So, if you die at the end of your lifespan, no one will be sad and weep.

……and yet──

Does Ko shed sad tears even at the end of one’s life?

As a healer and as a magician, you would have seen the battlefield, and you would have seen some people dying.

It’s not like you’ve never seen “death”… so why do you think like that?


“I’m sorry… Akinist, lifespan, heard, but…s-sad, became…” (Sorry. I heard about an Akinist’s lifespan but I’m still sad.)

It seems that he can’t speak well, probably because he’s crying.

And Sullivantos, whose death made him so sad…

…..has a sloppy face.

“Ko. Life is for everyone, and death is for everyone. So you don’t have to be sad. As long as you’re happy with Rodokiaus, we’re happy with that, you know?”

“That’s right. You don’t have to cry. Those beautiful eyes are about to melt. …..Ko, this is not a sad thing. So smile.”

They talked to Ko with an expression I’ve never seen before.

Ko seemed to like them a lot.


“Ko, they won’t die right now. They just came to declare that they wouldn’t be on the stage completely. ……so don’t cry. When Ko cries, I don’t know what to do.”

Captain Rodokiaus is stroking his back to comfort him.

Only Ko can make Captain Rodokiaus’ expressions so rich.


He put his arms around Captain Rodokiaus’ neck and buried his face there.

Captain Rodokiaus turned to Sullivantos and glared.

Maybe he’s angry that they talked about lifespan in front of Ko.

He’s really thinking only about Ko.

I think it’s too much even for a “mate”.

Anyone would be surprised at Captain Rodokiaus, who wasn’t interested in anyone before, because he was too different from his usual self.


─ King’s side end ─

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  1. Awwh ): Of course it’s saddening to Kou, especially because he barely had pampering from his own birth parents, and to later hear his in-laws declare themselves how they can sense when their own demise is.

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