TINA V8C257: Golden Sandy Beach

TINA V8C256: Go On Vacation
TINA V8C258: Tying You Up

Olivia was finally called by the flight attendant.

Pulling down his eyemask and rubbing his eyes, he realized that he fell asleep in such a place.

The flight attendant who woke him up was a cute red-haired girl. Olivia was wearing an eye mask before so she didn’t see his face clearly, but now seeing Olivia’s whole appearance, the little girl blushed all of a sudden!

With trembling lips, the little girl seemed to want to say something, but, after trembling for a long time, she finally summoned her courage and pointed to Olivia’s mouth:


“Oh?” He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the corners of his mouth. Olivia also stretched lazily along the way: “I slept too comfortably that I didn’t pay attention.”

Because of this stretch, Olivia’s clothes lifted upwards and the strong abdominal muscles were exposed, turning the young flight attendant’s cheeks red.

But Olivia’s attention was all on Mu Gen: This guy slept better than me…

It stands to reason that he should wake him up, but seeing Mu Gen sleeping so sweetly, Olivia suddenly couldn’t do it.

Without hesitating for too long, Olivia simply hugged Mu Gen, and seeing Mu Gen unconsciously stretch out his arms around his neck, Olivia’s mood improved. Even before leaving, he thanked the red-haired flight attendant who took the initiative to carry his luggage:

“Thank you.”

Unlike the reserved smile from before, Olivia smiled very brightly. This kind of joy from the inside made him shine brightly.

The red-haired flight attendant was instantly killed!

She fell to the floor so hard that she couldn’t get up even after Olivia had left for a long time.

At this moment, her heart was broken: Oh my God! I might have seen the national husband (and his abdominal muscles) ~\(≧▽≦)~! However, my husband seemed to be very close to another young man, are they together? (⊙o⊙) It’s okay to see my husband and not ask for a signature, but the only thing I said to my husband was…


I’m scared of my stupidity!


Regardless of the damage he caused to a flight attendant, Olivia just walked to where the crowd gathered with Mu Gen (and two boxes of luggage).

His original intention was to take a car to the hotel they’d be staying in, but after reading the travel instructions, he found out: There’s no transportation in the area! Tourists can only go to the hotel by themselves! However, the “description” also provides friendly suggestions: Visitors can transform to go to the hotel, where everyone is encouraged to enjoy the original ecological life and you are encouraged to run naked in your original forms!

“The planners of this tour group are good at playing people~” Seeing the men and women in front of him either shyly or boldly transforming, Olivia instantly understood the planner’s intentions.

Showing your original form in front of the other person is a kind of entertainment while walking with each other. During the journey, not only will their sense of coexistence increase, but it can also save a sum of transportation expenses and pollution treatment fees. The planner of this group is quite shrewd!

(Mr. Sith, who was taking pictures with the fat chicks at an attraction, sneezed!)

But…the pink bubbles of this group are truly amazing! They’re obviously so far away, but Olivia still felt affected by their hormone emissions that he felt hot all over.

Without a trace, Olivia took off his shirt while avoiding a few people who ran into him, intentionally or unintentionally. The moment his broad shoulders and strong abdominal muscles were just exposed and not waiting for the nearby people to whistle in appreciation, he suddenly transformed——

“Wow! Wow!”

“What is that!!!”

The people around screamed and quickly made room as the young adult Kantas flung his tail and carefully picked up the young man sleeping on the ground along with two suitcases with his paws. The moment his wings spread out, the sun star over the island was instantly obscured!

Then, under the dazed looks of a group of people below, the black behemoth flew away in the hotel’s direction.

“Oh oh oh! Is that a Kantas?” After a long, long time, someone finally reacted.

“Did a Kantas come over for a blind date?”

“Oh, God! A Kantas on this blind date group? I didn’t pay the registration fee in vain!”

“But I think that Kantas seemed to have a blind date…”

“Really, really? I didn’t see it!”

There are rumors where there are Kantas, and here is no exception.

Olivia’s appearance caused a small commotion in the gathering place, but he was completely ignorant of this.

His claws carefully grasped Mu Gen and flew up from the cluster of leaves, breaking free of the grove and basking in the sun star that covered the large and small islands underneath.

The sun shone on the black scales of the young Kantas, which made him look almost golden! Sunlight also fell on the woods and sea below him and as the leaves made waves, the surface of the water sparkled like gold with the sea breeze blowing past his head. Olivia is in a great mood!

So he joyfully performed aerobatics in the air~

Flying straight up for a while and then diving head down towards the sea. He startled a large number of seabirds leisurely fishing on the sea and accompanied by their quacks, the black Kantas let out a roar that resembled hooting.

That was the laughter of an adult Kantas.

After flying indiscriminately for a while, Olivia finally flew seriously and when he landed in the woods near the hotel, he transformed and changed clothes before looking at Mu Gen again. Olivia was 囧——

Mu Gen’s head had exploded!

It must be because I flew too fast——while thinking about it, Olivia helped Mu Gen tidy his hair with a guilty conscience, but…

Only then did he realize how fast Kantas could fly! If a normal human being rode on a Kantas flying at a variable speed without protection, 99% of them would vomit.

Marshal Rothsay once shared with them the embarrassment that happened when he took his partner out on vacation and his partner refused to ride a Kantas ever since.

The Marshal’s wife vomited and fainted because of the Kantas ride while Mu Gen~ Though his hair was a little messy, you can still see him sleep so calmly~

 ̄▽ ̄

Mu Gen is really great~ Flattening Mu Gen’s last upturned hair, Olivia thought sweetly in his heart, then he picked up Mu Gen and checked in with their luggage.

As the first person to check in, they’re the first to choose a room. Under the strong recommendation of the hotel staff, Olivia secretly chose the luxurious honeymoon suite on the top floor. Although there are only three floors, this is already the tallest building on the planet! It’s said that when lying in bed at 12 o clock in the evening, you could just see the heart-shaped nebula at the top!

It’s so romantic~

On this small island surrounded by a strong romantic atmosphere, Olivia’s inner romantic index is about to break! However, Mu Gen was still sleeping very calmly.

Go to sleep~ You were too tired a while ago.

Carefully stroking Mu Gen’s hair, Olivia’s mouth curled up. Putting on big flowery pants for both of them, he took Mu Gen to enjoy the sunshine of the island!


Olivia had always felt that he’s too white, so every year when he goes to an island on vacation, he’d spare no effort to tan himself, and this time was no exception. First, put a whole body of sunscreen on Mu Gen, then put a little bit on himself. Now he’s ready to concentrate on enjoying the sun. As a senior tanning enthusiast, Olivia is quite professional in this area, so he first showed his back and after timing himself for some time, he would turn the two of them over and continue enjoying the sun, adding some sunscreen along the way.

This time, he turned over Mu Gen first, but when he was about to lie face up, only then did he realize that the sunlight was too dazzling.

Sitting up, Olivia looked and Mu Gen and noted that Mu Gen stretched out his hand uncomfortably to block the sun. He then flipped through the small bag he was carrying and realized that he had only brought sunscreen, not any sunglasses or hats.

“Bad…these were all prepared by Mu Gen before…” Muttering, Olivia put back Mu Gen’s hand then stretched out his right hand to gently cover Mu Gen’s eyes, using his palm to shield him from the strong sunlight.

To maintain this position, Olivia simply stopped lying down.

Sitting by the sea, Olivia quietly admired the surrounding scenery. As everyone knew, while he’s appreciating the beautiful scenery, he had also become the beautiful scenery in the eyes of others:

With platinum hair and eyes shining brighter than the sun along with that handsome face, coupled with a thin and sturdy body, Olivia, who had floral pants hanging loosely around his waist, looked very attractive!

Over time, there are more and more tourists on the beach and from time to time, young women in bikinis would pass by him and there’d also be men in floral pants like him. They tried to get Olivia’s attention in various ways. Someone asked him to drink, some people asked him to take pictures and some even wanted him to help apply sunscreen.

Olivia was filled with all kinds of drinks, even smiling and helping people take a lot of pictures. As for applying sunscreen…he just raised his chin and motioned to his right hand covering Mu Gen’s eyes then they’d retreat for inconveniencing him.

This person has company.

This incident made many people feel regretful, but it didn’t stop them from admiring this young beautiful man. There were still many people around Olivia and from time to time, they’d secretly cast their sights in his direction.

Probably because Olivia’s expression was too soft at this time, no one recognized this handsome young man as the Empire’s most promising Lt. General. They all admired Olivia, simply as himself.

However, with the arrival of more tourists, more and more people have found a partner for further communication and the atmosphere on the beach once again became ambiguous.

Mu Gen woke up at this moment.

Moving away from what was blocking his vision, he fell into Olivia’s golden eyes.

The author has something to say:

The emotional drama part…is a bit tough

TINA V8C256: Go On Vacation
TINA V8C258: Tying You Up

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