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ACDWL 092: Extra─Sharp Ears and Poor Sense of Direction─
ACDWL 094: New House

As expected, it’s sad when they said, “near the end of life”.

And if it happens to my parents-in-law, then I’ll be extra sad.

Maybe because I’m such a spoiled child, I cried because I was sad.

I strongly thought that I still want to be with them.

Maybe because they look so young, I tend to forget their lifespan.

Because they only look like in their 40s.

They even look younger than my parents.

It hasn’t been a year since we got to know each other.

I still want to hear Rodo’s childhood stories, and I don’t want to lose my parents-in-law’s warmth.

However, they’re approaching the point of senility if we’re in Japan.

So they just want to die peacefully.

Besides, they both lived for a long time.

Looking at the age alone, they’re already living a long life.

……however, I still don’t want to be separated.

I only got to know my parents-in-law for about seven months.

In such a short period, it’s probably because they’re “Rodo’s parents” that I accepted them this much.

In Japan, I had walls around me, but since I came to this world, I stopped building them around Rodo’s family.

When it comes to Rodo, he’d always spoil me as much as he can.

My habit of building walls is not cured.

If someone dies, I might think it’s “sad”, but I don’t think I’ll cry.

Even if I cry with sympathy for the bereaved people, I will not cry for the dead.

Even in Japan, I would not have cried even if my parents and brother Sou died.

On the other hand, I might have been relieved.

──I’m glad it was before I got caught…


When I was in Japan, I also made a wall against my family.

But I’ve never built a wall for my in-laws.

……was it because I was allowed to stroke my father-in-law in his Akinist beast form when we first met?

I can’t build a wall against animals…I wonder if that’s why?


If you think about it, I think this is a good place in a beastmen world.

Maybe because it’s a world that openly admits homosexuality.

So there’s nothing I have to hide.

The tension from keeping it a secret from my family is stressful, just imagining the pain of being rejected, I’m scared of when it will happen.

That’s why I can act so freely here.


(How many times have I cried since I came to this world?)

I wasn’t such a crying type.

When I came to this world, I wonder if I was able to come to terms with myself because I’m in a child’s figure.

Or am I originally a crybaby?


(……huh? Come to think of it, did they just say they’ll live near us?)

Like living together?

Or somewhere closer?

“Father-in-law, mother-in-law, together, lived?”



When I asked, Rodo immediately said.

He doesn’t like living together.

Even though there are leftover rooms.

“Kalzen, moving?”

But I’m happy they’ll be at a distance where I can meet when I want to.

Naturally, the tears stopped and were replaced with expectant eyes.

“Next door?”

If we can’t live together, will they move next door?

Because an Akinist aura intimidates the surroundings, there’s a vacant lot next door.

But that means they have to build a house…I wonder if it’s going to be a different place?


“Can we live next door?”

“We have to start construction right now!”

My parents-in-law looked happy.

In contrast, Rodo didn’t hide his disgruntled face.

But he didn’t refuse immediately like when I suggested living together.

……I wonder if that’s a good thing.

──I guess that’s what he’ll put up with because I wanted it.


But…… they said something about starting construction, didn’t they?

As expected, seems like they’ll build a new house

But in this world, there are no vacant houses.

If it becomes a vacant house…it’ll be demolished immediately, I think.

They’re quick to break and build things.

Even if they don’t have heavy machinery…

I’m not very interested in this so I don’t know much, but it’s strange now that I think about it.


(……right, I have something to ask the King.)

Because I have ulterior motives, it almost slipped my mind.

“Rodo, down.”

After I cried, I was still hugged by Rodo.



Rodo shook his head without saying anything.

(Why do you hate it? )

He looked so disagreeable.

He’d often say I’m light and that he won’t get tired even if he held me for a long time… he always says it’s okay, but…

When I tilted my head, I was tightly embraced for some reason.

(……was there anything to make him show his possessiveness?)

Because my parents-in-law will live next door?

That’s all I can think of.


(A possessive Rodo…how cute.)

I think it’s lovely.

It seems to be a testimony of how much he likes me, and I’m fine with that.

I think it’s okay to be shackled by his possessiveness, but others might find it strange.


(……though that’s not the case when he’s warm and fluffy…)

Since I want to ask something, I have to ask properly.

“Rodo, down. ……no problem. Kou, only Rod, choose.”

When I reached out and smiled, he finally reluctantly lowered me.

I turned around and approached the stunned king.

The king looked up, never thinking that I would approach him.


He also has a subtle expression.

Maybe he’s trying to smile.

……I can only see it as him squishing his mouth.


“Your Majesty. There is something I wish to ask. Tell me, please.”

Honorifics are difficult as expected.

Just like English, it’s different from the words you speak to the people you’re close to.

For me who studied from scratch, it was quite difficult just to talk normally.

But I wanted to learn honorifics for Rodo.

Rodo told me that if it’s difficult, I don’t have to learn.

He said there was no need to force myself to use it.


Rodo still can’t understand the Japanese I speak.

──Recently, I haven’t used it much.

But I don’t want Rodo to be scolded because of me.

I don’t want to be ridiculed as “a child who can’t speak politely” as Rodo’s partner.

I don’t like studying that much, but I can do my best for the people I like.

For Rodo, I’m not forcing myself.


“What do you want to hear? What?”


While looking expressionless, he looked pale…?

What’s the matter with you?

I was a little worried, but that’s not the thing I’m most worried about.

“Akinist, things, all, I want to know.” (I want to know all about the Akinists.)


It was an unexpected question, so everyone was confused.

“Rodo, father-in-law, mother-in-law, Akinist, things, not much, don’t know, heard. Your Majesty, know, I think, they said.” (Rodo and my parents-in-law don’t know much about matters regarding Akinists. I heard that Your Majesty knows.)

I want you to show me the information, how do I say that?

Before that, did they have the Akinist information written?

They seem to not have much writing culture since the paper is quite expensive.

I used to consume it quite a bit.

But even after knowing the value of paper, that sense has faded since I was given a large number of books and paper.

I normally used it for notes.

And scribbles and other things.


“…… Let me tell you all the Akinist information I know.”

──ah, as expected, they didn’t write it down.

“But I’m not that familiar either. Akinists don’t often give me information, but if it’s something I heard from my grandfather, I can tell them.”

“Grandfather?” (Sofu?)

I asked involuntarily.

“Father’s father.” (Chichiue no chichiue.)

“Father……Dad?” (Chichi…otousan?)

“That’s right. Dad’s Dad.” (Otousan no otousan.)


Rodo told me and I finally understood.


I hadn’t learned it because there had never been a grandfather around me.

I’ll remember it now.



“Thank you, very much.”

I said thank you and bowed my head.

To be honest, I didn’t understand the Akinist information he said.

“Maybe”, “probably”, it’s just predictions and conjectures.

But I heard what I wanted to hear.

The pregnancy period seems to be about half a year.

Much shorter than humans.

However, I still didn’t understand why a child can’t be conceived even if they embraced in their humanized forms.

Because, humanized or beastized, the other party is still the same person.

If it is said to be the law of this world, then that’s that.


Rodo looked uninterested next to me, who was listening intently.

Why aren’t you interested in yourself?

Even I want to know everything about me.

*Peeks*……whenever I looked up at him, he’d look at me with eyes asking “Is it over?”

He seemed sensitive to my gaze, so whenever I looked at Rodo, our eyes would meet.

And, he’d softly smile.

My husband who is sweet to me is so cool and cute.

My love increased towards Rodo who exuded “I like you” from his whole body.

When Rodo smiled, I had the desire to jump into his chest.

Anyway, I want to be pampered by him.

“Go home?”

When we held hands, I was carried in an instant for some reason.

(Eh? Like this?)

And don’t you have to greet the king first?

He’s already walking.

I looked up puzzled, and my eyes met the king.

I tried to greet him respectfully while being carried, which was quite weird…

When I waved my hand a bit, the king also waved.

Roku was beside him, too.

When I smiled, they looked pleased somehow.

……for these two, do they only see me as a child?

ACDWL 092: Extra─Sharp Ears and Poor Sense of Direction─
ACDWL 094: New House

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