TINA V8C258: Tying You Up

TINA V8C257: Golden Sandy Beach
TINA V8C259: Ancient Earthling

After the paw that had been working so hard to shield Mu Gen from sunlight for a long time was removed, Olivia saw Mu Gen’s face.

Then he froze: Half of Mu Gen’s honey-colored face had a white palm print!

Mom! When helping Mu Gen shade his eyes, he forgot about the uneven color that would happen between the covered and uncovered parts when exposed to the sun! By the way (Olivia raised his hand to look at his paw): Why did the hand that shaded Mu Gen not have any sunburn or swelling?! Not only the hands but his whole body wasn’t tanned at all!!!

Mu Gen looked at Olivia incomprehensibly and his normal expression with that palm print suddenly looked particularly funny. Silently looking at Mu Gen for a moment, Olivia worried about how to explain it. A group of girls happened to pass by and their eyes were on Olivia at first, but it didn’t take long for them to see Mu Gen on the side…the white palm print on his face attracted them.

“Hahaha!” The girls laughed very raucously.

Olivia was too late in thinking up an explanation. One of the girls handed a mirror to Mu Gen and under the other’s signal, Mu Gen soon noticed the change on his face.

“…when you were sleeping, he kept using his hands to shield you from the sun and hasn’t moved for a while.” The girl laughed and said so. Obviously, she was also one of the people who paid attention to Olivia.

Raising his eyes and looking at Olivia, Mu Gen didn’t say a word.

“But he’s awake now so you can go play! There’s a lot of water and underwater projects here~” Although the blond and beautiful man was very attractive, the black-haired young man looks compatible with him, so the girls quickly retreated, turning the topic to the playable events on this island. While Mu Gen was sleeping and Olivia was watching him, they have tried many events and are quite insightful on this topic.

Aside from their high positions in the Council and the Military, Olivia and Mu Gen are still standard young people of the Empire. They’re naturally interested in things young people like and since the other party was willing to introduce them, they’re willing to listen. Soon, the two parties had a great conversation. Especially at the end when the girls’ enthusiastic conversation almost all fell on Mu Gen and Olivia just sat behind Mu Gen, just listening.

Also, none of the people who chatted with Mu Gen didn’t like him——pursing his lips, Olivia dropped his head on Mu Gen’s shoulder.

This posture seemed lazy, but in fact, he’s claiming his territory so those women quickly woke up——they seemed to have disturbed the pair’s two-person world.

“It’s just these few projects so you must try it in advance!”

While feeling it’s a pity, they waved to Mu Gen and reluctantly left.

Is it an illusion? They suddenly felt that they really like this person and really want to continue chatting with him! Unfortunately——The moment they bid farewell to Mu Gen, almost all the girls had similar thoughts in their hearts.

And Olivia just watched them say goodbye to Mu Gen with cold eyes but said in his heart: Don’t worry, it’s not just you, even a few hundred years old uncles, grandpas, and aliens from other civilizations will have the same idea after chatting with Mu Gen.

This is Mu Gen’s innate charm, which had existed since a long time ago, even he…

Olivia suddenly thought: This is bad——am I the first person to be hit by Mu Gen’s charm?

However, he was indeed the first human that Mu Gen saw.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Pulling on Mu Gen’s shoulders, he smiled at the girls. When the girls were dazzled by his smile and forgot to talk to Mu Gen, Olivia successfully abducted Mu Gen.

They played all the events recommended by the girls. As the recommended project for a blind date group, many of these projects are paired games and they’re all particularly popular games among young people nowadays. Olivia and Mu Gen were a little dumbfounded at first: T-they have never heard of it! Standing among a group of their peers, they’re like two country bumpkins. There’s no helping it, who made them be with older groups since they were young? After finally growing up, they immediately succeeded in getting a job, and because they were so successful, all their colleagues were middle-aged and elderly several times their age. These two young people didn’t live the life that young men should have!

Fortunately, they’re very smart and the people around them were willing to show off, so they quickly mastered the rules of each game and later refreshed the records on all of them. At the end of the day, when the two finally had no opponents on the beach, they suddenly realized that only they could fight against each other, so…

With the usual rivalry, the two started competing!

As a result, the tourists on the beach watched dumbfoundedly as the two weird guys played a sea speed car like they’re in a mecha war. All kinds of classic mecha operation techniques were displayed in that small toy car, and later had the addition of water spray guns. Apart from the mecha battle, the tourists witnessed another gun battle that made them dizzy when they watched it!

“These two…did they really come here for a blind date?” While stunned, the tourists were all 囧.

Others would ambiguously play the game, just casually playing since the point is to communicate with their interested targets during the game, but these two are so good as if they’re here to play the game.

“It’s so interesting! But Oli is really good: I can’t do that Branster Knee Flip~” Finally ending the final round, Mu Gen couldn’t help but praise Olivia.

“You couldn’t do that move because of your height restriction, but your Karikaf Swivel Slash is better than mine.” Olivia also admired Mu Gen very much. They’re at different academies when in school and after getting a job, they’re in different departments, so the two had never professionally intersected. Although they’d heard that the other party was excellent, “heard” is completely different from personally experiencing it. Surprised by the other’s skillful techniques, and sighing at the other’s understanding of relevant knowledge, it’s like the two have the same views on many details——

The surrounding tourists were even more confused.

They watched Olivia and Mu Gen come down from the gaming device and then have an academic discussion. As they drifted away, 99% of the words coming out of their mouths couldn’t be understood by others.

We don’t understand the world of learning tyrants.


At this age, to be able to climb into such an important position in their respective departments, the world of Mu Gen and Olivia is indeed completely different from their peers.

In the future, they will go to higher places and there’ll be fewer people there.

Their vision, thoughts, techniques, and skills in dealing with others are far beyond their age in this respect, so in this circle of peers, they’re destined to be lonely, but——

Fortunately, they have each other.

Talking about topics that others find very boring but they find very interesting, Olivia and Mu Gen went on the leisure games recommended by the girls, like the Nenele Luxury Island Special Spa~

This project can further promote the interactive integration of hormones through the guidance of fragrance and music, which is very conducive to the emotional generation of young people.

Sure enough, Olivia, who was just full of mechas and had a lot of thoughts in his mind, did not take long to relax after receiving the massage. In his mind, he thought that someone being massaged with oil on their bodies must look more beautiful so Olivia awkwardly moved his gaze to Mu Gen, and then——


Mu Gen unexpectedly…fell asleep again.

Olivia stared at the sleeping Mu Gen.

Olivia continued to stare at the sleeping Mu Gen.

Olivia kept staring at the sleeping Mu Gen…


He fell asleep.

So in this ambiguous space where people are secretly doing bad things in the next room, these two slept for a long time again.

It’s normal to be sleepy on the first day——because they’re too tired some time ago~

Sleepiness the next day is relatively normal——there’s a jet lag problem!

But on the fourth and fifth days of still being sleepy every day, that wasn’t normal at all.

Finally, on the sixth day, Olivia worriedly took Mu Gen to the hospital on the island.

“Hello young uns, is there anything I can help you with? As a side note, the special outpatient department of our hospital here is obstetrics!” Under the white doctor’s robe is a floral shirt with a very island-like vibe. The old man with his bronzed skin looked kind and healthy. (Huh?)

“It’s like this, my friend has been sleepy every day recently and I can’t wake him up whenever he slept. He’d be awake for a while every day but would soon fall asleep again. Because he was very tired before, I was only a little worried…” Olivia explained Mu Gen’s recent symptoms in one breath and after he finished speaking, he even attached a statistic sheet of Mu Gen’s recent sleep status which records in detail Mu Gen’s daily sleep time, even the number of times he yawned during waking hours!

This top student is so awesome.

“Oh? Tired a while ago? Is it possible to sleep like this? Don’t worry, this might be a good thing…” The patients he received every day are basically tourists who get pregnant by accident so this doctor is very eager.

“How could that be possible! We…are not married yet!” Olivia blushed and loudly said so.

“Uh…you can get pregnant without getting married…” Doctor Flower Shirt was stunned but he quickly understood what the young man meant: Turned out to be a little virgin~

“Don’t worry, it might be the second case. You take him to the next room to do hormonal data analysis.”

Reluctantly soothed by the steady attitude of Doctor Flower Shirt, Olivia took the sleepy Mu Gen to the next room. Today’s instruments are very advanced so when they came out, the analysis report is already in the hands of Doctor Flower Shirt.

“Congratulations, your friend is going to be an adult.” Doctor Flower Shirt looked at Olivia and Mu Gen very kindly.

Olivia was stunned for an instant, and even Mu Gen, who was still yawning, couldn’t help but raise his head.

(⊙o⊙) Ah?! What did you say?

Seeing the doubt from their expressions, Doctor Flower Shirt smiled and added:

“Affected by a large number of hormonal pheromones around you, the hidden genes in your friend’s body have been activated. The report shows that his recent physical signs have changed very much and if there are no accidents, in these few days, he’ll transform to his original form. By the way, has he been unable to transform before? That might be it…”

Doctor Flower Shirt was still talking, but Mu Gen was completely awake, looking at the doctor who was still describing the transformation process with an incredulous expression on his face. He was stunned.

“By the way, what’s your prototype? Or what’s the prototype of your parents?” Doctor Flower Shirt finally asked.

“…a-ape….right?” Mu Gen replied uncertainly.

“Uh…ape? This is a bit difficult.” Doctor Flower Shirt frowned, then quickly turned to Olivia on the side: “Those who transformed at such an age like him are very likely to be taken over by wild genes at the beginning of the transformation so you have to prevent him from running away!”

“Hmph! This island is so big that it’s hard to find a monkey running away. You have to guard him. In case a wild monkey saw him when his hormonal pheromone emission peaks, the consequences might be a bit bad…”

Hearing this, Mu Gen was completely dumbfounded!!!!!

He glanced at Olivia and then, he got a pledge from Olivia:

“Mu Gen, don’t be afraid of becoming a monkey. I will tie you up so don’t worry.”

Seeing Olivia’s firm expression, Mu Gen felt the corners of his mouth twitch.

The author has something to say:

Someone guessed this, right?

Chirp chirp~

Also, has anyone guessed the reason for Mu Gen’s sleep?

TINA V8C257: Golden Sandy Beach
TINA V8C259: Ancient Earthling

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