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There’s almost no historical information about the people on Ancient Earth. Fortunately, Mu Gen himself has an electronic version of the paper materials. It’s a pity that the covers are missing and the text is very vague. The only readable things were:

…humans are primates…

Then there were a lot of pictures.

Due to the difference in printing process and text, almost all the pictures in this historical material have been preserved!

So now it’s these precious pictures that are three-dimensionally projected by the brain in front of Mu Gen and Olivia.

“Ring-tailed lemurs, bear monkeys, macaques, short-tailed monkeys, red-faced monkeys… there are a lot of primates in your hometown. So, what kind of prototype would you be?” The corresponding breed name of the pictures has also been preserved and translated into the Imperial language. As the monkey photos slid past Olivia’s eyes one after another, Olivia felt his brain becoming filled with the various small eyes of the monkeys!

Imagining Mu Gen becoming the above-mentioned breeds, with his heart beating, Olivia suddenly felt that these monkeys looked…a little cute (←Hey! Your aesthetics!)

Until he saw the last picture of a gorilla.


Olivia gulped.

Looking at the black-haired gorilla and then at the young black-haired Mu Gen, he always felt…judging solely from the color of the coat…this one seemed to match…uh…

Olivia felt his heart contract sharply.

Closing his eyes, Olivia began to work hard to imagine Mu Gen as a fierce gorilla. The whole mental process only took one minute, and when he opened his eyes again, he could already face the gorilla in front of him with a petting smile (←Hey! What about your aesthetics?)

“Mu Gen, I actually think this gorilla is very cute~” Olivia smiled like a saint at Mu Gen.

Mu Gen: Oli, did you accept the assumption that I’m a gorilla so quickly? But, but I haven’t accepted it yet!

Mu Gen looked at Olivia with embarrassment but found that Olivia had turned his attention to the projected pictures again. After playing those pictures from beginning to end again, Olivia looked determined.

“According to an in-depth analysis of these pictures, the primates are mammals and their physical features uniform. Their eyes are facing forward, the distance between the eyes narrow and the viewing angle roughly the same. With separate fingers and toes, they have an excellent grasping ability which allows them to adapt to life on trees. We can initially determine that primates are used to living on trees and these pictures proved this point. See, 75% of the photos have trees in the background so we have to prevent you from running into trees, uh…I really need to buy a rope…” While browsing the pictures, he made a lot of notes and after the final confirmation, Olivia shared his research results to Mu Gen. If there are Ancient Earthlings here at this time, they’d be surprised that this alien young man who had never been to Ancient Earth and didn’t understand their culture could guess the life characteristics of Earth primates based on the pictures alone!

Top students are truly top students~

Probably because the academic atmosphere is too strong, Mu Gen listened for a while, and then…continued to listen. About understanding Ancient Earth, probably no one in the entire Empire can compare with him, so he quickly used his knowledge to make up for the flaws in Olivia’s hypothesis. With the cooperation of the two schoolmasters, a complete “Research on Ancient Earth Primates” was perfectly restored——

Yes, it’s “Research on Ancient Earth Primates”. The title of this Ancient Earth historical material with the missing cover and text should be “Research on Ancient Earth Primates” instead of “Research on Ancient Earth People” as they thought.

Simply put, this book introduces the monkeys on earth, not the people in it.

In that one sentence summary: The schoolmasters got the wrong information.

 ̄▽ ̄

“A rope is still not very reliable so should we buy handcuffs? The more complicated ones since I can easily solve the simple ones.” After in-depth and meticulous research, Mu Gen has fully accepted the fact that he’s about to become a gorilla (←Hey!). In response to follow-up questions, he also put forward some suggestions.

“Okay, shall we go buy some bananas later? I think gorillas seem to like eating that kind of fruit.” Olivia is already thinking about feeding…no! About the food problem.

“…but I don’t like bananas at all…forget it, just buy some for insurance.” Nodding, Mu Gen accepted his offer.

So the two young men bought handcuffs and bananas as if they were defying death.

 ̄▽ ̄

Earthlings can’t transform and their prototype is what they are now. From their ancestors to the present, the Earthlings call this process “evolution” but in the gene theory of the Empire’s biology, scholars judged this point as “degeneration”.

Their cells can’t bear the transformation of two forms and can only maintain one form, which is a kind of “degeneration”.

Because of this, the physique of Ancient Earthlings was extremely weak in the Empire and their life span is also very short. Even if cell evolution fluid was used, they can’t become stronger so the Ancient Earthlings were a “weak race”.

The weak are destined to be eliminated.

For the advancement of the entire human system, backward genes destined to be eliminated will naturally be eliminated.

As a result, Mu Gen eventually became the last Earthling in the Empire’s territory.

His life was both ordinary and great and unconsciously, he had done what none of his ancestors could do. A doctor had clearly told him that something that should have never happened to an Earthling is about to happen to him…

Glancing at the handcuffs on his left wrist, Mu Gen’s eyes were a little confused.

Noticing the change in his mood, Olivia squeezed his left hand.

The other end of the handcuffs was on Olivia’s right wrist.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be with you.”

Without telling the uncles about this incident, Mu Gen and Olivia decided to go through this possible future stage by themselves. They’re no longer children, so they don’t have to worry the adults about everything.

The hormonal index in Mu Gen’s body is infinitely close to the peak value and according to the doctor, he might transform anytime and anywhere. To avoid all accidents, they handcuffed each other.

“En.” Looking up at Olivia, Mu Gen’s heart suddenly settled down.

He immediately held Olivia’s hand tightly.

The two handcuffed people then walked to the next game item.


Well, even handcuffed together didn’t stop them from enjoying their holiday so they played various projects these days while handcuffed.

“This pair…is so heavy.” Amidst the murmurs of the tourists, their legends spread everywhere on the island.

Mu Gen’s first transformation took place this afternoon.

That day, they were on a yacht at sea.

Except for them, the yacht had been occupied by couples, and even on the yacht, they didn’t forget to show affection. Around them, lovers come and go and the natural romantic environment made them bolder, so a tourist accidentally showed his prototype! Yachts are made of special materials that can carry a variety of visitors even with the weight of a large prototype, but they cannot bear their volume. The visitor’s prototype was a giganotosaurus and he was just on the edge of the yacht so when a big wave hit, the yacht overturned!

“It’s forbidden to use prototypes on yachts ahhhhh——” The crew just yelled out when he suddenly became a prototype, so the words he didn’t have time to finish became the roar of the beast.

Almost the moment they fell into the water, all the tourists became prototypes!


Olivia instantly felt his whole body become hot. The shivers came from his forehead down to his lower abdomen and for a moment, he was almost unable to control himself, but thinking of the handcuffs on his wrist, he abruptly resisted this instinct.

Mu Gen——

The handcuffs will inevitably break if he transformed, and in case Mu Gen happened to transform at this time——

In the sea, Olivia desperately opened his eyes. Ignoring the other tourists who were struggling in their prototypes around him, he looked at his right wrist first and when he saw the broken handcuffs, his originally hot body instantly became soaked in icy water.

Mu Gen is gone!

The handcuffs got broken which meant Mu Gen transformed! The handcuffs were broken by force after he transformed! Among so many monkeys on Ancient Earth, only the gorilla, and the largest one at that, could do this. Based on the analysis of the broken handcuffs, the gorilla that Mu Gen turned into is much larger than they speculated!

They miscalculated——

For a moment, without any urgency, Olivia began to look around.

Looking for a black gorilla.


However, it’s quite difficult to find a relatively petite gorilla among the many tourists, and the ensuing riots further aggravated the difficulty of finding it.

Just when Olivia floated to the surface and took a long breath to dive again, there was a commotion on the surface. Countless big beasts rushed to the water, howling desperately, their roars full of panic and…


“There are monsters underwater! There are monsters!” Olivia understood their panic and then fell into the same panic as them.

This is bad! Mu Gen is still down there!

Tightening his lips, among the tourists rushing to the surface, Olivia went against them and the young man plunged into the deep sea once again.

Among the many fleeing beasts, he saw a black shadow lurking in the depths.

With an extremely calm expression, Olivia slowly approached “it” and then finally saw what “it” looked like.

As the other tourists yelled out, this is a monster.

With gray-blue skin, the most noticeable thing about this monster is its sharp teeth! The densely packed teeth were exposed. Without a doubt, any creature bit by this thing would die!

Its head is round and flat. Round as in radian and flat refers to the thickness. At first glance, this guy’s head is almost flat like a hammer and looked so ugly! It even has no eyes——

Olivia almost thought that this monster had no eyes! However, he soon discovered that it had eyes: A pair of big black eyes widely spaced on the ugly head.

The patchwork appearance of this monster finally gained a rough outline in Olivia’s mind. Then——

This is a Kantas.

When Olivia saw what this “monster” looked like, this strange idea suddenly came to Olivia’s mind.

Although it looks different, Olivia immediately recognized that this is a Kantas.

His instinct told him that.

Then, staring at the other party’s deep black eyes, Olivia’s instincts came into play again:

This is Mu Gen.

His instincts told him: This monster is Mu Gen.

Probably noticing Olivia’s sight, the gray-blue monster suddenly moved.

As soon as he turned, he quickly dived into the deeper sea.

The fishtail flashed past Olivia’s eyes and the monster disappeared.

The author has something to say:

 ̄▽ ̄ Finally wrote this one.

TINA V8C258: Tying You Up
TINA V8C260: Chase

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  1. I…. what …. I can’t picture it 😵😵😵mugen looks like a hammer head shark?? QAQ

    1. No. As an earthling, there’s a lot of genes from other races stored in their genetics. The stored Kantas gene in Mu Gen’s DNA was activated by the blood from the mermaid in the previous vacation arc and the ‘hormonal’ environment they’re in became the catalyst to him transforming.
      As for why he’s a female Kantas rather than a male Kantas…uh, plot convenience or that his ancestor only has the female Kantas gene and not the male Kantas gene.

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