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Huh!? Didn’t Mu Gen see me? How come he ran away…

Olivia was dazed when he suddenly remembered what the doctor had said:

For him to transform for the first time at this age, he might completely lose his human consciousness.

This is bad——

Mu Gen must have lost consciousness!

At that time, they bought handcuffs to prevent this situation but now that Mu Gen became so big after his transformation, he can’t be restrained by any handcuffs!

Mu Gen must be too confused that he can’t tell whether he’s a monkey or a fish!!!

Looking frantically at the big monster Mu Gen, who was probably still smaller than his own prototype, Olivia chased after him.

The sea is much bigger than the forest. If he lost sight of him, what should he do if he came back with a school of young fish!

Relying on his good swimming skills practiced by regular diving every year, Olivia caught up with the big monster in front of him.

However, probably because it’s his first time, the big monster couldn’t swim fast at first and occasionally, his tail would go in the wrong direction, which wouldn’t have much effect on the big monster. At most, he’d make a circle but it had a great influence on Olivia who was chasing him: The current he stirred up is too great!

But it’s indeed the big monster that Mu Gen has turned into. This big guy is very smart and after making a few small mistakes, he actually learned the correct swimming method, although it still looks very ug-…though big, his swimming style can almost be called graceful.

With a slight swing of the tail, he could go really really far.

At first, Olivia paid special attention to the tail to judge Mu Gen’s swimming direction, but as time passed, his eyes couldn’t help but fix on the caudal fin of the tail.

Unlike the gray-blue body, the tail fin is very bright blue, large, and long. When fully expanded, it’s like a mysterious flower blooming in the water.

Extremely beautiful.

Olivia’s heart started beating when looking at the tip of the big monster’s tail, thinking it was so cute.

Just when Olivia was fascinated by the blue tail, the surrounding environment changed. A very spectacular school of fish appeared in front of them and the moment he saw these fishes, the big monster that Mu Gen turned into immediately swam towards the center!

In an instant, Olivia felt his heart being grabbed!

Wild monkeys——these words filled his mind.

Hey! Mu Gen! Those aren’t for mating, they’re for eating ahhhh!

But Olivia soon found that he thought too much: The big monster rushed over excitedly, not for mating, but just to hunt.

He’s probably so hungry that the big monster opened his mouth eagerly as he pounced.

Olivia, who happened to witness this scene, almost opened his mouth and suffocated!

What kind of huge mouth is that! It easily opened ninety degrees, and the densely packed sharp teeth made it look even more terrifying along with that muscular wide chin. Olivia did not doubt that he could bite off a family-sized hover car!

However, after such a huge mouth with great lethality was closed, it didn’t bring the visual killing effect as expected.

Probably because he opened his mouth too much, it took a little longer to fall and during this period, the fish that had been trapped inside his mouth had already run away. The first time the big monster hunted, it didn’t catch a fish.

Instead, it choked.

Uh…although it sounds weird and incredible, this big guy looked more like a human being after choking on water.

Then, this big monster hunted that school of fish several times and with only one way of attack, opening his mouth and closing it, but he never seemed to have good timing. Even after being busy for a long time, he only ate fishtails.

The fishes swam to a deeper place in a panic and the big guy who just transformed didn’t dare go to such a dark place. After shaking his tail in place for a long time, he could only gnaw two mouthfuls of the surrounding water plants.

He looked…really pitiful.


So when the big monster found the second school of fish and hunted again, Olivia also caught a few big fat fish. When the school of fish ran away again and the big monster got nothing and could only gnaw on the water plants, Olivia swam towards him tentatively and handed a fish over.

The huge mouth immediately opened to its maximum capacity and closed quickly. Fortunately, Olivia quickly took back his hands, otherwise, he would have lost his arm!

Even if Olivia took into account Mu Gen’s size and stomach capacity and deliberately caught a large fish, it was still too small for this big monster. After eating, the two small black spots on the big head looked at Olivia and soon opened his mouth again.

Olivia graciously put another fish in and the big mouth closed fiercely.

Re-open, re-release, open again, put again…

This repeated about four times. By the fifth time, the closing speed of the big mouth slowed down noticeably and became less eager.

On one hand, it might indicate that he’s not so hungry, and on the other hand, it indicates that his vigilance towards Olivia has decreased.

Feeding him the last fish, Olivia gently touched the big gray-blue head while it was eating.

Cold and delicate, a wonderful feeling peculiar to aquatic animals.

Without waiting for Olivia to feel more, the big monster flicked its tail and a violent current pushed Olivia away.

Although it still represents resistance, it’s much lighter than before.

A smile appeared on Olivia’s face.

However, Mu Gen’s learning ability is indeed extremely strong. As his control over his body became stronger, he started catching fish. When he caught fish for the first time, he made a move that surprised Olivia:

He actually brought the first fish he caught to Olivia.

Sure enough, even if his consciousness is dominated by his wild instincts, Mu Gen is still Mu Gen…

Gently touching the round head of the big monster, Olivia wasn’t pushed away this time.

Getting more and more accustomed to life in the sea, Mu Gen decided to explore deeper. Olivia had already used compressed oxygen cylinders. Checking the remaining oxygen content, he gritted his teeth and decided to continue following Mu Gen.

He knew the horror of the deep sea but he also knew that if he lost Mu Gen this time, he would regret it all his life.

Just before heading to a deeper level of water, Olivia put on special equipment for deep-sea diving. This is what Mu Gen prepared in his backpack in advance and Mu Gen would prepare two sets of such equipment every time they went to sea. Though they never used it, this time…

Olivia was extremely grateful for Mu Gen’s caution.

The wetsuit was gray-blue and when Olivia pressed a switch, the moisture between the diving suit and his skin was instantly discharged, and the thermostat activated. Olivia, who had been soaking in the cold water for a long time, finally felt better.

The monster Mu Gen curiously surrounded the well-dressed Olivia and carefully observed that Olivia suddenly became the same color as him. Then he plunged into the deep sea and Olivia followed suit.

This is probably the deepest undersea expedition that the two had so far.

They saw a lot of incredible scenery.

All kinds of weird-looking deep-sea fish and all kinds of weird aquatic plants.

Sure enough, even like this, Mu Gen is still Mu Gen. As long as the two are together, there will always be wonderful experiences.

There are only two of them on the seabed, except for the aquatic plants and fish that occassionally pass by.

Suddenly, Olivia felt like the two of them were dependent on each other. The monster Mu Gen probably thought so too because he allowed Olivia to lie on his back.

They’re already in quite a deep place that even with the military diving equipment and his outstanding physique, Olivia still couldn’t endure so his speed dropped drastically. Mu Gen turned around to find him when he first found out and then took the initiative to put him on his head.

For the next period, Olivia had been lying on top of Mu Gen’s head.

Mu Gen not only played with him but also fished him something to eat. Although he couldn’t accept it because of the diving suit, Olivia was still very happy.

Even if he lost consciousness, Mu Gen is still very good to him——when he realized this, his heart was sweet.

Until they met another school of fish.

Completely different from the previous schools of fish food, this is a…a school of monster fishes that looked very similar to the monster Mu Gen! Some are similar but also different. Unlike Mu Gen, whose forelimbs are very similar to Kantas, this group of monsters seems to be complete “fish”. Gathering here, they seemed to be…

Having blind dates?

This thought came to Olivia’s mind very strangely.

This is bad——

He immediately remembered the doctor’s orders: Now is when Mu Gen’s hormones are the strongest. At this time, once he receives the same pheromones, he’s very susceptible to dominance and thus——

Without waiting for Olivia to finish thinking about it, Mu Gen had already rushed over with arrogance!

Like a male beast in the courtship period, Mu Gen rushed into a group of females very vigorously. This provocative behavior immediately aroused the other party’s resistance. With sharp teeth and powerful tails as their weapons, a group of extremely similar monsters bit each other.

Although Mu Gen is brave and good at fighting, he’s alone after all. They’re not that big but since there are dozens of them, each one was bigger than him! Soon, Mu Gen, an outsider, was besieged. His beautiful and delicate gray-blue skin was bitten and a lot of blood scattered in the seawater.

Ah! Mu Gen was bullied——Forgetting that the person who rushed out to provoke them was Mu Gen, Olivia, who was dizzy from the pressure of the deep sea, thought vaguely and eccentrically.

Then, he made a very dangerous move.

Under the deep sea, Olivia transformed!

The gray-blue diving suit instantly burst open and a huge male Kantas suddenly appeared, quickly standing in front of the big monster Mu Gen and biting the opponents!

why am I doing this? If he can’t defeat this group of competitors, then Mu Gen can’t find a wife, right?

But…if he doesn’t do this, Mu Gen would be bitten so pitifully…can’t stand it.

Ah…oxygen…not enough oxygen…

While fiercely biting the monster fishes other than Mu Gen, Olivia thought dizzily.

He just remembered that this is the deep sea and he shouldn’t have transformed like this.

Probably because of the recent strong pheromone, he made such irrational behavior.

However, even in his most sane condition, once Mu Gen was in danger, he would still do it.

When he finally helped Mu Gen defeat the last monster, Olivia couldn’t hold it anymore. To preserve his physical fitness as much as possible, he immediately became humanoid and then fell into a comatose state.

Sorry…Mu Gen, I still haven’t tied you up…

Before fainting, Mu Gen’s last smiling face appeared in his mind.

Mu Gen’s smiling face would reveal a mouthful of clean white teeth every time.

The author has something to say:

Uh, Mu Gen is male, male.

This novel is not BG.



Am I to assume that Mu Gen turned into a dolphin? A freaking huge one? Or a whale? Or a mix of both but with a flat head?

TINA V8C259: Ancient Earthling
TINA V8C261: A Lamp

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