ACDWL 094: New House

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(Amazing …)

A house was being built in the blink of an eye.

It’s a house for my parents-in-law to live in.

Moreover, it’s huge.

I’ve heard that the two were paid higher than Rodo and have considerable assets.

They also paid for the house where we live which is also quite large.

And their house in Seidask seems to be demolished because it’s no longer needed.

They said that if Rodo had a support mission, my parents-in-law would follow.

As expected, it’s probably to act as my escort.

I knew what a “mate” was but because I was always with Rodo, whom others couldn’t win against, I never knew how dangerous it is to be alone.

……or rather, I didn’t want to recognize that.

But when they said that I somehow smell like their mate, I reasoned that it was just my feelings for Rodo.

Even so, when I’m told such a thing, I will be on the alert.

So I haven’t talked to anyone since then.

I’m not the type to show goodwill to someone whom I recognize as dangerous.

I don’t remember being particularly close to anyone and I don’t think I need to talk to others…since I can remember, I’ve never had a conversation with Rodo’s subordinates other than Ren.

Rodo isn’t the type to pay attention to his surroundings, excessively so.

So I was thinking of acting as the mediator.

──well, I can’t say anything about Rodo either.

“Because I’m not good at it” and “I don’t like it”, as long as they’re working, those excuses wouldn’t pass.

Rodo can let it through, but I don’t think he’ll do so…

Rodo, who is sweet to me, always tells me that I don’t have to endure.

I’m a bad guy because I’m too spoiled by Rodo.

Maybe it was bad to come to this world as a child?

When I was in Japan, I was quite a brat.

Crying, tantrums, saying selfish things…

I shouldn’t be that much of a bratty kid.


“Ko? …Are you watching again?”

While looking out the window, there’s a sigh behind me.

Of course, Rodo made that slightly moody voice.

Rodo is always a little sullen these days because I’m looking forward to my parents-in-law living next door.

Well, I’m looking forward to it, but it’s also interesting to see how they build a house.

Looking out the window has become a daily routine these days.

As well as Rodo hugging me from behind.

When this happens, I’d be so spoiled that I can’t look at the house anymore.

If I’m a cat, I’d definitely be mewling right now.


When I got married, it was my first time so the sex that was once a week to 10 days is now almost every day.

On the days we didn’t do it, I just fell asleep.

Moreover, every time, he makes a face indicating he’s unsatisfied.

……Is this guy peerless?

Or is it just Rodo?

My body, which had become accustomed to being embraced, became sensitive with just a little skinship.

My senses increase.

And everything smells stronger.

I’m not sure, but if I do this, making children might be soon.

For me, I’m aiming for less than 10 years…

There’s a high possibility that the schedule will collapse, but it’s just a guide.

Ten years later, I’ll be 29 years old.

“Is that still fine?” I thought.

I don’t know if my life was extended, stayed the same, or shrunk.

Therefore, I want it as soon as possible.

My parents-in-law said that it took more than 200 years of trying before Rodo was born, so I don’t know if I can even conceive.


“Ko, let’s go soon.”

Prompted by Rodo, he closed the window.

It’s time to work.

My parents-in-law are staying in the barracks until the house is completed.

I wish I could come to their house…but Rodo hadn’t given me his permission.

I don’t like them hearing my voice when I’m being embraced, but Rodo said he’s the same.

……but our meaning seemed different.

I’m embarrassed, but Rodo says it’s a waste for them to hear.

He also said that it’d be troublesome if he heard them say that they might be my “mate”.

He said it’s common for Akinists to fight with their family.

It seems that there was such a thing in history.

Rodo also says he’s okay with fighting his parents.

But Rodo is the only one I like in the sense of love.


Even though I wanted to talk to them, after seeing the window closed, I was picked up.

I have nothing to say about this movement method anymore.


I don’t think there’s much healer work in Kalzen.

This is because while studying as a healer, I often asked people with old injuries to act as my healing practice patients.

There are also healers for common injuries.

So to not take away their work, I’m with Rodo and doing household chores.

Most of the people with old wounds are healed during practice, but some might still exist.

I’ll be in the barracks anyway, so they can always come to find me there.

Inside the barracks, I’d sit on a bench and watch Rodo while talking to my parents-in-law.

With this, I can be with them until Rodo’s break.

During Rodo’s break, he’d separate me from my parents-in-law and place me on his lap.

Others sometimes said that I’m being monopolized, but I and Rodo are partners, so I don’t mind.


(So peaceful …)

While leaning on his solid body, I sometimes think so.

This is a world where monsters appear, small conflicts occur, and it’s not “peaceful”…but I’m referring to my emotions.

I can be with my favorite person without worrying about the eyes around me.

Even if I act spoiled, Rodo wouldn’t look troubled, but on the contrary, he’d look happy.

──I also feel happy.


I can only truly relax in Rodo’s arms.

Aside from my parents-in-law, I still don’t like being hugged by others.

……I wonder why?

I’d be happy if they accepted me as a person, but it doesn’t matter if they didn’t…

Is it impossible for me to get close to others because of my personality?

It’s not like Rodo is completely uninterested in others.

And I’m not thinking of having a special friend.

……when I was in Japan, I was only socializing for outward appearances.

That didn’t seem to change even here.


“House is built, isn’t it?”

Probably because of this world.

It’s been less than a month, but the exterior of my parents-in-law’s house is almost complete.

Even though there’s no heavy machinery used, if you look at how they did it, it’s mostly human-powered with muscular people, who seem to be carpenters, using ropes.

The people involved in construction are as muscular as the soldiers.

……no, maybe more.

And there are quite a lot of people working next to the house.

Human power seems to be the main force in this world, and I thought this was normal, but ──

“Ah. The number of people doing the construction was increased by paying more. It will be completed soon.”

It was the power of money, my father-in-law said when he heard my thoughts…I’m convinced.

Well, I heard their wealth is considerable.

…I don’t know how much though.


“I’m looking forward, to it?”


Father-in-law’s eyes drooped down.

This face looks a lot like Rodo when he’s happy.

……no, I think it’s similar to Rodo.

However, I can feel a deep affection that Rodo does not have.

It seems that he only loves me as a “real son”.

…….or something to that effect.

…………or rather, because he’s an Akinist, a nyanko-sama, I might have subconsciously thought that I wanted to get closer.

But that way, I wouldn’t have treated my father-in-law as a “parent”.

Mother-in-law is also sweet.

If anything, my mother-in-law feels infinitely sweet.

And they usually listen to me with a smile.

I feel like I’m being treated like a young child, so I can’t help but give up.

My father-in-law is 687 years old and my mother-in-law is 748 years old.

For such people, I, a 19 years old, would be no different from a baby.

……that also applies to Rodo, who is 157 years old.

No matter how close I am to adulthood, I have only lived for 19 years.



My parents-in-law’s house was completed in no time.

And when I gave them congratulatory words, they hugged me for some reason.

──Sure enough, we were separated by Rodo, who had an angry expression.

I think Rodo’s desire for monopoly is more than what’s natural between mates.

My parents-in-law also said so.

I’m not without possessiveness but it’s not as much as Rodo…I think.

I’m aware that I’m obsessed with him because he’s the first person to make me experience such feelings.


My parents-in-law’s house has a blackish appearance, which is rare in this world.

Rather, it’s rare to color the exterior.

If you ask me, I haven’t seen such a house before.

When I asked, Rodo said because it would cost extra money.

It seems even the house we’re in was given by his parents when Rodo became an adult.

It’s also a pretty sturdy house that isn’t damaged anywhere.

If I listen carefully, I will hear the construction outside. It seems that they applied magic such as increasing the strength of the timber.

When dismantling houses, he said that they can easily dismantle them by releasing the magic.

……how convenient, but am I the only one who thinks it’s full of blind spots?

After all, if someone deliberately or accidentally deploys the dismantling magic inside the house, it will cause considerable human damage.

Did they think about that?

I’m from somewhere else, so I hope I just noticed that…

Somehow, when it comes to being attacked, they’re full of gaps.

I’m also not very smart.

So it wouldn’t be strange if someone else thought of something even I can think of.

……it might be unavoidable for me to think about this, but …

(I hope nothing like that happens in the future…)

I just hope so.

ACDWL 093: Akinist Information
ACDWL 095: Visiting Other Countries

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  1. That kind of possessiveness and desire for total monopolization is an absolute turn-off for me. Maybe it’s because I’m very introverted, but I absolutely require time to myself. I would also be infinitely annoyed if they tried to control who I could speak to. I mean, you need to have a level of trust in your partner that they aren’t going to cheat on you. The lecherous gaze of others isn’t pleasant, but as long as your partner only has such intentions for you then everything is well.

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