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─King’s side─


All kings will go back and forth between countries for diplomatic relations.

When I visit other countries, I take the Captains of the 1st and 2nd Corps, the Representative of Sarez, and the guards in the castle.

I didn’t bring the Deputy Captains in case the country was attacked while I’m away. They’d be in trouble if the country didn’t have the strength to resist.

Usually, aside from them, one Akinist will come with me, but from this time on, Rodokiaus, the Captain of the 3rd Corps, and Ko, a magician, and healer, will accompany me.

But Sullivantos and Artemia, who didn’t need to come, also came for some reason.

When I called them before, the person who came was reluctant, but now, even though I didn’t call them, both came voluntarily…

Ko sat in front of Captain Rodokiaus, who straddled a Doniclon.

Next to them are Sullivantos and Artemia on Sekisvas.

It’s like…no, rather, it’s an arrangement to protect Ko.

I’m jealous that he’s being protected by three Akinists.

Even though Ko’s power is tremendous, if three Akinists are added…no one can do anything to him.

No one would even be courageous enough.

They’d be intimidated just by the Akinist’s aura.

……but I’m not the only one who wants to get closer to Ko, who was smiling in the center.

I know I’ll be rebuffed, but I still want to reach out.

That would be especially true for those who have hidden intentions for Ko.

No matter what, people’s gazes gather at Ko.

Ko is happily chatting with Captain Rodokiaus, Sullivantos, and Artemia.

I wonder what kind of conversation they’re having.

I know they are family members, but they usually don’t pay much attention to each other…

It might be because Captain Rodokiaus is his mate and his partner that both Sullivantos and Artemia are being sweet to Ko.

They had a smile that I’ve never seen before.

They shouldn’t be the kind of people with compassionate smiles.

However, only three people were having fun along the way.

Captain Rodokiaus kept a keen eye on his parents, who were talking from both sides.

In front of Ko, though he’s not trying to hide him in his arms, anyone can tell that he wants to do so just by looking at his face.

Unusually, Ko is laughing out loud.

……what kind of conversation are you having?



We were headed to Eri today.

The name of the king is Schnagel Saladimaud.

…Ko wouldn’t know his name.

At the time when the kings from all over met Ko, Ko couldn’t speak well yet.

He didn’t know some words and he couldn’t speak formally at that time.

And yet, when I met him today, Ko was quite fluent when speaking.

It seems that he’s still studying honorifics, but he’s less likely to mess up when speaking informally to his family.

……but when I told him that he didn’t have to use honorifics, he looked troubled.


I saw Eri’s welcome at the border.

This is the same in every country.

When the king of another country comes to Marihect, soldiers from the border will bring them to the castle.

One of the greeters, a man who seems to be a Captain, bowed to Ko before me.

Come to think of it, Ko had healed this man’s old wound before.

His cheeks are now unblemished that you can’t think they were originally scratched.

Ko seemed to notice him and smiled.

And … as usual, Captain Rodokiaus made a grim face, but the eyes of the two people next to them also became sharp.

The two seemed to be more suspicious than wary, but even so… their aura amplified.

If the three Akinists amplify the aura they emit, the surroundings could only be pressured.

Meanwhile, Ko is the only one who is not pressured.

He could even call the Akinists, who are said to be the strongest in the world and has no enemies, “cute”.

Although it’s not a race that can be described by that word.

Ko is the only one who can call them “cute” even when seeing the intimidated looks of everyone around him.


Eri’s welcomers retreated all at once because of the Akinist’s aura.

The Sekisvas who are not that accustomed to an Akinist’s aura also started screaming all at once.

Ko is the only one who looked confused.

All Sekisvas here had met an Akinist before so no one was shaken off… but as expected, if all three Akinists were gathered, they would be scared even if they were accustomed to it.

However, if this feeling is mixed with murderous intent, there will be a series of fainting people.


“Ko, you know that? What’s your relationship?”

Meanwhile, Artemia called out to Ko.

Only they can call soldiers from other countries “that”.

“While studying healing, I was allowed to practice. You have to practice to become a healer, Noma said. ….. At that time, I still failed.”

I’m not the only one who was surprised by Ko’s words.

(Doing that kind of healing … is a “failure” !?)

Certainly, once healed, there was a slight amount of scarring on the cheeks.

However, no one would have been able to heal old wounds by that much.

He then used special magic to remove the remaining scars, but no one would think that the first healing was a “failure”.

Only Ko would recognize that as a “failure.”


“Oh, dear. So that was a practice partner. …..but you don’t have to do it for free anymore, right?”

……I think that’s only natural.

Ko’s power is special, but Ko’s physical strength will not be maintained if he gave benefits to anyone.

“Yes. Because it will take away the work of other healers, Kou won’t do that even if I’m free. Kou does it for free only to family.”

He had a smile that doesn’t feel like a wall at all.

It seems that they are also included in the “family” that Ko said.


“Really. If we ever get injured, we’ll just ask Ko.”

It’s unlikely that an Akinist will get injured though…

Even if they’re retired, their opponent would only be their son, Captain Rodokiaus.

“Yes. If you two are injured, Kou will heal it. ……but, before that, Kou will protect you.”

Not only us but even the people who were told were surprised at what he said without any hesitation.

“Because it’s natural to protect your family, right? Then, Kou will also protect you two.”




As expected, Artemia and Sullivantos came as Ko’s escort.

And Ko already knew about it.


“……But you know. Kou will probably, protect Rodo first. “Rodo is strong, so there is no need to protect him,” they said, but he is the most important person for Kou.”

To Ko who said so apologetically, Captain Rodokiaus, who lost his expression to happiness, hugged Ko.

The two Akinists also have soft looks.

The idea of protecting “the one he wanted to protect” rather than “the one who should be protected” or “the weak” makes him less patriotic than an Akinist.

I know that they are staying in Marihect because of Ko.

That’s why I want a way to keep Ko…but I can’t think of anything.

I don’t know what Ko wants.


“It’s natural to protect the person you like. It doesn’t matter if Rodo is strong or weak.”

I think Ko, who said that to Captain Rodokiaus without any hesitation, is stronger than anyone else.

……he looked weaker than anyone who has been humanized though.

Aren’t you content to just be protected?

If there were three Akinists around, even I would be arrogant.

Where does Ko’s strength come from?


─King’s side end ─

T/N: That was a shock. From deciphering words to phrases, I now have complete sentences coming from Kou. What a miracle!

ACDWL 094: New House
ACDWL 096: At Eri

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