TINA V8C266: Discovery On The Seabed

TINA V8C265: Uncle Alpha's New Ideals
TINA V8C267: Ancient Earth Buildings

It’s another sunny day suitable for going out to sea.

Olivia and Mu Gen went out to play again.

Avoiding Sigma’s startup time, Olivia set off early in the morning, but the uncles turned on earlier than him. Looking at the two little monsters, Alpha eventually handed them two extra-large bentos.

The little monster Oli and the little monster Mu Gen each carried a lunch box and set off happily ~\(≧▽≦)~

After they left, Uncle Alpha began to do housework very virtuously. The little monster Mu Gen is used to eating at home so he’ll actively throw out the fish bones after eating. As a little monster, he’s still very caring. However, his height was too big and his eyes too small so there are always some food residues that cannot be cleaned out. At this time, the hard-working robot Alpha will come out.

Gathering the residues drifting in the sea, Alpha threw them out of the nest and then just stood nearby, not leaving.

After five minutes, a small group of brightly colored yellow fishes suddenly appeared in front of him, their goal is naturally the “garbage” thrown away by Alpha. The yellow fishes competed for these precious foods and after a while, a larger group of little red fishes came over. Another while later, a larger group of little blue fishes came over…

Alpha was surrounded by schools of colorful fishes.

From time to time, he’d touch these little fishes with his mechanical fingers and those little fishes who were eager to compete with their food companions didn’t care. They let him touch casually and some would even hold Alpha’s finger and bite it for a while, looking so cute.

Letting the fish rush to grab the food around him, Alpha secretly took a lot of pictures.

For Alpha, the time to “empty the garbage” every day was also a very pleasant time to feed the fish. Quietly enjoying the time when he was alone with the school of rare fishes, Alpha’s dark screen was green.

After a while, the largest fishes swam over.

They’re not here to eat the leftovers from Mu Gen’s family, but rather the small fishes who are eating the leftovers.

Opening their mouth full of sharp bloody teeth, these big guys rushed into the schools of fishes fiercely, and then——

Then there is no more.

Three punches fainted the three big fishes and Alpha dragged the three fishes home.

At home, Robot Stone also turned on and wiped the stones used as decoration at home. Seeing Alpha, he greeted him happily then noticed the big fishes behind Alpha at a glance.

“I took out the trash and incidentally brought back today’s dinner ingredients.” Alpha dragged the big fishes in.

“It’s a very fresh tiger tooth shark.” After checking what type the ingredient is, the senior nanny robot experiencedly said.

“Put it in the storage room and feed them directly to Mu Gen when they come back.” Alpha continued.

“Okay.” Stone nodded.

“Don’t put the biggest one in. Take it to the shore for the neighbors to eat later.” Alpha ordered.

“Okay ^_^” Stone readily agreed.

And for the following time, the robots cleaned and divided the fish, very orderly. This is an ordinary day for Mu Gen’s robots.


This day is an ordinary day for the robots but definitely not for Mu Gen and Olivia!

Of course, their initial schedule was very normal.

As usual, Olivia took Mu Gen to the deep sea far away from the shore where no land could be seen. With the sun just right, the sparkling waves made people feel relaxed and happy.

Turning over, the two little monsters decided to bask in the sun.

Because the sun was so comfortable, the two accidentally fell asleep.

Fortunately for Mu Gen, he’s an aquatic creature so he could still float on the sea when he fall asleep but Olivia is not so lucky and choked on the water!


He hurriedly turned into a human and quickly swam to the surface while grabbing Mu Gen’s tail. Olivia coughed embarrassingly and swallowed the salty seawater. After he finished coughing, the little monster Mu Gen thoughtfully used his tail to pull him to his belly and the two continued to bask in the sun.

If Mu Gen can be tanned at this time, then, when he wakes up, there’d probably be a white shadow on his belly, right?

Lying on Mu Gen’s belly while letting his imagination run wild, Olivia fell asleep again.


The middle of the sea in the afternoon is very peaceful.

The change happened suddenly while Olivia was dreaming. He vaguely heard something in his dreams and he thought he was on a boat, then suddenly, the boat capsized!

His body was immersed in cold water and the salty water entered his mouth and nose, so Olivia woke up in a panic.

Who knew that he’s in the sea when he woke up and just like in a dream, he was struggling under the sea with two huge lunch boxes beside him but he couldn’t see Mu Gen.

Wait——where’s Mu Gen?

Olivia looked around alertly, but couldn’t find the little monster Mu Gen. Diving underwater, there’s still no Mu Gen in the shallow sea.

Wiping the seawater off his face, Olivia calmly looked at the intellectual brain on his wrist. After discovering what happened to Mu Gen, Mr. Sith gave him a set of positioning devices which seemed very useful today.

Olivia called up a program in his brain, which clearly showed Mu Gen’s coordinates: Mu Gen was in the depths of the ocean floor below Olivia.

Maybe he went down to find something to eat or maybe he fell asleep at the bottom.

Olivia was relieved.

Then, calmly taking out a set of deep-sea diving equipment, Olivia simply dived in Mu Gen’s direction.

The upper part of the water was no different from where he dived before, so turning a blind eye to the small fishes that occassionally swam past him, Olivia just swam to Mu Gen’s location.

The water pressure became bigger and bigger and at a certain depth, Olivia turned on the searchlight.

Then, as he went deeper, with the help of the searchlight, Olivia saw a very incredible sight:

In the sea below, there’s a faint shape of a city!

Despite being extremely surprised, Olivia’s diving speed remained the same. Increasing the intensity of the searchlight, as he approached, the scenery on the seabed became clearer and clearer!

It’s really a city!

When Olivia finally stood at the bottom of the sea, he almost thought that he’s standing in a certain city on land!

With all kinds of houses and even billboards, zebra crossings, and traffic lights, this is really a city!

The surprise was only for a moment as Olivia didn’t forget why he came down. He then walked towards Mu Gen’s location shown in the brain.

Mu Gen was lying under a strange building at this moment and the moment he saw Mu Gen, Olivia was surprised again:

At this time, Mu Gen is in human form!

The humanoid Mu Gen quietly curled up on the red brick floor with a calm expression, looking like he’s asleep.

Did he sink because he transformed?

After two minutes of surprise, Olivia swam towards Mu Gen. Reaching out, Olivia shook Mu Gen awake and this time, he didn’t spend much effort as Mu Gen easily woke up.

When those big black eyes opened, they were ignorant at first but when he recognized the person behind the diving suit as Olivia, a gentle light burst from those eyes.

“Oli?” Mu Gen opened his mouth.

With how his lips moved, Olivia knew he probably called his name, however, since they’re at the sea bottom at the moment, Mu Gen only spat out a few bubbles.

Inside the diving suit, Olivia couldn’t help but smile.

Mu Gen was obviously shocked by the bubbles he spat out.

But when he noticed that he’s on the bottom of the sea right now, he was even more surprised.

After a while, don’t know if he remembered something since Mu Gen suddenly fell silent. When he raised his head again to look at Olivia, even on the gloomy seabed, Olivia actually blushed.

Yes, behind the diving suit, Olivia is actually blushing.

Reaching out to hold Mu Gen’s hand, Mu Gen didn’t refuse.

So Olivia pulled Mu Gen from the bottom of the sea.

“It hurts.” The moment he got up from the ground, Mu Gen couldn’t help but cry out in pain. Although he couldn’t hear his voice, Olivia still understood by reading his lips so Olivia’s face flushed even harder.

“I’m sorry.” Using the wrist brain, he displayed this sentence in a text.

“My whole body hurts, huh? Oli, did I grow taller?” Mu Gen checked his body and after standing up, he compared his height with Olivia and immediately became happy.

“Oli, look, I’m only a head away from you now!” With his hands comparing the two, Mu Gen looked very happy.

“It turned out to be growing pains!” Finding out the cause of the pain throughout his body, Mu Gen said with satisfaction.

So this time, the one who turned sullen was Olivia.

But the frustration didn’t last long as Olivia became distracted by the next sentence that Mu Gen wrote on his palm.

“I’ve seen this building before. This is the Forbidden City!” Unlike Olivia, Mu Gen clearly recognized the origin of this building!

“Forbidden City?” Olivia was obviously not impressed by these words.

“It’s a palace in Ancient Earth cultural relics and the palace where the Emperor lived in ancient times!” Mu Gen then briefly explained: “I have an introduction and pictures of this palace! The original book is now preserved by Sigma.”

Olivia nodded.

“Ah! Isn’t that the Eiffel Tower?” Mu Gen is spitting out bubbles again! Tugging Olivia’s hand, he motioned for Olivia to look at a metal building in the southwest!

“Oh-oh! There’s a pyramid~” The ancient buildings that could only be seen in his childhood picture albums suddenly appeared in front of him so Mu Gen inevitably became a little excited. He pointed out these buildings one by one to Olivia and attached as much detailed explanation as possible.

Mu Gen was happy but Olivia was lost.

“With so many buildings in your hometown, is…is this Earth?”

Olivia asked and the confused one became the youth Mu Gen.


The author has something to say:

Everyone should guess, where this place is.



For a moment there, I thought the Forbidden City he’s talking about was Las Vegas and was confused when he said something about a palace, but then it clicked. Oh, right, the Forbidden City in China, Las Vegas is called Sin City. I mixed those two up.

TINA V8C265: Uncle Alpha's New Ideals
TINA V8C267: Ancient Earth Buildings

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