ACDWL 096: At Eri

ACDWL 095: Visiting Other Countries
ACDWL 097: Other Than Diplomacy

This time, I came as an “attendant” because I’m Rodo’s partner.

I think it’s because of me that my parents-in-law also came.

The fact that there’s an Akinist during the diplomatic relations was decided while in Marihect.

Even in another country, he said this wouldn’t change.

I’m annoyed that Akinists are used as diplomatic tools but Rodo himself didn’t seem to care.

He recognized this matter as natural.

When I asked His Majesty, he said it’s been like this even when there are more Akinists in the past.

In each country, one representative would always be in attendance.

Right now, there are only Akinists in Marihect, so it looks like they’re the only ones attending.

Semi-Akinists are also not judged as real Akinists so they’re not called to the place for diplomatic relations.

In other words, the last Akinist is Rodo.

Even if I gave birth to Rodo’s child, that child would be half-Akinist.

…though I still don’t know what my race is.

When I first came to this world, I was in a shrunken figure, which I could still turn into, and I could even use magic so I can no longer be called a “human”.

But right now, I look the same as when I was in Japan.

Even though I’ve become accustomed to this world’s common sense, I think my five senses haven’t changed.

…just what am I?

I’m happy that I met Rodo, but I still don’t understand why I came to this world in the first place.

If I was told that it’s to meet Rodo, I’d be convinced but still not understand.

Because even if I married Rodo, there’s only the possibility of a semi-Akinist being born.

Even if I have some influence as a magician and healer, it’s not like I’m going to kill anyone, and I have no intention of injuring anyone.

I understand that the magical power I possess and the magic that only I can use are “special”.

But that’s only while I’m alive.

I’m not sure how many years I’ll live though…

…maybe my child will inherit my power?

If an Akinist and my power were combined, then no one would be a match other than a pure Akinist.

…but my half-Akinist child would have a clear difference in power compared to a regular Akinist.

I heard the same is true for other races, but will it weaken if the child inherits my power?

Still, was I called to this world because my power is needed?


While I was thinking, I was sitting on Rodo’s lap before I knew it.

Towards the Kings of other countries, Rodo didn’t need to bow like with His Majesty.

Just an acknowledgment seemed to be enough.

…but why am I sitting on Rodo’s lap?

“Rodo, let go. I’ll sit on my own.”

“It’s fine like this.”


I said that because everyone is watching and I didn’t want to sit on his lap in this place…

But he won’t let go of his hand.

On the contrary, he tightened his hold.

I wouldn’t be able to escape from this arm without using movement magic.

With my physical strength, I can’t get rid of Rodo’s arm.

But if I use movement magic to get away, Rodo’s mood would turn sour.

Looks like he didn’t want me to escape from him using magic.

…well, whatever.

I don’t know when it will disappear, but being away from me would make Rodo’s emotions fluctuate.

I think that Rodo’s overwhelming feelings might feel heavy for some people.

If you die, I’ll follow you, he’s the kind of person who would say that without hesitation.

…but, I’ve changed into something since I left Japan, so my lifespan might be extended.

I’d be happy if that was the case.


Their Majesties began discussions, leaving me unattended.

I’m just an attending like Rodo, so I don’t have to say anything.

I didn’t even have to listen.

Even Rodo didn’t need to.

For Akinists, it only makes sense to be here because of the King’s orders, but they don’t care about the content of the diplomatic talk.

Rodo isn’t interested in diplomacy at all, so it doesn’t look like he’s listening.

My parents-in-law are also just watching me being hugged by Rodo from both sides.

All three aren’t listening at all.

I try to keep our conversation quiet, but Rodo didn’t care about the surroundings and would always speak normally.

Their Majesties also sometimes listen to our conversations.

But we’re just talking about normal small talk.

Conversations like “what to eat?” or “what is Eri’s specialty?”, things like that.

I’m looking forward to seeing the town of Eri later.

I want to see how it’s different from Marihect, and I also want to see things that are only sold at Eri.

As long as I have my family, I’ll be fine. But as expected, since we are “Marihect citizens”, seems like Eri’s Captain will follow.

They said His Majesty will also follow but is that fine?

If the King goes to town, many escorts will follow and it’ll likely become a collective action.

I don’t really like group behavior.



“Ko, doesn’t this look good?”

“Anything suits you. I’ll buy them all!”

“Didn’t I say I’ll buy Ko’s stuff!?”


These three have been lively since a while ago.

Whenever my parents-in-law tried to give me anything in each store, Rodo would always clamor to pay for it.

It seems that the option of not buying is not present to these three.

“I don’t need it. I have a lot of clothes. I don’t need a store.”

I return the clothes that the three are fighting over to the shelves and leave the store.

Since earlier, this has been repeated.

I kept saying that I’ll tell them if there’s something I want to buy…

But what if they buy the store?

I don’t intend to run a business.


“Ko really doesn’t want anything. You don’t have to hesitate, you know?”

“I’m not hesitant.”

As for hesitating, I’m not like that.

“I don’t need it so you don’t have to buy it.”


“…how unfortunate.”

Why are they like this…I wonder?

I’m just not that indifferent to money.

This would be unthinkable if I were in Japan, but here, I’m being spoiled by my two parents-in-law.

We don’t hug or hold hands as I do with Rodo though.

And I only ride on laps with Rodo.

──there are times when I can be hugged though.


“Do you want to eat with us today?”


“Of course!”

When I looked up with a smile, smiles came back at me.

My image of these two people is that they’re “smiling”.

But it seemed different for other people.

For Rodo, the two are cut off with the words “not interested” except for recognizing that they’re his parents.

They didn’t get angry at Rodo, or rather, they just gave up because he’s not interested in them.



I was suddenly hugged from behind.

The muscular arm around my chin belonged to Rodo.

I’d usually stroke his arm or rub our cheeks together, so for today, I turned around in his arms.

Reaching for his neck, Rodo, who knew what I wanted to do, picked me up.

When I rubbed my cheeks against him, his happy eyes came into view.

If he’s nyanko-sama, I’d be screaming by now.

Rubbing cheeks together is a sign that “I want to be spoiled”.

Actually, it seems to be an action to take in beast form, but I don’t mind doing it with a humanized Rodo.

It also makes him happy.

Because of “words and actions that only I can do”, he’d be so happy that he can’t stand it.

And then, I’d receive it every day.

Rodo’s smile would only be directed at me, and I’m the only one he’d worry about and bind with.


Rodo, who was in a good mood, walked while holding me up, while my parents-in-law followed from behind.

Their Majesties will also follow while keeping a little distance, but…do you guys really need to follow?

His Majesty and our conversation don’t mix and above all, Rodo didn’t even look at them.

So it’s hard for me to care about them and it’s tiring so I called out less often.

The King of Eri asked me to for some healing, but before I could speak, His Majesty already explained it.

…it’s natural that His Majesty knew because he’s the one who set the price.

Rodo didn’t even turn around since he wasn’t interested, so I’m grateful that I didn’t have to explain.


After that, I wandered around town while being held up by Rodo. I also rushed to stop the three from trying to buy something over and over again.

Even if I don’t think about it, I don’t think I have much time to spend leisurely like this.

To summarize the diplomatic talks earlier, Eri wanted Marihect to lend their strength.

It seems that monsters appeared more frequently from the mountains along the border between Aricalen and Eri.

Aricalen has mountain ranges between neighboring countries so it seems like a country that’s inconvenient to come and go.

There seem to be tunnels, but some have collapsed due to the monsters.

So, first of all, they want our help to subdue the monsters that enter Eri, then investigate the situation of Aricalen.

It seems that they’ve lost contact with Aricalen for several days. Even if they’re another country, they’d be worried because there’d always be connections between countries.

If the opponent is a monster, the mission will involve the Third Corps led by Rodo and probably another Corps.

Marihect is also adjacent to Aricalen, albeit slightly.

That’s why there’s no reason to decline.

If Eri failed to subdue the monsters, it will likely come to Marihect.

In other words, I’ll be coming to Eri again soon.

I heard that the Third Corps was the busiest, but as expected, is it because the Captain is Rodo?

I never thought that I would go abroad rather than just go to other towns.

Yet, Rodo’s reply was just one word, “Understood.”

I think he’s used to it.

He wasn’t upset, impatient, or disgusted, but more like he was just getting a job.

“I appreciate your help.”

The King of Eri──Schnagel Saladimaud──bowed.

It’s hard to say his name so I’ll just call him “Eri King”.

…but I don’t understand who he bowed to.

Is it because I’m between Rodo and the Eri King?

But, Rodo wouldn’t throw out the work he accepted.

Just what on earth did he expect from me?

Do you also want me to participate in the monster subjugation?

Even if I’m not told, I’ll be involved since I’m going with Rodo.

I don’t want to just be protected.

ACDWL 095: Visiting Other Countries
ACDWL 097: Other Than Diplomacy

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