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Among the group from Marihect, there was Ko who could use that special power.

I’ve heard he always accompany the Akinist wherever he goes…

But why are the others here too?

“Don’t worry about Artemia and Sullivantos. The two of them only came as Ko’s escort, not as “Akinists”.”

I’m stunned by the words of Kursedum Miadolog, the King of Marihect.

I’ve heard that Ko was the last Akinist’s, Rodokiaus Serafine, partner.

In other words, the two next to him are his parents-in-law.

I can’t think of them escorting their son-in-law because of the nature of an Akinist…what does this mean?

The two are talking to Ko while ignoring their son’s glares.

Ko also smiled at those two.

…rather, why is Ko sitting on Captain Rodokiaus’ lap.

I was quite surprised when Captain Rodokiaus entered the conference room with Ko in his arms…

As the Captain of the Third Corps, I had seen him before.

However, he wouldn’t respond to any chat and wouldn’t smile.

I knew from before that he’d give a gentle look only when he saw Ko.

But…why are you currently putting Ko on your lap and hugging each other?

Even though he’s your partner, to behave like this in a place of diplomatic relations…

But I can’t say anything to an Akinist.

Moreover, he belongs to Marihect.

If I do something to an Akinist, it’s not strange if they declared war.

…but before that, I’ll be killed by the Akinist.


“Yeah. Let’s go to town later.”

Didn’t you notice that your partner is staring at his parents behind you?

Still, Ko is talking with a smile.

I was surprised that he’s now able to speak very fluently.

“I want to buy Rodo some clothes. …can Kou choose?”

But when Ko looked up, he’d (Rodo) have a beaming smile.

It’s quite a change.

“Rodo looks good in whatever he wears, so choosing clothes is fun.”

“I see. I’m looking forward to wearing the clothes that Ko chose.”

He had a sloppy face.

I heard they’re mates, but…Captain Rodokiaus only seemed able to see Ko.


I listened more to Ko’s chat than the diplomatic talk.

This time, in collaboration with Marihect, I asked them to visit the country to subdue the monsters that appeared from the mountains bordering Aricalen.

The existence of monsters emerging from the mountains is a headache every time.

The monsters might have appeared from Aricalen’s side bordering us, but it can’t be said that the monsters won’t flow to Marihect, which is adjacent to Eri.

That’s why, when I suggested cooperation from Marihect, they visited the country.

…this time, we’re just discussing how to lend our strengths.

Like discussing how much manpower we will give and how much manpower they will lend.

…I would like Ko, who has that special power, to participate as a healer…

In a monster subjugation, some people will get injured.

But with his power, some of them will not die.

…I’m worried if he’ll perform as a “healer”.

What is his current position?


“Captain Rodokiaus, Ko. Can both of you participate in this mission?”

The King of Marihect is very untactful, but I don’t think he can take a high-handed attitude.

The two who didn’t listen at all and was supposed to be working, but instead chatting──


After hearing Captain Rodokiaus say so, Ko also acknowledged it.

Seems like they were listening to this talk while chatting.

“What about father-in-law and mother-in-law?”

“Of course we’ll go with you.”

“We will follow where Ko goes.”

Apparently, Captain Rodokiaus’ parents will also come.

Even though they have retired from the line of duty, they’re still powerful as Akinists.

How reassuring.

…but why are they escorting Ko?

Is Ko’s wariness low?

But is there anyone who’d bother an Akinist’s partner?

…that’s just waiting for “death”.


“Does father-in-law and mother-in-law use swords like Rodo?”

Ko asked while tilting his head.

(Why are you asking for the obvious?)

There are weapons other than the sword, but for an Akinist who only fights on the front line with no support from behind, it’s only natural to use the easiest sword to handle.

Some soldiers use small weapons such as heavy axes and daggers, but when it comes to Akinist weapons, the sword is the easiest to fight with.

“That’s right. I use the sword the most.”

“I also use the sword. But there are two.”

Artemia seemed to use twin swords as weapons.

…but I’ve only seen her use one sword before…

Is my memory wrong?

Or did she just happen to use one sword that day?


“Really!? Kou can’t use a sword so I like seeing people wield a sword! It’s cool!”

“I-I see. We’ll show you next time.”

I’ve never seen Sullivantos laughing so happily.

“Next time, shall I practice with Sullivantos?”

Even Artemia is enthusiastic.

And Captain Rodokaius looked so moody that he’s grinding his teeth.

…I want to tell Ko to look at his partner.

But Kou just said, “I can’t use a sword.”

Certainly, it might be difficult to swing a sword with that thin body.

He should just be a magician and a healer.

That way, he wouldn’t have to swing a sword.

…I don’t understand what “cool” means though.

Since it’s only natural for soldiers to wield their swords.


“But, don’t overdo it, okay? If you get tired, tell me right away.”

I’m once again surprised by those words caring for Akinists.

Can they be “tired” when they’re unlikely to run out of physical strength?

Even though they quit being soldiers, they can definitely fight more than active soldiers.

“Rodo, too, you can’t overdo it, okay? Absolutely, okay?”


Don’t you mean just in case?

The other party is a young Akinist who is an active soldier.

Even though he can invalidate almost all magic.

Even though when humanized, he will not lose.

Why do you say such words to the person you don’t have to worry about the most?


“I got it.”

“…it’s a promise, right?”


He even reminded.

…is this necessary?


“Ko is very important to Rodokiaus.”

“Yup. Important.”

Ko immediately affirmed what Sullivantos said.

As expected, is it because they’re mates as well as partners?

“Kou decided to be with Rodo as a magician. Because Rodo is crazy if Kou isn’t watching.”

While looking back, Ko talked with his hand on Captain Rodokiaus’ cheek.

So now I can’t see Ko’s face.

I also can’t see his expression.

“…already, to the extent your body is about to fall apart, it makes me feel painful, I hate it.”

What happened?

Can an Akinist get injured?

I’ve never heard of it until now.

…but, as a “magician”?

Not as a healer?

Certainly, I’ve heard that he has a unique power as a magician, but…

Obviously, I think we’ll need his power as a healer more, but what does the King of Marihect think?

Will you accept Ko’s wants?

…seems like Ko is prioritized over the Akinist, but even if that’s the case, it’s not that strange.


─?(Eri’s King)side side─

ACDWL 096: At Eri
ACDWL 098: Monster Subjugation

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