TINA V8C273: End of the Starlight Calendar

TINA V8C272: Waves Surging Forth
TINA V8C274: Ball (End)

The Eighth Army became popular.

This group army with 70% young soldiers, 10% robots, and 20% reserve personnel from other army groups, was originally the weakest of the eight army groups. This kind of “weakness” is reflected in their overall strength. On one hand——the soldiers are too young and their leader too young. On the other hand, it’s reflected in their relationship with the whole imperial army. As a temporary group army, their relationship with other armies….basically, they can’t create a relationship orz.

They surprised people by their outstanding performance in the war and people thought “this group of young people are good”. But when the sphere of influence was redivided after the war, their leader resolutely gave up the best opportunity to grab territory and instead went chasing the enemy everywhere. It’s undeniable that this is indeed a great feat but it’s also meaningless. Stable power is always based on solid development and a group army with rich territory compared to a group army that has no powerful rear, which one has the better future is very obvious.

“Sure enough, still too young.” ——almost everyone thought so, but——

God knows how this young leader of this young group army actually encountered friendly visitors from higher civilizations in that starfield at that time!

Note! A friendly visitor!

Since the successful establishment of a relationship with that civilization, the Eighth Army, the smallest group army, actually became the richest group army. Seizing this opportunity, they even became the most closely connected army to the advanced civilizations!

The Eighth Army completely made a reversal.

However, this group army is still too young and the people still have reservations about the future of this army. No matter how fertile the land, and no matter how fast it grows, if it can’t be kept in the end, then the rapid growth today is nothing more than a fat sheep in the eyes of others.

Until the Kantas royal blood of Olivia Augustus, Commander of the Eighth Army, was exposed. In the public opinion polls, more than 60% of the people supported this blond Lt. General’s ascension to the throne!

This is a very, very scary approval rating.

The various news articles from the people are just now catching wind of it, but there’s actually a faint understanding between the two high-level departments of the Empire:

The identity of this young Kantas has been proven. Only in this case will the two departments let the news spread among the people.

This might be building momentum for the next steps.

If their guess is true, then the Eighth Army at this time will become a reserve for the Crown Prince’s private army.

The Emperors of the past had such a private army. This army that grew up with the Emperor is only loyal to the Emperor and the Empire. As long as no mistakes are made, almost everyone will have a bright future just around the corner!

Under normal circumstances, the Commanders of the Imperial First Army to the Seventh Army will all come from this private army.

So no one dared to harass Lt. General Olivia, who was the central figure of this topic, and the remaining soldiers of the Eighth Army instantly became popular: the 70% young soldiers received various communications from relatives and friends, the 20% from other army groups who were the lowest-ranked before was contacted by their former colleagues, and the 10% robots collected to fill the shortage of human soldiers also became the focus of the ordinary soldiers of the military. They all wish they’d retire immediately so they could enter!

This army, currently on the cusp of the storm, stayed silently in the port, and quietly stayed in their battleships. As if not intending to stay longer, only Olivia and a few of his subordinates went out of the ship and landed in the port.

He once again came to that dark red meeting room like before while his subordinates, including Jopson, were stopped at the gate. Only Olivia was allowed to enter the meeting room through that dark red corridor.

After staying there for about two hours, Olivia left the meeting room, but this time, he didn’t leave alone, Marshal Rothsay also went out with him.

He paused for a while, then slowed down to match Marshal Rothsay, almost parallel but slightly ahead, Olivia slightly tilted his head:

“Lord Marshal, I want to ask for leave. I hope I can go home to have a look.”

This request was very reasonable. He hadn’t been home for almost two years. Except for meeting Mu Gen three times during several missions, he hadn’t seen anyone else in the family for two years.

“Oh~ Of course, you can.” Smiling and glancing at the tall young man beside him, Marshal Rothsay said: “Next time, you don’t need to ask me for leave.”

Olivia just smiled politely, and then turned his head.

From this perspective, Marshal Rothsay easily found that the shoulders of this young man were a little higher than him. Noting this, his beard curled up: “Yo! Lt. General Augustus is already taller than me!”

Among Kantas, Marshal Rothsay’s height was considered tall and to this day, he still remembered Olivia’s thin and small appearance when he was a teenager, and his expression became a little weird: “Your food is good!”

Olivia smiled again but didn’t speak.

“En, the food at Lt. General Augustus’ house is really good. Yesterday morning, I had a pancake made of fresh walnuts at his house and it tasted really sweet.” Mr. Sith’s voice suddenly came from behind the two.

Olivia’s expression didn’t change but he couldn’t help thinking of the backyard in his home in Bailu Star.

It’s another ripening season for walnuts…

Starlight Calendar, 2nd month, year 417, in a season where walnuts are ripe, with the strong support of the public, and with the recognition of the elder council, and the full agreement of the military and political ministries, the young Lt. General Olivia Augustus officially became the Crown Prince of the Empire. He was arranged a series of study plans and for the next six months, he conducted a series of intensive learning to learn all the necessary skills of an Emperor.

The enthronement ceremony was scheduled to take place on the 12th month six months later, a day specially chosen by Olivia.

The weather was very bad that day.

In recent days, there have been violent storms and all the previous arrangements were in vain. What’s more miserable is that the leaves of the trees on the streets have all fallen. It really doesn’t look like a good omen. Just when the Meteorological Bureau decided to use manual methods to intervene with the weather, the rain suddenly stopped. The black clouds dispersed and the sun star slowly emerged from behind as the sky became clear.

The enthronement ceremony is customarily held in Ifadia. The imperial capital was rebuilt after the war and as a result of the heavy damage and the dust in the universe not yet dispersing, the sky of this planet has been a bit hazy recently. Don’t know why but after a few days of heavy storms, the pollutants that have not been cleaned up with their high technology are gone and like the sky was washed, it regained its clear blue color.

Then an incredible sight suddenly happened: After the leaves fell, the bare trees in front of the palace suddenly bloomed.

It’s a very beautiful blue flower, big and gorgeous, the fragrance strong even from far away.

After the leaves fell, countless blue flowers quietly bloomed. The blue flowers draped over the branches of the two rows of trees by the street like a red carpet!

When they discovered this scene, the venue organizers, who were still worried about how to remedy it, were stunned!

“It’s Phoenix Lotus! And a blue one!” Someone called out the name of this flower in surprise.

Phoenix Lotus Tree was the name of the tree on both sides of the street leading to the palace. This kind of flower is also called the Empire’s Flower because it’s precious and scarce and has only been planted in the palaces of the past. This kind of tree has leaves all year round but is extremely difficult to bloom. However, this tree would bloom when several Emperors succeeded the throne in previous generations, therefore, it’s regarded as an auspicious sign.

If the previous dark clouds, squalls, and heavy rains made the people a bit worried, then these beautiful blue flowers made the uneasy people’s hearts instantly settle down.

Almost everyone who had the honor to attend the ceremony was attracted by the blue Phoenix Lotus.

When the hour hand reached noon, Olivia stepped on the scarlet carpet on time.

Surrounded by guards and bustling people at the rear, many people came to watch the ceremony. However, due to proper management and control, the surroundings were quiet. They could even hear the sound of the young man’s boots treading the red carpet.

Yes, this young man came in a military uniform with all the medals he had obtained in his previous military career adorned on him and the stars in his shoulders shining brightly in the daylight. This young man who was born in an orphanage and was raised by a civilian family is the representative of an inspirational life!

However, gold always shines and his name will eventually become a treasure of this country. And from then on, shining in all places in this starfield.

Under the nervous gaze of everyone, the blond Lt. General went on the stage and finally reached the end of the red carpet. In front was the golden throne representing the highest power of the Empire.

The Emperor’s uniform composed of platinum and gold laid quietly on the throne and on both sides was a crown and a scepter.

The uniform was brand new, while the crown and scepter are full of historical traces. There was a new line on the scepter and Olivia recognized it as his name.

“Please.” Mr. Sith, who is also rarely dressed formally today, stood up from the side. He and another person held up the clothes on the throne while another two were in charge of the crown and the scepter.

A total of 11 people served Olivia to change clothes at the same time.

These were the people who had appeared in that dark conference room.

The ceremony proceeded silently and solemnly.

Since there’s no transferring of the throne, the crown was worn by Olivia himself. After wearing the crown and holding the scepter, then formally sitting on the throne, he heard a “salute”.

Then came a deafening salute.

Louder than the salute was the cheers of the people——

For a moment, Olivia’s brain went blank.

Until he saw Mu Gen.

The jet-black hair is so conspicuous amidst the different colors, Olivia saw him at a glance.

Then he saw Alpha and the other robots beside him.

As the family members of the new Emperor, they were also invited to attend the ceremony.

Mu Gen was smiling at him and there’s a quiet green on the robots’ screens as they applauded him.

At this time, hundreds of millions of people from the entire Empire applauded at the same time, but he heard his families’ applause for him.

It was a kind of unusually mechanical and regular applause.

Suddenly, Olivia’s heart settled.

Standing down from the throne, he politely shook hands with everyone around him and hugged them, then finally embraced his family.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you all.”

Hugging First Uncle…hugging Mengmeng…hugging Sigma, and finally hugging Mu Gen.

The thick and voluminous imperial robe drowned the black-haired young man.

This hug was extra firm and longer.

When His Majesty finally thanked the Empire’s newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, the young senior official’s head was lowered.

He wanted to leave like everyone else, but his left hand was firmly grasped in the Emperor’s right hand. Being dragged, he had to accompany His Majesty in his itinerary.


After seven consecutive Emperors of the Kantas royal family cutting off the head of the previous Emperor and ascending the throne in troubled times, Olivia I became the only Emperor to ascend the throne peacefully.

This brought people hope.

The ceremony was over and the newly appointed Emperor gave the blue Phoenix Lotus flowers blooming along the road as a gift to the people who came to watch the ceremony and the guards responsible for guarding. So before leaving, everyone excitedly picked up the flowers.

Standing quietly on the spot, Sumei Ge felt that all the beauty in front of him was simply a dream.

He didn’t die, he lived smoothly until now and though he suffered some injuries in the war, even having some sequelae, these will be fine in the future.

His fate had changed.

However, the young man named Olivia finally sat in the same position. He didn’t lead the army to rebel, didn’t assassinate the members of the Elder Council, didn’t cut off the head of Prunguli II before he took the throne, and didn’t take bloody measures to suppress the people…

He ascended the throne peacefully and amidst the public’s expectations.

This wasn’t surprising. In a survey of private opinions, Sumei Ge also voted. Unlike the others, he thought about it carefully and then filled in Olivia’s name in his form.

In his heart, the cold, paranoid and crazy Olivia I’s shadow in his dream faded and he chose to believe in the Olivia of this life.

This country needs an Emperor and this young man named Olivia undoubtedly has all the elements to become an Emperor. Compared to the others, he seemed able to give this country a better future.

That’s enough.

With a bunch of beautiful blue flowers in their hands, the people dispersed happily. Seeing that Sumei Ge was the only one with empty hands, the guard who was in charge of plucking flowers for the people beside him thought about it and then gave him a flower.

“Bless His Majesty, bless the future of the Empire.” He said while handing the flowers to Sumei Ge.

“Bless His Majesty, bless the future of the Empire.” Startled, he took the flowers, and Sumei Ge slightly smiled.

On the 12th Day, 7th Month, Year 417 of the Starlight Calendar, Olivia I ascended the throne.

On the same day, the Starlight Calendar ended.

The next day was the first day of the Hengtian Calendar.

The author has something to say:

Chick Oli by Doudou

Because I received this picture last night, the flowers that bloomed for Oli turned blue today

TINA V8C272: Waves Surging Forth
TINA V8C274: Ball (End)

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