TINA V8C274: Ball (End)

TINA V8C273: End of the Starlight Calendar

Since the enemy invasion destroyed Ifadia, it would take a lot of time to completely repair this complex palace. However, as His Majesty, the Emperor must have a transitional office and residence so the Ministry of Finance decided to build a summer palace for him.

When the dedicated staff member asked the new Emperor’s opinions on the design of the Summer Palace, His Majesty only said one sentence:

“Hogbysburg Palace is too old-fashioned. I like more artistic palaces.”

After listening to His Majesty’s understanding of art, this ancestor who specialized in designing royal palaces for six generations left with black lines.

The location of the summer palace was decided by Olivia himself, the street behind Idoli Commercial Street on Bailu Star. His Majesty wanted to be closer to home when commuting and getting off work~

Satisfied and sending away the designer, Olivia thought with a distant look: From this moment on, I’m also considered a person with real estate!

However, his property is more than just this one: Olivia inherited all the properties handed down by the previous Emperors, including Honeymoon Island.

Delivering the property list he received to Mu Gen, Olivia immediately decided to bring the whole family to Honeymoon Island to celebrate Mu Gen’s birthday ← Because the palace hasn’t been built, Olivia could not enter the Summer Palace immediately and start office. At the same time, because his home in Bailu Star is also one of the houses harassed by the construction of the palace, and according to imperial law, he’s entitled to a seven-day holiday where the travel expenses shall be borne by the state.

Olivia even took the crescent dragons and white chickens at home.

Looking at Big Horn, who was so excited because he knew he was going out to play, Olivia thought sourly: It’s time to take this child out to play. Having been at home for several years, Big Horn almost turned into a little dumpling.

In addition, Olivia also invited the neighbors of Idoli Commercial Street.

He even prepared enough wine and food (←bought with private money) and a homemade birthday cake——

Touching the hard box in his pocket, Olivia’s cheeks went slightly red.

After diligently checking all the items in White Cloud Duoduo’s storage warehouse, he was ready to get on the spacecraft.

But Olivia was dumbfounded as soon as he entered the hatch: What’s going on in this place? He only invited the elders from Idoli, not the cubs from the professional chicken farm next door!


Olivia’s stunned expression completely pleased Mr. Sith.

“I sincerely thank Your Majesty for the invitation.” Mr. Sith smiled slightly: “The day before yesterday, the street in my house was finally approved by the Road Administration to become part of the Idoli Commercial Street. Boss Tony, please take care of me in the future.”

“Oh! You’re welcome! We are all merchants here, do you want to participate? No…not right! You’re not in business!?” As the chief manager of Idoli Commercial Street, Boss Tony immediately thought about deeper things.

“Oh! Please give me a chance to join.” Mr. Sith waved his hand immediately: “Actually I’ve been recently thinking about retirement.”

“After leaving office, I want to concentrate on my acting career.” Mr. Sith said very elegantly.

“Ah?!” At this moment, Olivia was more than stunned.

“Actually, I’ve been watching over the composer and bassist of the Dead Band. In recent years, due to busy business affairs, our band hasn’t released a new album for a long time so I think it’s time to prepare a new one. At that time, I think I’ll open an audio-visual supplies store since there seems to be no such shop on the street…”

“!!!” This is shocking news! The mouths of the pedestrians on Idoli Commercial Street all opened into an O! But Mr. Sith had no idea what amazing thing he just said, he just smiled and continued:

“All Kantas will probably have a bit of strong personal hobbies, such as writing poetry, singing…most of these hobbies are literary, but there are exceptions. For example, I’m told Rothsay’s private hobby is growing sweet potatoes since he likes to eat them the most.”


They seemed to hear the sound of something cracking.

The masks of those big men….have been broken…

Seeing Mu Gen averting his eyes, Olivia felt an arrow to his knee.

They soon arrived on Honeymoon Island.

Unlike last time, Honeymoon Island is completely open to them this time with no other tourists, not even service staff. They’re now the only humans on this planet.

The one-horned beasts and white chickens screamed in surprise when they got out of the spacecraft.

“Let’s go play! This piece of land belongs to our family! Just eat the grass on the island~” With a bold wave of his hand, Olivia released them to nature.

Big Horn and the others then rushed out; the little fat chicks also chased after them, and soon, even the elderly in Idoli Commercial Street also ran out after changing their clothes.

“First Uncle, you guys go out and play. Just leave everything else to me, I prepared them all before we went out.” The only ones left on the beach were their family. Seeing the uncles come over and about to do something, Olivia pushed them out.

Alpha glanced at him slightly, then reached out and patted him on the shoulder: “Then please.”

Then he took the other robots and Mu Gen then left.

That’s right, “left with Mu Gen”.

With the palm of his hand in the air, the newly released Emperor Olivia I went to the spacecraft to move things alone.

“Olivia, have you finished moving? If it’s done, I want to fly around.” When the baggage and food on the spacecraft were almost unloaded by the little bee Olivia, White Cloud Duoduo’s voice suddenly rang.

“It’s done, you go play.” Olivia was listless.

Closing the hatch happily, White Cloud Duoduo rose into the sky and in the blink of an eye, there’s truly only one person left on the beach.

His Majesty Olivia I prepared the necessary items for a romantic dinner in his lonesome.

He felt a little frustrated at being abandoned at first, but thinking of what was about to happen this night, he immediately became happy.

While propping the table and chairs, he began to chant poems improvisationally:

Your Majesty prepares a table for dinner.

Romantic, sweet,


And also——

A ring and a red rose.

Your birthday is about to become our wedding anniversary.

Darling, would you like to grant me this honor?

“~\(≧▽≦)~” With an embarrassing moan, Olivia couldn’t help but be shy.

A beautiful white embroidered tablecloth was pressed on the long table and exquisite porcelain tableware inlaid with gold rims was immediately placed on it, then came the clusters of fresh red roses, and Olivia immediately sent a message to inform the others that they could come back.

About the time he finished all this, the others came back one after another. With the help of everyone, Olivia’s prepared food was served on the table. After everyone was seated, Olivia smiled and launched a big cake full of candles!

By the beach at night, the handsome blond young man in a white shirt was extremely beautiful. Mu Gen was stunned and it took him a long time to come over and blow out the candles.

“Mu Gen, happy birthday!” Under Olivia’s lead, everyone said their blessings.

With Olivia’s help, Mu Gen began to divide the cake. Olivia first cut his share but because he still needs to share the cake with others, Mu Gen put his share on the table and left. When he returned to the table, wanting to taste the cake that Oli made especially for him, he suddenly found that the cake was missing.

“Where’s Mu Gen’s cake!?” Olivia discovered this earlier than Mu Gen. He immediately stood up and vigilantly looked around…for that bunch of fat chicks.

All fat chicks like Mu Gen so the fat chicks around him were the most.

At this moment, their little yellow mouths had a circle of cream. Any way you look at it, they look very suspicious!

But the most suspicious one was the little chick who’s sitting in Mu Gen’s seat at this moment!

Hearing Olivia’s questioning, the fat chicks all raised their heads to look at him, only the little guy sitting in Mu Gen’s seat kept eating without raising his head.

The other little chicks are all sitting while only this one is standing, but even when standing on the chair, he’s only a bit higher than the table. Because he was so small, Mu Gen didn’t even notice him.

But though he’s small, his appetite isn’t small. The plates in front of this little guy are all clean and these clean plates had been eaten up and licked carefully.

This group of small fat chicks was often picky eaters so it’s rare to have such an appetite.

Mu Gen observed for a while and found that this little guy didn’t seem to be a picky eater, so Olivia placed a new plate of food in front of him.

Mu Gen was so accustomed to feeding these cubs that when they saw him bring new food, the cubs next to him would subconsciously grab it.

Then a murderous scene happened: Just when the cubs were about to successfully snatch a sausage away, the little one sitting on Mu Gen’s seat fiercely flew into the air. The little wings beat up and down and landed on the neck of the little cub with the sausage in his mouth, and this little cub attacked him with extremely cruel means!

xxxxxxxxxxxx←This process was too cruel so it must be mosaiced.

After the xxx process is over, the floor was full of feathers.

“Chirp…” The cub, who had become a bald chicken, was lying on the ground dying, while the small and thin chick was sitting on his head, pecking hard at the sausage that was successfully snatched back.

The little guy successfully interprets the image of a generation of gangsters in that thin and shriveled body.

“This…is much better than when I grabbed food when I was a kid…” Even Olivia sighed.

“Oh my God! Orlandon! What’s wrong with you Orlandon! Where’s your hair! Oh my God——” Mr. Sith’s voice came from behind them, his voice trembling. He obviously saw Orlandon, who was already bald.

“Your cub beat your other cub~” Olivia pouted.

“How’s that possible? My children are so well behaved, how can they fight?” Mr. Sith obviously had difficulty accepting this.

“Don’t deny it, all the cubs here are yours. Huh? Where’s the cub who just sat on Orlandon’s head?” Pursing his lips, Olivia was about to return both the beater and the beaten cub to Mr. Sith but when he turned around, the little chick was gone.

“Probably afraid of being scolded by you so he hid.” Not paying much attention to the matter, Olivia shrugged and passed his cake to Mu Gen, then said: “Try it, is it delicious?”

Looking around the sea, Mu Gen seemed to want to say something but was quickly caught by the food that Olivia brought.

The food prepared by Olivia won unanimous praise from everyone. Allowing the elders to rest, Olivia said to just leave the cleaning after the meal to him.

But this time, he left out Mu Gen to help him.

The two were chatting while cleaning up and the progress was very fast.

During the meal, it’s inevitable that a lot of leftover bones and leftovers fell on the beach. Mu Gen gathered them into a pile and planned to put them in the trash later. He sorted out a total of eight small piles but just after he found a bag and came back to sweep the garbage in, he found that the eight small piles on the beach had disappeared.

“Oli, did you help me put the trash away?” Raising his voice to ask, Mu Gen took the flashlight and looked around again before leaving.

About three minutes after they left, two small yellow orbs suddenly lit up in a dark place. This small yellow light flashed then ran towards the sea at a very fast speed.

Mu Gen and Olivia, who knew nothing about this, walked side by side on the beach on the edge of the coast.

“There aren’t too many stars today.”


“The moon is almost invisible.”


“It looks like it’s going to rain!”


The two talked is such a nourishing way.

Olivia secretly cursed himself for being such a coward. Seeing that it was really going to rain, would he be dragged back by Mu Gen? But the important words haven’t been said yet!

So Olivia, in his anxiousness, became wiser: “Since it’s about to rain, why don’t we go to the sea and hide from the rain?” (T/N: Smooth~)

Mu Gen turned his head to look at Olivia, who calmly smiled at him.

“Mu Gen, this place is ours now so the home you built underwater is finally ours and you don’t have to worry about it being demolished. Do you…do you want to visit our home?” He suggested something that Mu Gen couldn’t resist.

As expected, Mu Gen accepted it.

The two people became prototypes at the same time when they entered the water. The deep blue sea beast was more than a circle larger than before so the black male Kantas looked petite beside him.

The two little monsters found their nests familiarly and swam in one after another. After entering the cave, the black monster first floated to the surface and took a breath then dived again and rubbed against the body of the dark blue monster until the sea beast couldn’t stand him and pushed him out.

Olivia changed back to human form the moment he landed and looked towards the water ahead with a smile, beckoning the person inside.

Stretching his slender body lying on the wet sand, he smiled and looked at the water.

After seeing the person below not come up after a long while, he grabbed a stone from the side and threw it down.

However, Olivia noticed something was wrong just after he threw the “stone”. Looking at his greasy fingers, he frowned and smelled: This scent is…chicken?

He made roasted chicken for dinner today and he couldn’t be more familiar with this smell.

As if to confirm his words, Mu Gen jumped ashore with a chicken bone.

As soon as landed ashore, he saw Olivia lying in a pile of bones with a black face.

“Haha!” Mu Gen couldn’t help laughing.

“Don’t laugh, I just discovered that there are so many leftover bones here.” Olivia, who loved to be clean, uncomfortably moved.

“Okay, I’ll stop laughing.” Mu Gen pulled him up and squatted on the pile of bones. He recognized it and then raised a brow in surprise: “This…isn’t this the rubbish I swept out?”

Mu Gen and Olivia noticed something wrong at the same time:

The garbage that was on the shore suddenly moved to the sea, besides them, there must be other people here——

At this moment, Olivia sensitively noticed the movement in the water pool in front of him. Pulling Mu Gen and looking over there, the two of them opened their eyes wide at the same time:

A little chick came up from the water with a chicken bone in its mouth.


The moment he saw them, the little guy immediately dived under again, but no matter how fast he is, how could he be faster than Olivia. Within three seconds, Olivia resurfaced with a wet little guy.

“This…is a Kantas cub…it’s the cub just now!” Even though all the fur on his body was wet and stuck to his body, with his sharp eyes, Mu Gen still recognized that this cub was the Kantas cub who just beat up Orlandon!

With white hair and big golden eyes, the look of this cub was so familiar and unfamiliar——

This cub was extremely fierce and has been attacking Olivia ever since they floated ashore but how could a cub peck a thick-skinned adult male Kantas?

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” After pecking Olivia several times and confirming that he couldn’t beat the other party, the little guy gave up attacking Olivia. Though his small eyes were still fierce, there’s a trace of fear hidden in the fierceness.

He’s scared…

“Don’t bully him.” Gently hitting Olivia’s hand, Mu Gen hugged the little cub.

The little golden eyes flickered upon meeting Mu Gen’s eyes. Just when Mu Gen looked at him in a daze, the little guy pecked at Mu Gen’s right hand. Surprised, Mu Gen’s hand loosened and the little guy fell.

Falling to the ground on his butt and as if feeling no pain, the little guy ran away and proficiently ran to the ground covered with bones until it suddenly disappeared.

Mu Gen stood up.

The place where the cub ran was quite narrow for a tall and long-legged adult. After a few steps, Mu Gen found the cub.

He had stuffed himself into a white cave and hid.

However, the inside of the cave was not deep enough so he could hide his head and front body but not his butt.

The little guy didn’t have much hair on his ass and there are even a few hairs that are blue——Mu Gen’s brain went blank when he saw that round little butt.

Only then did he discover that the white cave where the little guy hid was not a cave at all, but an eggshell.

Mu Gen’s body trembled slightly.

Walking slowly, he gently hugged the little ostrich cub with trembling hands. The panic in the eyes of the white little cub upon realizing that he was “caught” again became even worse and he held something tightly in his little yellow mouth, his eyes full of stubbornness.

Mu Gen gently patted the shivering little cub in his arms and gently but stubbornly took out what he had been holding tightly in his mouth:

A dark blue scale.

While taking the scale, Olivia suddenly understood everything.

His mouth opened and his hand tremblingly covered the other half of the little guy’s body. Stroking the wet skinny body of the white cub and facing Mu Gen’s gentle black eyes, at this moment, Olivia’s heart suddenly burst into beautiful fireworks.


“Ludwig, Dad is back!” His Majesty Olivia, who got off work on time, was so pleased that he hadn’t even taken off his uniform when he ran to the child’s room.

The white fluffy cub gave him a very serious look and then continued to peck the weeds on the ground. His mouth was sharp and soon, a small pile of weeds was piled up on the ground. Gathering these weeds together, he went to Alpha’s side and pecked him lightly.

“Very well done, Gou Sheng.” Uncle Alpha praised him very reservedly and then gave him a bun.

The little cub pecked the bun very hard.

囧←This is the expression of His Majesty Olivia.

After eating the bun, the little cub became busy again. He began to help robot Beta to smash the walnuts with tools: his small mouth.

When he showed Beta the small pile of peeled walnuts, robot Beta also praised him, even giving him a cup of walnut paste:

“Thank you, Gou Dan.”

The little cub licked up the walnut paste.

This is a strong, self-reliant cub.

囧! ← His Majesty Olivia continued to be a mess.

“Chick Oli! Sigma bought you a white ball!” At this moment, Sigma ran from outside.

No doubt, the “Chick Oli” here doesn’t refer to His Majesty the Emperor but his Majesty’s son.

Mothereffer! How could a cub have four names at the same time!

The young Majesty Olivia felt he was about to kneel——

At this moment, a hand lightly rested on his shoulder.

“Ludwig is also very energetic today.” Mu Gen smiled and appeared behind him.

“Ah, are you off work?” Without realizing that he’s still holding his briefcase, Olivia hurriedly picked up the briefcase in Mu Gen’s hand.

The two changed into casual clothes and then prepared dinner with Robot Stone and Dad Xiao A. Although they live in Bairdburg, they still cook by themselves most of the time.

While eating, they will chat and after dinner, they’ll take a walk in the palace garden together.

Ludwig Gou Dan Gou Sheng Mu now has his vigilance towards them reduced a lot. Unlike other cubs of his age, he’s a cub that hunts on his own every day. The entire Bairdburg is his hunting area. He will hunt all the prey he passed by that can be caught and if he can’t…

He’ll rob it.

Mu Gen & Olivia: -_-|||

So after discovering Luwig Goudan Gousheng Mu’s habit of trading, Uncle Alpha and the others will give this cub snacks in exchange for something. After his appetite increased, their little white cub finally gained a little weight.

Like other Kantas cubs, Ludwig Goudan Gousheng Mu likes to play ball. When Sigma invites him to play ball, the little cub was always very happy. The introverted cub seldom shows his happiness on his face and would always look in Mu Gen and Olivia’s direction while playing. Only when he’s particularly happy will he make a “xiu xiu” laugh.

“Ass hair is still bald.” Staring at his cub’s little butt, His Majesty Olivia is still a little worried.

“Or just shave it? In my hometown, it’s said that if you shaved a few more times, your hair will grow thicker.” Her Royal Highness offered a remedy.

“Really?” His Majesty the Emperor was suspicious.

“Shave tomorrow.” Her Royal Highness made the final decision.

Once again, thinking that he wasn’t noticed and finding that the adults were all looking at him, the little cub suddenly wanted to show off. He slammed his body forward and the little white ball flew out like a meteor.

“Chirp…” The little cub was dumbfounded.

“Ah…” Sigma was also dumbfounded.

The two searched for a long time but for some reason, they didn’t find the white ball.

The dejected uncle and nephew stared at the sky blankly and then watched. Sigma suddenly lifted the little cub: “Chick Oli, look! Aren’t there two stars over there? One blue, one white?”

The little cub nodded.

“En, the white one is your ball and the blue one is the blue stone that Sigma lost before. They must have gone too far and turned into stars.”

The little cub then laughed “xiu xiu”.

Sitting on Uncle Sigma’s head, the little guy carefully looked at the white and blue stars in the sky and finally fell asleep.

Sigma took the sleeping little guy off his head and hugged it in his arms. It’s warm. He can’t really feel the softness and temperature of the cub but when holding him, Sigma always felt very peaceful.

“Sigma, go home to sleep.” His brother called out to him.

“Okay,” Sigma responded. When he was about to catch up with the others, he looked back again at the blue star in the sky…

Then he ran after his family without looking back.

The life of the Mu Gen family will continue.

Whether as ordinary civilians or as the first royal family in this country, their lives will go on.

They will experience everything that is about to happen in this world together, good and bad, they will always be together. Maybe one day, Mu Gen and Olivia will eventually die, maybe these robots, like Sigma, will become the family members who are left behind, maybe the humans in this world will disappear, maybe the era of robots is coming, maybe…

However, they will always be together.

Accompanied by the memories of the Empire, they became part of history, became one of the stars and they will always be together.

Whether it’s Mu Gen or Olivia, for the robots, for the imperial people like Mr. Sith, even in the entire universe, the ending of this family living together is the only “good” ending among the countless “bad” endings.

Olivia became a good emperor, not a cruel monarch. The robots became a human’s family members, not killers who exterminate humanity. Countless people destined to die in the catastrophe survived and this time, they will smoothly finish their journey in this world and die.

The cause of all this might just be a stone.

A blue stone.

In a place unknown to everyone, the blue stone that has absorbed all the explosive power and stored energy of the World Destroyer traveled through time and space, flying to a remote corner of the Empire at a very fast speed.

A disaster that destroys everything was about to happen in that starfield.

Countless stars will fall from the sky after that galactic explosion that only happens every 10000 years!

It was supposed to be a bigger disaster, but at that moment, a blue stone slammed in.

Surrounded by the same powerful energy, the blue stone slammed into the force spreading into the depths of the universe——


The out-of-control universe, unexpectedly, returned to balance.

The damage that has been done is destined to be unstoppable, and the poisonous fog and planetary debris generated after the explosion filled the entire area. None of the expeditions going here could explore deeper and gradually no one wants to go near anymore.

This place has since been called——Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.

Then, after many many years, after finally consuming the last drop of energy inside, the blue stone became an ordinary stone again and wandered in the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.

And then…

Sigma looked out the window for a while and noticed a small blue stone on the edge of the window. The young robot happily and carefully put the stone into the storage space under his belly.

Across time and space, Sigma finally caught the only perfect circle inside.

The author has something to say:

It’s finally over.

Bang bang bang.

This is the second tree I planted in JJ

In the last paragraph, the method was modified but I still put it at the end of the story.

It’s kind of paranoia where I must write what I wanted to write.

Thank you for tolerating my willfulness and giving me serious suggestions to make this story more perfect.

In this story, Mu Gen and Olivia went to many places and experienced many things, and in the next one too.

They have been to good places, bad places, experienced happy and unhappy things.

Thank you for your company and for letting me finally come to this point.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to this story, everyone who left a message in each chapter, everyone who supported the first one, I am grateful to see everyone here.

Today, I finally typed the word “The End”.

And so, just like the previous story and only for today, I’ll come out and say something to everyone: It’s hard to chase after stories! All of you I see here, leave me a message and let me see your name so that I can remember you ^^

Thank you, bow——

Then, I hope to see you in the next story

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Together forever~

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TINA V8C273: End of the Starlight Calendar

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