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 Picky Eater

Li Fei had a nightmare.

The dark, city water completely engulfed him. He reached out, struggling to float, but there’s nothing that can help him. In the end, the water plunged him into the abyss of darkness, his consciousness floating up as if he’s dying.

It was quiet and he can’t hear any sound.

When Li Fei woke up, his forehead is full of cold sweat, he wanted to raise his hand to wipe it but found his arms tied up by thin white wires.

The mycelium on the walls forms several large nets, encasing him.

Li Fei’s right side has a net. There is also a net on the left, behind, and don’t forget the top of his head. The mushrooms are “eyeing” and guarded against him as if looking at a terrorist, making Li Fei be dumbfounded.

He opened the blanket, moving his lower body.

The room was empty. Jian Hua is not here.

The thought of Li Fei after realizing this is that there is no room for a second person to sleep in this place.

They have been doing this big project for two days already. Although they have been resting while doing it, increasing the proficiency of their ability while working, but they will inevitably get tired.

Li Fei somewhat regrets, he has to like someone like Jian Hua, the kind of guy who wouldn’t complain about being tired. At that time, Li Fei’s eyelids are too heavy to lift. He has vague feeling that Jian Hua is looking at him, making him feel fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, his mind blanked out after that and he was sleeping in seconds.

He secretly mocked himself. You slept too fast that you forgot you original goal!

Is he really treating Jian Hua as his life assistant?

Li Fei tears the thin white silky threads hanging on his body, and lands on his shoes. He did not tie his shoelaces, and comes out of the break area to look for Jian Hua.

As a result, he just opened the door and already saw Jian Hua hurrying to his side.


Jian Hua’s hair is messy,  like being rubbed (by the mushroom). There are two black streaks on the collar of the windbreaker, bloodstains on the shirt’s cuffs, and the upper part is still stained with animal hair.

“You’re hungry?” Li Fei quickly concluded. Jian Hua had just left the studio to go out and find “food”.

These two days, Jian Hua once again refuses to eat the lunch boxes. As for the food that he wants to eat, Li Fei thought about that squid.

“Are there difficult monsters out there?”

Li Fei then speculated because he couldn’t think of an instance where Jian Hua, with the mushroom as offense,  would they have a fight. He can get them to move with just a wave of his hands.

“A hole digging rat, also found it early.” Jian Hua casually said. Regardless of whether he owns magic eyes like Li Fei, he doesn’t care about the threat of the hole digging rats.

Jian Hua’s sight stops on several white threads on Li Fei’s body.

Where Li Fei goes,  these white threads will follow. In this way, a considerable net covered the place he’d beein in, looking very impressive.

“I guess you’re still hungry.” Li Fei is still sleepy but he has a strong mind and was more concerned about the dining issues of Jian Hua. Since those things looks like like rats, he wouldn’t use his devouring ability and absolutely would not eat them.

Jian Hua strangely looked at him, took a while before he slowly said,  “No, you stimulated them.”

In fact, Jian Hua is pushed back into the studio by many mushrooms. The mushrooms wanted to remind Jian Hua of the “fire in the backyard” and that “the grain reserves is acting up”. If Jian Hua slows down, the giant mushrooms would push Jian Hua with their caps.

Their form is a mushroom, and there’s clumps of them. If they moved their cap sideways, it would be the ideal way for pushing people.

Jian Hua, who enjoys this “runway” treatment throughout the way,  is full of subtle feelings he can’t tell.

“Your ability suddenly became aggressive.”

Li Fei heard this and thought for a long time. He thought it’s probably related to his nightmare. That kind of drowning in darkness, it’s easy to stir up the that fierce flame beast——

“I was probably confused, half awake and made a mistake.”

“Nn.” Jian Hua feels that this is the case. Li Fei could not have woken up, found him missing, and in a rage, let his abilities run riot!

“I remember leaving a lunch box with some rice and vegetables.” Li Fei turned to the studio to find food for him.

Followed by Jian Hua who reached out and pulled the white nets apart.

The mushroom looked like it wanted to follow Li Fei. Even though Jian Hua look miserable, Li Fei did not take it seriously. Taking the lunch box, and in the bottom of the plastic bag, finds a pair of disposable chopsticks have not been used yet,  “Come and eat, the benefits of Abandoned World is that the food we bring will not spoil so easily……”

Li Fei’s voice suddenly stopped, because he found that the lunch box is full of Hang peppers.

Hang pepper steak inside of Hang peppers.

Handing out the food to his crush, and discovering that the dishes are food that the other person does not like to eat, how can he save this situation?

If this is a reality show love program, the movie actor would be poorly rated by the audience in minutes.

Reality is not acting, and even if he’s the male god, he still did something stupid in front of his crush.

——Jian Hua did not eat, so Li Fei really did not pay attention to the dish before eating. Now looking at the lunch box in his hands.

Misunderstanding that Li Fei also doesn’t like to eat like Jian Hua, he persuaded on the side, “Don’t keep it, if you’re still hungry, then eat!  The things that followed us into the Abandoned World will still have its time flow. If you wait much longer, you won’t be able to eat it.”

Li Fei looked up in silence.

Jian Hua to illustrate the seriousness of the problem described how Guan Ling and Huo Wei survived, and finally stressed, “……it has been eight days since the Abandoned World opened. They have no food and can only peel off the raw meat from the long-armed monkeys.”

Here we have the movie emperor holding Hang pepper steak and rice on his hands, it’s already a heavenly day!

The focus of Li Fei’s thoughts are obviously not this. He raised his doubts, “They lived in the Abandoned World for eight days, and we’ve only come here for two days, how long have the mushrooms appeared?”

Jian Hua thought it also wrong. If the mushroom came eight days ago,  when they went to the studio, they should not see it hunting long-armed monkeys. There’s also another person trapped in the mushroom dungeon!

But it’s true that the mushroom smuggled into the Abandoned World at 12:09.

Jian Hua felt dizzy, he is not proficient in these profound issues.

“If we have the opportunity to meet other people next time, you ask when the mushroom came out.” Li Fei touched his lips, then he smiled, “You say these people seem to think of the mushroom as a monster in the Abandoned World. According to their reasoning, even if the mushrooms are here, you weren’t supposed to be around? They don’t seem to be afraid! ”

Now that Li Fei mentioned it, Jian Hua finally realizes where he felt wrong.

Huo Wei said “This is the mushroom that will eventually occupy the entire world.” He’s fearless, Guan Ling is also not afraid, but what about the rest? The middle-aged man with a mortgage doesn’t seem to believe it, but why are the book transmigrators not the same?

Or perhaps, Huo Wei is a man with extraordinary acting that he made Jian Hua believe him.

A group of people who are actors and don’t reveal flaws, this is impossible.

“I have a guess.”

Jian Hua could not help but stare at Li Fei.

Emotions can affect ability, and a few mushrooms flew towards Li Fei. The movie emperor is somewhat surprised,  “What’s with that look?”

Can Jian Hua say that he doesn’t want to listen to Li Fei’s guess? “I have a guess,” every time Li Fei said these words, it would not be a good thing, like the mushrooms smuggling in.

“Nothing, you say it.” Jian Hua prepares in his heart.

“You have more than the devouring ability.”

Jian Hua doubts. Of course he has more than the mushrooms, he can also use his scanning ability to position everything around him in the Abandoned World. Didn’t Li Fei already know it?

“I mean your power has another attribute.”

“Double attribute S-class ability holder is only Johnson Brown.” Jian Hua expressionlessly reminded.

Li Fei changed his argument, “When these mushrooms engulfed the expanding black gas, it used the buffer space between the real world and the Abandoned World. When the Abandoned World is unstable,  it can move from 12:09 to 12:25.”

Jian Hua almost blurted out, nonsense, what is the significance to the mushroom doing this?


The two people being chased into the studio by the long-armed monkeys did not happen eight days ago, so going in from 12: 09 did not make sense for these mushrooms. If it takes six days to grow and they still have to look for food all that time, they wouldn’t be willing to work.

Someone who is picky about food, made the ability evolve to be able to jump time to find food.

Really like its owner.

“Because it didn’t happen in Huai City, I guess it was only when the Abandoned World is unstable that it can do it.” Li Fei thinks this discovery is significant. The mushroom has demonstrated its ability to break into the Abandoned World. Time is chaotic in the Abandoned World, that means the mushroom is probably——

When crossing the barrier between the real world and the Abandoned World, while within the black fog, if it spread to other places.

The book says that Jian Hua wants to rule the whole world, but in fact, he cannot travel everywhere on Earth. Even if the mushrooms grow wildly, it can’t cross the ocean, he had to go to the Americas, and even to Australia!

Jian Hua’s face is getting darker.

Book transmigrators are used to the mushrooms since no matter where in the future, they would see a bunch of it. Is that why they won’t think he’s nearby? Huo Wei understands the mushrooms, so they went looking for food at the edge of the mushroom forest because this is also a standard thing for an ability holder in the book?

This is really an American Hero Novel,  not a foreign fairy tale?

This “evil” ability, if he lets these terrible mushrooms hunt around the world, he can kidnap and threaten all ability holders. This is the villain in a story about a child under 14 years old!

Jian Hua really wants to know how much the author hated him!

Does the American have a Chinese neighbor named Jian Hua, who would not mow the lawn in the summer, who would not sweep the snow in winter, who would not clean the glass windows, all day long, eating takeaways at home, so that the author had the idea of mushrooms conquering the world.

“I don’t want to talk about this topic. I don’t want to talk about my abilities.” Jian Hua held his forehead, walked into the break area, and when he came back to himself, he found out that he’s occupying the lounge chair.

He was about to sit up, but Li Fei pressed on his shoulder, gently pushing him back.

“You are tired. Have a rest.”

“The group of people outside……” Jian Hua worried about their bad luck, if they got lost in the mushroom forest, they would eventually stumble upon the studio.

His voice just dropped, when Jian Hua and Li Fei saw a small shake of the surrounding scenery.

They’re going back to reality! The two looked at each other, running out of the break room, and returning to their previous position in the studio.

“Wrong, your feet is here!” Jian Hua returned to correct Li Fei, “It’s forty-five degrees, according to your 30-degree placement. Wait until you return to reality, and you’ll find your feet on Actor Ren’s shoes.”


Li Fei does not know that Jian Hua usually pays so much attention to himself.

He can remember all of these?

   The author has something to say:  

For the sake of convenience, I usually use this format 12:25 for time. Actually, it’s supposed to be twelve twenty-five in the conversation, but after reading it,  and seeing the time is not displayed……well, it’s hard to understand ╮(╯▽╰)╭

So using this format is wrong. Don’t learn from the author.

I once wanted to name this chapter Hang pepper.

Hang Pepper:  Lying down but still got shot,  this pot doesn’t want to carry it.

Original author:  I don’t have a neighbor named Jian Hua,  he also did not do those things……I do not have such an incredible backstory……

Me:  (⊙v⊙) I say that you have it,  so you have it

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STB Chapter 43: Situation
STB Chapter 45: Hoodwink

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