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At the training center of the Third Corps, a humanized child came with the Captain.

I can’t help but understand the Captain’s feelings of not wanting to leave the child at home alone.

Although the other party is a child, he didn’t seem to understand the language and can be regarded as a suspicious person from an unknown race.

He could even be a spy from another country.

That’s why bringing him here for surveillance purposes wouldn’t be a problem…

“Mountain. Sky. River.”

“Mountain. Shky. Rwiver.”

“Hand. Leg. Arm. Hair.”

“Hand. Weg. Ahm. Hyair.”

The face of Captain, who’s teaching the language, was sweet and gentle which I’d never seen before.

“Ryodo, this is?”



The atmosphere was like a parent and a child.

Captain has the best fighting power out of anyone and was single.

Many people long for such a Captain.

Even so──

I think Captain changed his presence just because of a child.

He’s a kind person, so he’s just trying to make the child not feel lonely…I can’t see it like that.

He brought the child named Kou with him to the training center every day.

Vice-Captain often goes over, and Kou would casually laugh at him.

As days went by, he smiled more and more.

…if you’re with Captain all the time, you’ll be less alert.

(To not even know what the others thought of him…!)

I wasn’t the only one who was indignant.

I don’t think the Third Corps, other than the Captain and the Vice-Captain, had good feelings for Kou.

However, it happened four days after Captain became Kou’s guardian.

When I saw Kou watch Captain, who was instructing, I unconsciously stopped moving.

──because he’s crying at that moment.

I don’t know what he’s thinking to look like that.

Things that could make him want to cry…?

──did you want to see your parents?

──are you planning something that you can’t face Captain?

I could only imagine such things.


I called out unintentionally.

I had never spoken to him before this.

Kou looked up and tried to not look like he’d just been crying.

“Why do you look like you’re crying?”

I carelessly asked. Come to think of it, didn’t they say that he couldn’t speak or understand all the words yet?

“…awright. Twank you.”

However, Kou smiled and thanked me.

“You too, dwo your bwest.”

Waving his hand, he walked away.

I could only see off that back without being able to say anything.



One day, I heard His Majesty summoned Captain regarding Kou.

He might have seen a “humanized child of unknown race” since His Majesty has a long life.

If even His Majesty didn’t know, maybe the longest-living Prime Minister would know?

We still don’t know Kou’s race.

I think he learned a lot of words, but he couldn’t say anything important.

──where were you born?

──what happened to your parents?

──why were you naked when you were found?

Even if he answered, he’d just say the words he knew.

In that complicated way of speaking, even the Captain was doing his best just to say Kou’s name.

However, it seemed like he’s not trying to keep it a secret, since you can see him desperately think about how to convey it in our language.

That’s why I decided that he’s unlikely to be a spy.

I thought he was just a kid who was pampered by Captain, but he sometimes behaved like an adult, like paying attention to his surroundings.

He’s only childish when lisping while talking and showing his feelings, and it also became clear that emotions such as “sad” and “painful” are hidden from the Captain.

In other words, because it would make Captain worried, he’s often crying out of sight.

Noticing that we’re watching, he’d say something like “don’t tell the Captain”.

I found that he cherished Captain a lot, so my resentment scattered a lot…why did he look like he’s crying in the first place?

…no matter how much I think about it, I can’t tell.



The Captain, who should have gone to the Royal Castle, appeared in the cafeteria in the early afternoon.

I thought he was going to hang around the Royal Capital since that’s what Vice-Captain told me.

He said he came back because Kou was afraid of His Majesty…but I can’t believe it.

I don’t remember Kou being scared of anyone.

So why is he scared of His Majesty?

He’s also from a race that specializes in combat, but not as much as Captain.

However, the words released next astonished everyone.

(Kou…is Captain’s mate!?)

I heard that Captain, who’s said to be the last Akinist, didn’t last long with his last lover and wasn’t dating anyone right now…

No way, Kou, whose race is unknown, is the Captain’s mate.

I know that mates aren’t related to race, but the chances of meeting one were almost zero that some people say it’s a dream story, since it’s rare to meet them.

Of course, the people who met their mates didn’t only receive the best happiness.

Some people already have a family when they met their mates.

There will be many people who can’t break up immediately, and some will meet when they’re already old.

…however, I heard that the mind, body, and soul will only want that mate and will not look at others.

In fact, I’ve heard that those who had relationships with various people cut their ties with their significant others as soon as they found their mates and became one with them.

Captain met such an existence…

The Captain is single, and this is a good thing…isn’t it fine?

Maybe Kou didn’t understand…he’s particularly interested in Vice Captain’s words.

Even though he’s a mate, he didn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word itself.

What’s even more surprising was that Captain found that Kou is his mate when he turned into his beast form.

The aura of an Akinist intimidates others.

It’s valid for all races and was the reason why they’re called [Shadow Kings].

It affected everyone, so they’re afraid to approach.

[Fear], [Longing], [Envy]…

I also have those feelings.

But did it not intimidate such a child?

The Captain said that Kou might be 18 years old, but he’s definitely still a kid.

If the Captain turns into a beast in front of another 18 years old, they would pale, be scared and stay silent.

Even fainting was acceptable.

Even so, Kou seemed to have stroked it…is it because he’s the mate?

It also surprised Vice-Captain.

Perhaps Captain’s beast form also intimated Vice-Captain.

…but Kou’s next words surprised me again.

His Majesty scared him, but impossibly, he described Captain’s beastification as “cute”.

I thought it’s from him being the other half, but Kou didn’t change his attitude to Captain.

As always, his attitude was towards a parent.

The Captain seemed a little confused, but he became convinced once he knew Kou’s his mate.

When Kou was taking a nap with the Vice-Captain before, I’ve never seen him look so scary.

The Captain immediately picked him up and put him on his lap.

When talking to Kou, his facial expressions would be different.

He might have instinctively realized that Kou’s his other half.

After all, anything the kid did affect him.

The Captain seemed worried about how to tell Kou about being his mate, but the Vice-Captain easily revealed it.

…I have a lot to say, but if the Captain is happy, then that’s that.

Kou didn’t seem to understand it yet, but he realized that he would marry the Captain after a while of unusually yelling.

(Do you hate marrying the Captain?)

…well, I don’t know how I feel.

I’m afraid I’ve never thought of getting married since I’m still too young.

Besides, he seemed to think that he only had a “guardian” relationship with the Captain, and even if he was suddenly told that they’d get married someday, he couldn’t catch up.

But even if it’s impossible right now, I’m sure the Captain would be happy with his mate even in the future.

Many wanted to be the Captain’s lover.

Because he’s such a great person.

Because he’s such a kind person.

With that in mind, it seemed like fate that Captain found Kou and protected him.

Kou is young and I don’t know what he’ll be in the future, but I would like to congratulate them on their marriage.

The Captain will surely make Kou happy.

…to such a young Kou, the Captain asking for marriage, in a sense, hurt the eyes.


─?side end─

ACDWL 013: Over Capacity

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  1. This is hilarious because I am glad that their existed a sane person in this group that reflected that trying to propose to a kid after you said you would adopt them is a very Woody Allen move :p jk jk but yeah 18 year olds must still be considered beans just legal to not be single beans

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