ACDWL 013: Over Capacity

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To summarize the story, same-sex marriage is common in this world, and it seems that both men and women can have children.

Rodo said he would marry me for some reason, but why would he like me?

Did he like the picture I drew?

As expected, he probably doesn’t like what I look like right now.

I still don’t understand what Rodo often said.

But do I also have a body that can give birth to children?

If I transmigrated to this world as a Japanese, such a function wouldn’t exist.

…maybe the reason why I look like a child was to adapt to this world?

…no, I don’t know about that.

I became a child, became Rodo’s guardee, and offered marriage…

Did I come to this world just to meet Rodo?

But Rodo is a soldier, not a king.

Is he in an important position?

Those who were in the cafeteria-looking place that we always go to are like Rodo’s subordinates.

He seemed to be the Captain of a Corps, but he didn’t have the authority of a king.

──that’s what it looks like.

For the time being, I said “I’ll think about it”…

I can’t think of a reason to refuse.

I’ve only known him for a few days, but he’s kind, handsome, and sweet to me, so there’s nothing to complain about.

Normally, it would be troublesome, but unfortunately, my interest has always been men.

That’s why I made relationships as thin as possible, so that I wouldn’t be caught as a homosexual.

I knew I would be bullied if I got caught.

No matter how much it’s been accepted, I could still be hurt by the relentless taunts.

I remember the rant that was given to a guy that’s been subjected to such doubt. Even though they didn’t say it to me, it still hurt me.

For me, this might be a heavenly world.

The partner seemed to be fixed to Rodo, but I think it’s okay if it’s Rodo.

However, it’s a little daunting to have a child.

Because I’m a man.

How do you give birth?

I never dreamed that I would know such an unknown world.

Besides, I don’t know if I can return to my original form.

If I can’t go back…what should I do?

Marrying like this…

It’s too good to be true.

They seemed to be in a blessing mode, since the people around me didn’t think much about it.


I’m a young child right now.

I was in a good mood when I was able to tell him that I’m 18 and I got to stroke Rodo’s “cat form”, but when Rodo left me behind, I got cold.

I was wondering if I was being thrown away, but it seemed like he just got lost in thought, since he came to look for me.

He apologized.

That was all I needed.

I wish I could be with Rodo.

…I don’t know why the story of marriage came out.

No matter how much I think about it, I can only understand that something Rodo said was related, but my mind couldn’t wrap around it.

And then I gave up thinking.

“Is this okay”, I thought.

Rodo will take good care of me.

If I can return to my original form, I might get married.

──if it’s decided that I can’t go back to Japan.

There’s not enough information.

There are many things I don’t understand in the common sense and customs of this world.

In such a situation, it’s instinct to seek asylum.

So I didn’t think that my feelings for Rodo are “romantic”.

It might change in the future, but it’s different now.

I think it’s okay to marry such a partner because I don’t want to think about it.

I know it’s escapism.

But I can’t afford to be in love right now.

I’m desperate to learn the language, and I can’t afford that since I’m doing my best just to get used to the environment.

I don’t know if I can return to Japan or not, and I don’t know if I can return to my original form.

For me who’s so anxious, love won’t be possible for a while.

I ate as usual on the lap of Rodo, who was getting sweeter.

Rodo would bring food that’s difficult to reach to my mouth.

He stroked my head a lot today, but it’s a little embarrassing to see the sweet atmosphere.

I’ve never dated anyone, and I’m not used to this kind of atmosphere and itching.

I looked around us and was surprised at seeing the others grinning.


“No, nothing.”

That look isn’t nothing.

While grinning, rabbit ears sat in front of me and Rodo for some reason.

You think it looked interesting.

“Is Kou married to the Captain? *******.”


He said something, but it’s words I didn’t understand.

What’s more, why are we supposed to be married?

I only said I’ll “think” about it.

“Don’t grin, rabbit ears!”

That’s why I complained in Japanese.

No one could understand, so they won’t know what I said.

…though it seemed like they could understand that I said something bad.

After eating uncomfortably, I was taken to the training center.

Rodo looked like he’d be working from now on.

I could stay at home, but Rodo didn’t want to leave me alone.

He used to think I was a kid.

Now…it’s worse than before.

Rodo is giving instructions to rabbit ears, while I’m sitting on Rodo’s lap.

Even if you tell me that you didn’t want to leave me…this is quite troublesome.

Even though I’m uncomfortable and wanted to get off, he said it’s “dangerous” and returned me to the original position.

After Rodo’s arm wrapped around my waist, nothing could be done.

(I want to run away…)

I feel sick in this sweet atmosphere.


I didn’t want to go and just wanted to run away, but when I said that word, he picked me up.

(No way…)

Are you going with me!?

That’s impossible though.

“Hate!” (I don’t like it!)

But when I said that, Rodo looked sad.

I’m about to lose, but I don’t want him to go to the bathroom with me.

“Go together, hate!” (I don’t like going together!)

Even if you look sad, I won’t give up.

When I stubbornly refused, he reluctantly put me down.

“Kou. Captain ******.”

Rabbit ears said something, but I guess he’s just making fun of me.

When I glared, he laughed and went back to training.

I’m relieved to finally be alone.

He’d been on my side all the time, but what should I do in that sweet atmosphere?

After all, it’s itchy.

…I don’t have any disgust.

I don’t feel bad since he had such a happy face.

After staying in the bathroom for a while, I returned to the training center.

“Leg. Hand. Road. Corridor. Run.”

The reason I walk while speaking the taught words was so that I could remember them faster when I speak them.

I still can’t pronounce it well, but I’m getting more and more familiar with it.

“Turn. Sky. Children. Parent.”

When I was walking leisurely while uttering those words mixed with humming──


I heard that voice and turned my gaze in that direction, then saw Rodo running towards me.


What happened?

The approaching Rodo picked me up.




Looks like Rodo’s overprotective mode activated.

It hasn’t been that long for him to be this worried.

Rodo was overprotective from the very beginning…

But it’s overkill now.

You don’t have to come and pick me up.


“…today is a holiday.”


I haven’t heard that it’s a holiday.

So, did you just go to the training center on your day off?

…in that case, I won’t get angry, but…

Is Rodo a workaholic that comes to work even though he’s on holiday?

After becoming my guardian, did you make time just for me?

…do you like children that much?

Certainly, I remember thinking like that.


The big hand stroking my head is kind, so I didn’t want to reject it.

I didn’t want my orientation to be known, so I didn’t feel good touching while interacting with people.

It was sometimes mistaken for mysophobia.

This time though, I allowed it without minding it much.

Does being by Rodo’s side make me feel safe since I recognized him as my guardian?

…I’m also not wary of Ren right now.

Being protected by Rodo was only good for me.

Marriage…is it okay not to think about it for a while?

My head is about to explode.


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