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─Rodokiaus side─


When I told Kou that I want to marry him in the future, he told me that he would think about it.

Since then, he made a lot of confused faces, but he never avoided me and even willingly stroked me when I turned into my beast form.

It’s been a while since then, but there’s no sign of Kou humanizing.

When I asked Kou, he said that he can’t.

Does that mean he can’t get a feel for it?

Or is there some other reason?

I still didn’t know.

Kou learned a lot of words, but he didn’t seem to know the words that could explain the reason.

I don’t know what Kou wanted to say, so I don’t know the words that Kou wanted.

In other words, he can’t tell me for the time being.

Kou had become fluent in speaking and was able to say a lot of phrases.

Kou learned about his power when the magicians insisted that they want to teach Kou magic.

Even if he didn’t know much of the language, if he knew the meaning of the chant, he could use magic, so it’s okay to teach him now. Also──

As I walked through town with Kou, magicians would appear here and there to block our way and ask Kou if he wanted to learn magic.

Kou didn’t seem to understand the word magic itself and was only wary at first.

After showing off some simple magic, rather than being interested, he was stunned.

However, considering Kou’s future, he might be better off learning magic from now on.

“Kou, magic, learn.” (Kou, go with them and learn magic.)

Of course, the future of marrying me and waiting for me to go home is okay, but I also want to respect that he might want to be independent in the future.

I know that Kou’s mighty power is something special that no one could imitate and if Kou wanted to use that power for good, I would support him.

…when Kou looked up with an anxious face, I wondered if he’d be okay without me.

“Kou, when you grow up, work.” (When you grow up, do you want to work?)

“…wowk.” (I want to work.)

He seemed to understand and nodded.

“Work, magician.” (Then, maybe work as a magician?)

“Majijan?” (What’s a magician?)

“Same as them.”

“Thwem…Majijan?” (Are they magicians?)

He thought for a while, then nodded in agreement.

Kou seemed quite confused when the magicians, who were happy to meet him, told him he’d be with them from now onwards. He was confused but still nodded.

(I haven’t heard about that.)

I tried to disagree, but──

“Ryodo, twake cay.” (Rodo, take care.)

When Kou waved, I unconsciously waved back.

Since this is the case, I have no choice but to see him off…

“I’m going to pick you up.”

Kou waved his hand again when I said that.

Although I’m powerful, I can’t give strict training to beginners.

…still──I’m worried.



I was worried about Kou and couldn’t concentrate on training, so I decided to pick him up early.

──for some reason, Renneiga also came.

Not only Renneiga, but also the people of this town who knew how powerful Kou was.

He would surely become an unrivaled magician in the future.

“Somehow, it’s noisy.”

The magicians stayed in towers scattered throughout the country.

It’s not much different from us being organized by Corps.

This tower is called [Tower of Trik].

…but, as Renneiga said, it’s quite noisy today.

It’s always been quiet.

As the Captain, I sometimes come to the tower to communicate with the magicians.

It’s the same with Renneiga.

That’s why I know it’s different from the usual.

When I arrived at the training center, there were a lot of magicians for some reason.


Among them, Kou, who was attracting attention, was tilting his head.

Did Kou do something?



When I called out, he ran over.

Kou seemed the same as usual…

“Kou, what were you doing?”

It’s noisy──or rather, they’re excited.

Are they surprised at Kou’s ability…but it didn’t seem to be only that.

“Uhm, cowd, wazer, …owt.” (Um, I made cold water come out.)

“Cold water? …ice?”

“Ishe?” (T/N: Ice is a new word for Kou so he’s asking what it meant.)

Ice attribute?

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

“Can you show me?”

It’s faster to see it.

“Owkay! You thwere, weave!” (Okay! You guys over there, leave!)

For some reason, he returned to the center and dismissed the magicians.

Does that mean he needed a large space?

After seeing that everyone was at a distance, Kou held out his hand.


Just one word.

In just one word, a large mass of water appeared.

It’s usually unthinkable to manipulate such a large amount of water without chanting.


The lump of water changed shape as if in response to that voice.


With that shout──

The water turned into ice.


Its shape was the same as mine as an Akinist.

It’s as if I’m looking at an ice sculpture of myself.

The surroundings became noisy again.

In front of me is an ice-shaped life-sized Akinist.

Kou’s power might be beyond my imagination.

Neither I nor Renneiga spoke a word. I was simply stunned.

“Is it true that this kid has never learned magic? It’s too absurd…it’d be out of our control soon.”

I think those words uttered by one of the magicians, who approached me, is true.

I have seen many battlefields, but I have never seen such power.

“It’s okay because it looks like he’s playing now, but after growing up…I won’t tell our country to strip his fangs, but he will be monitored. Captain Rodokiaus, you will also be monitored. …if this child becomes an enemy, the threat is immeasurable.”


I can understand what they meant.

But I won’t allow anyone to monitor Kou.

I’m frustrated since I can’t say that Kou isn’t an enemy.

“…you are that child’s mate. Remember that you’re likely to be monitored as well so that you can’t help him.”

It seemed like Kou being my mate was already known.

The mate of the last Akinist might be nothing more than a fantasy.

But prioritizing the mate over the country was a well-known habit of mated pairs.

I’m used to being watched, but I didn’t want Kou to feel constrained.

Suddenly, I noticed that Kou was looking at me.

He approached and I picked him up.

“Ryodo, hwurts?” (Rodo, why do you look pained?)

Was my expression cloudy enough that he’s worried?

“It doesn’t hurt. It’s okay.”

I don’t want Kou to worry.

“…Kou, bad?” (Is it my fault?)

“Not bad.” (Not your fault.)

There’s nothing wrong with Kou.

“Kou’s not bad at all.” (Kou’s not wrong at all.)

I said it many times.

It’s sometimes hard to tell that Kou’s young, unlike his appearance.

When I was being told those things, it seemed like he realized it’s his fault even without understanding the words.

That’s why he had a dark face.

…I don’t want you to look like that.

“Ryodo, I’m showwy.”

“No need to apologize.”

I’m happy to have met Kou.

“…Kou, majijian, no? Become, no, okay?” (What if I didn’t become a magician? Will that make it okay?)

…do you want to say, “should I not be a magician?”

I shook my head.

I can’t decide that since Kou has the right to choose.

His Majesty wanted to make Kou a magician, but if Kou wanted to do something else, he should go to that route.

“Does Kou hate being a magician?”

“…don’t know.”

He just started today, so he can’t seem to make a decision yet.

“If you want to do it, you can do it. You don’t have to worry about what everyone says.”


The magicians around me had astonished looks on their faces, but they didn’t force him.

It’s unacceptable to ignore Kou’s will.

“Ryodo, sank you.” (Rodo, thank you.)

Kou smiled at me.

For me, that’s my number one priority.


─Rodokiaus side end─


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