ACDWL 052: My True Nature

ACDWL 051: Unexpected Talented Person
ACDWL 053: Like A Storm

Ruu told me that I could be Rodo’s magician.

He also reported it to the King.

I was asked, “Why don’t you become Marihect’s magician?”, but if I were to choose between the King and Rodo, I would definitely choose Rodo.

In the first place, I decided to become a magician to earn money for my living expenses.

I just wanted to get rid of Rodo, who splurged on me, and just work.

Also, I wanted to live alone at first so I wanted to learn magic.

Now that I’m going to marry Rodo, Rodo said that it didn’t matter if I’m a magician or not.

Rodo would say nothing even if I quit being a magician.

…just a while ago, I got Ruu to register me as Rodo’s magician.

Rodo didn’t want me to get close to others, so I’m also happy to wait at home.

…no, I’ll spend more time alone, so should I go out after all?

Well, aside from that──

There’s no way I would quit being Rodo’s magician.

Regarding the things I’ve decided on, I don’t want to be told by unrelated people.

What’s more, I don’t want to work in a place other than Rodo’s workplace.

It’d be nice if I was told to become a healer in the Third Corps barracks, but I haven’t studied on becoming a healer in the first place, and I just said I’ll try after learning more words.

That person should have heard it too.

But then, he says that I don’t need to protect Rodo.

──for me, he became an “a-hole” in my mind.

(I’ve healed someone so I don’t need to stay any longer.)

I said we’d be staying for a while, but this should be fine.

After reporting our marriage to Sato and Al, I want to go home.

I want to laugh about stupid things with Ren.

I want to relax with Rodo.

Mofu time.


Pulling Rodo’s hand, we left the barracks.

As expected, there are two Corps so this place is bigger than the Third Corps barracks.

(We still have to pick up Sig.)

Because they said it’s within walking distance, we didn’t get on him.

It’s a hassle going back to the castle.

From here, returning to the castle and going to Sato’s house would be a detour.


I imagined that there was Sig and Sig appeared.


I squinted happily as I stroked his big body.

I think it’s cute how he rubbed his face against mine.

“Wasn’t the Doniclon supposed to be in the castle?”

For some reason, everyone was surprised.

It’s the King who spoke.

This is just movement magic…right?

Normally, if you’re not the target, can you still use movement magic?

…I wonder if that’s the case.

“Sig, here, think, did.” (I imagined Sig is here and he appeared.)

“Kou, amazing.”

Rodo stroked my head.

──Well, no matter what I do, Rodo always praises me.


(Since I was able to move Sig, can I go to Sato’s house like this?)

I thought about that, but I’ve never done it before and I don’t know if there’d be any problems, so I don’t have to do it now.

…if I’m alone, maybe I’ll practice it.

A donkey…no, I can’t ride a Sekisva.

I can move Sig and Rodo just by imagining their appearance though.

At this moment, it’s better to put it aside for later.

The chances of getting hurt aren’t zero.

Especially if I can’t imagine it well.

Mine’s not magic since I’m just materializing what I imagined.

…and yet, I’m told to be a magician, a healer, and so on.

Even if I say “I can’t do it”, they won’t hear it.

Rodo listens to me properly, but that’s because he’s biased against me, and maybe he realized that other people won’t listen?


“King, goodbye.”

Waving to the King, I reached for Rodo to get me on Sig.

Sig is big so I can’t ride it alone.

I’m always picked up by Rodo and put on it.

As usual, Rodo picked me up and put me on Sig.

Then sat behind me.

──but the reason he stopped moving without doing that was because of that soldier calling out again.

I can’t understand much, but he acted like an equal, so he’s probably a Captain too.

I don’t know if it’s the First or Second Corps, and I don’t even know his name.



“*******! *****!!”

“*****! *******”

Something was said and Rodo’s face became scary when he retorted.

I’m sure they’re talking about me again.

And the soldier who is told something by Rodo turned pale.

Kacha…hearing that sound, I feel like I understood what was being said.

When I looked at Rodo, he had an angry look and tried to pull out his sword. Anyone can tell what Rodo is trying to do without even thinking much.

Everyone’s face went blue.

(…right, Ren said it before.)

“The Akinist Rodo is the strongest,” he said.

I thought he was talking about when he became an Akinist, but looking at the reactions around me, he seemed strong even when humanized.

Isn’t the First and Second Corps Captain in a higher position than Rodo?

But why are they weaker than Rodo?


“Rodo, sword, don’t. Angry, can’t.” (Don’t draw your sword. Don’t get angry.)

I want to say “Don’t be angry” but I can only say this.

I’m talking and listening to various things, and Rodo spoke in a way that’s not much different from mine so he didn’t improve my wording.

Therefore, my wording is often taught by Ren.

…I’m mostly listening though.

Ren isn’t very quick when speaking so it’s easy to understand him.

…but when he’s surprised, he sometimes spoke quickly.


“Sato, Al, house, go, okay?” (Aren’t we going to Sato and Al’s home?)

Rodo will come here in the future.

I’m Rodo’s magician, so I’ll be with him.

But I never thought he has this personality.

…is it because I lived as a Japanese.

If you have high intelligence, do you get a job that makes the most of it?

If you have high physical ability, do you get a job that makes the most of it?

What you can do is different with each individual.

I didn’t have that kind of coercion so far, so is it fine to think of it like this?

Since I came to this world, I realized that I’m the type of person who wanted to rebel when forced.

I discovered many things about myself since I became a kid again.

I’m more childish than I expected since I like to tease others and for those I like, it’s best if they spoil me.

It’s my true nature that I didn’t want to notice, but I wonder if my only saving grace is that Rodo is happy with me.


“Marriage, report, go, right?” (We have to report our marriage, right?)

“Okay. …this, kill, finish, do, later.” (Okay. …I’ll kill him later.)


A soldier was treated as “this”.

And he just said “kill”.

Why is no one stopping him?

They only look like they’ve given up.

Does that mean that even if the King ordered him to “stop”, Rodo wouldn’t listen?

“Rodo, stop. Kill, no good.”

It’s not necessary to kill him because of an argument.

I want to avoid that person who had an intimidating attitude of ordering people.

That said, killing is overkill.

I don’t care about him, so just leave him alone.

I don’t want to get involved any longer.

Rodo often said “kill” but is this a world with many aggressive people?

Is it where “hate → exclusion”?

For those I don’t like, I’d just ignore them.

I won’t care and I won’t get involved.


“******. *******. *********.”

As if to attract attention, the man said something again.

Rodo’s face became scary again.

I can’t catch the words, and I became more determined to memorize more words since I don’t like the feeling of being confused.

Rather than that, it’s more problematic to be on Sig alone.

“Rodo, quick, behind, get on? Fall, scary.”

I’m always supported by Rodo, so it’s unstable when I’m all alone.

Even with the reins, it’s difficult to sit sideways and maintain balance.

Immediately after calling out, Rodo got on.

I was relieved and leaned on Rodo’s body and he patted me on the head.


“What’s the reason for not healing? ***********?”

He said something again, but there are some words I couldn’t catch.

…rather, he’s persistent.

How many times do I have to hear the same thing?

“That’s why, I’ve said many times that I have to learn the language first, right? I’ve never studied as a healer, okay? I just imagine that the injury will disappear and it did. …Don’t ask me the same thing over and over again.”

I can’t help but speak in Japanese.

I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I understand that he’s blaming me.

To the point that Rodo said “kill” to him.



The man stood in front of Sig and blocked our way.

(Really persistent.)


I imagined him being restrained by a vine and the vines stretched out from the ground and walls, entwining his body and fixing him to the walls of the barracks.

“Three days, restraint.”

I added additional conditions.

This would keep him out of the way.

Since magicians are nearby, they’ll soon be able to solve this simple restraint magic.

Rodo led Sig without worrying about the restrained man.

After a while, we’ll be meeting Sato and Al.

──I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Who do he think he is? Even the King and Ruu can’t dictate Kou then here he was saying all his BS. In the first place Kou is not from that country grrr

  2. What a shameless person. You can’t force someone against their will. It is not his duty or responsibility to heal people.

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