ACDWL 053: Like A Storm

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─King’s side─


Kou’s healing ability is high.

But I heard that he didn’t study to become a healer.

He said he’s just materializing what he imagined.

It’s the same with magic…

He said he’ll “learn the words first” many times because he didn’t think he’s a healer.

Indeed, it’s not a healer’s ability.

A healer can’t regenerate a lost limb.

It’s already difficult to repair an injury cleanly without leaving any traces.

A healer’s power could only stop the bleeding in the injured area, enhance the healing ability of the patient, and close the wound.

That’s why scars remain.

However, there are no scars where Kou healed.


Become a healer…it’s understandable once you’ve seen that power.

However, he’s also unique as a magician.

I saw both powers.

And I’m not the only one who wanted it.

In fact, the First Corps Captain is desperately calling out to him to work as a healer in the barracks of the First and Second Corps.

While the Captain of the Third Corps turned his face with a gaze about to kill someone…

However, Kou refused.

He said that he’s the magician of Captain Rodokiaus, and he didn’t want to work with other people apart from Rodokiaus or be a healer. Also──

If he’s told to quit being Rodokiaus’ magician, he’ll do neither. Also──

Even if he works as a healer, he must learn the language first. Also──

Kou has only been here for about three months.

He hasn’t completely learned the language yet, and often can’t catch them.

I’ve heard that he couldn’t speak at all when he’s first picked up, and it’s thanks to Kou’s efforts that he’s been able to communicate so far.

He’s just trying to get used to his current life little by little.

And yet, he’s wanted a lot.

…Kou didn’t even exist about three months ago.

Currently, he’s an 18-year-old kid.

As expected, we should ask him for various things after he got used to this place.


However, he──Captain Kegiterea wanted him to stay as a healer, even though he didn’t want to.

Kou didn’t like that, Captain Rodokiaus became angry, and I think it’s a good idea to give up now…

Understandably, a powerful person should get a suitable job.

But it’s premature right now.

Still, Captain Kegiterea kept on soliciting.

Kou was looking at him exasperatedly but got impatient upon hearing what he told Captain Rodokiaus and decided to cut off his stay in Seidask.

I was planning on him staying for a few days.

“Didn’t you tell me that you’d stay for a while?”

“I can’t because Kou is angry.”

Even when I called out to Captain Rodokiaus, he easily retorted back.

(Is he angry?)

Isn’t he just fed up?

I thought he’s just annoyed.

What made Kou angry?


I’m curious if it’s because Kou didn’t understand the words, or because he understood his words.

On the contrary, Captain Rodokiaus’ aura was overflowing.

However, Captain Rodokiaus’ words were a bit unbelievable.

“He doesn’t like people very much,” he said…

Other than his mate, he’s only close to Captain Rodokiaus’ parents and the Third Corps’ Deputy Captain?

I dreaded that, but…

Why won’t he allow other people?

I often saw him smiling when talking.

…but is that the case?


“Heal, done? Home, can, then, fine, right?” (We’re done here, right? Then going home is fine, right?)

As expected, he’s no longer interested in staying

Moreover, he’s full of energy to go home.

Because of Captain Kegiterea, Kou canceled his stay of a few days…

I wanted to see more of Kou’s healing power.

Chancellor Edetrok also called out, but Kou just replied that if he couldn’t become Captain Rodokiaus’ magician, then he wouldn’t become one.

Can that person, whom Kou dislikes very much, let his existence be cut off like this?

When I followed the two people holding hands leave the barracks──


I was surprised to see the Doniclon, which should have been left in the castle.

“…shouldn’t the Doniclon be in the castle?”

When I called out unintentionally──

“Sig, here, exist, think, did.” (I imagined Sig is here and he did.)

Seems like Kou developed movement magic just because he imagined it to be “here”.

…can this be used for humans?


“King, goodbye.”

After waving at me, he reached out to Captain Rodokiaus, who picked him up and put him on the Doniclon.

“Aren’t you abandoning the life you can save?”

Just before Captain Rodokiaus got on, Captain Kegiterea called out.

He immediately let out murderous intent.

“Cease this! Do you want to end your life?”

“I’m thinking for this country…!”

He had a deep blue face.

…that should be the case.

Captain Rodokiaus is trying to pull out his sword.

As an Akinist, he has unrivaled power and is strong even when humanized.

It goes without saying that he’s stronger than Captain Kegiterea.

No one can beat him.

“Ryodo, sword, don’t. Angry, can’t.” (Don’t draw your sword. You can’t get angry.)

But Kou called out to him.

“Sato, Al, house, go, right? Marriage, report, go, right?” (We still have to go to Sato and Al’s house, right? We have to report our marriage, right?)

Kou’s words seemed to change his mind and he released his sword.

“Okay. …this, kill, finish, do, later.” (Okay. …I’ll kill this thing later.)

As expected, seems like his murderous intent became stronger.

If he’s serious about this, no one could stop him.

“Ryodo, stop. Kill, no good.”

However, Kou’s words seem to shake him.


I thought it would end like this──

“…did you intend to sell your ability like this? Why don’t you use it when you have the power to save them? What’s the reason you don’t want to be a healer?”

Captain Kegiterea opened his mouth again and Captain Rodokiaus’ murderous intention erupted again.

I couldn’t even speak as I got cold sweats.


“Ryodo, quick, behind, get on? Fall, scary.”

Kou called out to Captain Rodokiaus.

As soon as he heard those words, he got on behind Kou.

Kou, sitting sideways on the Doniclon, leaned back to his body and Captain Rodokiaus supported him.

Kou is showing a lot of different things in so many situations, but I heard that he can’t even ride a Sekisva even now.

What’s common for us is not “natural” for Kou.

According to the reports, Kou is not born in a country recognized in this world.

That’s why he spoke in another language.


“What’s your reason for not healing? Do you feel pleasure in holding someone’s fate?”

Captain Kegiterea still called out, but those words aren’t pleasant to hear.

Even though I don’t know much about Kou, I don’t think Kou would think of such a thing.

What’s more, not only to Kou who didn’t seem to understand the words, but to say such a thing in front of him, his mate…

…do you want to die?

“*******? ******? *******. ********.”

Kou turned dismayed eyes and said something word for word.

What did he say?

…still, I can tell from the cold atmosphere that the content is not good.


“Do a job that suits you.”

Captain Kegiterea stood in front of the Doniclon and blocked their path.

…if you do that, Captain Rodokiaus would only get angrier.


With just one word, Kou made vines grow from the ground and walls of the barracks to entangle with Captain Kegiterea’s body.

The vines entwined in the neck, chest, hips, arms, and legs without too much distance.

And it dragged him to the barracks’ wall, where he was fixed in place.

“Three days, restraint.”

(…what does that mean?)

Did he mean staying like this for three days?

The two people on the Doniclon walked away while the rest were stunned.


“Damn it! Call a magician!”

Seems like the restraint was so strong that Captain Kegiterea can’t get free.

He can’t move at all.


After a while, the Sarez’ Representative, Kirishigan appeared.

He’s Marihect’s number one magician before Kou appeared.

He held out his hand and started chanting…but after a while, he lowered his hand.

“…I can’t undo this.”





He can’t undo it…

That never happened before.

“…maybe it’s the additional condition, that “three days” that Kou said earlier?”

Captain Kegiterea paled when Edetrok raised his voice.

In other words, it’s not “let him stay like that for three days” but rather “become restrained for three days”, right?

Did he intend to restrain him for three days from the beginning?


Seems like the Representative of Sarez gave up and we can’t stay here forever.

Only Kou can release his restraint, but Kou is no longer here.

I think he went to Captain Rodokiaus’ parents’ house, but…no one wanted to go to the place where there are three Akinists.



Later, when I saw the report, my thoughts stopped for a moment.

As expected, seems like Captain Kegiterea was released from the restraint three days later.

Even if he’s attacked by magic or a sword, that seemingly thin vine wasn’t even scratched.

(As expected, he’s special even as a magician…)

I don’t think it’s a shame that he’s an exclusive magician, but…no matter what I say, Kou won’t nod.

Also, his mate is Captain Rodokiaus, an Akinist.

His salary alone is more than enough to lead a wealthy life.

There’s no need for Kou to earn.

Earlier, he said he would do neither unless he’s with Captain Rodokiaus.

(When I go to another country, the Third Corps should bring Kou.)

With the Akinist Captain Rodokiaus and Kou, there’d be no enemy on the way.

The power of soldiers and magicians is rarely combined.

And I hope those two will be the pioneers in connecting soldiers and magicians.

Those two seemed to be the type that people liked.


(The check on other countries will be even stronger.)

I can’t help but gloat.

I feel like the other countries are planning various things, but having Akinists are preventing some things.

Now imagining that it will get even better, I can’t help but loosen my cheeks.


─King’s side end─

ACDWL 052: My True Nature
ACDWL 054: Marriage Report

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