ACDWL 054: Marriage Report

ACDWL 053: Like A Storm
ACDWL 055: Silent Preparation

─Sato’s side─


Feeling an approaching Akinist, we hurriedly left the house and found Rodokiaus.

Next to him is…Kou?

Wasn’t that small figure his humanized form?

I thought he’s a bit too young, but still quite beautiful.

Is this Kou’s original appearance?

“Sato! Al!”

Kou, who noticed us, spoke our names while lisping and waved his hand with a smile.

I think that smile is not much different from when he was a child.

“What’s wrong?”

I’ve heard that the support mission for the Sixth Corps had ended.

What happened?

Did he just come to show Kou’s humanized form?

“Kou, Ryodo, marry, will, report, came.” (We’re going to marry so we came to report.)

“We’re getting ready to get married. I just came because Kou said he wanted to report it.”

Unlike Kou, who spoke happily with a smile, Rodokiaus simply told us the news.

“Kou, Sato, Al, please, come.”


Is he talking to the two of us?

…Kou is?

“Kou, Ryodo, marry, will, family, become. Now, Kou, family, not here… Kou, family, Sato, Al, become, right? “Father” “Mother”, call, will, also, fine?” (Once we marry, we’ll become family. My family’s not here, so Sato and Al will become my new family, right? Can I call you Father and Mother?)





Is he saying that he’ll call us that?

“I-it can’t be helped.”

“Of course we’re fine with that!”

Al seemed to feel the same as me.

Rodokiaus no longer called us “Father” or “Mother”.

Just like this time, he’d just talk matter of factly.

In the first place, he rarely even come to see us.

And even if he came, he’d go back soon.


“Thank you!”

Kou, who’s laughing joyfully, made us smile.

I can’t wait for him to become our child.

“When are you going to get married? If we help with the preparation, can it be done sooner?”

“The dress and ceremonial hall will be decided by Kou and I. Don’t touch them.”


Then I was told in such a menacing way.

…certainly, it’s sometimes said that it’s not worthwhile for parents to prepare for the marriage…

If Rodokiaus, who had the title of Captain of the Third Corps, a high position, is meddled by his parents, what will his surroundings say?

…I thought he wasn’t the type to care about that…

──still, I just feel like we should decide together.

Seems like his possessiveness is getting stronger.


“Ryodo? Why, angry, become?” (Ryodo? Why are you angry?)

Is Kou unaware of Rodokiaus’ desire for monopoly?

Even though he’s said to be intelligent?

“Prepare, two people, do.” (Us two can prepare it.)

“…Sato, Al, help, can’t?



Surprised, Kou looked up at Rodokiaus in confusion.

What does Kou think about his marriage?

He said he came from a different world…so what kind of wedding will he have if he got married in his own world?


“…yes. I understand.”

Kou nodded after a while.

As expected, is it different in Kou’s original world?

I heard Kou is only 18 years old and that’s the year he could get married…

It’s possible that he didn’t know much.


“Does Kou like Rodokiaus?”

I don’t think there’s any love before, but is it different now?

“Yes. Kou, Ryodo, likes. Ryodo, cute.” (Yes. I like Ryodo. He’s cute.)



Both Al and I lost our words.

No way, Rodokiaus being “cute”…

Even when he was a child, Rodokiaus was never “cute”.

For a long time, he didn’t pay attention to anyone and didn’t worry about his awed surroundings and would just go out for a walk alone.

He’d respond to the people who called out to him but he’s also not deeply involved with anyone.

If you’re an Akinist, you’ll have that habit to some extent, but Rodokiaus had it stronger than me and Al.

Even in his childhood, no child would approach an Akinist.

Before he humanized, I always remember Rodokiaus being alone.

He didn’t seem to feel “lonely” in his everyday life, and Rodokiaus always went somewhere.

From what I heard, I only knew he’s alone.

…when I heard that he’s subduing monsters, I was surprised and angry.

A child can’t subdue monsters before humanizing.

Rodokiaus said that he’d become a soldier after being humanized, so it wasn’t a problem if he subdued monsters earlier.


In this way, did this Rodokiaus, who had never been called “cute” since childhood, look cute in the eyes of Kou, who only saw what he looked like after he became an adult?

“…is Rodokiaus cute?”

I can’t help but ask.

“? Ryodo, cute, you know? Spoil, cute. Kou, Ryodo, marry, will, but, Ryodo, Kou, various, will. Kou, see, no, work. …Kou, Ryodo, other than, marry, will, no, though.” (? Ryodo is cute, you know? Especially when he spoils me. I will only marry Ryodo and no one else.) (T/N: Sorry, the chopped up words became too incomprehensible with my level of Japanese, but the basic gist is this.)


Rodokiaus did?

Certainly, Rodokiaus has a strong possessiveness and often hides Kou in his arms…

Does Kou not feel possessive or jealous?

…is that kind of feeling nurtured because Rodokiaus doesn’t pay attention to anything other than Kou?

“Rodo, also, Kou, only.” (I also have Kou only.)

Rodokiaus seemed quite pleased with Kou’s words that he’d never marry anyone other than Rodokiaus, so he turned to Kou with a smile I’d never seen before.

Kou’s smile towards Rodokiaus also felt special.

As expected, rather than a guardian, does Kou see him as a lover now?


“Kou will marry my son.”

Anyway, it’s only after Kou appeared that I saw Rodokiaus so happy.

With that alone, I’m glad he had Kou.

It’s inevitable that Rodokiaus, who wasn’t interested in anything before now, will stick to Kou, who’s the only one he’s been interested in…

Will Kou dislike receiving such strong feelings?

“…Kou, begin, mate, understand, no. But, Ryodo, friendly. Likes, willing.” (I don’t know what being a mate is, but as long as Ryodo is willing, I’m also willing to learn.)

You don’t know what a mate is?

──is your nose bad?

We distinguish our mates by smell.


“Ryodo, place, mate, can. Kou, Ryodo, likes.” (I can be Ryodo’s mate. I like Ryodo.)

Seems like he had a sense of security.

But, the fact that it wasn’t decided by smell shows that Kou’s feelings are true.

He can be confident that he wasn’t attracted just to the smell.

…in any case, I suppose mates will still be attracted to one another.

“Please take care of my son.”

“Son, take care?”

(Ahh, did he not understand it this way?)

Seems like it’s a bit difficult for Kou, who hadn’t mastered the language yet.

“Live in harmony with Rodokiaus.”


Apparently, he understood this phrase.

He replied happily.

“Father, mother, agree, come, see, fine?” (Since father and mother agree, it’s fine coming to see you, right?)

Do you mean you’ll come to see us?

Few people visit us Akinists.

Probably only the messenger from the court.

“You’re always welcome! You can come anytime.”

“Thank you!”

Kou, who happily laughed, is cute.

Rodokiaus had a disgusted face behind Kou, but I’m sure he’ll give priority to Kou.

Kou seemed to have more power in their household than Rodokiaus.


“Kou, let’s go home?”

“Go home?”

As expected, this son wouldn’t stay for a long time.

…when adult Akinists gather together, their auras are amplified and would somewhat influence the surroundings, so it can’t be helped.

“Father, mother, goodbye. Kou, Ryodo, later, come.” (Father and mother, goodbye. We’ll come later.)

“We’ll be waiting.”

I feel drunk when I saw my cute future son waving.

On the other hand, Rodokiaus just picked up Kou and walked away.

He didn’t even look at us.

…when will they come next time?

I’d be happy if they’d invite us to the wedding.


─Sato’s side end─

ACDWL 053: Like A Storm
ACDWL 055: Silent Preparation

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