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─Edetrok’s side─


There’s no day where we don’t hear the rumors of the two famous people.

Especially when it comes to Kou, everything becomes a rumor.

Although his race is still unknown, he’s also the best magician in Marihect and a healer that no one can match.

Kou, who was learning to chant magic, now seems to be studying as a healer.

I also heard rumors that he had wings on his back and was floating while moving.

No other magician can do that.

The civilians are now more interested in Kou than the Akinist Third Corps Captain.

…no, even the soldiers, magicians, and healers.

And His Majesty too.

Rumors of Kou have crossed countries and seemed to be whispered in other countries.

With only the rumors, the other countries are asking what kind of person he is.

However, Kou is currently the exclusive magician of the Third Corps Captain and was reluctant to become Marihect’s magician.

He said he doesn’t want to live separately from the Third Corps Captain.

Is it because it hadn’t been that long since they got married?

The discussion has been postponed because he’s willing to go to another country.

Currently, Kou is not doing a job like work, and he is now studying as a healer, so His Majesty wanted to formally discuss it after that.

However, even when he gave a lot of orders, the Third Corps Captain stopped coming to the royal castle with Kou.

We hadn’t seen him since we met at the wedding.

When I called the Deputy Captain of the Third Corps, who was always near them, with a decree, it turned out that the Third Corps Captain was burning His Majesty’s decrees.

The reason seemed to be── “because it interferes with Kou’s study”.

I know that he’ll put his mate first, but this is probably a situation where even His Majesty cannot strongly reprimand him.

It goes without saying what happens if you provoke a fight with an Akinist.


He’s the only Akinist who can fight.

His parents are already old and won’t enter the battlefield again.

They might look fine, but Akinists lose their power after a certain age.

And their motivation will be much weaker.


The Third Corps Captain, the only Akinist who can fight in the entire world, has his existence only around Kou…

The existence of these two people has a great influence on diplomatic relations.

So to speak, with these two people, it reduces the fear of monsters, the loss of limbs, and self-harm.

If it becomes safe, people who want to move will gather.

A country with stable workers will become richer.

If there’s a symbolic existence, diplomatic relations often go well by themselves.

Until now, there’s only the existence of an Akinist, but nowadays, there is Kou who surpassed that existence.

I would like him to come to the place of diplomatic relations…

Neither the Third Corps Captain nor Kou seemed to be interested in their position or title, and they didn’t seem to want anything in particular, so I can’t always call on them.

The Third Corps Captain is a soldier and visible to the people from other countries.

All they have to do is call on him.

However, concerning Kou, there are only rumors, and no one knows the actual situation.

This is why many requests from other countries have come.

I want to convince him as soon as possible…



One day.

Finally, the two people who responded to the edict appeared in the royal castle.

As usual, they looked like in a friendly relationship.

Did he finish studying as a healer?

…It’s only been a month since I heard it started, so it’s more likely that it’s still in progress.

Kou, who’s no longer afraid of His Majesty, is kneeling next to Captain Rodokiaus.

But he has some books.

What kind of books is it?

“What is it?”

It seems like His Majesty is also interested.

“Healer, studying, book. Noma, gave me.”

Kou is now able to speak a lot.

“Who is Noma?”

“He’s the Third Corps’ exclusive healer.”

Captain Rodokaisu spoke the title of the person.

As expected, he’s still studying as a healer.

Even if he doesn’t become one, he’s already the best magician in Marihect.


“I would like to take you two to a place of diplomatic relations.”

Captain Rodokiaus squinted as His Majesty spoke of the main topic.

He seemed reluctant to show Kou.

I heard that it’s because Kou said “I don’t like being a spectacle”…

…is that true?

I didn’t see that in Kou though?

“Diplomatic relations?”

Kou didn’t seem to understand the meaning of diplomatic relations and is tilting his head.

“Diplomatic relations. Searching the true motive between countries.”


To explain diplomatic relations, Captain Rodokiaus opened his mouth.


“…Kou, Rodo, tool, is it?” (Will I and Rodo become tools?)

Kou seemed to understand what it means to be in diplomatic relations.

I know he’s intelligent, but it’s more than I imagined.

The soft expression disappeared and became expressionless…is he angry?

Right now, he’s the one Marihect shouldn’t offend the most.

“Rodo, Third Corps Captain. Kou, Rodo, magician. Diplomatic relations, relationship, none.” (Rodo is the Third Corps Captain. I am Rodo’s magician. We have no relationship with diplomatic relations.)

Certainly, ordinary soldiers and exclusive magicians have nothing to do with diplomatic relations.

However, both of them are unusual.

Both are the only ones with power.


“We will only borrow the majesty of an Akinist from Captain Rodokiaus. There are times when other countries want to see Kou, so I want you two to come out together.”


No reply.

He is just looking at His Majesty with no expression.

“…Rodo, dangerous, no?” (Is it dangerous for Rodo?)



That’s the concern…?

A danger to an Akinist…I can’t even imagine.

No race is not intimidated by Akinists.

His Majesty and even the other Captains will be killed by a serious Akinist even without his limbs.

If he is beastified and becomes destructive, Marihect will easily be destroyed.

…are you worried about such an Akinist?

…I think that’s useless behavior.

Akinists can almost nullify not only physical attacks but also magic attacks.


“Strangers, a lot, don’t you hate it?” (Don’t you hate being with a lot of strangers?)

Captain Rodokiaus turned a worried face to Kou, which I’ve never seen before.

He changed too much since he got his mate.

“Rodo, together, then, fine. …side, there?” (If I’m with Rodo, then it’s fine. You’ll be by my side, right?)

“I’ll be with you forever!”

Captain Rodokiaus would be by his side even without saying that.

Kou sometimes looks more mature than anyone else.


(Anyway, after convincing Captain Rodokiaus and Kou to attend the diplomatic relations venue…we’ll be busy from now on.)

Since we don’t have diplomatic relations with only one country, it’d be better to have the kings from all over gather in one place.

In that case, I have to decide the day when it will be convenient for all of them.

That said, the burden on Kou is small, so Captain Rodokiaus was more willing to give permission.

And with Captain Rodokiaus by his side, no one can reach out to Kou.

This wouldn’t have happened if Kou was alone.


“I will contact you as soon as the schedule is decided. Even during a mission, this will be the priority.”

“I understand. Please excuse us.”

Words that use honorifics but have no emotions as usual.

“Father-in-law, mother-in-law, meet, go?” (Let’s go meet father-in-law and mother-in-law?)

Unlike before, Kou is happily pulling Captain Rodokiaus’ hand.

Seems like he wants to go see his in-laws that much.

Probably because he has the mysterious sensibility that regarded Akinists as the cutest.

…only, Captain Rodokiaus seemed reluctant.

His possessiveness to his mate…might not be unconditional.

It’s understandable to monopolize your mate, but are you jealous of even your parents──moreover, old people?

I wonder if this is his original nature.

“Looking forward to it.”

Kou, who happily waved goodbye, acted like a child with Captain Rodokiaus.

I really don’t know if he’s an adult or a kid.


─Edetrok’s side end─

ACDWL 073: Growing Kou
ACDWL 075: Celebrities

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