ACDWL 130: Terrible Anger

ACDWL 129: A Boy Who Has Different Thoughts From Us
ACDWL 131: Difference In Thinking

Author’s Notes:

There are cruel depictions.

I deleted a lot of cruel parts when I released it but if you’re not good at it, please skip it. m(__)m

El, who jumped into the conference room, was so impatient that I realized something extraordinary had happened.

And…I saw pitch black when told that Cal was gone.

El’s sense of smell is weaker than Rodo’s but he said that it’s still sharp as he could easily follow Cal’s scent.

And yet, the fact that there’s no smell means that someone caught him.

I was told that Rodo would find Cal, but I wanted to find him as soon as possible so I used magic.

And then──

Cal, who appeared on my lap, was asleep, perhaps from a powerful sleeping pill.

(To use strong sleeping pills for such a young child…)

No sleeping pills can affect the half-Akinist Cal.

That’s why they used strong medicine, but even in this world, strong medicine can put a strain on the body.

Even so──


I’m getting angry.

To the guy who made Cal like this.

I was careless for this to happen.

However, it’s better to remove the medicine from Cal’s body first.

This child didn’t have to meet such an end…


Cal woke up and licked my cheeks.

I couldn’t protect him at all, but he probably still cares for me.

Looking at Cal’s memory, I knew the criminal.

I can see my thoughts turning black.

Along with that, my magical power also fluctuated.

I think it’s just before my magical power goes out of control but my head is cold.

──I can only think of how to retaliate.

──I can only think of something that would give them a more brutal ending.


But I don’t want to show such a thing to the children.

I don’t want to involve my parents-in-law in a magical runaway.

While I’m like that, only those two things were strongly left in my head so I just said them.

They can evacuate to a safe area.

…but, being hugged by Rodo, the fluctuation of my magical power subsides.

My thoughts are still black, but this matter doesn’t have to involve other people.

When I saw my parents-in-law take the children out of the castle, I summoned the culprit.

Restrained and rolled them the moment they appeared in the conference room.

With the strongest restraint magic so that they can’t escape by any means.

Since they’re restrained by thorns instead of vines, they’re injured by the thorns.

Because it can absorb magical power from there, it’s impossible for the other party to even get up.

My restraint magic seems to be strong, so I didn’t restrain them that much, but this time, I had a strong feeling that I would never let them escape.

Six people were rolled up with pale faces due to the sudden lack of magical power.

I invaded their shadows and looked into their memories.

──what did they intend to do after capturing Cal?

──are there other similar people or a patron of these guys?

I looked into various memories.

Normally, when I look at other’s memories, I’d soon be out of the shadows but this time around, my anger didn’t go away.

The cruel thoughts went unnoticed when I was in Japan.

…am I broken somewhere?

Or did my way of thinking change in this world where I often witness death?

I always told Rodo, “I’m a little angry but I won’t kill people”…

But I can’t say that anymore.


As soon as I got out of the shadows, I was hugged by Rodo.

I can see His Majesty and King Kisetoa nearby, and the Kisetoa side is particularly pale, but I don’t care.

Because they’re people of Kisetoa, they think they can give punishment to their fellow countrymen.

…if I had been involved in this matter as a country, I would have definitely attacked the country.

But this time, it was just caused by those who live in Kisetoa.

And these six are researchers of Kisetoa.

That’s why they wanted to examine the body of a half-Akinist, but to catch one without permission, what are these guys thinking?

Did they think that I would forgive anyone who touched my most important “family”?

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

I think it’s cruel, but that’s my motto.

Ever since I was in Japan, I hated anyone trying to harm my family.

However, I think it became even more prominent since I came to this world.

…It’s not special to want to protect the family who accepted me as a whole, no matter what I do.

In Japan, I didn’t even have the confidence to come out to my family.

I don’t think they’ll accept it, so I couldn’t tell anyone this secret.

But Rodo is different.

My parents-in-law are different.

The children are different.

My family accepted me, a spoiled and weak person.

They accepted me as a crybaby and a child.

So I will protect my family no matter what.

…I’ll crush them so thoroughly that they’ll never think of ever touching my family.


“Hey, Your Majesty should run away. I’m restrained with Rodo hugging me like this, but I don’t know when I’ll go out of control.”

…I wasn’t confident that I could smile well.

Maybe I’m insane right now.

To the extent that I may look calm but I’m full of madness inside.

Her gaze diminishes as she went stiff without words, her gaze shifting to the six.

“For those of you who chopped up sleeping pills and made Cal sniff something that shouldn’t be used for young children, I’ll give you “pain”.”

…pain to the body?

There’s no point in giving such warm pain.

“What’s wrong with examining the body of a half-Akinist? When I applied, why wouldn’t you give permission?”

“Isn’t it possible to have another child? It’s okay to give one for research!”

…they just say what they want.

(…it’s useless.)

My field of vision turned red from anger.


“Don’t you guys feel guilty for kidnapping, dissecting, and killing a child without permission for your research? Is it okay to ignore the feelings of parents for research purposes? Is it okay to kill my child for your purposes? …for you, even [death] is warm.”

Killing these guys will just make a second idiot come out.

That’s meaningless.

I have to make sure others won’t try to reach out again.

“Here. Capture.”

I call those whom they know from their memories and easily restrain them with vines.

…still, it’s a restraint that even a magician couldn’t solve.

The six people paled when the faces they knew were lined up, and those who were moved and detained without permission were confused. I could hear crying, perhaps because of the unusual atmosphere.

The reason why I didn’t react to the crying that reached my ears is that my sane mind has been destroyed or because it’s my original nature…

I’m a person who sometimes doesn’t care about others.

Surrounded by kind people, it just didn’t show up until now.

I can’t hope for the happiness of others if it hinders the happiness and health of my family.


“Did you intend to chop up my kid to satisfy your curiosity? Did you think you could kill my child for research? …you should also experience the sadness of having your precious person chopped up. You just have to taste despair. …taste my hatred of you.”

I realized that my mouth had an arc.

I genuinely thought it was someone else’s affair, I wonder if I’m already broken and crazy.


A scream echoed.

I cut off the arm and stopped the bleeding at the same time, so they won’t get a hemorrhagic shock.

“Ether! …what are you doing!”

One of the researchers glared at me but that’s my line.

“I’m not killing you so it’s better than you guys, right? …or what? Did you want me to open their body in front of you? Did you want me to remove all the contents inside? …but if I do that, I don’t know if I can put it back.”

Anyway, if I want to heal someone who has been so badly injured, I can’t afford to experiment with them.

“Is it that different from what you were trying to do to my son? You don’t have the right to kill my child. But do you think you’re forgiven just because my child is a “half-Akinist”? Can’t you be blamed for killing for research? …there’s no reason for such a stupid thing.”

It doesn’t matter what kind of race my child is.

It’s not like half-Akinists have no human rights so what they did was attempted kidnapping and attempted murder.

I just happen to be able to use magic so I can save him.

Cal may have returned if I left it to Rodo.

…but it’s possible that he wasn’t in time.

This time, it just happened that Cal came back safely.

So I can’t forgive them. If Cal had died──I wouldn’t be so calm right now.

Even if I were there, I would have erased everyone in Kisetoa.

I knew I had such a dangerous power so I usually try not to use this power unconsciously.


“…aren’t you a benevolent healer? Doing such a terrible thing…”

My anger got deeper at those blaming words.

’Terrible thing’? Which one? Do you want to say that it’s “terrible” to cut off your arm rather than kill your child for research?”

He’s one of the Chancellors of Kisetoa but I don’t have to be afraid.

“Do you want to have your children kidnapped then forgive those who were trying to kidnap them? To me, the parent of a child who might have died if I hadn’t used magic, do you want to say “Isn’t it okay since he came back safely?”

Cal was safe, that’s just the result.

It’s just a coincidence.

Even so──to forgive?

“Why do I have to be merciful to the trash that touched my family?”

That’s all there is to it.

“If anyone is crying for their family, I’d love to hear from you and do what I can. If anyone can be saved by my power, I would like to help. …but why do I have to save those who have touched my family? Should I care? I’m neither a saint nor a good man. Those who touched my family are “enemies to eliminate” for me. Can you forgive those who robbed you of your reliance? I don’t have the personality to offer my child to someone else. I’d do anything for my family. …even the “murder” that I’ve been avoiding, okay?”

Anyone can be killed to protect my family.

I’m that obsessed with my family.


I used my power on the researcher’s relatives, thinking “disappear”.

They lost their arms, they lost their legs, then it appears again and it repeats.

They’re crying because I didn’t erase the pain.

I can’t think of the researchers who kept shouting stop.

Only “it’s my own business”…


After repeating this for while, the defect was once again restored.


Perhaps they were relieved that it was over, they relaxed.

“If they don’t take a break, they’ll break. You won’t feel scared anymore if you go crazy, right?”

But the words I said terrified them again.

“Ko, I’ll punish them…please abate your anger.”

The owner of that terrified voice is the Queen of Kisetoa.

“…‘punish’? When you kill these guys and the others, a second idiot will come out. It’s fine so shut up. …if you don’t want to die.”

She paled and retreated.

It’s a big difference from Rodo hugging me.

When I looked up, I saw a gentle smile.

Looking at me like this, he’s not scared.

That── makes me happy.

“I’m still pretty angry. If you don’t want me to remove Kisetoa from this world, shut up.”

“I deeply apologize.”

Queen Kisetoa is pretty scared.

The Chancellors near her also have deep blue faces.

“Your Majesty. I can’t use my power for Kisetoa in the future. Remember what happened today. …honestly, I also don’t want Rodo to lend his power. You can think of it as me being “selfish”. I’m aware of that. …but you know? If you’re on the side of those who touched my family, I’ll lose trust in you. If I say this, it would become a “threat”… but if I want to protect my family, I can kill, right? Nothing is more important to me than my family.”

When I called out to His Majesty who hadn’t evacuated yet, the people of Marihect were lined up with blue faces.

Probably because they know my power best by being in the same country.


“Now, let’s resume the painful time. …how can I easily kill those who have done such stupid things? I’ll slam the horror that Calvert received, the despair I received, into the core of your bones.”

It seems like the relatives of those who were caught met my eyes and became incontinent due to fear.

“Fufu…you don’t want to be hurt, right? Isn’t it scary for anyone to die? …but your dad tried to kill my kid, you know? A baby who was born less than a month ago. …hey, you know since you’re a pregnant woman, right? If I take your baby out of your stomach right now, it can’t live, right? You can then understand the despair of having your child killed, right?”

The relatives are the researcher’s children and daughter-in-law who are pregnant with their grandchildren.

I called out to the pregnant woman who was listening to me in tears.

As a “parent”, she seemed to sympathize with the hatred towards the person who tried to kill a child.

“I’m angry if my relatives are about to be killed, but they said it’s okay for my kid to be killed because he’s a half-Akinist, you know? That’s impossible, right?”

The pregnant woman desperately nodded.

If she had denied this, maybe she’ll be the first I murder…?


“…I thought that if their relatives met the same thing, they would notice the stupid acts they had committed…don’t they know that what they did is still attempted murder?”

Even though I called out to the six people who are still rolled up, they don’t seem to reflect on it.

Relatives…they seem to be only angry when I attacked those who are especially important to them.

If I get angry when my family is attacked, and they’re telling me not to do the same thing to others…

Akinists and half-Akinists are not without human rights, so these guys are been guilty of sin.

That’s why──I think I have to say it more clearly.


“The people here are specimens to research how many injuries I can heal as a healer. Is it okay if the specimen eventually dies? I haven’t fully grasped my power as a healer. There’s no choice since it’ll save a lot of people in the future, right?”

I used exactly what they said.

If that’s what they intended, I can hurt them for the same reason.

It’s clear that it doesn’t make sense to research a half-Akinist.

Because the progress of science in this world is still unclear, even genes are unknown.

So how do you find out?

They only know primitive things, such as how much stimulus a person can withstand.

“You can give me a specimen, right? If I explain how important the research is, you’ll know how important my research is, right? I’m more confident that I’ll save more people than you guys.”

I think it’s important for the people who’ll live in the future.

If there’s an agreement, some will be samples.

…I’m not going to give out Calvert, though.


“It’s impossible with the equipment in this world to find out about a half-Akinist born only from my belly and get results. …in comparison, the research I mentioned will be useful for future healers. Currently, if an organ isn’t functioning, it’s impossible to heal it. However, if you can see the inside of a body, and see the different shapes and sizes depending on the race, maybe the day will come when you can cure it. …hey? Which do you think is the more important research?”

If the other person is a researcher, they can talk about research.

It can be judged that there’s no possibility of Rodo having sex with anyone other than me, considering that I’m his mate.

So half-Akinists will not increase unless I give birth.

They wouldn’t know how a half-Akinist’s tough body is made without investigating at the genetic level.

There’s no way to find that out in this world.

It may appear in the future, but not now.

In other words, what they did was just for self-satisfaction.

They just wanted to research half-Akinists.




The researchers stopped saying anything while paling.

Along with the relatives of the researchers and their Majesties.

“I didn’t learn medicine but no one in this world knows what I know. …you thought you could transplant a half-Akinist organ but that’s impossible. When a child’s organ is transplanted into an adult, it puts a strain on the organ which will lead to death. First of all, I’m not just talking about rejection. Going to an unequipped place just causes an infectious disease. …why don’t you know that if you don’t learn more about medicine, you’ll just increase the number of deaths with your mischiefs?”

When I talked to one of the researchers, he gradually lost his complexion.

I wasn’t aiming to be a doctor nor did I go to medical school.

But, as a matter of common sense, that much is in my head.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know the details.

But I know that what they’re trying to do was reckless.


“Are you still going to do research that you know will only produce dead people? It’s a great sin, right? There’s no future in a country that employs such murderers.”

Six people woke up completely.

It seems that they have finally realized the stupidity of what they had done.

…but it’s too late.

No one spoke.

…is it okay now?

“Today, should I erase your memory? You don’t have to remember the pain and fear of amputation forever.”

I called out to the researchers’ relatives.

They don’t need to have that kind of memory because I just wanted the six people to regret it.


“…I want to remember my father’s folly so that I won’t make the same mistake.”

The words of one man made those around him nod.

…the pregnant women as well.

“Mental illness is painful, you know? Is it okay to remember today’s horror and not be able to sleep?”

No one in this world can cure mental illness.

There are a lot of soldiers and they often fight, but for some reason, all of them don’t think about it.

“…I can’t forget my family’s sins.”

The man seems to have hesitated a little but still declined to have his memory erased.

I’m sure he’s the one that was called out before, Ether.


“…I see. …if it gets really uncomfortable, come to me. I’ll erase today’s memory. I’ll only treat that.”

It’s probably because they don’t know anything about mental illness.

(Is Cal traumatized?)

Is it okay since he just sniffed some sleeping pills?

I have to observe him from now on.

Symptoms may appear later.

I removed everyone’s restraint and used magic to recall my family who left the castle.



The two children rushed over.

“Cal, are you okay? If anything happens, tell your mother, okay?”

I’m not going to erase Cal’s memory.

He’ll be wary of such things from now on.


“Let’s go home. May we return home?”


When I called out to His Majesty, the honorifics came back.

Everyone except my family seems scared, so it’s better to not be here now.

I moved my whole family to our house through movement magic.

(…I think I overdid it today…)

I was careful not to erase anyone…I didn’t mean to kill anyone, but I did have some dangerous feelings.

I didn’t kill anyone because Cal just sniffed some sleeping pills and I quickly detoxed him so he was safe.

If he had a wound, I wouldn’t have done it like that.

…right, even with a “scratch”.

I might kill a person someday.

I think it can’t be helped if it’s to protect my family, but I’m sure I’ll regret it later and be scared.


When I came back home and stared at my trembling hand, someone grabbed it.

Looking up, it’s Rodo.

“Ko, are you okay?”

He’s looking at me with a worried look.

This feeling of mine is my own business.

I’m no different from them.

And yet, Rodo is always the one worried.

When I hugged him, I was hugged back.

…it’s always Rodo who saves me.

Translator’s Notes:

I don’t know why but this is getting repetitive. The ‘I will protect my family’ or ‘I won’t forgive anyone who touched my family’ phrase was reiterated several times. It was tiring. It has to go through several cycles of ‘I will protect my family’ schtick before the plot can move on. Sorry, this is just the longest chapter I have to translate in this novel. Thank God there’s minimal baby speak like in the early chapters or else it’ll take double the time.

Also, I don’t know about you guys but the cruel depictions here are tame? The sex episode in the previous chapters is crueler than this one. Probably just me?

Anyways, sorry for the long hiatus, just too much going on in RL. I’ll probably speed this one up a bit, or maybe not so that I can focus on my other projects. Hopefully.

ACDWL 129: A Boy Who Has Different Thoughts From Us
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