ACDWL 141: Thoughts That Never Fade

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─Rodokiaus’ Side─


I think Eldred’s words have made him even more stable since Ko’s smile increased.

But, as expected, the fact that the children are getting older is probably one of the reasons.

At this point, there’s no one who can attack the current children.

The sleeping pills worked on Calvert probably because he’s a newborn baby.

Now, even if the same medicine is used, it will not work on Calvert.

…that seems to be a problem for Ko.

It seems that the fact that sleeping pills don’t work when seriously injured meant that they have to endure the pain all the time.

Akinists are more resistant to pain than other races.

…I don’t know how much pain other races feel though.

But I think the one most vulnerable to pain is Ko.

If the hugging force becomes a little stronger, he’ll complain that “it hurts” or “too tight”.

I also have no intention of hugging anyone other than Ko, so I don’t know the amount of appropriate force.

There are times when I pick up the children but never hug them.

Ko has the power of a healer and special powers, so he tends to be negligent in his vigilance.

The danger to Ko hadn’t gone away so we have to be more vigilant.

It would be easier for anyone to kidnap an incapacitated Ko than to kidnap the children.

That’s why I let my father and children stay around him.

So that Ko never went out alone.

Ko called it “overprotective” but I don’t think I’m overdoing it.

──everything is necessary.

For my one and only.


My feelings for Ko continued to grow, never fading.

My need for Ko never diminished.

Ko’s physical strength won’t last, and he often faints.

Before I met Ko, I never thought that I’d be so obsessed with my partner.

…in the first place, I never seriously thought about marriage itself.

It has already been eleven and a half years since I married Ko.

…I think it’s been a while since then.

For me, my time with Ko felt like it went by way too quickly.

“…hn? Rodo?”

The only person who calls me by the nickname “Rodo” is Ko.

From now on, there will be no one else.

At diplomatic meetings, I just need to be there.

Sitting, standing, eating, no need to say a word.

Ko sat on the rug with my father and the children.

It’s probably because the children hadn’t even turned into humans yet.

Eldred is no longer big enough for Ko to pick up and was always behind Ko.

On that rug, he would always be feeding them something or playing with them…

I also participated today.

I picked Ko up and put him down on my crossed legs.

Eldred’s back is unnecessary if I’m here.

I let Ko eat the food he made for me.


Whenever I say that, Ko always smiles happily.

Ko’s dishes are all delicious to me, who had never tasted other dishes.

However, even among the delicious Ko dishes, I honestly tell him what I think is particularly delicious.

I was wondering what kind of reaction I would get, but it seems to be a good thing for Ko, as he asked me to teach him a dish that I thought was particularly delicious.

He told me he wanted to know what I liked and he couldn’t be happier.

It meant that I’m still in Ko’s mind.

I think that the frequency of things that I mentioned as particularly delicious has increased on the dining table.

It meant that Ko remembers everything I said.

But what Ko remembers is not just my tastes, but the whole family’s.

Not only the children but also my father’s preferences are grasped.

And every time he finds out what we like, Ko looks happy.

“Ah, wait. There’s a bone.”

If it’s a thin mid-boned fish, it’s no problem for us.

However, it seems that Ko can’t eat it without removing even a few bones.

And when he fed us, he’d remove the bones in the same way.

Thin, soft-looking bones were removed by Ko’s hand.

It’s not like I can’t chew it, and even if I swallow it without chewing, nothing would happen.


A dish was brought to my mouth again.

All of Ko’s dishes are delicious and I told him that the one being brought to my mouth was especially delicious, but it felt more delicious when I let Ko feed me like this.

After I told Ko about it, he started feeding me more.

“Mahma! Feed, me too.”

Diadora called out to Ko.

One of her paws rested on Ko’s lap, begging.

“If you eat now, you won’t be able to eat at mealtime, okay? We will stay in this country today, but let’s borrow a kitchen and cook dinner. Shall we all go shopping later?”

“Mahma’s, food! Delishー”

Jumping up and down, looking really happy.

…I’m happy as well.

When a place for diplomatic meetings is established in another country, we will eat at the castle of that country.

It’s probably because we’re treated as guests.

Dishes made in the castle are served.

But for me, unlike Ko’s cooking, it doesn’t feel delicious.

Just like before, I eat only to fill my stomach.

Looking at the children’s reactions, I think they have the same feeling as me.

There are times when I bought food from the food stalls and eat it, but when I do, the children never said: “it’s delicious”.

They don’t even look like they want to eat.

“It’s been a while since we went shopping with the whole family. I’m looking forward to it.”

The smile that was directed at me was as beautiful as ever.

Certainly, it’s been a while since we went shopping.

Ko’s escort while shopping was left to my father and the children.

It can’t be helped since when Ko is shopping, I’m at work.

“Fufu…I want to walk hand in hand with Rodo.”

Hearing those words while wiping my lips with a finger, I hugged him before nodding.

My feelings for Ko will never fade from now on.

On the contrary, I feel a stronger and stronger attraction.

“Me too! Me too, mahma, hold handsh!”

“Cal too! Mahma, handsh!”

“…I also want to hold hands with mother when I turn into a human.”

Not only Diadora, Calvert, and Eldred also said such things.

“After all three of you have humanized.”

In the past, Ko used to only hold hands with me.

But when it comes to the children, it seems that nothing would make him unwilling to hold hands.

What does “holding hands” mean to Ko?



“Mahma, fwish!”

“Yes. There’s a lot of fish.”

While holding hands with me, I didn’t interrupt the conversation with the children.

Ko seems to have always liked children.

Even to the children of other people, he used to talk to them well.

…that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

Rather than ordinary people’s children, he probably wanted to deal more with the children he gave birth to.

“This is Dee’s favorite fish. Let’s buy a lot, shall we?”

“Yay!! Lotsh!”

Ko stroked the jumping Diadora’s head and bought some small fish.

Small fish that could be eaten whole, including the head, are often served on the dining table because they’re good for growing children.

Diadora seemed to like those small fish.

The surroundings kept their distance from us and just watched.

Akinists would intimidate those around them, but my father and I, who are humanized, could strengthen them to the same level as during beastification.

Both my father and I did our best to take care of the things that Ko didn’t notice.

Eldred and the others seemed to understand that we were trying to protect Ko, so they didn’t seem afraid.

…the people in this country didn’t seem to think so.

Still wanting to see Ko, they’re looking from afar.

…it seems that some are looking at the rare beast form of half-Akinists.

After all, not many races grow to this size.

Among the soldiers, there are a few that are big when transformed into beasts, and I heard that His Majesty’s beast transformation was bigger than a Torjiu’s.

…more than that, I don’t know.

Since I’ve never cared about other people’s beastification.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 140: Calm Days Are Back
ACDWL 142: Coveted Human Resources

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