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There are currently two Akinists living in Marihect.

One has retired from the front lines and only one can fight.

Akinists are said to be the strongest race.

Even with just one person, their strength was quite high.

It’s said that one person is equivalent to hundreds of soldiers.

…but right now, there are probably more countries that want the power of the one they’re guarding rather than the Akinists.

You certainly need combat power during a war, but you especially need the power of a healer to heal the injured.

The mate of the Akinist was said to be the best magician in Marihect and the only miracle healer in the world.

Even those who lost their limbs could be restored with his hand.

He is the only healer in the world who can regenerate limbs.

There’s no way their country was the only country that wanted such human resources.

Marihect wouldn’t want him out of their country either.

However, I don’t know how to get them to come to our country.

Kisetoa would have disappeared from the list of candidates for emigration because they touched his child.

Even if taken by force, he would only rebel.

…is there something we can do?

The amount of magic he possessed is quite enormous.

If we attack him like that, we’d be met with the greatest counterattack.

If we want to put a collar of subordination, we’ll need more power than he does to carry it out.

Unfortunately, no one possessed more magical power than him.

First, there’s no way we could do such a thing with him surrounded by Akinists and half-Akinists.

We would only end up being killed by his mate.

…as expected, the quickest way was to wage war.

However, although they have settled in Marihect for now, it seems that they have not decided to live in Marihect forever, and if you think about it, there’s no point in going to war.

Because you can’t bet on him as the reward for winning.

…if I make Ko the bet, I think I’ll get some kind of antipathy from the Akinists.

What kind of country would Ko want to emigrate to?

Ko now works as a healer who uses regeneration magic.

He sometimes accompanies Marihect on diplomatic missions with the Third Division Captain, but rather than “as a magician”, his stance is more like “the Captain’s assistant”.

His use of power was also to protect his mate.

It also seemed to serve as education for the children and was limited to where the parents could see, but there are times when they participate in missions.

As the children grew, Ko’s protection detail grew stronger.

If we get even a little closer, they’ll emit a powerful aura even as half-Akinists.

It should be a race that has little interest in others, so why are they obsessed with Ko?

Captain Rodokiaus is still understandable.

Because they’re mates.

But why would Lord Saribatos and the children, even though they’re family, try to protect Ko?

Even if Captain Rodokiaus told them to, it should be impossible due to Akinist’s habits.

…why is only Ko special?

I hesitate to approach Ko, who is surrounded by Akinists.

There are people who wandered around, but they are intimidated by the Akinists and run away with pale faces.

When Ko is in the kitchen, Captain Rodokiaus is by his side, so the chef must be overwhelmed.

When Ko goes to another country, sometimes he cooks and sometimes he doesn’t.

It seems that it’s not decided every time, and the chefs started panicking as soon as they’re told he’d use the kitchen.

It seems that even off-duty people gathered to learn how to cook from Ko by any means.

Rumor has it that the food that Ko cooked is delicious.

However, it’s said that it’s always only put into the mouths of his family.

Ko is not a cook, so I can understand that, but…

Is there anything that Ko can’t do?

The members of the Seraphine family each carried the food that Ko made.

Even Lord Saribatos was carrying it with a big smile.

“It’s hot, so be careful when you eat it, okay?”


The children, even Eldred, called out like that.

The heat of the food was nothing to them, as they were half-Akinists…

“Cheena! Cheena!”

“Dee, if you jump around like that, it’ll spill out of the plate, won’t it?”

Diadora, who holding a plate in her mouth, was walking as if jumping.

I guess she’s overjoyed.

…but, “cheena”?

Does she like that cheap small fish that commoners mainly buy?

Is that the reason why Ko likes going to the market where civilians go?

“I bought a lot, so you can have seconds, okay? …Rodo, are you not eating?”

“I’ll eat with Ko.”

Unlike his family, who gleefully carried their plates, Captain Rodokiaus didn’t want to leave Ko.

He folded his arms and looked around.

…but…I feel like the smell coming from the kitchen is different from the smell of grilled cheena.

What kind of cooking method is that?

…as far as I know, we can’t imitate it.

“Then, I’ll make Rodo’s portion later, okay?”

Ko looked up at his mate with a happy face.

Is that what makes him happy?

Marihect is probably the same in searching for conditions that could make Ko jump.

But as of yet, no country has been able to identify it.

No matter what we present, we’d just get cold eyes.

Moreover, even at this point in time, the position of Ko has been established.

Captain Rodokiaus acted more like a deterrent rather than a representative soldier of Marihect, even though he was the Captain of the Third Division.

Since they’re already in a high position, giving them more fame would not be attractive.

Even before that, neither seemed interested in their position.

And they also have a lot of money.

A state in which there’s nothing new we could give.

…what would they like to make them immigrate to our country?

“Mahma! Sheconds!”

“Dee, eating a lot is great, isn’t it? Here, seconds.”


There seemed to be food residue around her mouth, and after wiping it, he put cheena on the plate that Diadora brought.

As expected, Ko could only be seen as a “sweet and kind parent” in front of the children.

Even though he looked smaller and thinner than a child who’d just humanized, and has a cute face, he’s a magician who surpassed even the world’s strongest race, Akinist, and is also a healer with too many special qualities…

…as expected, I want him.

(I can’t find what Ko wants. I also can’t find what the Akinists want…)

The Seraphine family has too much wealth and fame.

Both Ko and Captain Rodokiaus said that each other’s existence was the most important.

They said their family was the only thing that matters.

Certainly, looking at it, you can see that kind of situation.

As for Captain Rodokiaus, it was too noticeable.

Lord Saribatos didn’t seem to want to leave Ko, and the young children were still attached to their parents.

In other words, it would be nice if we could appease either Ko or Captain Rodokiaus…but no matter how many years passed, we couldn’t.

Even when we called out persistently, they’d just be annoyed and ignore us.

Even sometimes murdered.

I guess the reason why Ko is not subordinate to the country was because he doesn’t care about such acts.

I’ve heard Captain Rodokiaus’ “Captain of the Third Division” title could be thrown out immediately.

Even though he could move freely, it’s just that he didn’t want to leave Marihect for now.

But no matter what country he lives in, that’s how you treat an Akinist.

In other words, Captain Rodokiaus, who happened to be born in Marihect, is just staying there, and it’s just that “Marihect was lucky”.

And it’s precisely because he understands that fact that King Marihect must be desperate.

Marihect had earned Ko’s trust, but it seems that he can’t be relieved by that.

…it’s really difficult.

Two people who have power but no greed…

If I tried to talk to the children to try and conciliate them first, I would receive cold eyes.

It seems that the children are also not interested in their surroundings.

…what should we do…


─? side end─

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