Fish 035: The Man Who Goes Against the Heavens

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A seven-foot man, why afraid of raccoon slaves?

Martial arts masters don’t stick to small details, they use the sky as their quilt and the floor as their bed.

——from someone who came out of Qinghu Town in the middle of the night and have no place to stay.

There was a steep slope, which could just take shelter from the wind. There were a few flat boulders down the slope, enough to lie on your side, whichever side it is.

Mo Li didn’t mind sleeping in the wild, but Meng Qi was a little bit reluctant. He tried hard to convince the physician: “I remember that Peinan County is nearby, and it’s just over this mountain.”

“You should sleep at night. Why rush? You’re still a patient.” Physician Mo was unmoved.

So what if they rushed to Peinan County? This is not Zhushan County, there’s a curfew outside.

Even if they climbed over the wall and entered the county, they still couldn’t stay in an inn, and had to wait until morning, so why bother? Mo Li, who had been traveling the mountains since he was a child, actually felt much more at home in the wild than getting a bed.

But because of Qin Lu, Mo Li worked hard to maintain the appearance a human should have.

In front of Meng Qi, whom he suspected to be of the same kind, Mo Li let go a little bit, and no longer maintained the demeanor that a gentleman should have.

Seeing that Mo Li was already lying down, Meng Qi had no choice but to choose a nearby stone.

“Can’t sleep?”


“Then talk about your illness. During the three years since your home was destroyed, you are sometimes sober and sometimes not. It’s not every time you can come across a town so where did you live?”

Meng Qi was questioned by Physician Mo and thought about it carefully. He then found that there were too many situations where he simply didn’t sleep, too many to count. Although he could sleep if he’s allowed to sleep, normal people would not be like this!

“Do you often stay away or don’t want to sleep at all?” Physician Mo tried to understand the situation. According to Meng Qi’s performance in Qinghu Town, this State Teacher could eat and sleep and there’s nothing unusual.

Meng Qi thought about it seriously for a while, and then said: “Both of them. When it happens, I’ll be confused and don’t want to do anything but kill. Can sleep kill you?”

Surely not!

So to chase and kill people who stole and dug up his elixirs for thousands of miles, he didn’t eat or sleep?

Mo Li felt like he could understand General Liu’s panic.

A lunatic with strong martial arts who wanted to take revenge day and night, caused a heavy blow to the Embroidered Uniform Guard of the Qi Dynasty, and he wasn’t low-key at all.

Originally, they were just looking for the treasure of the previous dynasty, but they got into such trouble that the Commander of Embroidered Uniform Guard might have vomited blood.

Meng Qi moved closer to Mo Li, ready to wait for the doctor to give him another ningshen pill. Although that kind of pill was bitter, it felt good after taking it, and his sore head became much more relaxed.

After eating it twice, Meng Qi felt the benefits.

Seeing that Physician Mo seemed to be thinking about something, Meng Qi thought about it. His eyes became full of hostility and he coldly said, “Maybe everyone in this world should die so I can sleep peacefully.”


Mo Li suddenly came back to his senses, stared at Meng Qi for a while, then lay down and fell asleep expressionlessly.

—want to cheat on medicine? No way!

It’s not right to put down the distorted expression on Meng Qi’s face and it’s not right to continue to be tense. He wondered how the doctor saw the flaw. Obviously in the memory of being “State Teacher Meng Qi”, no one could tell whether his mood was good or bad! It’s even said that the State Teacher was moody and unpredictable, so everyone walked around him!

“Physician?” Meng Qi moved closer, and he could feel Mo Li’s breath from this position.

It was as clear as a mountain spring, with a slightly cool breath, very peaceful and not aggressive at all.

It’s unbelievable for a martial arts master to not have a murderous aura. No wonder he’s looked down upon.

Thinking of Luo Bin’s resentful eyes on Mo Li, Meng Qi smiled.

“Lie down.”

Mo Li seemed to have eyes behind him and said without looking back, “You said you’ll listen to me, why is it so difficult for you to rest?”

Meng Qi obediently laid down next to Mo Li. His arms were close enough to wrap around Mo Li’s waist.

Mo Li: “…”

As a fish, no, a dragon vein, he was not used to having people sleep next to him.

“Go to that rock, I’ve cleaned it up so there’s no dead grass or snow.”

Mo Li was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes open, but he still showed patience with the patient and reached out to push Meng Qi.

His eyes were half closed and his voice was still cold, but subtly tinged with a sleepy nasal tone.

Meng Qi paused and slowly backed away.

Mo Li was about to fall asleep when he suddenly heard the man ask, “Why hasn’t the physician talked about daemons with me these days?”

“It’s enough for me to remind you about such a thing, you’ll think about it yourself.” Mo Li finally couldn’t help but yawn.

Meng Qi knew that the physician was sleepy, but he wanted to continue listening to that voice, so he prolonged the bedtime conversation: “Physician, you seem to have seen a daemon why are you not afraid at all? The world’s attitude towards daemons is not so friendly.”


Mo Li merely uttered a short syllable.

Meng Qi then lowered his voice and whispered bewitchingly, “Are you a daemon?”

The night was dark, and the solitary moon was shining on the other side of the hillside. It was quiet here, and there was no other sound.

After a long time, Meng Qi sighed regretfully.

It’s really hard to cheat someone if they don’t talk in their sleep.

He straightened his body and carefully looked at Mo Li after he fell asleep.

The corners of his eyes were slightly elongated. There was no difference at normal times but it became obvious when he closed his eyes. The long eyelashes covered the eyelids and he couldn’t find any wrinkles, not even a mole.

Meng Qi subconsciously touched his face. He thought, is the physician really young or is he as special as himself?

He wavered between these two guesses.

At first glance, he’s a person who had never experienced setbacks or troubles, and his aura was so peaceful that Meng Qi initially took this trait as being young and easy to be deceived. But in the blink of an eye, that person would silently stare at him with eyes that seemed to understand the world.

What naive and easy to deceive, there’s no such thing!

After Meng Qi put his treatment on this seemingly reliable physician, the other party was unexpectedly casual, and even fell asleep in the middle of speaking in front of him without any precautions?!

Even masters of the neijia could feel the danger when they’re asleep, and could quickly fight back before they’re fully awake. Nine out of ten sneak attackers were looking for death——but there’s still one exception, such as when the martial arts of the sneak attacker were higher.

Not only that, but Meng Qi was also a lunatic who wanted to kill someone when he got sick!

Meng Qi couldn’t figure out where this trust came from! Lying on the stone, he carefully reviewed everything that had happened since the two met.


Meng Qi suddenly laughed, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t cheat the truth out of him, he could still guess.

He didn’t believe that there were daemons in the world, the kind in the storybook that could change into human form, but what’s certain was that there’s indeed such a type of people different from ordinary people!

They had a long lifespan and could maintain their youthful appearance.

If they practiced martial arts, they’d get twice the result with half the effort with their outstanding talent.

Their appearance…should also be good. Meng Qi turned his head uncertainly, looking at the sleeping face of the man.

Meng Qi remembered that when he was a State Teacher in Taijing, he should have looked like an old man. After the Chu Dynasty fell, he lived in seclusion in the mountains, but he suddenly became younger, and the clothes he wore did not belong to an old man. This sense of confusion troubled Meng Qi very much, but after carefully thinking about it, he could find the reason——

If he couldn’t grow old, how could he let others find out?

Not to mention people who valued power like Li Yuanze. Emperors had always worshiped immortals and prayed for longevity. If they found that the appearance of their trusted official had not changed for many years, something was bound to happen.

Meng Qi thought to himself, such a person could indeed be called a daemon, even if he didn’t have an extra tail.

So, what kind of ethnicity was this? Why did he have such a skill? Looking farther away, it’s said that Peng Zu lived to be 800 years old. Looking closer, the person lying and sleeping on the stone next to him might be of the same race.

Meng Qi lay on the rock, his thoughts churning as he looked at the moon in the sky and said to himself, “I’m not old…I don’t know how long my lifespan is, but if I can’t die, I will probably be an existence against the heavens!”

These “against the heavens” words were not good.

There was permanence in the way of heaven, and there was a law among all living things. This law was like the rise and fall of the sun and the ebb and flow of the tide.

Violating this law was not a good thing.

Farmers cultivated following the seasons, travelers traveled according to the weather, and even the generals in charge of the army learned the art of war to use various conditions to follow the trend, how could they go against the heavens? That was courting death!

Meng Qi sighed. There’s his mysterious life experience, mysterious identity, and bloodline, and with this hat of “going against the heavens” suddenly put on, could it be like in the script? In the future, he’d be chased by heavenly lightning and split into 81 pieces.

Forget it, Meng Qi thought absentmindedly, maybe the fate of his kind was going against the heavens.

——he’s doomed to go through a path of thorns, hold the world at his hand, and finally fall to the ground.

He kept thinking about it and before he knew it, it was dawn.

Meng Qi quickly closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep.

There seemed to be some movement in the distance. The sound was very soft, and it sounded like a small animal.

Meng Qi wasn’t worried. After he got sick, he was full of hostility, and animals dared not approach him at all.


Does this rustling sound seem to have gone to the physician’s side?

Meng Qi opened his eyes, turned his head to look, and then froze.

A stray cat.

The cat was not big, looking like a half-grown cub that was just kicked out of the nest by the mother cat. After a night of hunting, it just had a full stomach and wanted to return to its natural stone cave nest where its sheltered from the wind.

As the result, the way home was blocked by two humans.

The wild cat circled the stone twice, and instead of snatching it, squeezed into Mo Li’s arm with its body.

——that arm just blocked the gap under the stone, and the wild cat couldn’t get in, so it had to squeeze hard.

Mo Li woke up in a daze after being rubbed around like this. He first felt something soft and furry over his arm, and when he looked down, he instantly woke up.

Mo Li suddenly pulled back his arm and the wild cat smoothly squatted back into its nest.

“Are you afraid of cats?” Meng Qi asked with a half smile.

Mo Li’s pupils shrank. He didn’t speak and just looked at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi felt strange and suddenly felt a soft touch from behind.

Hell, there’s a litter of kittens living here!

Meng Qi jumped up subconsciously, and his reaction was even greater than that of Mo Li.

“Why are you afraid of cats, a man of seven feet tall?” Physician Mo personally demonstrated that debt must be paid quickly.

Meng Qi twitched the corner of his mouth and reluctantly said: “My pet dreads cats, so I can’t look at them, what about the physician?”

“…was scratched by a cat.”

As a fish, being caught by a cat’s paw is a nightmare!

Meng Qi and Mo LI stared at the wild cats squatting on the stone with stiff expressions and unconsciously retreated.

“The sun is rising over the east mountain, how about hurrying?”

“Brother Meng is right.”

The author has something to say:

Meng Qi: From ancient times to the present, those who go against the heavens…

Wild cat: Meow

Meng Qi: …

Author: The husband who walks against the heavens is afraid of cats. [No, the next chapter doesn’t have this title.]

T/N: Hmm…the natural enemy of a mouse and a fish is a cat.

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