ACDWL 133: Difference Between Ko and Our Perceptions

ACDWL 132: Overprotective
ACDWL 134: The Suspicion Nesting In Me Won't Clear

-Kursedum (King Marihect) side-


Ko’s third child was a rare girl, even for a half-Akinist.

When a child who inherited the Akinist bloodline was born, they decided on a male and female name, but most of them were male.

I heard that when Lady Arteamiya was born, she was celebrated nationwide.

Since Diadora, who was born this time, was a half-Akinist, I planned to celebrate only in Marihect, but Ko said he’d just come to the castle to say hello, just like when Eldred and Calvert were born.

Since the incident at Kisetoa, Ko stuck to his children even in the castle of Marihect.

I have received many letters of apology because of Ko’s declaration of “I would never go to Kisetoa again” but I haven’t been able to convey it to Ko even now.

If those cold eyes were turned to me again…I can’t say it.

Ko would take the Akinists out of Marihect if I tried to do that.

“I trust His Majesty, but also not.”

That’s what he said when I met him right after the incident.

“Since His Majesty is the ‘King’, you have a duty to protect the majority, no matter what, right? Wouldn’t you prioritize the country rather than the individual? There are many people in this country, so I could understand why you would make such a choice. I know that His Majesty is working to our benefit in various ways. That’s why I trust His Majesty. However, I also know that you wouldn’t put our family first. I can’t trust you because of that… to put it simply, I had judged that ‘His Majesty might become my enemy.’ If you decided to become my enemy, I would show no mercy.”

Ko’s words made me shudder with fear.

If I worked for the country’s sake, there was a possibility of becoming hostile to the Akinists.

Because as a king, I couldn’t afford to sacrifice my people.

No matter how desperately I desired a person, it’s meaningless if political affairs were stopped.

He probably understood that, so Ko said, “I don’t trust you.”

However, what every country wanted most was Ko’s power, and what they wanted least was to make Ko an enemy.

Ko’s powers were too special, even if you exclude the fact that the Akinists would come as well.

──both as a magician and as a healer.

But there’s also the fear of turning him into an enemy.

I thought I understood that he was the owner of tremendous power, but seeing that power and mana fluctuate, I wondered why Captain Rodokiaus didn’t feel fear.

In the face of such power, they felt helpless.

I could only lie down on my knees and wait for his anger to subside.

I just wanted to pray that the spearhead of that anger was not directed at me.

I couldn’t imagine smiling at Ko, who was in such a state, even if he was my mate or even partner.

“Look, Diadora. How about a greeting to His Majesty?”

“Myan. …buu.”

“Hmm? You don’t want to say hello? Did you guys say hello properly?”


I understood that they were unsatisfied.

Did they not want to greet me?

Female Akinists were said to be more faithful to themselves compared to men.

The same went for half-Akinists.

And, even in such a state, it’s strange that they’re properly responding to Ko.

Normally, if they’re this honest with themselves, they didn’t even listen to what their parents say.

──just like with Captain Rodokiaus.

“Even though you can say hello to grandpa and grandma… Your Majesty is dad’s superior, you know?”


“Hey, Dee. Do you hate it?”

“Dee, gweetings, okay?”

Beside Ko, Eldred also called out to his sister.

I’d heard that there were very few Akinists or half-Akinists who had siblings.

There were no siblings close in age like Ko’s children.

“El can greet anyone, right? Good boy.”

Hugging Eldred and stroking his head, Ko looked like a loving parent.


“That’s right. Cal can now greet properly, right? Cal is a good boy too.”

Calvert thumped his front right foot on the floor and complained.

Ko stroked Calvert’s head.

──with a smile full of affection.


“Hn? Is Dee a good child as well?”

“Myan! Myu.”

“I see. You’re a good child.”

Ko stroked Diadora with a smile as she cried out to greet me.

But they hadn’t officially decided to work for Marihect, so there was no need to greet me.

I was not sure which country they’d live in in the future.

After immigrating to another country, there’s no need to be afraid of me, who would be the king of another country, and there’s no need to talk to me.

Until he joined the Third Division after humanizing, Captain Rodokiaus never even called out to me.

He didn’t even pay attention to his parents, and he didn’t show any interest in me, the person who was worried about his food when he was a child, and just went out by himself every day.

Those were things you acquired after humanizing.

When I thought about it, Ko’s children listened to their parents too much.

“Well then, let’s go home soon. Dee, Cal, get in the basket, or do you want mother to hold you?”



The two children rushed over to Ko.

“Uwa!? …you two are always energetic.”

Ko lost his balance a little.

But he soon smiled again.

…there were wrinkles between the eyebrows of Rodokiaus, who supported his body from behind.

Would they be scolded later?

“El, why don’t I brush your hair after getting home? Mom no longer has the strength to hold El, so I’d be happy if you could forgive me.”

But Ko called out to Eldred without scolding the children who jumped at him.

At three and a half years old, Eldred didn’t look like a baby you can hold.

…but was he still a young child to Ko?

How old must he be before Ko stops spoiling him?

“Really? El, beautiful, clean, please, thank you!”

“Mother also loves to clean El.”

Shortly after kissing Eldred’s forehead, Captain Rodokiaus picked up Ko.

…even though he’s his child, how petty.

“Ko, that’s just for me.”

“Fufu…Rodo, really.”

“Fatha, cunning! El, want to kiss Matha too!”



The children aired out their dissatisfaction as the audience blankly stared at the heated conversation.

──to Captain Rodokiaus among the Akinists.

…even if you’re the father, don’t you feel scared?

“Eldred is no longer a baby, right? No more.”

“Uh…no, but, but…”

“No ‘buts’. What’s not good is not good!”

I was amazed at the parent-child conversation.

I was surprised by Captain Rodokiaus, who was acting like a “father” and also by the content of the conversation.

It seemed that Ko remained the top priority.

…but the content of the conversation should have come from Captain Rodokiaus’ jealousy.

“Eh? Isn’t it until you turn into a human?”

However, Ko was the one who put a hold on it.


The Captain was speechless and just stared at him.


I think I understood how he felt.


After a while, the Captain finally spoke.

The children were still silent.

“Eh? If they turn human, they’d look like Rodo, right? If they’d be like that, then it’s fine. Because I’d only recognize that appearance as ‘adult’.”

“…is that so?”

Ko said that he came to this world from another world, but I’d heard that our humanized forms were nothing more than splendid adult forms.

Captain Rodokiaus must have heard such stories.

He seemed easily persuaded.

“El, will grow up like Fatha?”

“That’s right. I’ll be happy if you can become big and kind like your dad… but mom is happy with El, so I think that’s enough.”

Fuwa…that gentle smile on his face. I usually think he looked young, but he’s so beautiful…I almost fell in love.

Sometimes he looked like a child, other times like someone who had lived a long time.

…it seemed impossible for us to understand everything about Ko.

Hopefully, in the future, things that could make Ko angry wouldn’t happen…

I had to keep an eye on my surroundings even more than before──


──Kursedum’s side end──

ACDWL 132: Overprotective
ACDWL 134: The Suspicion Nesting In Me Won't Clear

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