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The Imperial law will come into effect in April. And now it’s March. In other words, it was close to the last month. It’s planned to set up the branch at the time of the enforcement of the new law.

「The factory was completed perfectly. The problem is the workers……what should we do? 」

「For the time being, let’s make the first factory specialized in producing alkali. Three hundred people should have entered the second factory. So it’s a total of four hundred. The production volume is doubled with this. Three hundred people will produce ordinary soap, and, the remaining one hundred will produce milk soap and luxury soap. If all the slaves are exposed to alkali, there’s the danger that information on milk soap and luxury soap will leak……but we don’t have to worry about that. No company can compete with us at this stage」

Soaps other than the ones made by Asuma Shokai have increased, but there’s no problem at all. Because there’s an overwhelming difference in quality.

「And we will recruit three hundred people in the newly made factory. Then have them make oil soap. I’m thinking about selling it for 100 Doria since lard is treated as garbage」

The quality is not very good so it would be better to use it for washing dishes. However, the ability of oil soap is not so different from the other soaps.

「What about the honey soap? There’s quite the order」

It was only recently that the soaps sold to the Emperor was paid. The Imperial Capital is very far, and the other party is called the Emperor, so it took a very long time. Haruto could have urged the Governor’s Office to pay it, but Haruto wasn’t in a rush in particular.

Nonetheless, selling to the Emperor seems to have been useful. A considerable order came from the rich of the Empire. Emperor Westoria may also have advertised it.

「For the time being, should we produce 300 pieces? What should we do」

「You should let the slaves do it. There are currently 360 slaves. It’s a bit much if they’re just producing alkali. If we get more orders, we could collect people that we can trust and sell it to them」

Honey soap is too expensive. The ones who want to purchase it are those who are wealthy, someone with a surplus of gold and beauty maniacs. The effect is higher than milk soap, but it’s not so much that the customers will be willing to pay more gold. And because the demand itself is small, it’s not suitable for a product.

「The salary is more than that. The minimum wage is 100,000……I am thinking of putting it at 120,000」

「How come? 」

「Because of the number of people recruited. If we make the pay higher, we can gather a lot. Besides, I asked to hire from Governor Gray at the highest price possible. If anyone increases wages, the wages in other Shokais will rise accordingly」

Since Haruto initially has little use for gold, there’s no resistance to raising the wages. And he felt like someone told him that the money will come back if he used it. In fact, if people can afford it in their everyday lives, soap will sell much so it won’t hurt if looking long-term.

Ne~ Haruto! Everyone arrived, but I wonder if I can introduce them? 」
Aisha shouted in a loud voice. Everyone refers to the desert people.
「Aahh. Bring them in」
When Haruto answered, Aisha came in with five desert people. Three females, and two men.
E~tto, here they are……」
Aisha explained the names and age of the five people briefly.
「Everyone is young. Average of 16 years old」
「Oh well. Young people tend to want to go out of the desert. That includes me」
As a matter of fact, the five people agreed to be hired with the same salary as the other mercenaries at 160,000.

When the five people left the room, Roa happily said.
「If there’re five desert people, it’ll be safe. By the way, how’s the introduction to mercenaries you asked from Eugene-san? 」
While the war potential of the desert people is reassuring, some places need security. That’s why I asked to be introduced to mercenaries separate from the desert people.
「It’s going fine. I’m supposed to hire 15」
「Is that so? Even so, the number of people will increase by a lot. The people that we pulled out will also enter Asuma Shokai this month, right? The personnel expenses are likely to rise」
Ma~ na~. But the sales should go the same way. We’ll do somehow」
It’s evident that as an organization grows more prominent, it will need more people. There’s no point to being frugal.

「Ah! I forgot an important thing. Bring the children together. The names are……Emil, Caimie, Ann, In, Urs, Chlor, Kil, Saul, and then Sol」
「I see! It’s certainly unpleasant if we don’t finish it now」

After a while, Roa brought the children. They are the children who studied management under Dennis and Roa. Everyone is 12 years old.

「Here, please sign this document」
Haruto handed some papers.
E~tto, this is……what is it? 」
Emil raised his hand and asked a question.
「You can read the characters, don’t you? Then you can understand」
That being said, the children looked through the papers.
「Slave Cancellation Notice? 」
「That’s it. So if you sign that paper and walk out of this office, you’ll be free. That’s great. Ah! There are conditions. From now on, you will be working in our Shokai」
The children signed the papers. Their facial expressions are radiant.
「For now, your salary is 120,000. Your job is assisting the people in charge of management. Ah! Sol. You are different. You’ll be a security guard. I will ask you to be in charge of security along with the other Northeastern children. Well then, dismissed」
The children happily left the room. Tentatively, they’re still slaves until he filed the paperwork to the government office, but don’t mind the details.

「That’s because from April onwards, the Slave Emancipation Tax will increase」
「It’s not too much if we release nine people. I intended to wait until they reach 15 years old……but it’s urgent to secure talented people. They’ll be okay since they’re excellent」
「Let’s get them to monitor the people we pulled out. They also have to report regularly」
After all, the pulled out talent is a traitor. There’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t betray Asuma Shokai. Although they have the protection of Haruto’s blessing, nevertheless, they just wanted to make sure.
「We also hired mercenaries. There’s no worry that the mercenaries will do strange things if there’s Sol」
Mercenaries have a lot of bad conduct. They also needed people to monitor the mercenaries so that they won’t do anything.
「This is perfect. After that, we only have to wait until April」
「You’re right. For now, Reim. One month later, Ringa and Alto. I hope I can successfully shrink the forces of Samaras Shokai」
Haruto muttered.


One month passed in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the high pay, they managed to secure 600 people. There were also people who hit the gates of Asuma Shokai asking to hire them even after they’ve acquired the capacity.

He decided to dispatch Dennis to the Reim branch. It’s outside of Claris, so he doesn’t know what will happen. If it’s about personnel selection, Dennis can deal with it.

「Haruto-san. It’s a report from Dennis-san. It said that we should send some extra soap」
「I see. There’s no problem. Please contact the wagon team」
There was no personnel to transport the soap due to Sol being changed to a security guard. Haruto recruits people who can handle horses, and he made a new wagon team. There were thirty people. It’s planned to further increase depending on the branch sales.
「It’s going well so far」
「I see. Let’s go to Ringa and Alto next month as planned」
Haruto told Roa. The goal is to kick out the branch of Samaras Shokai from Ringa and Alto.

Ne~, Haruto. Guards came from the Governor’s office. What will you do? 」
Aisha opened the door and said so. Six desert people including Aisha is responsible for the security of Asuma Shokai headquarters. There’s no one courageous enough to sneak into the base where there are six desert people.
「I understand. Roa, let’s go」
「Yes! 」
The two headed to the Governor’s office.

The Governor’s office was built in front of the Congress. It’s big, and boorish which makes people look at it with awe. The Imperial soldiers are also keeping an eye on the surroundings.
When Haruto and Roa reveal their identity, the soldiers bow and let them through. Perhaps in Kirishia, Haruto is the one who visits the Governor’s Office the most.

「So it’s Asuma-san. Do you mind if I get to the point immediately? 」
As soon as they entered the office, the Governor cut to the chase.
「It doesn’t matter. So, what kind of business is it? 」
Hearing Haruto says so, Governor Gray handed Haruto a document and said「Please read this first」.
The contents were related to school construction. Roughly summarizing, the material is that compulsory education will be done throughout the Empire
But it’s like Japanese elementary schools that teach a lot of things, such as essential reading, writing, and arithmetic operations. It also seems to teach the history of the Empire for a bit.
「What do you think? 」
Governor Gray asked Haruto as if testing him. Haruto tells what he thought just as is.
「As a merchant, I think it’s a good idea. It’s entirely different from being able to read, write and do arithmetic. I believe that it’s also good for the people. Probably the biggest miss in this would be the history classes, don’t you think? Imprinting the Empire history to the children of the provinces would make them a thorough Romano. Reading, writing, and arithmetic is just the cover. I understand until that point. However……」
Haruto cut his words there. And said after a little worrying.
「I don’t think there’s any merit to the Romano-ization. Isn’t this done all over the Empire? I heard that the Empire is having financial difficulties. Where does the money come from? And teachers are necessary too. More than anything, won’t the people becoming smarter unpleasant to the people in power? The disadvantage is more significant than the merit. What is Emperor Westoria thinking? 」
When Haruto said so, Governor Gray made a big nod.
「So you also think so. In fact, I was worried that I was the only wondering over it. As a matter of fact, I also don’t understand Emperor Westoria’s idea at all. He seems to be able to see a slightly different world from us. Ah! This is not disrespect, I’m praising him. Anyways, Emperor Westoria has forced me to pass it through the Congress. It’s worth it if he does it that far. Maybe. So I will make an effort to realize the bill of Emperor Westoria」
Governor Gray declared. Haruto drew back a little from Governor Gray’s love for Emperor Westoria.

「Now then, what’s your financial resources Asuma-san? I’m sorry for asking this question. Actually, I sold the property of the nobles we disposed of, so I have sufficient funds. However, it’s not enough with just that. That’s why! 」
Governor Gray said what he’s been accumulating for a long time.
「We accept donations. The name of the person who donated more than 100 million Romano will be announced extensively and granted the title of Viscount. Furthermore, the name of thirty people will be carved into a stone monument built in the school. They will know your name forever. It’ll be all over the world. The deadline is until April next year, and the capacity is 30 people」
「Relying on donations……is that all right? 」
Eehh. Only until 3 billion Romano. Many wealthy people want a rank. Thirty people will gather soon enough. And Endars I gathered war money in this way also. It is the trump card of Imperial tradition」
The authority of aristocracy will fall because you’re doing such things.
「Can you, please help me? It’s a Viscount position. You can buy it with only 100 million Romano. If Asuma-san buys it, the other merchants will buy it. In fact, a secret royal order has been issued to gather donations from three or more people in each province…… if I say that Asuma-san bought it, other people who want to buy should come out. A capitalist who pulls out a lot of money for children. Isn’t that good? Here here」
Governor Gray hands over the document to Haruto. Haruto looks sideways at Roa.
「……it can’t be helped, right? We’re going to need his help in the future. 100 million Romano, in other words, it’s 500 million Doria. Only……it’s not that it’s little, but it’s also not an amount we can’t pay」
It’s not an amount that is hard to pay. Haruto would have swayed his head if it was 1 billion Doria. And now, Asuma Shokai is profiting. It’s an amount they can pay. 500 million.

Haruto made a deep sigh.
「I understand. I’ll pay」
「Thank you very much! 」
Governor Gray grasped Haruto’s hand happily.

Thus, Haruto became a Viscount. For the time being.

January ~ April (4 months worth)

Income      1,600,000,000

Expenses      1,500,000,000

Sales-Expenses = 100,000,000
Debt      0
Balance      934,730,000
Real Balance      934,730,000

Slaves      400


Accounting Officer and Slave Director      Roa Samaras
Accounting Assistant      Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisors      Ash Brothers (sisters)→salary 200,000
Regular employees      20 people→salary 150,000
Mercenaries      Rusk & Pudding, Rang, Tart, Aisha, 5 desert people, 15 other mercenaries
Factory Workers      700 people (400 people in second factory・300 people in the third factory)
Released Slaves      9 people

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DWBS 43: Swimsuit
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