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By the way, Space and Time is distorted for the author’s convenience.

Ringa is a city-state west of Claris. The largest in North and South Kirishia, and third largest port in the whole Empire. Ringa has a large harbor. It’s thanks to Endars I and Claris that they were able to reach the position of a logistics hub.
Endars I developed a port in Ringa to support logistics in the East. After the expedition to the East was aborted, they collected items from the west and sent it to Claris. It flourished in the relay trade as it carries goods from the Eastern part like Claris to the rest of the West. After their independence with the Empire, they organized the largest navy with their economic strength and contributed to the maintenance of the maritime authority of the City-State Union.

「That’s the history of Ringa. Well, the navy seemed to have been defeated by the Imperial Navy and had become seaweed algae……are you listening! 」
「Sorry, I fell asleep. I was at the point where Endars I spent a considerable amount of money to get the harbor. After that? 」
Haruto said so while rubbing his eyes. After surveying Alto, Haruto headed to Ringa. While traveling there, he asked Roa to explain the history of Ringa.
「You haven’t heard it at all! Maybe about one-third. You stopped after that」
「Roa’s explanation is too long. Say it more concisely. I fell asleep from the part where Ringa flourished in fishery so please follow up from that part」
Aisha yawns and says that. Roa puffed up her cheeks.
「It’s only about ten minutes since I started explaining! You only listened for a tenth of it」
「It’s funny that you used 10 minutes to describe the history of one City-State」
「Wha-! This is also the shorter one. Together with culture, economic history, and significant events, it’s necessary to be three times more」
Haruto and Aisha made a big sigh. Aisha says it looks bothersome.
「For the time being, just telling me the history is alright. What happened? How did it change when it was ruled by the Empire? 」
Then Roa moved her line of sight to the air.
Etto, that’s it……」
「Could it be that you don’t know? 」
Aisha made a deep sigh. Roa yells with trembling shoulders.
「Wha-, is something wrong? The new information hasn’t been written in the books yet!」
Haruto stops the momentum of Roa getting caught up by Aisha.
「I don’t care about Ringa right now. According to what I heard, Ringa seems to host the Empire’s fleet. It seems to be an elite fleet led by Admiral Hypia. The control has been relevantly tolerant since it surrendered early. There’s also no problem regarding trade」
Haruto followed up Roa. Aisha nodded.
「That’s right. I want that kind of information. Because history does not matter」
「……can I hit you? 」
Roa clenched a fist. Haruto breaks in between the two, to stop the fight.


It was Kirishian people who’re at the gates. In other words, the security officials like the police officers aren’t dismantled. Also, the Empire seems to want to lower cost as much as possible. Ringa is also a City-State that is pro-Imperialism like Claris.
Haruto and the others headed for the sandy beach. That is, to go sightseeing. Roa and Aisha say that it’s possible to buy a branch office at any time. Haruto thought that they could go sightseeing at any time, but did not say it because it’ll likely be troublesome.
Uwa~, it’s the sea. Sea. It’s amazing! 」
「So this is the ocean. It somehow looks like the desert」
Roa and Aisha saw the sea for the first time and felt it was huge. On the other hand, the sea is not that unusual to Haruto since he was essentially born in an island country surrounded by the sea. This is just a big puddle.
Uwa~, salty! 」
「Amazing. How much can you have if you process seawater into salt? It’s very profitable」
Haruto thought that if they mass produced a significant amount of salt, the economy would likely crash. He didn’t say it out loud. He would not talk about such depressing topics while having fun.

「By the way Haruto-san, why are those people in their underwear? 」
「That’s true. Don’t they have any shame? 」
Roa and Aisha point to the other tourists playing on the beach.
「That’s a swimsuit. You’ll get wet when you enter the ocean, don’t you? They wear it so that they can get wet」
Haruto looks at those people wearing swimsuits. There are one piece, bikini, and boomerang; there are a lot of kinds.
(I wonder what’s it made of……is it nylon? No, there shouldn’t be such things. Is it silk? Come to think of it, I think I saw earlier swimsuits made of silk somewhere)
Haruto thought of such a thing. Even so, it advanced. He didn’t realize it before, but Roa and Aisha also put on a bra. This is a serious anachronism. Probably earthlings are involved.
「But isn’t it just underwear? 」
Roa says while blushing a little.
Iya, it’s a swimsuit. Swimwear and underwear are different」
「Is there something like that……by the way, do you want me to wear it? 」
Haruto imagines Roa wearing a swimsuit. One piece and bikini, which one suits better. Perhaps both will suit her.
「Please don’t smile like that……I understand. I’ll go and buy it. Does Aisha-san also want to come? 」
Roa invites Aisha. Is she shy being alone? Or is she lonely being the only one dressed like that?
Etto, I, exposing too much skin is a little」
The sun is continuously bathing in the desert, so they avoid exposing their skin. It’s become custom, a custom that women should not present their skin at will. In other words, women of the desert avoid exposing their skin as much as possible. Aisha doesn’t wear short sleeves even in summer.

When Aisha refuses, Roa smiles gracefully.
「Is that so? That’s a shame. Well then, I will wear it only for Haruto-san. If it’s for Haruto-san, it’s nothing at all」
Listening to Roa’s provocative words, Aisha yells.
「I’ll go after all! 」
They rushed to the shops selling swimsuits. Haruto watched the two with an expectant gaze.


Are? What about you guys are wearing swimsuits」
The two came back after a while wearing white short-sleeved shirts and shorts. The not maid clothes Roa and short sleeve Aisha is also refreshing but, Haruto wants to see a swimsuit.
「I’m wearing them. It’s underneath. I’ll take it off once we’re in a quieter place」
「I see. Your spirit of service is strong」
Haruto glanced at Aisha. She seems to be shy even in short sleeves.
「Aren’t you hot? It’s December now」
「Ringa’s time and space are distorted. We should have taken it off sooner than that. The readers are waiting」
「I know. But I need to prepare my heart. See, Aisha-san, please look here. I didn’t say anything a while ago」
Haruto saw Aisha being told so. Then looked down with a red face.
「If you mind it, you don’t have to take it off, you know? 」
As Haruto says so, Aisha raised her face and shook her head vigorously.
Iya, I don’t hate it. Just that, I have to prepare my heart」
Aisha being shy is very fresh.

「By the way, isn’t Haruto-san going to wear a bathing suit? It’s unfair if it’s only us」
「Oh, it’s okay. I’m already wearing it underneath. Should I take it off first? 」
Haruto said that and took off his clothes to reveal his bathing suit. When he looks at Roa and Aisha after folding his clothes, both of them have red faces and covering it with their hands.
「What are you doing? Especially Roa. Haven’t you seen me many times before? 」
Iya, this is somehow new you know. It’s the atmosphere. It’s natural to take it off before a bath but isn’t it strange if you take it off outside? 」
She said while hiding her face with both hands. It’s charming seeing her glance from the gaps of her fingers.
「Anyway, since I took mine off, take off yours too」
Haruto said so and hurried them, Roa puts her hands on her shorts.
「Are you starting from the bottom」
「Wouldn’t it excites you more? 」
Roa said that and took off her shorts. White thighs and black fabric show up.
「Black huh」
「Please don’t make such a happy voice」
Roa said that while grabbing her shirt and pulling it downwards, trying to hide. Although there’s no reason to hide, it’s probably an unconscious action. That gesture is adorable.

「Haahh! 」
Aisha raised such a voice and suddenly took off her shorts. Brown firm thighs and white fabric were revealed.
「I see, so you’re white. The contrast of color is good」
「D-don’t stare like that! 」
Aisha is fidgeting.
「Is the rest just the top? Let’s take it off all at once」
So saying, Roa and Aisha also took off their top.

「So both are bikinis……un, it’s nice」
Haruto looked at the two wearing bikinis. Roa is wearing a black bikini. It suits her white skin. Aisha, on the other hand, is wearing a white bikini. It looks good on her brown skin.

「How is it? 」
「How about it? 」
They asked Haruto while their skin became lightly pink.
Un, it suits you! 」
Haruto nodded grandly.
After all, Aisha’s breasts are big. He wonders if it’s E cup? Because her waist is slim, her chest and butt look outstanding. Her legs and arms are long and slender. A very great style.
On the other hand, Roa will not be defeated. Her chest is smaller than Aisha, but it has a moderate bulge. It’s a bowl shape. The waist is slim, and the butt is steadily coming out. Her sweaty white skin is very erotic.

(Speaking of which, these girls are lovely)

Haruto recalled. He tends to forget since they’re always together but these two are beautiful girls. Having two beautiful girls, how happy would he be? It’s like a different world. After all, it creates super beautiful girls, and both of them would call out Haruto.

(What a wonderful dream! )

Haruto, whose parents died early and always has dead fish eyes, is happy now. The best. He can die now. Iya, that’s an overstatement.

「Haruto-san? What’s wrong」
Roa called out to Haruto who is looking at the direction of the day after tomorrow and got close to his face.
Iya, I feel very happy」
Haruto said while looking down at Roa’s chest valley.

「By the way, can Haruto swim? 」
Aisha hugged Haruto while saying that while pressing her chest against his arm. He guessed that since she already showed so much skin, she should go all the way.
「I can swim. Do you want me to teach you if you don’t know how? 」
To teach swimming, it’s necessary to touch Aisha’s skin. It can’t be helped. So, it can’t be helped if there’s no other way. There are no devious thoughts whatsoever.
「Well then, please teach me. I can’t swim either」
Roa also entangled herself in Haruto’s arm to not be defeated by Aisha and pushing her chest. Haruto swallowed his saliva.
「I understand. Well, we have three days so I can teach you the basics. All right」
Thus, Haruto, Roa, and Aisha for three days, played in the sea.

A/N: I made it a little shorter. Specifically, I summarized the material expenses of each soap that I wrote so far. Also, I also compiled the mercenary salary and slave maintenance cost.

Income 70,000,000 (200,000 ordinary soaps) +200,000,000 (50,000 luxury soaps) +50,000,000 (10,000 milk soaps)
Total      320,000,000

Expense 71,420,000 (material expenses) + 18,750,000 (human expenses) + 80,000,000 (employee acquisition cost) + 60,000,000 (two hundred slaves) + 800,000,000 (factory land) + 800,000,000 (Asuma Shokai headquarters) + 350,000,000 (branch office) + 10,000,000 (travel expense) + 9,600,000 (sales tax) + 32,000,000 (income tax)
Total      2,222,770,000

Sales-Expenses =-1,922,770,000
Debt      0
Balance      834,730,000
Real Balance      834,730,000

Slaves      200

Accounting Officer and Slave Director      Roa Samaras
Accounting Assistant      Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisors      Ash Brothers (Sisters) →salary 200,000
Regular Employees      20 →salary 150,000
Mercenaries      Rusk & Pudding, Rang, Tart
Factory Workers      200 (100 people in first factory・100 people in the second factory)

DWBS 42: Travel
DWBS 44: Donation

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