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Seven months have passed since he established a branch office, it is now November. Haruto is 20 years old, and Roa is 17 years old.
The branch offices in Reim, Alto, and Ringa have begun to get on track, and they have steadily increased sales. There’s also talk that they would hire 200 people at a later time.

「It looks like we’ll be able to go to Shufelt soon」
「I agree. I have also understood the insides of the Samaras Shokai. Soon, it will be settled……」
When Roa started to say something, Aisha vigorously opened the door.

「Haruto! A customer」
「Aahh, I’ll be there soon. Let’s go, Roa」
「Yes! 」
Haruto and Roa headed to the drawing room.


The guest was Leon Glaser and his friends. Everyone has a blue face. Haruto had a bad feeling.
「What’s the matter? 」
「I’m sorry. I was taken to Reinard, and I’ve been dismissed. As it was, I was in danger in Shufelt, so I ran away」
「That is……more than anything else, everyone is safe. Let’s officially hire you here at Asuma Shokai. By the way, how were you taken out? 」
When Haruto say so, Glaser swung his head.
「I don’t understand. I intended to keep it a secret but……that guy has a sharp intuition. It’s suspicious. It’s like an excuse, so I’m really sorry」
Leon profoundly lowered his head.

It was two weeks later that Samaras Shokai came to ask for a meeting.

「Don’t make such a worried face. Anyways, it may be a complaint about spying on them. I’ll just feign ignorance since there’s no physical evidence at all」
Haruto patted Roa’s head while saying reassuring words.
「Well, I’ll be back」
Haruto headed to the meeting place.

The meeting place was in Claris. It’s natural since it was the other party who asked for this. Haruto has the six desert people including Aisha, and the four other mercenaries including Pudding head to the meeting place, so he has a total of 10 mercenaries as bodyguards.
He arrived in front of the room where the scheduled meeting is. Reinard seems to have already come since fifteen mercenaries were lined up at the door.
「You can escort me up to here」
「You sure? 」
Aisha said anxiously. Haruto answers with a smile.
「Aahh. The other party seems to be waiting behind this door. I will call you as soon as there’s something」
Haruto said that and opened the door.

A man was sitting on the sofa with arms folded. It’s Reinard. Roa’s uncle somewhat looks like her.
「Nice to meet you. I am Haruto Asuma」
「You are very polite. I am Reinard Samaras. Please treat me well」
Reinard and Haruto shook hands.

The sit down on opposite couches. Reinard looks straight at Haruto’s eyes. Haruto felt something eerie in that gaze.
「Now then, could you tell me the purpose of this meeting? 」
Haruto cut to the chase. Naturally, he will not forget to activate his Blessing.
「No, how are the employees who came from me now? I was very anxious. After all, I thought of them as my subordinates. For example, I’m still worried about those who spied on me」(Actually, I came to check the state of my niece. No matter how well you act and hide, my 『Blessing of Mind Reading』cannot be defeated. Even so, I’m a lot like Roa……ma, I guess so. After all, I……)

Reading each other’s thoughts at that point, both of them stiffened. After two seconds, Haruto left the room after jumping out the door.


「Aisha! We will return! 」
「Eh? What is wrong? 」
「I’ll explain later」
Haruto walked down the hallway in a trot, leaving the meeting place. It would be troublesome if the other party read more of his thoughts. 『Blessing of Mind Reading』. He doesn’t know how far the range and effect is, but first, he had to get out of the building.

(It got nasty)

Haruto bit his lips.
The matter about Roa has been completely discovered. And Haruto’s『Blessing of Speech』also. It was a mistake to talk carelessly. Because he could read the other party’s mind, he should have to take into consideration that there’s the possibility that other party also has it. If he thought about it, Emperor Westoria also has the『Blessing of Clairvoyance』so it’s not strange that Reinard also has it though it’s not amusing. Roa has『Blessing of Smelling Gold』, and Aisha has『Blessing of Combat』also. The allies on his side have Blessings, so it’s irrational to think that the enemy will not have it.

Haruto blamed himself. He doesn’t know what will happen to Roa now that Samaras Shokai knew that she’s alive. There’s a possibility that Roa may die due to Haruto if he did something wrong.

But this is not all bad for Haruto. It’s impossible for any schemer to act if the opponent has the rare protection of 『Blessing of Mind Reading』.

(There’s no point in crying over spilled milk. I have to make countermeasures! )
Haruto was frantically spinning his head.

On the other hand, Reinard Samaras was calm as opposed to Haruto. That is the difference in the amount of information that is known to the other party. Haruto’s secret is two, Reinard’s secret is one. In other words, Reinard benefited. Furthermore,『Blessing of Mind Reading』is higher in reading minds compared to『Blessing of Speech』. He can afford it.

「Oi! Millie! 」
Reinard called his secretary. When Reinard said those words, a door opens, and a woman comes in.
「How did the meeting go? 」
「I will explain later, but……my blessing was exposed. And that brat is definitely alive. I’ve verified it」
Reinard has already grasped that Roa is alive by reading Leon’s mind. However, he doesn’t know if it’s true or not. There’s a possibility that Leon is being deceived. There was a need to make sure. And for Reinard, Roa didn’t seem to be alive. It’s impossible to believe such an inconvenient story that says that his niece who’s been missing for years has become the wife of the Chairman of a rival company.
「I will return to Shufelt. Millie, use the assassin guild! 」
Reinard said so and began preparing for his return. He has to go back to Shufelt, his stronghold.
「Dead men tell no tales. It’s the most straightforward and sure way」
Reinard laughed like he’s having fun.

DWBS 44: Donation
DWBS 46: Assassination Guild

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