Different World Business Symbol

DWBS SS1: Making Miso and Soy Sauce

「I want to eat sashimi」 Haruto suddenly muttered. 「Is it raw fish again? I think that you shouldn’t eat such things」 Roa is frowning her eyebrows. In the west, there is no habit of eating raw fish. There is no idea of eating such things in the first place. 「Ma~ma, ma~ma, cooked rice (manma)」 A… Continue reading DWBS SS1: Making Miso and Soy Sauce

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS SS0: Back Setting

A/N: It’s for self-satisfaction It doesn’t matter if it’s not part of the story and should be discarded But, because there’s the side story where I can put the setting, I’ll be happy if someone read it Later, it’ll be a three chapter story. History of Romano Empire Emperor’s History……The first calendar year is when… Continue reading DWBS SS0: Back Setting

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 49: The End

A/N: Today the Different World Business Symbol is over. It’s a two chapter update. The strategy is simple. First, Haruto will leave Shufelt and tell the information about Reinard cultivating demon grass to the Governor’s Office. After being transmitted to Reinard, Haruto and the others will head to Claris after a while. To go to… Continue reading DWBS 49: The End

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 94: Ominous Wind

Sand flew in the air as an SUV with a military logo bumpily went forward. Roadblocks appeared on the road ahead, and a team of heavily armed soldiers patrolled around it. The off-road vehicle slows down for inspection. The window rolled down, and the driver handed out a notebook-like black-leather booklet. The person in charge… Continue reading STB Chapter 94: Ominous Wind

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 43: Swimsuit

A/N: Note, this is the second post for today. Please pay attention to those who bookmarked it. If you have not read Chapter 42, please click on the『previous chapter』. By the way, Space and Time is distorted for the author’s convenience. Ringa is a city-state west of Claris. The largest in North and South Kirishia,… Continue reading DWBS 43: Swimsuit

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 41: Reunion

T/N: Up till now, I’ve been translating this ‘Shokai’ as Chamber of Commerce. But I found it such a pain to type such a long phrase that I’ll resort to romaji. Meaning, Shokai would be translated as ‘shokai’. 「So this is Shufelt」 Haruto and Roa came to Shufelt. There are large walls in front of… Continue reading DWBS 41: Reunion

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 37: Kingdom Capture

A/N: This concludes the war 「Oi, what’s with this rise in price!! 」 Haruto shouted at seeing the contract. The price of olives tripled. 「Influence of war. The defeated Kingdom Navy has turned pirates. So the imports of olives are stalled」 Branch said grumpily. Branch is also moody due to the rise in price. 「I… Continue reading DWBS 37: Kingdom Capture

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 31: Groundwork

A/N: I wrote in the foreword to chapter 30 in detail, I made a misunderstanding, and I completely forgot about the system of taxation. When I calculate again, I found that the numbers were different. However, it does not affect the progress of the story much, so it’s okay. 「So, it’s a price increase negotiation……by… Continue reading DWBS 31: Groundwork