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“What!! That Dennis has a woman!? That virgin?”
This year, Haruto, who became 25 years old, unexpectedly shouted.
“Lies!? That virgin Dennis-san? This is troubling…… we need to get ready to evacuate now. Earthquake? Lightning? A big fire? Or is it a tsunami or a flood…… aahh, there’s heavy snow and heavy rain too. Perhaps the Devil will be resurrected……”
Roa, who is 22 years old, was flustered.
“That virgin…… I wonder if I should contact my grandfather. Recently, in the West, he said that it’s hard to impose on the Empire. Perhaps they might even attack the desert……”
Aisha said while a little worried but somewhat desperate.

“Please wait! Isn’t this too cruel. Sure, my older brother is a former NEET and a self-proclaimed intellectual, and also a virgin……but he’s an amateur virgin even among virgins. Even if I think that the world will suddenly come to an end, human beings are people who can adapt!”
“No, even you think that, the words you just said are terrible.”
Haruto rebutted Maria.

“By the way, what was the reason you judged him to have a woman?”
“He came back with a woman’s bag and he was even hunting for a ring! And recently his clothes has become cool. There’s no other reason except for a woman!”


Maria hit the desk.

“I see, certainly it has the shadow of a woman. So, what do you want me to do?”
As Haruto said so, Maria answered without hesitation.
“I don’t care if my brother has a relationship with a woman. It’s my brother’s life, so it’s strange if I interfere. But, the look of older brother is so foolish no matter how you look at it. The possibility of being deceived, no, I hope he’s not being deceived. I am troubled that’s why!”
“Does that mean you want to know who Dennis’ woman is?”
“That’s it. Please. Big brother Haruto!”
Maria lowered her head. She abused Dennis with some of her words but you could still see that she’s worried. Although Haruto has no hobby in getting in other’s love affair, Haruto still said after a little worrying.

“Just to confirm it, okay?”
“Thank you very much!”


“That’s why I came to Dennis’ room without permission……”
“I’m sorry. Please give me an explanation. Why didn’t you ask your brother directly?”
“I have not received a report from Dennis that he has a woman yet. Anyway, if he reports it,『No, I knew about it? 』I want to make a face like that. I also wanted to become a detective. Now then, I will look for evidence.”
Haruto said so then immediately thrust his hands under the bed. A book came from inside.

“What is it?『The Countess Slave Record』……I can’t be sure from the title. The summary is『He was caught by the Empire on the Third Great War, a Kingdom Knight named Werf sold as a slave. The woman that bought him is the Empire’s Countess Carolina. It was a humiliating day that awaited him! Will his pride as a knight break!!』…… this story is not like him at all.”
“Noー, what a great find. Under Haruto’s bed, isn’t『Our Seven Days Maid Training V』 up to par?”
“Oi! Don’t look under a person’s bed without permission!”
Haruto faintly protested against a grinning Aisha.
“Haruto-san! Such a shameful thing……”
Roa blushed then raised a voice of protest against Haruto. By the way, Roa is in a maid dress right now.
“You, why are you acting like it’s your first time hearing that? A week ago, didn’t you took it from under my bed then writhed while reading it!”
“Ah, no, that……isn’t it shameful to peek at me like that?”
Roa blushed even more, protesting while shrinking back.

“No, because…… right?”
“That’s right. If you made such a loud voice, of course I’ll peek.”
Haruto and Aisha looked at each other then laughed. Roa crouched while covering her face.

“Uhmmmー, have you forgotten the reason why we’re here?”
Maria said with her face a little red.

“Aahh! Sorry. We should immediately……”
“No, I already finished”
Aisha said with her nose close to Dennis’s bed.
“I can smell a man and woman’s scent on this bed as well as ale and blood.”
“Ale and blood! In other words, that guy held a virgin. He didn’t kidnap a little girl right!?”
“No, it’s okay. It’s not a little girl. Haruto might even know this person.”
Aisha said while rubbing her nose.
“Eh? It couldn’t be one of my slaves?”
“No. This smell is……Pudding’s”

“Are you serious……”
“That Pudding-san who always smiled like that……”
“This is no longer a natural disaster. It’s the end of the world. It’s Ragnarok as the northern tribesmen say.”
Roa said it in different words as if showing off her knowledge.

“I wonder what you’re doing. Are you asking me to whip you?”
“But, I didn’t smell blood from Dennis-san?”
Aisha said while blowing her nose.

“In other words, is the situation that night unexpectedly normal?”
“I don’t think you fully considered the possibility of a soft S&M? The guy might be tied up with a towel. Didn’t we also do that?”
“Because Roa said you wanted it. I’m okay with it since it can go either way.”
“I don’t care about the sexual circumstances of you three but won’t you shut up?”
Maria glared at Haruto, Roa, and Aisha. Roa reacted perfectly.

“Oh, let’s go to the store.”
“It’s no good for Dennis-san to stay in such a cheap store.”
“……that store’s average price seemed to have been 2,000……”
In the first place, people who earn millions has a different sense of money from common people.

“But I think it’s okay. If it’s Pudding, he will never be fooled.”
“I agree. That person is a sadist but a good person.”
“I’m more shocked that she was a virgin.”
The three said their own impressions.
If the two people give birth to a child, he could secure the next generation of employees. As long as they’re happy.
The problem is if either is shaken, he could transfer them to another branch and let them settle for a while. They could come back once they’re calm.

“I wonder which surname they’ll inherit?”
“Isn’t it Dennis-san’s after all?”
“But, Dennis-san doesn’t have a surname, right? Then, should we give him the surname Alamode? Dennis Alamode……yup, it sounds good」

The three agreed then went home. Leaving the still dissatisfied Maria.


 One month later

“It’s serious, Chairman!”
“What? Is it about marriage? If you want a matchmaker, you can always ask me. I’m a friendly boss so I will accept with only a 1,000 Doria fee」
“Why are you taking money!!”
Dennis’s voice echoed.

“And, I’ll talk about that later. May I get down to business?”
Dennis said so and started talking.

“I see. There’s a high possibility that Maria had a boyfriend. Why would you talk to me about it? Don’t you have any friends?”
Dennis turned away at Haruto’s question. He seemed to have hit the mark. Even Haruto has friends like Eugene and Admiral Gray.

……generally speaking though, they’re not friends.

“Well then, let’s investigate.”
Haruto stood up.

“Now then Aisha. Please take care of us.”
“Yes, yes. *sniff sniff.* I see I see.”
Aisha brought her nose close to Maria’s bed.

“So, how is it!!”
“Un, she lost it.”
Aisha stuck out her thumb, not saying anything out of kindness.

“N, no way……”
Dennis kneeled on the floor. It seemed like the former NEET can’t stand the shock of his younger sister embracing a man.

“Then, who was it? Is it someone we know?”
“Yup. Serius.”
Haruto stiffened with his mouth wide open.

“This is really serious. Maria-chan with Serius-san……but Maria-chan is cute and Serius-san is a strong and cool man except when talking about money……”
Roa said while watching the idiot couple Maria and Serius.
“You’re right. Maria is normally cute, at least they’re overwhelmingly normal not like Dennis here……so boring.”
“It’s none of your business.”
Dennis looked down.

“What’ll you do now?”
“I don’t know……as far as I know, they’re both normal. Unlike Roa.”
“That’s true. Roa is a special case, isn’t it?”
“What! Why are you speaking like I’m a pervert!! Well, I’m kinda like that. Only a little bit.”
Roa raised a loud voice. Haruto sealed Roa’s mouth in a panic.

Although Serius looked back, the four of them immediately hid behind a plant at the last minute.

“I’m worried about Serius’s strength……”
Dennis said in a worried voice.
“Well, certainly. He’s a monster who could have a draw while sumo wrestling a war elephant.”
The rules of that sumo wrestling is still a mystery.

“It’s a blessing so it’s fine. It’s common for Haruto and me.”
“I agree. If Aisha-san hadn’t mastered hers, Haruto-san’s neck would have snapped by now.”
“For me, it hurt quite a bit when you hug me……”
Haruto complained.

“Serius’s child. What monster would it be? I’m looking forward to it.”
The military power of Asuma Shokai would likely rise dramatically. There’s no way to raise it otherwise.

“That’s right! Should we ask Serius-san’s family to come to Claris?”
“That’s good. Let’s get a number of them.”
“Good. It’s said that in ancient times, desert people and snow people are the same species. I think we could do an exchange.”
The three people began to get excited talking about Maria and Serius’s relationship.

After Dennis and Pudding, Serius and Maria got married a year later.

And 16 years later.

“I’ll never admit it!”
Haruto, who is 42 years old, looked at the young man in front of him.

The young man’s name is Roz. 15 years old. Half snow people and half Clarisian. In other words, he’s Serius and Maria’s child.

“Please! Your daughter……please give her to me!!”
“Not on your life!!”

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