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Alien 164: Reactions From All Sides
Alien 166: Spring Festival* For Three

Because of the intercalation of the moon this year, the Chinese New Year came very late, until February 20th. If Yi Ti was still a teacher, she would definitely feel annoyed. Too long for last semester and too short for next semester would definitely cause trouble to the teaching plan. Fortunately, she had changed her job to become a drug dealer, so this kind of thing had nothing to do with her.

And until the Chinese New Year, that is, the 24th of the 12th lunar month, she had stayed with her brother and never left.

But they still had to go.

However, she wanted to stay until the first lunar month passed, and would come back often in the future, until her brother… well, a new family member arrived. Although she’d feel a bit sour and a bit resistant when thinking that the most important person of her brother might turn from herself to someone else, if this day did come, her first reaction must be to bless her. Because being single for life was really too lonely and she hoped that her brother would be happier than anyone else.

It’s impossible for her to accompany her brother for life, so she should have a future sister in law (for example, it could be a man? Like Mr. Xue?).

This evening, after drinking a bowl of Laba porridge for a whole day, Yi Ti handed over the animation and the OVA’s trailer to Formaldehyde. Incidentally, the lyrics of the ending song were written by Shi JingLe.

As soon as Formaldehyde saw this, he vomited blood, then burst into tears: XiaoTian did this on purpose, right? It’s definitely on purpose, right? Every time there’s something good, he’d give it on a holiday! It made him scratch his lungs that there’s no way to contact the boss immediately.

But this time was better than last time. There were people around him like his family.

It’s Chinese New Year, who wouldn’t stay with their family members?

Of course, Yi Ti didn’t forget to pass a copy to Shi JingLe.

In her opinion, although this guy seemed like a fool, he still did the things he promised satisfactorily. For example, the script this time was quite standard, but it poked all her points. As a representative of the “Earth Trend”, Yi Ti firmly believed that if she liked it, it meant that the other readers would also like it!

This time, Ling Yu and the others encountered a temporary system failure after entering a mysterious copy of the game. After a fateful meeting, they actually took their game characters to cross to another world. More coincidentally, that world was the legendary world of “magic and swords” and the background setting was extremely similar to “Fantasy World”.

In the turbulence of time and space, they were separated.

The opportunities and circumstances of each appearance were different.

For example, Ling Yu, the unlucky child, was transported to a volcano that just happened to erupt. If he wasn’t a priest himself, he probably would have died;

The lucky Su XingZhi was “summoned” by a survivor of a certain clan with a magic circle, and he became their “god”, leading them to the “farming route”;

Tao TianLe was in an embarrassing situation where he was transported to the bed of Her Majesty the Queen of a certain country. This encounter sounded beautiful, uh… if the Queen was not an old lady with white hair. What’s even more tragic was that everyone was attracted by the loud noise, and witnessed this scene…this scene…scene…

Fortunately, they were on the team channel when they crossed, so they could chat and confirm each other’s location through the map.

After all sorts of hardships, these people finally got together again, and at the same time, they learned a piece of news. At the top of a certain mountain, there was a road to another world, but it’s said that there’s a dragon waiting there. In order to “go home”, they embarked on the journey of “defeating the dragon” together, but they didn’t expect…

Such a wonderful script, Yi Ti should certainly live up to it!

Although it was only a momentary thing to make an animation based on it, it was this one and a half hour movie that Yi Ti repeatedly watched dozens of times. All the details that were a little unsatisfactory were edited and then edited, and the soundtracks in various places were also carefully scrutinized. And when the lyrics written by Aggregate were matched with a suitable tone, she chose to let all the characters sing the “chorus” together. Just “choosing which character would sing which sentence” cost her a lot of brain cells.

Until today, she finally had the confidence to give it.

Although she didn’t say anything, she actually wanted to be praised.

But her brother and Cecil were not counted. Even if she just made a pile of fried eggs, they would applaud, so being praised by them didn’t really give her a sense of accomplishment.

And then, Yi Ti was greatly praised. Although she maintained the style of being “modest and prudent, not arrogant or impetuous”, if she had a tail, it would have definitely risen.

Then, Aggregate went to the group to exaggerate for a while, causing the group of girls to chase and intercept her for some tidbits.

Yi Ti really burst into tears. She wanted to give it. The problem was that if she gave it, that guy, Formaldehyde, would cry to his father and mother. In the end, she only agreed to release the trailer as soon as possible.

She had to say that WeiFeng’s hands and feet were really quick, and the trailer was released the next day. She didn’t know how much energy the big boss used, but the OVA was actually booked to be shown in major theaters during the first lunar month, and everyone was in an uproar.

Leaving aside the others, it’s too ridiculous that the trailer was released just less than 20 days before.

How fast was this done?

It wouldn’t be shoddy, right?

Watching the trailer, the quality seemed good.

Of course, some people would say that even if the trailers were good, the actual thing would be… haha!

And so, people got noisy and clicked on it.

Some supported and some opposed which caused a riot!

But the instigator—— WeiFeing, was laughing secretly from behind the scenes. No matter how loud these people were, they would definitely watch it to prove their point. Hey, wasn’t this the best offense? And everyone who had watched this animated film firmly believed that once people walked into the theater to watch it, all negative news would be suppressed!

Because it’s really good.

They had to say that WeiFeng really played a good “suppress then raise” tactic, which turned many people around. But as the saying goes, “Jiang Ziya is fishing, if you want it, take the hook*“. If everyone was happy, who could say anything?

But all this had nothing to do with Yi Ti. Anyway, she had already left all this to WeiFeng.

And on the 24th of the 12th lunar month, because of Yi Shao’s hard work during this period, the boss waved his hand and gave him a holiday from now to the 8th day of the first lunar month. In this regard, he could stay at home for a long time. When he thought of seeing his sister every second, he was in a good mood, but after that, it’s not so good for a certain alien.

Of course, this wasn’t because he had no sense of existence… in fact, he was often ignored when he was on Sutahnna Star.

Of course, this was not because he was always tortured by various “bad mothers”. Although he seemed a bit dull, he’s unexpectedly good at grasping the emotions of others. He could feel that Xiao Ti’s brother was not malicious towards him and although the other party always asked him to do various things, the reason was always for Xiao Ti, so he was willing to be “squeezed”.

Rather, it was because…

Brother is too strict in his guard!

Since Yi Shao’s holiday, he had no chance to hold Xiao Ti’s hand. TAT

Cecil had never been good at concealing his emotions. He froze, and the other two immediately saw it. Yi Shao was secretly amused but didn’t relax. Don’t joke around, if this kid snatched his sister from him, he’d show him what bullying is, okay? Yi Ti was also speechless, this guy was too easily depressed, right? But this always made her a bit pained.

And so…

When Yi Shao turned around, she turned her head and kissed someone on the cheek. Then she immediately sat down with a sullen face, emitting an “I didn’t do anything” vibe. It’s a pity that someone betrayed everything by touching his face and smirking.

However, this seemed to give a little inspiration to a certain alien, so he shamefully incarnated a “sneak attack frenzy”. If it wasn’t for Yi Shao who ordered him not to enter Yi Ti’s room at night instead of the door, he would even want to climb the window on the eighth floor.

In this “sneaky” situation, Yi Ti felt as if she returned to her school years with her brother as the dean who was keen on arresting them. Every time she thought of this, she couldn’t help but want to laugh.

In this “secret sweetness”, Chinese New Year finally arrived.

Like many places in the country, this city would go to the graveyard before noon on this day.

The Yi family’s ancestral tomb was not here, but the parents of these siblings were indeed buried in a suburban cemetery. Since their deaths, the two siblings would come here every year for the Chinese New Year and Qingming* Festival.

And this year, they brought Cecil.

The three left at about nine in the morning. Although it’s not too late, there were already a lot of vehicles on the road to the suburbs, and they’re rarely in order. As if everyone’s emotions were dampened, no one was in the mood to grab parking places at this time.

Yi Shao, on this rare occasion, allowed Yi Ti to sit in the back. He looked at his sister who was leaning on the young man’s shoulder through the rearview mirror and slightly sighed. After so many years, Xiao Ti’s mood was still low on this day, but it’s no wonder. For her, the memory related to this day was definitely not a good memory. Even if he tried to give her fatherly and motherly love, what’s missing was still missing. And he obviously couldn’t comfort her while driving. Tsk, that kid got it cheap.

Cecil held Yi Ti’s hand tightly. He could feel the sadness in her heart at this time. He wanted to feel sorry for her, but it seemed impossible, and even if he could, she wouldn’t allow it. Therefore, he could only give her silent comfort in this way and let her know——

He’s by her side whenever and wherever.

Translator’s Notes:

*姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩, Jiāngtàigōngdiàoyú, yuànzhěshànggōu, Jiang Ziya is fishing, if you want it, take the hook (idiom, refers to early sage 姜子牙 fishing with no bait and the hook above the water); to put one’s head in the noose

* 清明节, Qīngmíngjié, Qingming or Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, a celebration for the dead (in early April)

Alien 164: Reactions From All Sides
Alien 166: Spring Festival* For Three

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